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Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne [jby53388@bigpond.net.au].

Nagel, Ethel Wilhelmine, d. 30-3-1976, Age/Birth:78
Nagle, Vera Wilson, d. 8-10-1982, Age/Birth:1913
Needer, Dorothy May, d. 5-5-1990, Age/Birth:4-5-1904
Needer, Mary, d. 14-10-1967, Age/Birth:1900
Needer, Wally Vincent, d. 7-9-1974, Age/Birth:1897
Needham, Keith Leonard, d. 26-3-1969, Age/Birth:26-1-1969
Needham, Margaret, d. 21-2-1997, Age/Birth:84
Neideck, Eda Bertha, d. 9-3-1974, Age/Birth:1892
Neil, Bertha Marie Emma, d. 17-10-1986, Age/Birth:11-1-1898
Neil, Herbert Ernest, d. 14-4-1992, Age/Birth:6-12-1920
Neil, Meridy Miriam, d. 14-2-1998, Age/Birth:76
Neil, Ross, d. 22-1-1963, Age/Birth:Jan 1963
Neil, Sidney John, d. 14-3-1982, Age/Birth:1927
Neilen, Stephen Leigh, d. 19-1-1974, Age/Birth:9-8-1971
Neill, Arthur, d. 13-12-1975, Age/Birth:1922
Neill, Evelyn May, d. 10-5-1969, Age/Birth: ?
Neill, James, d. 31-3-1972, Age/Birth:1892
Neilsen, George Peter Neils, d. 1-6-1988, Age/Birth:5-9-1904
Neilsen, Grace Elizabeth, d. 17-7-1981, Age/Birth:1917
Neilsen, Hazel Marjorie, d. 1-3-1982, Age/Birth:8-9-1921
Neilsen, Reginald Russell, d. 10-10-1969, Age/Birth:1917
Neilson, Hazel Louisa, d. 12-6-1968, Age/Birth:1913
Neilson, Ronald Francis, d. 7-2-1978, Age/Birth:1914
Nelson, James Horatio, d. 4-3-1973, Age/Birth:1920
Nelson, Kenneth James, d. 20-8-1978, Age/Birth:1957
Nelson, Lisa Eve, d. 23-10-1971, Age/Birth:1971
Nelson, Nikkie Lee, d. 4-3-1986, Age/Birth:4-3-1986
Nelson, Ola Peter, d. 3-10-1991, Age/Birth:1905
Nelthorpe, Eric, d. 2-9-1973, Age/Birth:1907
Neundorf, Jessie Aileen, d. 26-6-1965, Age/Birth:1905
Neundorf, William Herbert, d. 11-4-1987, Age/Birth:16-2-1904
Neve, Ivy Beatrice, d. 5-9-1998, Age/Birth: ?
Neve, Robert Harry, d. 8-7-1968, Age/Birth:1916
Neville, Blanche Ann, d. 1-12-1978, Age/Birth:1918
Neville, George Arthur, d. 1-8-1972, Age/Birth:1890
Nevin, Ronald James, d. 30-3-1977, Age/Birth:1922
Newberry, Archibald Roy, d. 4-8-1971, Age/Birth:1903
Newberry, Margaret Taylor, d. 6-3-1990, Age/Birth:15-9-1909
Newby, William Robert, d. 9-3-1971, Age/Birth:1905
Newell, Anne Elma, d. 8-7-1983, Age/Birth:20-7-1904
Newman, Alice May, d. 20-5-1991, Age/Birth:31-10-1903
Newman, Bartle Roy, d. 14-5-1983, Age/Birth:9-1-1906
Newman, Elizabeth, d. 19-7-1983, Age/Birth:20-6-1888
Newman, Frederick Harry J, d. 16-5-1970, Age/Birth:1904
Newman, Georgina Florence, d. 23-5-1992, Age/Birth:3-6-1901
Newnham, Edith Lily, d. 19-12-1994, Age/Birth:12-1-1907
Newnham, William Flint, d. 23-8-1971, Age/Birth:1901
Newport, Eva Elizabeth, d. 17-8-1971, Age/Birth:59
Newport, Robert John, d. 26-6-1994, Age/Birth:3-4-1908
Newson, Frederidk William, d. 25-12-1967, Age/Birth:1880
Newson, Minnie Johanna, d. 10-7-1963, Age/Birth:1881
Newton, Stacey Belinda, d. 16-9-1974, Age/Birth:15-9-1974
Nicholas, William Samuel, d. 29-12-1968, Age/Birth:1907
