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Gympie Cemetery (Two Mile Cemetery)
Cooloola Shire, Queensland, Australia

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Abdy, Michael, d. 18-9-1998, age: 89yr, [JB]
Adams, Ruth Leah, d. 10-1-1997, age: 79yr, [JB]
Albrecht, Russell John, d. 2-8-1998, b. 19-11-1979, [JB]
Alexander, Luther Henery, d. 31-5-1996, age: 77yr, [JB]
Alexander, Noel Graham, d. 3-2-1995, age: 58yr, [JB]
Allen, Eva Violet, d. 29-9-1993, age: 77yr, [JB]
Allott, Jean Lesley, d. 5-3-2000, age: 78yr, [JB]
Andersen, Lucy Violet, d. 22-5-1999, age: 94yr, [JB]
Anderson, Francis Herbert, d. 21-10-1994, b. 27-10-1909, [JB]
Anderson, John Gertrude, d. 22-9-1923, age: 88yr, [JB]
Anderson, Lizzie Trotman, d. 12-7-1917, age: 78yr, [JB]
Anderson, Netta Lenore, d. 5-7-2001, aged: 87yr, [JB]
Anderson, Ruby Thurza, d. 30-7-1996, b. 5-11-1910, [JB]
Anderson, William Edward, d. 21-3-1995, age: 67yr, [JB]
Angiolini, Claude, d. 6-11-1999, age: 63yr, [JB]
Ashford, Dianne Wendy, d. 14-6-1996, b. 14-12-1953, [JB]
Ashford, Myrtle, d. 19-8-1999, [JB]
Ashford, Norman, d. 20-5-1995, b. 26-1-1917, [JB]
Atherton, John Colin, d. 9-7-1999, [JB]
Atkinson, Ivy Lillian, d. 16-8-2001, [JB]
Atkinson, Marjorie Verna, d. 14-9-1999, age: 83yr, [JB]
Avenell, Norman William, d. 16-6-1999, age: 73yr, [JB]
Baines, Alan Walter, d. 16-12-1997, age: 89yr, [JB]
Ball, Forna Gladys, d. 29-10-1990, age: 78yr, [JB]
Ball, George Edward, d. 21-9-1997, age: 88yr, [JB]
Balmforth, Leslie, d. 1997, b. 1923, [JB]
Bambling, Ruth, d. 13-2-1998, [JB]
Barnett, William Leslie, d. 3-3-1997, b. 9-12-1930, [JB]
Barry, Mary, d. 13-4-1889, age: 47yr, [JB]
Barry, Patrick, d. 15-2-1909, age: 69yr, [JB]
Barsby, Albert, d. 23-2-1997, age: 89yr, [JB]
Barsby, Grace Amelia, d. 9-10-1997, age: 89yr, [JB]
Bath, Joyce Alice, d. 28-4-1998, age: 51yr, [JB]
Beattie, Edwin Kitchener, d. 23-5-1999, age: 83yr, [JB]
Beer, Alice Elizabeth, d. 24-12-1998, age: 83yr, [JB]
Bell, Helen Gae, d. 30-9-1999, age: 34yr, [JB]
Bell, Jack Edgar, d. 28-11-1997, age: 65yr, [JB]
Bellis, Darren Wesley, d. 9-11-1998, age: 27yr, [JB]
Benson, Dorothy June, d. 28-3-1994, age: 50yr, [JB]
Benson, Lizabeth Narelle, d. 28-3-1994, age: 25yr, [JB]
Best, Kathleen Mary, d. 21-4-1979, age: 54yr, [JB]
Bethune, Buddy James, d. 19-10-1996, b. 2-5-1935, [JB]
Betts, Joan Veronica, d. 14-4-1999, b. 21-1-1917, [JB]
Biddle, Kevin William, d. 17-2-1995, age: 45yr, [JB]
Bird, Ann Laura, d. 5-11-1998, age: 59yr, [JB]
Birse, William Alexander, d. 20-8-1997, age: 83yr, [JB]
Bloomer, Patrick Hugh, b. 1838 Tyrone, Ire, d. 8/11/1905, RC Sec #385, [MM]
Bloomer, Winifred, b. 1838 Wicklow, Ire, d. 15/6/1913, RC Sec #386, [MM]
Boneham, Lewis Charles, d. 7-8-1996, b. 23-7-1925, [JB]
