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Kandanga Cemetery
Cooloola Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26° 23' 01"S, Lon: 152° 41' 20"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne, Feb 23, 2000, last edited Jul 23, 2007 [jby53388@bigpond.net.au]. Total records = 289.

The cemetery is situated on the main Mary Valley Road, which by-passes Kandanga.

The township stands on gentle hills in the Mary Valley, about 20 mins drive from Gympie. In the forties & fifties, the town hummed to the sounds of sawmills, cream carriers, and trucks carting pineapples to the railway station.

Kandanga is in Cooloola Shire, which is headquartered in Gympie.

- Joy Byrne

Alston, Milton, d. 16-1-1996, Age:59
Andrews, Ada Faith, d. 24-5 1990, b. 7/6/20
Ansen, Gerardus Cornelis, d. 31-9-1984, b. 3/10/22
Arnold, Florence, d. 3/4/1979, Age:86
Arnold, Iris Lilian, d. 30-4-1958, Age:30
Arnold, Pte Peter Lawrence, d. 6/7/7194, Age:87
Barry, Eric "Chummy", d. 22-10-1992, b. 1/10/28
Barsby, Alfred, d. 25-5-1973, Age:72
Barsby, Edith, d. 9/12/81, Age:75
Barsby, Essie Jane, d. 12/2/97, Age:93
Barsby, Herbert, d. 4/10/1968, Age:66
Barsby, Martha Valentine, d. 26-5-1959, Age:86
Barsby, Robert, d. 3/11/1940, Age:31
Barsby, Ronald Herbert, d. 24-7-1993, Age:67
Barsby, William, d. 12/11/1950, Age:86
Barton, Albert/Alfred Henry, d. 10/2/67, Age:62
Barton, Joyce Margaret, d. 29-4-1995, Age:67
Becker, Laura Mary Ellen, d. 25-10-1940, Age:30
Bennett, Tony Lee, d. 26-12-1982, Age:4y10m
Blanchard, Steven Jeffrey , d. 17-12-1980, Age:17
Bothams, Charles, d. 25-4-1957, Age:88
Bothams, Elizabeth, d. 23-6-1944, Age:71
Bothams, Gladys Frances, d. 6/6/1914, Age:inf
Bowditch, Walter James, d. 15-1-1990, b. 15-2-1914
Brinkley, Alfred William, d. 18-4-1987, b. 5/7/22
Brinkley, Melva, d. 16-10-1961, b. 20-4-1927
Brookes, Peter, d. , Age:51
Burnett, Annie Evelyn, d. 26-3-1998, Age:86
Burnett, Edward Arthur, d. 19-11-1957, Age:78
Burnett, May Adelaide, d. 22-12-1925, Age:23
Burns, Francis Michael, d. 15-6-1991, b. 9/8/23
Busiko, Robert Alfred, d. 21-9-1984, Age:78
Carlson, August John, d. 10/6/1956, Age:83
Carlson, Bertha Testina, d. 29-7-1967, Age:92
Carlson, Carl (Charlie), d. 7/10/1959, Age:80
Carlson, Dorothy Gladys, d. 29-11-1980, Age:81
Carlson, Elizabeth Ann, d. 2/7/1953, Age:82
Carlson, James Edward, d. 26-4-1962, Age:64
Carlson, Mark William, d. 28-4-1997, Age:81
Casserly, Daisy, d. 5/10/1929, Age:25
Caston, Maurice Anthony, d. 10/4/88, b. 7/3/37
Clarke, Pte Horace Stewart, d. 26-6-1967, Age:70
Clarke, Sarah, d. 5/5/1986, b. 9/1/1906
Colburn, Gloria Frances Lorraine, d. 6/2/1973, Age:49
Cooper, Alfred George, d. 8/8/1959, b. 1867
