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Jamestown Cemetery
Jamestown, Northern Areas, South Australia

Contributed by Leonard "Spike" Jones, Mar 10, 2001 [ekips@ozemail.com.au].

Dates are listed as: day/month/year

LAING, Margaret Gwen, age 57, bur. 29/04/1996, Plot: B43
LAKE, George Rogers, age 5wks, bur. 08/03/1884, Plot: BU20, inf. o. George Hingston and Marion.
LAKE, Marion Cecile, age 13y6mo, bur. 09/05/1894, Plot: BU20
LAKE, Ruby Clarice, age 30mins, bur. 17/08/1879, Plot: BU20, inf. o. George Hingston and Marion.
LAMB, Percival Edward, age 1, bur. 01/09/1878, Plot: BM16
LAMBERT, Albert, age 52, bur. 12/06/1944, Plot: HI9, h.o. Catherine Jane, f.o. Kathleen and Gwendoline.
LAMBERT, Catherine Jane, age 80, bur. 27/07/1973, Plot: HI8, w.o. Albert, m.o. Kathleen and Gwendoline.
LAMBERT, Inf, age Stlbn, bur. 03/05/1948, Plot: BE25
LAMBERT, Mary, age 48, bur. 08/08/1914, Plot: DP15
LANE, William, age 72, bur. 13/05/1885, Plot: BP10
LANG, Catherine Blain, age 52, bur. 04/04/1935, Plot: AI9, d.o. R.& M. Bailey.
LANG, Hubert William, age 60, bur. 19/09/1945, Plot: AI10, h.o. Catherine
LANGLEY, Richard John, age 75, bur. 17/09/1984, Plot: DF4, h.o. Stella, p.o. Olive and Keith.
LANGLEY, Stella, age 76, bur. 30/04/1986, Plot: DF3, w.o. Jack, p.o. Olive and Keith.
LARCOMBE, Lancelot Hallet, age 57, bur. 13/08/1998, Plot: C59, h.o. Alice, f.o. Lance and Garry.
LASON, Frederick, age 22, bur. 19/12/1890, Plot: BS20
LAUBE, Albert, age 5, bur. 12/01/1887, Plot: BQ17
LAUBSCH, ??, bur. 03/01/1913, Plot: DO18, Linda Austina. A.4yrs.
LAULIE, Frederick William, age 25, bur. 06/05/1876, Plot: CM8, LAUBE (SADR)
LAVIS, Abert Levi, age 9, bur. 26/01/1880, Plot: GI2
LAWCETT, ??, age 39, bur. 24/01/1918, Plot: FD16
LAWRIE, Andrew, age 69, bur. 20/02/1926, Plot: BI9
LAWRIE, Anna Maria Wilhelmina, bur. 23/05/1955, Plot: BI10
LAWRIE, Arthur, age 86, bur. 04/12/1986, Plot: EH24, h.o. Aldyth Jane, f.o. Glen, Thora and Audrey.
LAWRIE, Glen Alfred, age 64, bur. 29/12/1994, Plot: EL16, Crushed by field bin., h.o. Neata, Accidentally killed.
LAWRIE, Hilda Henrietta, age 82, bur. 10/12/1975, Plot: EB4, w.o. Kenneth Lee, p.o. Robert, Joan and Nancy.
LAWRIE, James, age 61, bur. 12/04/1916, Plot: AJ5, Date??
LAWRIE, Kenneth Lee, age 75, bur. 16/11/1966, Plot: EB3, h.o. Hilda. p.o. Robert, Joan and Nancy.
LAWRIE, Mary, age 63, bur. 29/11/1923, Plot: AJ6
LAWRIE, Michael, age 82, bur. 13/05/1912, Plot: GA1
LAWRY, John Wesley, age 60, bur. 13/05/1936, Plot: DK14
LAWSON, George, age 59, bur. 19/12/1909, Plot: GB10
LAWSON, Ivor James, age 66, bur. 09/12/1992, Plot: EK27, h.o. Loreena, (Betty), f.o. Ross and Shirley.
LEAHY, John, age 5min, bur. 17/11/1933, Plot: FD15, Inf. s.o. M.& J. Leahy.
LEAHY, Paul Anthony, age 5dys, bur. 29/03/1966, Plot: FD15, Inf. s.o. Peter and Rosemary.