Bonnick, Bessie Sarah, d. 14-11-1996, b. 6-7-1915, [JB]
Bonnick, Stella Beatrice, d. 7-5-1999, b. 12-7-1931, [JB]
Bonnick, William George, d. 26-8-1995, b. 24-7-1910, [JB]
Bonnick, William Henry, d. 6-7-1998, age: 72yr, [JB]
Bordignon, Fausto (Frank), d. 21-7-1999, b. 6-12-1941, [JB]
Bourke, Edward Patrick, d. 12-8-1996, age: 88yr, [JB]
Bourke, Gwen Josephine, d. 11-10-1997, age: 74yr, [JB]
Bowen, Rev Edgar Harold, d. 16-10-1995, b. 8-3-1903, [JB]
Bowring, Barbara, d. 3-5-1999, b. 18-11-1914, [JB]
Boyle, Daphne June, d. 21-5-1999, age: 56yr, [JB]
Bradley, Archie, d. 27-3-1969, age: 71yr, [JB]
Bradley, Mary Kathleen, d. 5-8-2001, aged: 95yr, [JB]
Brady, Harold John, d. 13-1-2000, age: 77yr, [JB]
Brennan, John George, d. 9-12-1997, b. 8-8-1913, [JB]
Brereton, Eileen May, d. 11-11-1999, age: 89yr, [JB]
Bretzke, Jessie Maud, d. 10-2-2000, age: 88yr, [JB]
Brice, Mark Anthony, d. 13-5-1995, age: 23yr, [JB]
Bridge, Jennifer Louise, d. 8-2-1997, b. 2-1-1947, [JB]
Brimfield, Edwin Humphrey (Blue), d. 11-12-1997, b. 7-4-1901, [JB]
Broadhurst, Agnes Morrison, d. 19-7-1998, age: 106yr, [JB]
Brooks, Wilfred Richmond, d. 27-9-1998, b. 11-12-1912, [JB]
Brown, Dorothea , d. 14-8-2001, aged: 96yr, [JB]
Brown, Gladys Mary, d. 19-3-1996, b. 7-1-1915, [JB]
Brown, Joyce Edna, d. 4-6-1997, b. 19-12-1923, [JB]
Brown, Mervyn George, d. 18-12-1999, age: 81yr, [JB]
Brown, Phillip Thomas, d. 22-4-1996, b. 10-3-1962, [JB]
Brown, Stanley, d. 14-3-1997, b. 23-11-1917, [JB]
Brown, William Arthur, d. 22-5-1995, b. 10-1-1914, [JB]
Buchanan, Authur James, no dates, h/o Lillian May, [NP]
Buchanan, Delphine Joy, d. 28-8-2001, aged: 72yr, [JB]
Buchanan, Lillian May, d. 1997, w/o Authur James, [NP]
Buchanan, Malcolm Clive, b. 21 Mar 1937, d. 07 Apr 2002, s/o James & Lillian, [NP]
Buck, Albert, d. 23-11-1995, age: 66yr, [JB]
Buckley, Adam Grant, d. 3-11-1996, b. 11-3-1977, [JB]
Bulmer, Nellie Jean, d. 17-6-1999, age: 90yr, [JB]
Bunter, Sylvia Irene, d. 23-10-1996, age: 79yr, [JB]
Burton, Frederick Douglas, d. 30-7-2001, aged: 91yr, [JB]
Burton, Violet Adar Linely, d. 9-1-2000, age: 87yr, [JB]
Burton, Vivian Ronald, d. 13-8-1998, age: 86yr, [JB]
Byford, Ivan, d. 18 Dec 2000, b. 14 Apr 1937, beloved h/o Pat, [JB]
Byford, Steven, d. 20 Apr 2002, b. 25 May 1959, s/o Pat & Ivan, [JB]
Byrne, Ann, d. 23-1-1883, age: 56yr, [JB]
Byrne, Jeremiah, d. 24-6-1899, age: 72yr, [JB]
Byrne, Mary Ann 'Polly', d. 28-12-1893, age: 27yr, [JB]
Byrne, Mary, d. 2-3-1883, age: 26yr, [JB]
Byrne, Patrick Jeremiah, d. 8-10-1883, age: 4wks, [JB]
Byron, Raymond William, d. 23-4-1999, age: 63yr, [JB]
Campbell, Malcolm John, d. 24-5-1999, age: 50yr, [JB]
Cantrell, Gordon, d. 20-2-1998, b. 25-2-1923, [JB]
Capell, John William, d. 13-8-1997, b. 23-12-1953, [JB]