Nicholls, Alfred John, d. 11-7-1967, Age/Birth:1905
Nicholls, David, d. 22-8-1961, Age/Birth:1882
Nicholls, Emma Bertha, d. 17-10-1974, Age/Birth:1893
Nicholls, Maisie Merle, d. 23-12-1965, Age/Birth:1917
Nicholls, Maurice James, d. 3-5-1967, Age/Birth:1915
Nichols, Beatrice Maud, d. 1-7-1973, Age/Birth:1889
Nichols, Calvin Wadsworth John, d. 15-4-1973, Age/Birth:1925
Nichols, Charles Edward, d. 23-4-1974, Age/Birth:1880
Nichols, Ethel Lizzie, d. 18-7-1968, Age/Birth:1891
Nichols, Hugh John, d. 28-2-1988, Age/Birth:1-5-1926
Nielsen, Doreen, d. 7-7-1974, Age/Birth:1904
Nielsen, Fay Margaret, d. 5-3-1971, Age/Birth:1925
Nielsen, Niel Robert, d. 5-10-1970, Age/Birth:1899
Nielson, Andreas, d. 5-7-1960, Age/Birth:1894
Nielson, Myra Bertha, d. 6-11-1985, Age/Birth:1-3-1900
Niesler, Tracey Ann, d. 4-4-1973, Age/Birth:1972
Nipperess, Mary, d. 12-10-1991, Age/Birth:11-10-1903
Nipperess, Russell Dowling, d. 1-10-1978, Age/Birth:25-10-1900
Nisbet, Richard John, d. 29-4-1986, Age/Birth:3-6-1924
Nix, Frances Mary, d. 28-1-1986, Age/Birth:22-12-1924
Nixon, Noel, d. 26-10-1962, Age/Birth:25-10-1962
Noble, Charles, d. 13-8-1969, Age/Birth:1887
Noble, Florence Jessie, d. 26-12-1966, Age/Birth:1892
Noble, George Athol Mackle, d. 2-6-1968, Age/Birth:1909
Noble, Lenore Jennie M, d. 30-10-1964, Age/Birth:1878
Noffke, Claire, d. 25-6-1980, Age/Birth:25-6-1980
Nolan, Gregory, d. 22-12-1974, Age/Birth:26-6-1952
Noon, George Manning, d. 21-7-1966, Age/Birth:1885
Noon, Helina Agnes, d. 28-5-1963, Age/Birth:1884
Norcott, Rodney Michael John, d. 19-11-1985, Age/Birth:24-7-1970
North, Jane Ellen, d. 4-1-1967, Age/Birth:1897
North, Taylor Alexandria, d. 1-2-1995, Age/Birth:1-2-1995
Norton, George Edward, d. 26-2-1986, Age/Birth:8-7-1915
Nugent, Charles Marcus, d. 8-3-1991, Age/Birth:16-4-1913
Nugent, Helen Charlotte, d. 5-5-1994, Age/Birth:20-6-1920
Nugent, Irene Kathleen, d. 5-2-1974, Age/Birth:1955
Nunn, Mavis Irene (May), d. 25-6-1999, Age/Birth:87
Nuttall, James Bertram, d. 27-3-1976, Age/Birth:1896
Nuttall, Marie Katrina, d. 17-4-1996, Age/Birth:16-9-1905
O'Brien, Colin Leslie, d. 28-3-1977, Age/Birth:1977
O'Brien, Joseph, d. 6-5-1963, Age/Birth:May 1963
O'Brien, Phyllis Rebecca, d. 11-12-1995, Age/Birth:17-7-1995
O'Brien, Troy Alan, d. 3-8-1963, Age/Birth:9wks
O'Connell, James Campbell, d. 15-8-1975, Age/Birth:3-9-1904
O'Connor, Georgina Kennedy, d. 2-3-1972, Age/Birth:1879
O'Dea, Bessie May, d. 8-6-1979, Age/Birth:1913
O'Donaghue, Brett Joseph, d. 22-4-1984, Age/Birth:22-4-1984
O'Hagan, Henry Joseph, d. 13-9-1994, Age/Birth:17-11-1907
O'Hagan, Sarah, d. 11-6-1985, Age/Birth:19-5-1904
O'Keefe, Hubert John, d. 15-4-1968, Age/Birth:1894
O'Leary, Eileen, d. 13-7-1974, Age/Birth:1918
O'Leary, Grace Isabella, d. 29-4-1975, Age/Birth:1889
O'Leary, Kevin John, d. 3-6-1970, Age/Birth:1884
O'Leary, Timothy John, d. 15-4-1979, Age/Birth:16-11-1904
O'Malley, Dora, d. 3-11-1997, Age/Birth: ?
