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Wondai Cemetery
Wondai Shire, Queensland, Australia

Wondai is about 110 km from Gympie, and 13km from Murgon. The cemetery is on the highway just north of town.

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Dec 05, 2007. Total records = 76.

Contributor's Index:

Argent, Agnes, no dates, [JN]
Argent, Clarence Gomer, d. 24/08/72, age: 77yr, [JN]
Argent, Edith Mabel, d. 7/05/1984, age: 90yr, [JN]
Argent, Joseph McKenzie, no dates, [JN]
Argent, Joseph, no dates, [JN]
Argent, Maud Isobel Reece, no dates, [JN]
Argent, Milton Cranville, no dates, [JN]
Argent, Theodore William, no dates, [JN]
Baker, Audrey M, d. 1932, b. 1923, [JB]
Bosel, S. B., d. 9-5-1992, age: 67yr, 16wk, [JB]
Brazier, Anna, b. 1907, d. 1999, [JN]
Brazier, Chales Wentworth, b. 1907, d. 1997, h/o Anna Bravier, [JN]
Brazier, Charles, d. 9/04/1945, age: 84yr, [JN]
Brazier, Jane, d. 7/08/1949, age: 82, [JN]
Brazier, Joseph Martin, b. 16/07/1910, d. 01/08/1934, age: 24yr, [JN]
Brazier, Noel Frederick, d. 02/02/1991, age: 55yr, [JN]
Coe, Ellen Doris, d. 01 /06/1967, age: 73yr, [JN]
Coe, John, d. 26/11/1953, age: 69yr, [JN]
Comerford, Cpl M.H., d. 3-10-1936, age: 55yr, [JB]
Davis, William Richard Fredrick, d. 10 Mar 1945, Baptist Sec, [SM]
Duff, Gordon Wilson, b. 28/12/1931, d. 04/06/1993, m. 14/08/1954, Loving Parents of David, Colleen, Moya, Brett, Donna", h/o Roma Dorothy Duff, [JN]
Duff, Roma Dorothy, b. 05/06/1930, d. 21/12/1992, nee Brazier, w/o Gordon Wilson Duff, [JN]
Foote, Walter Evard Hale, b. 17/09/1901, d. 7/09/1968, [JN]
Forsyth, Tom, d. 02/05/1924, age: 21, s/o Tom and Elizabeth Forsyth, [JN]
Green, Sara Elizabeth, d. 10-3-1945, age: 70yr, [JB]
Green, Thomas Ernest, d. 11-1-1952, age: 88yr, [JB]
Hatchman, Alfred, b. 06/03/1877, Nanango, d. 05/05/1969, age: 92yr, "Love parents of Bert, Rueben, Coral, Ivan, Dell, Fred, Glen, Leslie, Ivy, Roy, John", h/o Olga Emma Hatchman, [JN]
Hatchman, Annie Marie, d. 5/02/1914, age: 54yr, w/o Robert Hatchman, [JN]
Hatchman, Herbert Charles, d. 27/05/1954, age: 67yr, [JN]
Hatchman, Lily, b. 1898, d. 1992, [JN]
Hatchman, Olga Emma, b. 15/08/1908, Laidley, d. 09/02/1988, age: 79yr, w/o Herbert Charles, [JN]
Hobbs, Doris May, b. 1906, d. 1998, age: 91yr, [JN]
Hobbs, Eleanor, d. 22/07/1947, age: 63yr, m/o Jack Edward Hobbs, [JN]
Hobbs, George Robert, d. 15/10/1962, age: 40, [JN]
Hobbs, Jack Edward, b. 2/10/1922, d. 25/10/1922, [JN]
Hobbs, May, d. 24/05/1998, age: 94yr, [JN]
Hobbs, O S, d. 14/10/1970, age: 76yr, Pte. 41 Batt., [JN]
Hobbs, Robert Caleb, d. 7/12/1964, age: 81yr, [JN]
Hobbs, Tom, d. 12/11/1953, age: 82yr, [JN]
Hunt, Charlotte Emma, d. 1921, b. 1863, [JB]
Hunt, George, d. 1934, b. 1857, [JB]
Hurley, Warren Glen, b. 26-08-1959, d. 31-08-1959, [JB]
Jesburg, Christian, d. 09/06/1920, age: 63yr, Luth Sec., [JN]
Jesburg, Mary, d. 08/07/1915, age: 47yr, [JN]
Knipe, Robert Francis, b. 04/05/1948, d. 04/02/1996, photo on grave, [JN]
Kruger, Anne Louise, d. 23-4-1968, b. 23-4-1968, [JB]
Lakin, Dorothy M, d. 1934, b. 1924, [JB]
Levick, Terence Dallis, d. 16-2-1998, [JB]
Magnussen, Andrew, d. 1964, age: 68yr, [JN]
Magnussen, Annie, d. 25/10/1962, age: 79yr, [JN]
Magnussen, Bernard Andrew, d. 19/6/1990, age: 68yr, [JN]
Magnussen, Desmond Charles, b. 1923, d. 1983, [JN]
Magnussen, Martha, d. 1968, age: 72yr, [JN]
Magnussen, Stanley S, d. 13/12/1923, age: 5yr, [JN]
McKay, Louisa J, d. 1919, b. 1876, [JB]
McKay, Robert, d. 1946, b. 1872, [JB]
McKenzie, Mary Frances Brown, d. 30/06/1962, age: 66yr, [JN]
McKenzie, Murray Edward, d. 18/12/1967, age: 66yr, [JN]
Nielsen, Louise, d. 20-9-1941, age: 74yr, [JB]
Nielsen, Soren, d. 26-8-1932, age: 79yr, [JB]
Perkins, Dorothy Millicent, d. 28-10-1999, age: 92yr, [JB]
Power, E A, d. 07/09/1920, age: 54yr, erected by his loving wife, [JN]
Rossow, George William, b. 08/03/1917, d. 26/11/1997, [JN]
Schmidt, Dorothy A, d. 7-8-1968, age: 27yr, [JB]
Schmidt, Jessie Isabelle, d. 17-1-1973, age: 57yr, [JB]
Schultz, Dennis Erwin, d. 17-5-1993, age: 72yr, [JB]
Swan, Ann, b. 16/09/1845, E. Kilbride SCT., d. 07/02/1925, Wondai, [JN]
Swan, Anna H, d. 08/07/1981, age: 91yr 11mth, w/o Robert Swan, [JN]
Swan, James, b. 17/12/1842, Dumfermline SCT., d. 07/10/1933, Wondai, [JN]
Swan, Margaret, b. 06/02/1935, Rutherglen VIC., d. 18/02/1935, Brisbane, [JN]
Swan, Robert, d. 14/01/1948, age: 67yr, h/o Anna H Swan, [JN]
Swan, Thomas, d. 09/02/1948, reunited with Mum, Eliza Watson Davidson Swan, interred Tallangatta Vic. 09/02/1927, [JN]
Walsh, James, d. 21-6-1943, age: 76yr, [JB]
Wenzel, Harold, d. 28-12-1965, age: 52yr, [JB]
Westbrook, Lydia, d. 14 Aug 1950, bur. Anglican Sec Gr 242, [SM]
Woodward, F E, b. 1893, d. 1979, age: 86yr, [JN]

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