Cooper, Audrey J. M., d. , Age:
Cooper, Francis Colin, d. 22-1-1974, Age:67
Cooper, Lola Valerie, d. 11/7/1931, Age:15mths
Cooper, Maria, d. 9/4/1941, Age:68y10m
Cooper, Mary Agnes, d. 18-10-1962, Age:62
Cordell, Cecil V, d. 1/1/1945, Age:46
Creevey, Lois Esther, d. 9/7/1991, b. 17-1-1934
Crosby, Francis Thomas, d. 24-2-1987, Age:55
Dan, Jacqueline Lenore, d. 8/10/1959, Age:inf
Dan, Thomas E.D, d. 25-1-1992, Age:68
Dearden, Cyril Rowland, d. 16-2-1991, Age:81
Dearden, Joan Josephine, d. 8/2/1989, Age:63
Dixon, Elsie Margaret, d. 22-2-1991, b. 16-10-1922
Dixon, Francis Gerard, d. 8/3/1995, b. 28-5-1914
Dodt, Jean Florence, d. 22-11-1997, b. 10/11/26
Dorosinki, Edward, d. 5/10/1981, Age:57
Doyle, James, d. 6/11/1947, Age:82
Doyle, Marion, d. 5/1/1952, Age:76
Doyle, Richard Stanley, d. 16-5-1917, Age:1y4m
Durham, Leslie William Henry, d. 17-1-1995, Age:76
Easton, Maurice Anthony, d. 10/4/88, Age:51
Ensbey, Mervyn Roy, d. 16-6-1993, Age:65
Everett, Daisy Evelyn, d. 1/7/1907, Age:3y6m
Everett, Emily, d. 16-1-1914, Age:42
Everett, William, d. 12/2/31, Age:67
Farrell, Eric Lynn, d. 25-11-1990, b. 20-2-1910
Farrell, Mary Jane, d. 23-11-1922, Age:50
Farrell, Roy/Ray L, d. 18-6-1918, Age:19y11m
Ferguson, William Alfred, d. 25-6-1993, Age:76
Fisher, John Howard, d. 16-2-1986, b. 1904
Franz, Beverley Joy, d. 16-5-1992, Age:46
Gablonski, Anna Appolonia, d. 13-8-1956, Age:71
Gablonski, Martin Joseph, d. 1/9/1959, Age:74
Gablonski, Paul John, d. 3/11/1968, Age:57
Gablonski, Pearl Rhodes, d. 4/9/1956, Age:30
Gentry, Annie Marie Justine Wilhelmina, d. 9/7/54, Age:72
Gentry, Francis (Frank), d. 4/1/48, Age:67
Gilliland, Alfred (Arch), d. 2/2/48, Age:50
Gilliland, Archibald Frederick, d. 3/10/78, Age:54
Gilliland, Delphine Mary, d. 1/2/1969, Age:42
Gilliland, Doris Victoria, d. 22-11-1965, Age:65
Gilliland, Hugh, d. 22-1-1962, Age:61
Gilliland, Jane, d. 11/1/1955, Age:77
Gilliland, Lena May, d. 13-5-1958, Age:49
Gilliland, Robert, d. 31-3-1934, Age:61
Godfrey, Alfred Edward, d. 21-6-1946, Age:72
Godfrey, Helen, d. 6/12/1945, Age:82
Goldner, I.F., d. 21-6-1951, Age:2
Grainger, Edward, d. 1/9/1953, Age:57
Grainger, Frank, d. 26-3-1993, Age:78
Greenslade, Fern, d. 30-1-1999, Age:60
Greer, Jean Elizabeth, d. 4/3/1998, Age:51
Groves, George, d. 27-12-1936, Age:74
Groves, Mary Jane, d. 1/1/1938, Age:72
Hansen, Annie Marie, d. 11/8/1937, Age:65
Hansen, Emily Florence, d. 27-5-1915, Age:15y8m
Hansen, Rasmus, d. 26-5-1950, Age:92
Henderson, John Robert Thomas, d. 18-11-1987, Age:63
Hole, Henry, d. 20-7-1929, Age:72
Hole, Mary Jane, d. 24-11-1933, Age:74
Holston, Jane Flora, d. 21-12-1949, Age:79
Holston, Oscar, d. 23-6-1958, Age:87