O'Mara, Eileen, d. 1-8-1987, Age/Birth:7-3-1916
O'Mara, Keith Patrick, d. 20-12-1972, Age/Birth:14-3-1920
O'Meara, Robert, d. 27-11-1970, Age/Birth:1900
O'Neill, John Davies, d. 30-7-1975, Age/Birth:1907
O'Neilll, Vincent Thomas, d. 4-11-1981, Age/Birth:31-7-1912
O'Rourke, Dorice Beryl, d. 9-12-1981, Age/Birth:1900
O'Rourke, William Owen, d. 18-4-1974, Age/Birth:1899
O'Sullivan, Maree Edna, d. 23-3-1974, Age/Birth: ?
Oakes, Albert Richard Bernard, d. 15-2-1987, Age/Birth:20-3-1908
Oakes, Annie Constance, d. 26-5-1971, Age/Birth:1903
Oakes, Terence William, d. 20-6-1979, Age/Birth:1952
Oakes, Wensley Vivian, d. 19-7-1976, Age/Birth:1923
Oakill, Edward Emanuel, d. 15-2-1965, Age/Birth:15-12-1898
Oakill, Pearl, d. 11-6-1964, Age/Birth:16-7-1903
Oakley, Clyde Cecil, d. 3-6-1977, Age/Birth:1913
Ochiltree, Alfred Graham, d. 4-11-1966, Age/Birth:1883
Ogilvie, Edgar Colin, d. 5-10-1983, Age/Birth:1905
Ogilvie, Phyllis Catherine, d. 22-5-1982, Age/Birth:1901
Okines, Ralph Charlesworth, d. 8-11-1974, Age/Birth:1910
Oldfield, Olive Emma, d. 20-8-1991, Age/Birth:30-6-1906
Oldfield, Una Florence Jean, d. 9-8-1979, Age/Birth:1909
Oliver, Douglas George, d. 13-4-1984, Age/Birth:23-11-1927
Ollett, Ethel, d. 4-6-1993, Age/Birth:13-2-1918
Ollett, Gordon Cecil, d. 9-2-1988, Age/Birth:9-2-1909
Olsen, Francis William S, d. 16-4-1981, Age/Birth:9-8-1914
Olsen, Norman Olaf, d. 23-4-1962, Age/Birth:1885
Olsen, Tanya Joy, d. 10-9-1968, Age/Birth:10-9-1968
Oneans, John William, d. 1-4-1967, Age/Birth:1928
Oneans, Narelle, d. 9-3-1962, Age/Birth:Sept 1960
Oosthuizen, Martin J, d. 3-6-1969, Age/Birth:1887
Osborne, Ronald, d. 23-9-1974, Age/Birth:1910
Osmond, Joan Gertrude, d. 6-11-1993, Age/Birth:18-11-1915
Overell, Judith Pauline, d. 31-5-1985, Age/Birth:26-9-1949
Overstead, Agnes Teresa, d. 20-10-1970, Age/Birth:1895
Overstead, Elsie, d. 10-6-1980, Age/Birth: ?
Overstead, Mary Elizabeth, d. 2-1-1975, Age/Birth:1901
Owen, Eileen Mary, d. 5-11-1971, Age/Birth:1905
Owen, Elsie, d. 14-4-1969, Age/Birth:1893
Owen, James, d. 29-11-1962, Age/Birth:1900
Owen, James Lewis, d. 27-7-1987, Age/Birth:22-3-1907
Owens, Barry Phillip, d. 25-11-1967, Age/Birth:1958
Owens, Olive Mary Ann, d. 27-6-1980, Age/Birth:1894
Owens, William Henry, d. 15-8-1969, Age/Birth:1890
Oxborough, Frederick, d. 1-10-1985, Age/Birth:3-10-1899
Oxborough, Jane Ann, d. 29-12-1979, Age/Birth:23-12-1898
Oyston, Frank, d. 15-12-1979, Age/Birth:1921
Oyston, Mary Jane, d. 13-1-1985, Age/Birth:7-9-1898
Oyston, Robert William, d. 15-3-1980, Age/Birth:1899
Page, Agnes Emilie, d. 7-5-1976, Age/Birth:1899
Page, David Thomas, d. 1-5-1974, Age/Birth:1892
Page, Edwin Frank, d. 6-9-1983, Age/Birth:1964
Page, Eva Mary, d. 10-5-1978, Age/Birth:1894
Paget, Albert, d. 6-9-1995, Age/Birth:20-11-1901
Paine, Albert James, d. 9-10-1966, Age/Birth:1873
Paine, Harry Seymour, d. 31-3-1979, Age/Birth:1901
Pakleppa, Norman, d. 6-8-1979, Age/Birth:1912
Pakleppa, Rodney, d. 4-1-1991, Age/Birth: ?