LEANEY, Ellen Florence, age 15, bur. 11/01/1916, Plot: DM21
LEDGER, Ian Cyrile Harrold, age 1, bur. 15/01/1883, Plot: CP14
LEE, Peter, age 35, bur. 15/11/1898, Plot: EI20
LEEDHAM, Robert, age 5mo, bur. 08/02/1937, Plot: DI22
LEESAN, Florence Ethel, age 19, bur. 23/10/1913, Plot: AL18
LEGGOE, John, age 57, bur. 18/10/1899, Plot: CT14, h.o. Bessie. A Wesleyan minister for 31 yrs.
LEIBICH, Anna Elizabeth, age 68, bur. 07/10/1943, Plot: BE22
LEITCH, Andrew Johannes, age 20, bur. 16/12/1983, Plot: DF8, M.V.A., s.o. Peter and Aline. b.o. Anthea.
LEITCH, John Andrew, age 89, bur. 10/02/1996, Plot: EG13, p.o. Kathleen, Peter(Dec), Lorna and Rhonda.
LEITCH, Mary Ann, age 74, bur. 16/10/1937, Plot: HG11, H/Stn unreadable.
LEITCH, Ollingsworth Muriel, age 74, bur. 01/02/1988, Plot: EG14, w.o. John, p.o. Kathleen, Peter(Dec), Lorna and Rhonda.
LEITCH, Peter Julian Alfred, age 54, bur. 30/04/1991, Plot: EJ12, h.o. Aline Vera, f.o. Anthea and Andrew(Dec)
LEITCH, Peter, age 71, bur. 11/11/1938, Plot: HG12, H/Stn unreadable.
LESLIE, Ann, age 73, bur. 22/03/1897, Plot: BP20
LESLIE, John, age 83, bur. 06/05/1907, Plot: BP20
LETHBRIDGE, Annie Rose, age 60, bur. 21/02/1930, Plot: DL23
LEWIS, Charles Henry, age 82, bur. 08/10/1964, Plot: AU9, h.o. Ethel. f.o. Gordon and Norma.
LEWIS, Edna Avis, age 8y6mo, bur. 07/03/1922, Plot: AU10, G.d.o. S.&H.
LEWIS, Ethel May, age 70, bur. 09/10/1959, Plot: AU10, m.o. Ethel. f.o. Gordon and Norma.
LEWIS, George Edwards, age 26, bur. 09/03/1877, Plot: CM13, h.o. Anna Maria Ottillia.
LEWIS, Harriett, age 57, bur. 16/03/1903, Plot: AU9
LEWIS, Mavis, age 15mo, bur. 30/06/1912, Plot: CM14, Check date hdstn AU10, d.o. S.&H.
LEWIS, Stephen, bur. 03/01/1907, Plot: AU10, Date 20/03 hdstn. & SADR A. 66yrs., h.o. Harriett.
LEWIS, William John, age 3mo, bur. 15/12/1888, Plot: BR6, Date? hdstn
LIDDLE, Mary Theresa, age 25, bur. 09/08/1947, Plot: FG5, Accidentally killed.
LIEBICH, Dora Beatrice, age 82, bur. 13/12/1982, Plot: BE23
LIEBICH, Evan Gustaf, age 54, bur. 26/01/1960, Plot: GZ5
LIEBICH, Frederick Albert, age 79, bur. 24/01/1954, Plot: BE21
LIEBICH, Johanna, age 90, bur. 10/03/1995, Plot: GZ4
LINDO, Jane, age 80, bur. 11/08/1895, Plot: CR19, w.o. Robert. m.o. Wilson (Jack)
LINDO, Robert C., age 92, bur. 03/06/1904, Plot: CR20, b. 25/12/1812.
LINDO, Wilson (Jack), age 63, bur. 28/01/1905, Plot: CR19, b. 26/02/1842 s.o. Robert and Jane.
LINDSAY, David, age 22, bur. 15/03/1892, Plot: DF22
LISTER, Jessie, age 74, bur. 10/11/1968, Plot: DS6, w.o John Charles.
LISTER, John Charles, age 84, bur. 08/01/1973, Plot: DS7, h.o. Jessie
LITTLE, James, age 35, bur. 14/02/1888, Plot: BP19
LLOYD, Abert Joseph, age 77, bur. 19/05/1985, Plot: DE8, h.o. Elizabeth, p.o. Bronte, G.f.o. Gary, Debra and Darren.
LLOYD, Bronte Donald, age 56, bur. 09/03/1992, Plot: EK2, h.o. Valda janice, f.o. Gary, Debra and Darren.
LLOYD, Clarence Frederick, age 85, bur. 07/05/1991, Plot: EJ16, h.o. Jean f.o. Janice and Darrell.