Holston, Valerie Ida, d. 18-8-1958, Age:25
Holzapfel, Ethel May, d. 15-1-1979, Age:66
Holzapfel, Gloria May, d. 29-7-1949, Age:inf
Hopkins, Betsy Nora, d. 21-1-1991, Age:66
Hopkins, John Reginald, d. 4/11/1998, Age:79
Hudson, Moya Denice, d. 19-3-1999, Age:55
Hutchins, Mary, d. 14-10-1985, b. 19-2-1902
Jefferson, James, d. 29-8-1984, b. 1/3/16
Jefferson, Mary Kathleen, d. 26-3-1986, b. 22-10-1919
Jones, Cecil Robert, d. 26-8-1998, Age:72
Jones, Ivy, d. 4/10/1977, Age:91
Jones, Roy Gerald, d. 9/5/1963, Age:55
Jones, Thomas Bentley, d. 11/3/1968, Age:88
Jordan, Isabella, d. 26-5-1958, Age:71
Jordan, Ivy Myrtle, d. , Age:
Kerr, Alfred Edward, d. 11/11/1987, Age:80
Kerr, Arthur Edward, d. 26-5-1980, Age:82
Kerr, Eileen May, d. 26-11-1982, Age:79
Kerr, John Frederick, d. 26-4-1977, Age:78
Kerr, Louisa Jane, d. 3/7/1976, Age:78
Kerr, Vera Ruby, d. 15-9-1999, Age:83
Kerridge, Albert George, d. 27-5-1994, Age:82
King-Durham, Jason Lloyd, d. 17-11-1995, b. 6/5/1976
Lean, Graeme Leonard, d. 28-12-1998, Age:33
Lean, Leonard Wilfred, d. 14-10-1994, Age:11/3/20
Levy, Lesley Joy, d. 25-6-1987, Age:8/7/1955
Leway, Hans, d. 5/10/1992, Age:12/8/27
Linham, George, d. 29-4-1935, Age:73
Linham, John, d. 13-5-1995, Age:23-3-1918
Linham, Kate, d. 2/12/1967, Age:92
Linham, Ruth, d. 9/2/1994, Age:10/4/1920
Lockyear, Edna May, d. 24-4-1982, Age:60
Logan, Thomas Hector, d. 9/1/1976, Age:70
Lowe, Albert Henry, d. 10/5/1941, Age:72
Lowe, Alice Margaret, d. 8/3/1946, Age:72
Lowe, Hazel Irene, d. 31-3-1997, b. 14-12-1918
Lund, Carl Frederick, d. 9/1/1987, b. 5/1/05
Lund, Fanny Georgina Ethel, d. 13-9-1991, b. 26-6-1911
Lund, Pamela May, d. 24-11-1959, b. 13-4-1950
Mallett, Florence Jean, d. 15-10-1993, Age:65
Mann, Margaret, d. 1987, b. 1901
Mann, Vanda Jean, d. 3/9/1985, Age:40
Matthias, George Francis Frederick, d. 12/6/43, Age:59
Maudsley, Beryl May, d. 4/2/97, b. 6/9/18
McGourty, Janet Grace, d. 13-8-1993, Age:44
McKee, Robert John, d. 14-3-1989, b. 24-5-1912
Millers, Carolyn D, d. 9/5/61, Age:6
Millers, Charles W, d. 24-5-1960, Age:58
Millers, George, d. 2/3/1950, Age:54
Millers, Ivan Raymond (Fred), d. 2/12/63, Age:28
Millers, Linda May, d. 12/4/1970, Age:74
Millers, Margaret A, d. 10/7/1970, Age:61
Millers, Mervyn Charles, d. 7/1/1994, Age:65
Millers, Myrtle Edna, d. 28-1-1995, Age:77
Millers, Stanley Leonard, d. 17-3-1994, b. 27-1-1920
Millers, Theodore Vivian George (Viv), d. 16-10-1993, Age:76
Mills, Francis Vincent, d. 7/3/1990, Age:77y5m
Mischliwiski, Henry W, d. 2/5/1980, Age:82
Mischliwiski, Marie Louise, d. 7/5/1984, Age:90
Mitchell, Charles John, d. 30-4-1956, Age:81
Mitchell, Leonard Percy, d. 28-4-1980, Age:61