Pal, Lajos, d. 25-8-1969, Age/Birth:1915
Palmen, Reino Johannes, d. 21-6-1966, Age/Birth:5-6-1905
Palmer, Arthur, d. 1-9-1961, Age/Birth:1886
Palmer, Doris Nellie, d. 5-5-1974, Age/Birth:1916
Papps, Madge Phillippa, d. 20-9-1981, Age/Birth:1908
Papps, Sydney Charles, d. 11-11-1975, Age/Birth:1907
Paris, George Edward, d. 10-6-1970, Age/Birth:1882
Paris, May Elizabeth, d. 17-5-1968, Age/Birth:1896
Parish, Archibald, d. 4-9-1972, Age/Birth:1900
Park, Frances, d. 16-10-1982, Age/Birth:1894
Park, James, d. 2-3-1962, Age/Birth:1873
Parker, Bessie, d. 1-9-1976, Age/Birth:1906
Parker, Colin Richard, d. 1-8-1975, Age/Birth:1956
Parker, Dulcie Ethel, d. 14-8-1982, Age/Birth:1915
Parker, Eileen Le Broig, d. 30-7-1966, Age/Birth:1896
Parker, Elizabeth Barbara (Ann), d. 1-10-1972, Age/Birth:1915
Parker, Elsie Rose, d. 8-2-1963, Age/Birth:1917
Parker, George, d. 9-6-1986, Age/Birth:31-10-1898
Parker, Granville Samuel H, d. 20-11-1985, Age/Birth:28-6-1909
Parker, Harry, d. 13-11-1965, Age/Birth:1892
Parker, Patricia Jean, d. 24-4-1985, Age/Birth:26-7-1933
Parker, Richard, d. 18-3-1976, Age/Birth:1913
Parker, Sarah Terese, d. 3-10-1982, Age/Birth:3-10-1982
Parker, Thomas, d. 30-10-1972, Age/Birth:1909
Parker, William Keith, d. 4-3-1969, Age/Birth:9-11-1947
Parkes, Judith Eileen, d. 23-2-1966, Age/Birth:1932
Parkin, Arnold Colin, d. 7-5-1981, Age/Birth:1911
Parr, William Frank, d. 20-7-1962, Age/Birth:1885
Parry, Annie, d. 25-12-1972, Age/Birth:1888
Parry, David Glynn, d. 14-1-1977, Age/Birth:1961
Parry, Eliza Elizabeth, d. 5-9-1980, Age/Birth:1891
Parry, John Henry, d. 17-3-1968, Age/Birth:85y3m
Parry, Milton Ray, d. 2-12-1981, Age/Birth:1920
Parry, Noel William, d. 20-1-1989, Age/Birth:3-5-1930
Parsons, Adele, d. 6-6-1980, Age/Birth:1885
Parsons, Earl John Gear, d. 20-4-1979, Age/Birth:1896
Parsons, Ivy, d. 22-6-1975, Age/Birth:1897
Parsons, Percival Bruce, d. 4-8-1976, Age/Birth:1875
Parsons, Rita May, d. 29-1-1996, Age/Birth:2-4-1905
Parsons, William Ewart Charles, d. 28-9-1966, Age/Birth:1886
Pascoe, Albert, d. 25-1-1961, Age/Birth:1898
Pascoe, Alice Mattie, d. 16-10-1990, Age/Birth:26-6-1894
Pascoe, Alwyn Richmond, d. 6-1-1967, Age/Birth:1924
Pascoe, Emily Rose, d. 12-11-1995, Age/Birth:25-2-1901
Pascoe, Ernest, d. 5-9-1966, Age/Birth:17-3-1879
Pascoe, James Reynolds, d. 17-7-1963, Age/Birth:1893
Pascoe, Mary Olive, d. 10-7-1992, Age/Birth:6-7-1908
Pashen, Annie, d. 7-7-1966, Age/Birth:1878
Pashen, Charlotte Helena, d. 4-1-1969, Age/Birth:1914
Pashen, Henry John, d. 6-4-1970, Age/Birth:1877
Pashen, James William, d. 6-3-1960, Age/Birth:1881
Pashen, Margaret Henderson, d. 29-4-1992, Age/Birth:14-3-1906
Pashen, Matilda Jane, d. 4-3-1967, Age/Birth:1883
Pashen, Thelma Charlotte, d. 6-11-1988, Age/Birth:20-11-1913
Pask, Colin Keith, d. 24-5-1983, Age/Birth:1912