Carlson, Hilda Doris, d. 9-11-1999, age: 82yr, [JB]
Carlson, Vanda Venecia Shields, d. 10-10-1998, age: 92yr, [JB]
Carlyon, Leslie George, d. 1-5-1998, b. 11-5-1913, [JB]
Carr, Mabel Doris, d. 5-7-1997, b. 16-7-1916, [JB]
Carter, Frederick Charles, d. 7-11-1996, b. 11-2-1936, [JB]
Casper, Yvonne Joan, d. 21-4-1999, age: 41yr, [JB]
Catavitello, Aldo, d. 12-2-1998, b. 22-5-1935, [JB]
Caves, Bruce Norman, d. 14-12-1997, age: 41yr, [JB]
Chaffer, Dulcie Joyce, d. 6-9-2001, aged: 83yr, [JB]
Chalmers, Lionel William, d. 14-2-1996, b. 20-11-1911, [JB]
Chalmers, Robert Leslie, d. 28-2-2000, age: 74yr, [JB]
Chambers, Michael Robert, d. 24-3-1999, age: 61yr, [JB]
Chapman, Cecil Burton, d. 25-9-1998, age: 65yr, [JB]
Chase, Barry Victor, d. 20-5-1994, b. 15-10-1934, [JB]
Chase, Donald Arthur, d. 23-5-1994, b. 25-2-1938, [JB]
Chilvers, Gwendoline May, d. 20-6-1999, age: 80yr, [JB]
Chippendall, Graham Leslie, d. 6-8-1999, age: 62yr, [JB]
Chippendall, Vivian Francis, d. 4-1-1998, age: 86yr, [JB]
Chippindall, Graham Leslie, d. 6-8-1999, age: 62yr, [JB]
Choy-Show, Annie, d. 3 Feb 1977, age: 62yrs, [EK]
Choy-Show, Dorothy, d. 23 May 1995,(nee McDonald), [EK]
Choy-Show, George, d. 1 Feb 1961, h/o Dorothy, [EK]
Choy-Show, Ruby May, d. 16 Jan 1978, age: 55yrs, [EK]
Choy-Show, Sarah Christina Oie Que, d. 9 Dec 1958, d/o Ah and Amelia Young, [EK]
Christensen, Delphine Joan, d. 15-7-2001, b. 19-6-1957, [JB]
Christie, Sydney, d. 23-10-1995, b. 4-7-1901, [JB]
Clark, May Florence, d. 21-7-2001, aged: 101yr, [JB]
Clarke, Noel, d. 8-1-2000, age: 66yr, [JB]
Clune, Douglas James, d. 20-9-1996, b. 25-6-1935, [JB]
Cole, Edith Maud, d. 24-4-1999, age: 91yr, [JB]
Collins, Audrey Violet, d. 5-7-2001, aged: 76yr, [JB]
Collins, Jessie, d. 10-8-1997, [JB]
Condon, Clifford Michael, d. 17-4-1999, age: 83yr, [JB]
Condon, Edward Thomas, d. 24-8-1995, b. 26-4-1927, [JB]
Condon, Sven Thomas, d. 6-10-1997, b. 1-2-1944, [JB]
Connell, Emma, d. 9-6-1998, age: 85yr, [JB]
Conway, Kevin Paley, d. 29-12-1995, b. 25-1-1933, [JB]
Cooley, Euphemia Jane, d. 27-11-1999, age: 82yr, [JB]
Cosgrove, Stephen, d. 1-3-1996, age: 64yr, [JB]
Cotter, Charles Vincent, d. 30-10-1995, b. 17-10-1943, [JB]
Cowan, James William, d. 25-11-1994, age: 62yr, [JB]
Cox, Edward James (Peter), d. 10-3-1996, age: 70yr, [JB]
Crang, Nellie Irene, d. 7-7-2001, aged: 92yr 11mo, [JB]
Croke, John Frederick, d. 30-3-1999, age: 91yr, [JB]
Cross, Amos John, d. 25-11-1958, age: 49yr, [JB]
Cross, Conelious William, d. 25-2-1996, b. 12-5-1920, [JB]
Cross, Eileen, d. 27-4-1963, age: 48yr, [JB]
Cullen, Kenneth Harold, d. 26-8-1995, b. 5-10-1932, [JB]
Cullen, William Alexander, d. 30-10-1998, age: 90y 11m, [JB]
Cummings, Sandra Andrea, d. 29-10-1999, age: 60yr, [JB]