Mitchell, Olena Christina, d. 15-12-1934, Age:48
Moorcroft, Ivy May, d. 4/3/59, Age:50
Moorcroft, William Henry, d. 31-8-1967, Age:60
Morris, James Charles, d. 21-7-1987, Age:77
Nobbs, Maria, d. 7/6/1929, Age:75
Nobbs, Robert, d. 2/1/1939, Age:86
Nobbs, Robert, d. 20-9-1941, Age:52
O'Farrell, Bernard Leo, d. 15-9-1918, Age:23
O'Farrell, Cecelia Monica, d. 31-1-2000, Age:70
O'Farrell, David Joseph, d. 12/8/1934, Age:83
O'Farrell, David Joseph, d. 17-8-1931, b. 13-3-1886
O'Farrell, David Joseph, d. 25-6-1987, Age:55
O'Farrell, Elizabeth, d. 6/4/39, Age:80
O'Farrell, Fanny, d. 13-8-1966, Age:72
O'Farrell, George Alexander, d. 6/6/54, Age:67
O'Farrell, James Francis Snr, d. 3/6/66, Age:82
O'Farrell, John, d. 14-3-1922, Age:28
O'Farrell, Martin John, d. 7/3/1961, Age:27
O'Farrell, "Mary D, Jnr", d. 21-8-1949, Age:54
O'Farrell, Michael John, d. 16-9-1954, Age:inf
O'Hanlon, John Barry, d. 25-5-1985, Age:53
Peyerl, Erwin Othmar , d. 13-11-1987, b. 21-9-1919
Peyerl, Jozefina, d. 13-11-1987, b. 29-3-1930
Pitt, Alice Annie, d. 5/7/65, Age:88y9m
Pitt, George, d. 18-8-1930, Age:61
Pitt, Henry Frederick, d. 10/3/77, Age:78
Pitt, Violet Ethel, d. 11/2/82, Age:79
Prior, Ernest William, d. 19-1-1985, Age:27-5-1899
Prior, Graham Stewart, d. 18-6-1984, Age:45
Prior, Ruby May, d. 13-12-1995, b. 18-5-1906
Prior, Sandra Janelle, d. 25-5-1968, b. 8/3/68
Quinn, William (Billy), d. 5/12/1968, Age:104y10m
Randall, Harry Vernon, d. 22-2-1990, b. 28-2-1913
Rendell, Jeffrey James, d. 31-8-1997, Age:18
Renshaw, Wayne Thomas, d. 15-6-1990, b. 2/7/1956
Robeck, Agnes, d. 17-12-1989, b. 21-4-1920
Robson, Thomas F, d. 9/7/83, Age:67
Rogers, Paul Andrew Worth, d. 31-10-1992, b. 30-7-1945
Ross, Eric Sydney, d. 13-11-1998, Age:61
Salt, Frederick Henry, d. 12/6/87, b. 6/8/11
Schiewek, Gerd Paul Karl, d. 29-9-1983, b. 26-12-1944
Schmid, Albert George, d. 9/4/1949, Age:59
Schmid, Gladys Harriet, d. 10/1/1969, Age:68
Seow, Agnes, d. 16-4-1995, Age:85
Sherwin, Edwin William Vicary, d. 14-11-1993, Age:12/12/22
Simpson, Graham Nicholas, d. 23-2-1960, Age:19
Slaughter, Helen, d. 25-1-1935, Age:54
Slaughter, William James, d. 10/5/1930, Age:53
Smerdon, Alice Edith, d. 1/8/1983, Age:87
Smerdon, Annie Elizabeth, d. 25-11-1962, Age:69
Smerdon, Betty, d. 29-1-1940, Age:69
Smerdon, George, d. 23-1-1980, Age:81
Smerdon, J, d. 29-4-1995, Age:67
Smerdon, William, d. 24-7-1945, b. 14-5-1869
Smerdon, William, d. 11/3/1965, Age:73
Smith, Donald Lindsay, d. 20-5-1989, Age:67
Smith, Florence "Mary", d. 31-3-1999, Age:86
Smith, Herbert George (Bert), d. 15-4-1991, Age:84
Smith, Mary Ellen, d. 28-7-1949, Age:75
Smith, Roger Alexander, d. 21-5-1985, b. 30-7-1940
Smith, Wayne Donald, d. 12/11/1998, Age:43