Paskins, Elizabeth Mary, d. 25-9-1980, Age/Birth:1917
Paskins, Frederick Milner, d. 15-2-1986, Age/Birth:31-1-1918
Paskins, William James, d. 8-6-1965, Age/Birth:1916
Pass, Violet Isobel, d. 9-1-1987, Age/Birth:10-4-1911
Passlow, Mary Ann, d. 6-9-1987, Age/Birth:26-6-1896
Passlow, Stanley, d. 10-6-1974, Age/Birth:1892
Paterson, Murray Ryland, d. 28-7-1972, Age/Birth:1951
Patterson, Elizabeth Thompson, d. 30-7-1964, Age/Birth:1890
Paulet, William, d. 5-12-1979, Age/Birth:1936
Paulger, Donald Hamilton, d. 17-6-1982, Age/Birth:1916
Paulger, Reginald, d. 11-7-1973, Age/Birth:1914
Paulsen, Jason Douglas, d. 19-12-1974, Age/Birth:1974
Paulsen, Leslie Arthur, d. 7-12-1960, Age/Birth:1931
Pavelka, Janja, d. 21-6-1986, Age/Birth:27-3-1911
Pavey, Frances Ashburner, d. 16-9-1991, Age/Birth:23-9-1896
Pavey, Francis George, d. 1-11-1974, Age/Birth:1887
Pawlik, Franciszek, d. 28-9-1973, Age/Birth:1903
Payne, Albert Edward, d. 3-12-1987, Age/Birth:14-11-1912
Payne, Allan James, d. 4-2-1976, Age/Birth:1910
Payne, Daphne, d. 1-7-1973, Age/Birth:27-10-1910
Payne, Gregory Robert Bonham, d. 6-1-1978, Age/Birth:1952
Payne, Sara Maria, d. 5-5-1964, Age/Birth:1872
Payne, Sarah Kate, d. 16-8-1974, Age/Birth:1885
Peace, Jessica Maree, d. 4-5-1995, Age/Birth:3-3-1995
Peace, John, d. 11-11-1995, Age/Birth: ?
Peace, Michael James, d. 3-4-1988, Age/Birth:7-6-1950
Peace, Robert John, d. 3-4-1988, Age/Birth:5-3-1956
Peachey, Benjamin Charles, d. 20-5-1969, Age/Birth:1893
Peachey, Frederick Isaac, d. 1-9-1989, Age/Birth:24-10-1895
Peachey, Jessie, d. 27-4-1981, Age/Birth:1897
Peachey, John Henderson, d. 31-8-1986, Age/Birth:21-7-1934
Peachey, Len James, d. 5-9-1962, Age/Birth:30-8-1962
Peachey, Mary Mavis, d. 25-3-1982, Age/Birth:1911
Peachey, Walter, d. 30-6-1970, Age/Birth:1896
Pearce, Elsie, d. 27-1-1990, Age/Birth:13-12-1898
Pearce, Isabel Rhoda, d. 1-7-1963, Age/Birth:1911
Pearce, Jack, d. 28-10-1973, Age/Birth:1892
Pearce, James Edward, d. 5-7-1980, Age/Birth:1895
Pearce, Mabel, d. 21-6-1984, Age/Birth:4-11-1892
Pearce, Mabel Winifred, d. 11-2-1990, Age/Birth:15-11-1896
Pearce, Malcolm Henry, d. 9-1-1987, Age/Birth:4-12-1911
Pearce, Rita, d. 17-2-1968, Age/Birth:1925
Pearce, Roy Thomas, d. 2-10-1965, Age/Birth:1907
Pearce, Thomas Edward, d. 25-4-1973, Age/Birth:1886
Pearman, Ernest Robert, d. 14-4-1970, Age/Birth:1901
Pearman, Margaret Mary, d. 24-8-1981, Age/Birth:1898
Pearman, Ronald George, d. 27-9-1972, Age/Birth:1910
Pearmine, Ethel Merle, d. 28-3-1979, Age/Birth:1911
Pearson, Alfred William R, d. 17-6-1986, Age/Birth:23-4-1914
Pearson, Beryl Mary, d. 15-1-1996, Age/Birth:28-6-1918
Pearson, Ronald Victor, d. 4-5-1970, Age/Birth:1910
Pearson, Vera Evelyn, d. 30-12-1974, Age/Birth:1920
Peck, Leslie Edward, d. 11-6-1966, Age/Birth:1914
Peck, Peter Frederick, d. 28-8-1983, Age/Birth:21-1-1944
