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Taabinga Lutheran Cemetery
Kingaroy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne, Mar 29, 2000, edited Sep 05, 2004 [jby53388@bigpond.net.au]. Total records = 40.

Taabinga Lutheran is a churchyard cemetery on the Bunya Highway about 20 minutes out of Kingaroy. There is a Lutheran church sharing the grounds.

I walked and read this cemetery in the summer of 1997.

- Joy Byrne

Bloomfield, Thelma M, d. 27-11-1941, age:22
Clark, W. T., d. 30-6-1998, age:76
Coulson, Ronald Edward, d. 4-2-1988, age:69
Dicks, David, d. 19-4-1966, age:inf
Dunemann, Bertha M, d. 10-10-1933, age:36
Fleischfresser, Bertha, d. 1942, b. 1871
Fleischfresser, Carl A F H , d. 1946, b. 1872
Fleischfresser, Edna May, d. 28-3-1994, age:79
Fleischfresser, Ernest Wilhelm, d. 23-9-1950, age:42
Fleischfresser, Frank, d. 16-10-1982, age:66
Fleischfresser, Gladys M B, d. 10-9-1991, age:78
Fleischfresser, Hermann, d. 27-5-1954, age:70
Fleischfresser, Kelvin, d. 2-1-1981
Fleischfresser, Louisa E M, d. 24-1-1957, age:75
Fleischfresser, Mary Louise, d. 28-3-1932, age:45
Fleischfresser, Otto Carl Herman, d. 31-3-1948, age:69
Fleischfresser, Stanley V, d. 1-5-1960, age:44
Fleischfresser, Walter G, d. 23-12-1969, age:51
Fleischfresser, Wilhelm H, d. 21-3-1967, age:69
Fleischfresser, William August, d. 23-6-1989, age:82
Greenslade, Dorothy Ethel, d. 24-8-1985, aged 82
Greenslade, E. J., d. 19-5-1959, aged 67, h of Dorothy Ethel, Gallipoli veteran
Gutzke, Bertha Emily, d. 7-4-1939, age:24
Hartwig, Eileen May, d. 7-3-1931, age:24
Pearson, Harold F, d. 17-3-1995, age:77
Raabe, Heindrich C, d. 11-5-1955, age:78
Raabe, Martha, d. 25-2-1932, age:52
Schmocker, Hannah Louise, d. 26-8-1997
Schmocker, Ida, d. 22-6-1968, age:74
Schmocker, Carl, d. 14-2-1962, age:69
Spann, Clarice Myrtle, d. 14-1-1938, b. 28-2-1933
Spann, H.C.G., d. 1-10-1926, b. 12-3-1878
Winter, Annie L, d. 31-10-1963, age:70
Winter, O J R 'Ryan', d. 15-11-1965, age:82
Wolski, Graeme L, d. 28-12-1963, age:1yr3m
Wolski, Gustav W, d. 11-3-1976, age:68
Wolski, Jeoffrey Clarence, d. 16-4-1987, b. 8-3-1937
Wolski, Johann A, d. 4-1-1942, age:37y11m
Wolski, Laura L, d. 13-3-1988, age:81
Wolski, Martha, d. 28-7-1994, age:90

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