Somerville, Margaret Anne, d. 30-3-1999, Age:54
Spicer, David Arthur, d. 13-5-1994, Age:53
Spicer, John Thomas, d. 6/6/87, Age:1892
Spicer, Olga Ethel, d. 1987, Age:1897
Springall, Arthur F, d. 16-7-1959, Age:53
Springall, Joseph Charles, d. 4/8/1970, Age:70
Springall, Mary, d. 8/9/73, Age:70
Stiller, Hedy Anne, d. 4/9/1997, Age:44
Stiller, Samuel, d. 4/9/1997, Age:17
Stubbins, Alice, d. 13-4-1958, Age:69
Stubbins, Arthur George, d. 28-7-1989, b. 21-12-1911
Stubbins, Charles William, d. 29-5-1988, Age:72
Stubbins, Elsie, d. 17-12-1935, Age:34
Stubbins, Francis Edith, d. 9/4/90, b. 12/8/1912
Stubbins, Julie Anne, d. 26-4-1963, Age:11m
Stubbins, William , d. 29-5-1942, Age:85
Stubbins, William Henry, d. 24-11-1949, Age:65
Thomas, John Robert, d. 18-11-1987, Age:63
Thomas, Trevor William, d. 21-11-1954, Age:6
Tincknell, Dolores, d. 19-11-1981, Age:80
Tincknell, Jane, d. 1935, Age:79
Tincknell, John Henry, d. 18-9-1983, Age:87
Tincknell, Oliver, d. 1939, Age:82
Tiplady, Sidney George, d. 19-10-1959, Age:74
Tobin, Kevin Dennis, d. 29-11-1993, Age:72
Treen, Frank William George, d. 3/4/1983, Age:45
Wallace, Patricia Gwenith, d. 29-8-1995, Age:15-3-1935
Ward, Albert Evan, d. 13-7-1990, b. 1/10/1919
Ward, Albert Evan, d. 21-2-1995, Age:75
Ward, Albert John, d. 14-4-1949, Age:52
Ward, Joan Marion, d. 17-12-1996, Age:74
Ward, Louis David, d. 5/4/54, Age:85
Ward, Madge, d. 14-8-1970, Age:75
Ward, Maureen, d. 13-7-1990, b. 26-10-1925
Watson, Kathleen Mary, d. 3/6/78, b. 1904
Wheeler, Cuthbert Melville Richard (Bert), d. 27-1-1959, Age:73
Wheeler, David Allan, d. 10/6/1996, b. 10/6/65
Wheeler, Diane Clare, d. 6/12/52, Age:8mths
Wheeler, Dulcie Jean, d. 25-11-1976, Age:53
Wheeler, Harold, d. 21-1-1951, Age:43
Wheeler, Lorna Mavis, d. 3/9/94, b. 17-11-1926
Wheeler, Margaret Lillian, d. 31-12-1964, Age:44
Wheeler, Martha Matilda, d. 24-12-1975, Age:89
Wheeler, William, d. 26-11-1966, Age:56
Whitfield, Gai M Annette, d. 7/12/1978, Age:35
Whitfield, Kristopher Joseph, d. 7/12/1978, Age:3
Whitfield, Tanya Gai, d. 7/12/1978, Age:2
Whitley, John Robert, d. 26-2-1976, Age:35
Williams, Gladys Mary, d. 9/6/83, Age:58
Worth, Florence Ellen, d. 21-5-1982, Age:91
Worth, Francis Frederick, d. 7/1/1991, Age:76
Worth, Frederick Charles, d. 4/2/1972, Age:83
Worth, Gregory Keith, d. 19-6-1953, Age:2
Worth, Hazel Joan, d. 5/9/79, Age:49
Worth, Phillip, d. 10/6/98, Age:12/8/1923
Worth, Walter John, d. 28-12-1994, Age:75
Young, Alice Hannah Sophie, d. 7/5/1981, Age:68
Young, George, d. 7/3/1973, Age:66
Young, Henry George, d. 22-3-1960, Age:2y6m
Young, Ian, d. 23-11-1982, Age:36

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