Pedler, Herbert Ernest, d. 10-8-1976, Age/Birth:1890
Pedrazzini, Michael Thomas, d. 3-5-1981, Age/Birth:1951
Peirce, Esther Amelia, d. 10-1-1994, Age/Birth:22-12-1922
Peirce, Ivy Gwenllian, d. 27-6-1968, Age/Birth:24-12-1894
Peirce, Leslie Alfred, d. 9-8-1985, Age/Birth:8-9-1898
Pelling, Charles James, d. 29-7-1963, Age/Birth:1893
Pellow, Flora Esther, d. 8-4-1976, Age/Birth:1904
Pellow, William Frederick, d. 1-9-1969, Age/Birth:1899
Pengelly, Bernice May, d. 23-6-1973, Age/Birth:1932
Pengelly, Thomas Henry, d. 15-10-1976, Age/Birth:1931
Pengelly, William Thomas, d. 27-12-1980, Age/Birth:1916
Penninger, Anton, d. 28-12-1983, Age/Birth:3-6-1904
Penninger, Elizabetha, d. 1-5-1984, Age/Birth:13-11-1902
Pennisi, Dante, d. 25-5-1980, Age/Birth:1921
Pereira, Albert Isaac J, d. 12-6-1985, Age/Birth:4-1-1903
Perkins, Edward Albert, d. 4-1-1967, Age/Birth:1929
Perren, Alexander Edgar, d. 8-4-1972, Age/Birth:1893
Perren, Arthur George, d. 10-5-1964, Age/Birth:1878
Perren, Bertha Lenore, d. 9-7-1979, Age/Birth:69
Perren, David John, d. 30-8-1972, Age/Birth:1889
Perren, Ella, d. 1-3-1966, Age/Birth:1889
Perren, Ernest William A, d. 1-8-1979, Age/Birth:1897
Perren, Ida May, d. 25-6-1974, Age/Birth:1894
Perren, James Arnold, d. 22-6-1998, Age/Birth: ?
Perren, Jessie, d. 8-9-1961, Age/Birth:1890
Perren, John Douglas, d. 2-8-1979, Age/Birth:28
Perren, Leonard Rowland, d. 25-9-1966, Age/Birth:1889
Perren, Leonard Roy, d. 1-5-1977, Age/Birth:1918
Perren, Magdalene Bain, d. 12-7-1980, Age/Birth:26-1-1906
Perren, Mary Elizabeth, d. 12-10-1961, Age/Birth:1881
Perren, Myrtle Leah, d. 18-7-1965, Age/Birth:1906
Perren, Percival Harold, d. 21-1-1962, Age/Birth:1909
Perren, Thomas Henry, d. 15-11-1981, Age/Birth:1890
Perren, Violet Jane, d. 10-10-1963, Age/Birth:1907
Perren, Walter Allan, d. 19-8-1964, Age/Birth:1901
Perren, Walter Earl, d. 23-9-1972, Age/Birth:1927
Perren, Wendy Lee, d. 28-2-1964, Age/Birth:14-12-1963
Perren, Wilfred Leslie, d. 9-4-1968, Age/Birth:1900
Perrin, Charles Roy, d. 16-8-1981, Age/Birth:3-5-1901
Perrin, Jennifer Jane, d. 17-3-1973, Age/Birth:1-9-1968
Perrin, Susan Ann, d. 5-12-1978, Age/Birth:17-12-1896
Perrottet, Muriel Mary, d. 6-3-1969, Age/Birth:1893
Perry, Elsie Clowes, d. 17-2-1979, Age/Birth:20-6-1893
Peterie, John Leicester, d. 23-7-1966, Age/Birth:1892
Peterie, Muriel Florence B, d. 3-8-1966, Age/Birth:1891
Peters, Augusta Louisa, d. 1-4-1964, Age/Birth:1891
Peters, Benjamin, d. 23-7-1962, Age/Birth:1917
Peters, Charles Frederick, d. 7-6-1972, Age/Birth:1892
Peters, Garry Ronald, d. 9-11-1969, Age/Birth:1951
Peters, Raymond John, d. 18-3-1977, Age/Birth:16-6-1933
Petersen, Thomas George, d. 14-6-1966, Age/Birth:1914
Petre, Isabell Mary, d. 30-11-1979, Age/Birth:1904
Petre, Lawrence James, d. 3-3-1974, Age/Birth:1903
Petrie, Marjorie Jean, d. 18-10-1966, Age/Birth: ?
