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Boonara Cemetery
Queensland, Australia

Lat: 26°05'07"S, Lon'152°03'10"E

Contributed by Joy Byrne, Feb 28, 2000 [jby53388@bigpond.net.au]. Total records = 24.

This small churchyard is situated at the back of a small wooden church, St David's, on the Burnett Highway, 13 km north of Goomeri.

David Jones of Sydney had pastoral leases in the area, and descendants are to be found in the churchyard. Sometimes the property supported the emporium, at other times, vice versa.
- Joy Byrne

Anderson, Alma, d. 7/11/83, Age:66
Anderson, Frederick G, d. 15-7-1954, Age72
Anderson, Gordon W, d. 3/4/90, Age:80
Anderson, Nina M, d. 22-5-1973, Age:86
Berthelsen, Neils Louis, d. 12-4-1850, b.8-4-1840
Eland, Jean, d. 10/8/91, Age:80
Eland, Leslie Alfred, d. 17-11-1960, Age:53
Euler, Cecil Burnett, d. 20-2-1978, Age:75
Euler, Charlotte Edith, d. 29-3-1994, Age:83
Ford, Frederick, d. 21-1-1879, Age:61
Jones, David Mander J. P., d. 16-12-1861, b.10-8-1831
Jones, Katherine Margaret M, d. 23-10-1954, b.22-10-1867
Jones, Llewellyn Mander, d. 16-3-1933, b.7-5-1858 at Boonara
Lord, Richard Codrington, d. 17-12-1989, Age:15y3m
Mander-Jones, Bette, d. 10/9/78, Age:68
Mander-Jones, Rhys (Bill), d. 18-5-1966, Age:57
McIntosh, Elizabeth Pretoria, d. 29-9-1986, Age:84
McIntosh, Frederick William, d. 30-5-1970 , Age:75
Pearce, Mervyn C, d. 31-8-1962, Age:40
Sinclair, Stella Victoria, d. 7/12/56, Age:74
Stumm, Benjamin Paul, Age:5mths
Stumm, James Frederick, Age:17yrs
Westaway, Mary H.I, d. 22-2-1954, Age:67
Westaway, William, d. 1/4/53, Age:71

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