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Kalbar Salvation Army Cemetery
Kalbar, Boonah Shire, Queensland, Australia

George Street, Kalbar Qld

Contributed by Judy Dickson Dec 28, 2008, last edited Mar 30, 2009 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 8.

This cemetery is located on George Street on the grounds of the Kalbar Salvation Army Church.

This is a small cemetery owned and maintained by the Kalbar Salvation Army Church.

(Boonah Shire now falls under the Scenic Rim Regional Council area which is a “super” council amalgamating the old Boonah and Beaudesert Shires.)

It consists of one grave and a memorial plaque located on a large rock listing children who lie buried in this area.

We visited this cemetery in December 2008 and made a full transcription of surviving headstones and memorial plaques.

- Judy Dickson

Anderson, George, d. 25 Apr 1900, aged 4mths
Anderson, Hullda, d. 18 Apr 1901, aged 2mths
Brown, Agnes, d. 17 May 1894, aged 3yrs 10mths
Howell, Vinia, d. 9 Apr 1896, aged 1yr 9mths
Kubler, George P., d. 13 Sep 1898, aged 32yrs (headstone)
Niebling, John, d. 1 Sep 1897, aged 2yrs 8 mths
Simpkins, Alfred, d. 30 May 1890, aged 17days
Wood, Albert, d. 13 Apr 1896, aged 3mths

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