Pettigrew, William Muir, d. 5-12-1986, Age/Birth:13-4-1906
Pettigrew, Winifred Jane, d. 10-6-1979, Age/Birth:1907
Philbrook, Ruby Alice, d. 30-8-1980, Age/Birth:1919
Philbrook, Sarah Kezia, d. 11-7-1971, Age/Birth:1882
Philbrook, Thomas, d. 11-4-1967, Age/Birth:1887
Phillips, Audrey M. E., d. 12-1-1998, Age/Birth: ?
Phillips, Colin Victor, d. 19-11-1966, Age/Birth:1912
Phillips, Noreen Annette, d. 4-1-1973, Age/Birth:1952
Phillips, Thomas Henry, d. 18-10-1986, Age/Birth:20-10-1897
Pickering, Arthur William, d. 26-3-1966, Age/Birth:1921
Pickering, Eliza, d. 15-10-1987, Age/Birth:21-10-1896
Pickering, Thomas Edward, d. 26-10-1975, Age/Birth:1895
Pickersgill, Joseph Adams, d. 9-4-1973, Age/Birth:1899
Pickersgill, Mary Emma, d. 18-9-1966, Age/Birth:1906
Pidd, Bertram, d. 10-12-1962, Age/Birth:1880
Pidd, Bertram, d. 12-2-1964, Age/Birth:1930
Pidd, Jane, d. 8-8-1965, Age/Birth:1890
Pierce, John Geddes, d. 27-7-1998, Age/Birth:89
Piez, Edith Jane, d. 26-4-1991, Age/Birth:18-5-1906
Piez, Norman Carl, d. 9-8-1974, Age/Birth:1905
Pike, Eva Elma, d. 17-4-1973, Age/Birth:1893
Pike, Frederick John, d. 12-11-1970, Age/Birth:1909
Pike, Geoffrey, d. 9-2-1977, Age/Birth:1927
Pike, Thomas Norman C, d. 20-4-1973, Age/Birth:1896
Pimm, Joseph, d. 28-12-1980, Age/Birth:1899
Platell, Gladys Maud, d. 11-7-1984, Age/Birth:10-2-1910
Platell, Thomas Gerald, d. 22-8-1965, Age/Birth:11-2-1904
Platonoff, Stanley, d. 11-2-1987, Age/Birth:29-10-1925
Platt , Shirley Violet, d. 26-7-1993, Age/Birth:15-8-1926
Plichta, Susan Tina, d. 5-9-1987, Age/Birth:6-11-1975
Plowman, Allan, d. 24-2-2000, Age/Birth:71
Plunkett, Jessie Makins, d. 28-5-1973, Age/Birth:1901
Plunkett, John Cowdroy, d. 13-12-1963, Age/Birth:1913
Plunkett, Lionel Hartshorn, d. 26-6-1973, Age/Birth:1907
Pocock, Ernest, d. 19-8-1973, Age/Birth:1890
Pocock, Ronald Harold, d. 19-12-1978, Age/Birth:15-12-1956
Pointon, Robert Frederick, d. 8-10-1986, Age/Birth:23-5-1921
Polgase, Ann, d. 21-6-1999, Age/Birth: ?
Polglase, Noel Ross, d. 11-8-1999, Age/Birth: ?
Politsch, Florence Lillian, d. 20-4-1973, Age/Birth:64
Pomeroy, Stanley David, d. 17-5-1984, Age/Birth:5-9-1905
Poole, Ellen Agnes, d. 22-6-1977, Age/Birth:1890
Poole, Joseph Bainger, d. 6-3-1995, Age/Birth:1903
Poole, Linda Besant, d. 6-8-1973, Age/Birth:1891
Poole, Mavis Eileen, d. 28-12-1977, Age/Birth:1904
Poor, Lester John, d. 1-2-1987, Age/Birth:31-3-1938
Poor, William, d. 20-8-1970, Age/Birth:1904
Pope, Robert Charles Henry, d. 22-10-1967, Age/Birth:1891
Porter, Ada Elizabeth, d. 27-7-1979, Age/Birth:1890
Porter, Andrew James, d. 24-10-1987, Age/Birth:23-3-1931
Potter, Ellen Sarah, d. 27-6-1985, Age/Birth:19-1-1900
Potter, Horace James, d. 29-6-1993, Age/Birth:6-7-1907
Potts, Esther, d. 13-10-1979, Age/Birth:1886
Potts, Grace Evelyn, d. 11-10-1997, b. 16-9-1912, wife of William Stanley Potts
Potts, Harriet Ann, d. 26-8-1967, Age/Birth:1876
Potts, Joseph Greenfield, d. 3-4-1963, Age/Birth: ?