Curtain, Timothy William, b. Feb 1973, d. 20 Dec 2000, s/o David and Margaret, [MC]
Dakin, Robert Edgar, d. 7-9-1999, age: 76yr, [JB]
Daly, James (Paddy), d. 27-1-1995, b. 11-2-1920, [JB]
Daniel, Isabella, d. 18-6-1996, [JB]
Daniels, Berenice Margaret, d. 17-8-1994, age: 71yr, [JB]
Darlington, Letitia Florence, d. 24-8-1995, age: 85yr, [JB]
Davidson, Nevin Michael, d. 4 Aug 2001, b. 8 May 1922, [JB]
Davidson, Nora Elizabeth, d. 27 Jun 1975, b. 22 Apr 1928, [JB]
Davie, Desmond James, d. 12-12-1999, age: 63yr, [JB]
Davies, David Joseph, d. 2-5-1966, age: 78yr, [JB]
Davies, Desmond, d. 13-4-1997, age: 58yr, [JB]
Davies, Margaret, d. 27-4-1954, age: 63yr, [JB]
Davis, Ethel May MBE, d. 25-6-1998, age: 96yr, [JB]
Davis, Frances Gwendoline, d. 20-1-1999, b. 1-9-1917, [JB]
Dawson, David Scott, d. 1-7-1998, age: 87yr, [JB]
De Serio, C, d. 3-5-1996, age: 78yr, [JB]
Delaney, Ellen Bridget, d. 8-3-1996, b. 13-7-1911, [JB]
Derksen, Anna, d. 11-7-2001, aged: 86yr, [JB]
Diefenbach, Beatrice Mary, d. 5-8-1995, b. 31-1-1925, [JB]
Dobson, Gilbert, d. 23-8-2001, [JB]
Dobson, Norman William, d. 20-9-1996, b. 25-3-1925, [JB]
Doherty, Dulcie Katherine, d. 17-10-1999, b. 26-11-1907, [JB]
Doherty, Kathleen Rebecca, d. 29-10-1998, b. 5-7-1905, [JB]
Doherty, Linda, d. 10-11-1999, age: 94yr, [JB]
Donovan, Stephen Owen, d. 15-10-1997, b. 28-11-1910, [JB]
Dore, Maxwell Burnett, d. 4-11-1998, age: 78yr, [JB]
Dostal, Kadison James, d. 4-2-1997, b. 4-10-1995, [JB]
Dowdle, Percival, d. 11-1-2000, age: 96yr, [JB]
Dower, Cornelius John, d. 29-7-1995, b. 30-9-1908, [JB]
Dower, Elizabeth Ruby, d. 22-6-1993, b. 22-3-1906, [JB]
Dower, Peter Damian, d. 7-12-1997, age: 81yr, [JB]
Doyle, Coral Theresa Mary, d. 26-8-1996, age: 65yr, [JB]
Doyle, Ernest William, d. 25 July 1964, h/o Heather M Doyle, [EK]
Doyle, Heather Maureen, d. 25 July 1964, [EK]
Doyle, Karen Maree, d. 25 July 1964, d/o Ernest and Heather Doyle, [EK]
Doyle, Kent, d. 2-6-1967, age: Inf, [JB]
Doyle, Kim, d. 25 July 1964, d/o Ernest and Heather Doyle, [EK]
Doyle, Michael Shane, d. 25 Jul 1964, s/o Ernest and Heather Doyle, [EK]
Doyle, Owen Victor, d. 29-6-1997, age: 66yr, [JB]
Doyle, Patrick Shawn, d. 25 Jul 1964, s/o Ernest and Heather Doyle, [EK]
Doyle, Robyn Francis, d. 1-2-1997, age: 53yr, [JB]
Dray, Beatrice, d. 12-8-1998, age: 73yr, [JB]
Duckworth, Elizabeth, d. 8-10-1885, age: 54yr, [JB]
Duckworth, Riley, d. 10-9-1881, age: 52yr, [JB]
Dunstan, May St Clair, d. 9-7-1994, age: 82yr, [JB]
Durham, Kennedy James, d. 21-8-1998, b. 24-7-1922, [JB]
Durham, Mervyn Luther, d. 28-1-2000, age: 80yr, [JB]
Durkan, Ellen, d. 17-11-1998, b. 11-5-1920, [JB]
Dwyer, Desmond John, d. 27-2-1999, b. 19-3-1940, [JB]
Dwyer, Marjorie Lily, d. 26-7-1997, b. 11-3-1915, [JB]

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