Potts, William Broughan, d. 2-7-1964, Age/Birth:1873
Potts, William Stanley, d. 26-4-1970, Age/Birth:1908
Poulsen, Clarence Roy, d. 29-11-1964, Age/Birth:1909
Powell, Charles Beauchamp, d. 17-6-1982, Age/Birth:1903
Powell, Irene Mildred D, d. 3-6-1991, Age/Birth:25-11-1904
Powell, Josephine Beryl, d. 4-9-1968, Age/Birth:12-10-1941
Power, Harry, d. 17-8-1979, Age/Birth:24-4-1923
Power, Ivy Beryl, d. 17-8-1979, Age/Birth:5-5-1924
Power, John William Elson, d. 16-7-1978, Age/Birth:1912
Prentis, Clement Phillip, d. 18-9-1969, Age/Birth:1895
Prentis, Emily, d. 21-2-1968, Age/Birth:1898
Preston, Edith, d. 7-2-1977, Age/Birth:1894
Preston, Lyal Hilton, d. 23-8-1993, Age/Birth:1-2-1909
Preston, Thomas M.H.R., d. 18-11-1963, Age/Birth:1898
Pretlove, James Henry, d. 6-7-1974, Age/Birth:1901
Pretlove, Muriel Caroline, d. 12-7-1986, Age/Birth:19-6-1898
Price, Eileen, d. 29-3-1971, Age/Birth:27-4-1906
Price, George, d. 5-7-1976, Age/Birth:1900
Price, Myrtle Minnie, d. 28-3-1994, Age/Birth:15-2-1903
Price, Shaun Bernard, d. 2-7-1972, Age/Birth:1970
Price, Thomas Royston, d. 3-5-1978, Age/Birth:1914
Price, Wilfred George, d. 31-7-1981, Age/Birth:3-8-1904
Pridham, Beverley Ann, d. 1-12-1964, Age/Birth:28-12-1950
Pridham, Margaret Staward, d. 10-6-1993, Age/Birth:15-5-1924
Pridham, Maxwell, d. 27-5-1990, Age/Birth:7-12-1924
Priebe, Gladys McGregor, d. 18-6-1969, Age/Birth:1911
Pringle, James Lindsay, d. 1-1-1986, Age/Birth:6-12-1927
Pritchard, Dorothy, d. 17-10-1972, Age/Birth:1903
Pritchard, William Morgan, d. 4-12-1972, Age/Birth:1888
Prizeman, James Cyril, d. 28-1-1978, Age/Birth:1908
Prizeman, Maidy Georgina, d. 9-4-1960, Age/Birth:1917
Probert, Alec Alber, d. 2-2-1979, Age/Birth:1889
Probert, Allan Robert, d. 1-10-1968, Age/Birth:1920
Probert, Arnold Henry, d. 9-10-1991, Age/Birth:10-8-1918
Probert, Elizabeth Mary, d. 25-1-1981, Age/Birth:1893
Probert, Emily Esther Jane, d. 4-12-1971, Age/Birth:1916
Probert, Reuben John, d. 13-11-1971, Age/Birth:1909
Proctor, Leon, d. 3-10-1993, Age/Birth:27-2-1910
Prolongeau, Leslie Forbes, d. 22-3-1984, Age/Birth:7-7-1907
Pui, Sean, d. 26-6-1984, Age/Birth:26-6-1984
Punter, Stanley Richard S, d. 25-11-1968, Age/Birth:1899
Purdon, Charles Henry, d. 24-8-1968, Age/Birth:16-4-1881
Purdon, William Edward, d. 15-11-1971, Age/Birth:1920
Purssell, Kenneth Augustus, d. 23-11-1983, Age/Birth:8-9-1909
Purt, Debbie, d. 31-1-1961, Age/Birth:Oct 1959
Pusterla, Catherine Elizabeth, d. 9-7-1976, Age/Birth:13-2-1904
Pusterla, Henry Marcus, d. 10-9-1981, Age/Birth:2-7-1901
Pusztay, Sandor, d. 2-2-1973, Age/Birth:26-9-1903
Pyle, Clara, d. 12-11-1961, Age/Birth:1873

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