LLOYD, Elizabeth Hannah, age 83, bur. 23/09/1994, Plot: DE7, w.o. Joe. p.o. Bronte, G.m.o. Gary, Debra and Darren.
LLOYD, Elizabeth, age 48, bur. 18/03/1889, Plot: CQ20, w.o. Joseph.
LLOYD, Eva May, age 76, bur. 12/03/1972, Plot: AZ17
LLOYD, Frederick Samuel, age 70, bur. 25/05/1938, Plot: DJ13, h.o. Maria Magdalene. p.o. Roy, Les Clarence and Joseph.
LLOYD, Gordon Roy, age 22y11mo, bur. 17/11/1955, Plot: AZ17, h.o. Jean. f.o. Wayne. b.o. Lindsay.
LLOYD, Joseph, age 56, bur. 08/04/1899, Plot: CQ19, Date ??, h.o. Elizabeth.
LLOYD, Lindsay Murray, age 48, bur. 07/06/1977, Plot: AZ18
LLOYD, Maria Magdalene, age 75, bur. 11/01/1946, Plot: DJ14, w.o. frederick Samuel .p.o. Roy, Les, Clarence and Joseph.
LLOYD, Mary Ann, age 40, bur. 23/02/1899, Plot: AS3
LLOYD, Roy Samuel, age 49, bur. 11/06/1949, Plot: AZ18
LOCK, Inf, age Prem, bur. 13/04/1931, Plot: DK21
LOGAN, Charles, age 75, bur. 12/02/1899, Plot: CF6
LONGBOTTOM, Elizabeth Jane, age 95, bur. 23/09/1966, Plot: DR17, p.o. Doris, Reg, Arthur, Sylvia and Evelyn.
LONGBOTTOM, Ernest, bur. 26/03/1874, Plot: 0, A. 10wks.
LONGBOTTOM, Florence May, age 1, bur. 05/08/1899, Plot: CT7
LONGBOTTOM, George, age 53, bur. 13/01/1925, Plot: DR17, p.o. Doris, Reg, Arthur, Sylvia and Evelyn.
LONGBOTTOM, Hedley George, age 11mo, bur. 15/09/1900, Plot: CT7
LONGBOTTOM, Marey, age 78, bur. 14/01/1912, Plot: DQ16, w.o. David buried at Auburn.
LONGBOTTOM, Walter, age 38, bur. 25/01/1903, Plot: AQ12
LONGMIRE, George, age 16, bur. 03/06/1894, Plot: BR9, s.o. W.&M.
LONGMIRE, Inf*, age 1dy, bur. 07/03/1889, Plot: BR9, Henry
LORYMER, Eliza, age 79, bur. 23/08/1921, Plot: HB17
LOVEGROVE, Clarice Doreen, age 91, bur. 02/12/1998, Plot: DE2
LOVEGROVE, Herbert John Vicary, age 88, bur. 21/08/1993, Plot: DE2, h.o. Clarice Doreen, p.o. John, Betty and Pam.
LOWER, Maxine, age 3, bur. 21/11/1952, Plot: BZ30
LOWRY, John, age 78, bur. 30/09/2000, Plot: GB8
LYNCH, Austin, age 65, bur. 11/06/1881, Plot: CO18
LYNCH, Ellen, age 77, bur. 16/08/1929, Plot: FC23, w.o. Peter.
LYNCH, Henry, age 65, bur. 27/04/1899, Plot: EI21
LYNCH, Peter, age 70, bur. 08/08/1915, Plot: FC24, Age 66 hdstn
LYNCH, Sarah Ann, age 1, bur. 05/04/1882, Plot: GI27
MABBICH, Albert, age 50, bur. 09/01/1900, Plot: AT6
MADDEN, Margaret, age 49, bur. 16/01/1904, Plot: GE29, Age 55 hdstn, w.o. Michael.
MADDEN, Michael, age 56, bur. 21/07/1915, Plot: GE29, h.o. Margaret.
MADDICK, Ellen Clarice, age 1, Plot: 0, Helen Clerissa in Birth Records. b. 08/03/1882
MAGILTICUDDY, John, age 56, bur. 17/11/1908, Plot: GC1
MAHONEY, Ellen P., age 25, bur. 05/07/1888, Plot: GD2, Ellen Pillilina
MAHONY, Esther Elizabeth, age 67, bur. 03/11/1974, Plot: EZ5, w.o. John.
MAHONY, Jeremiah, age 90, bur. 19/12/1943, Plot: FG9, h.o. Margaret.
MAHONY, John Daniel, age 85, bur. 07/01/1983, Plot: EZ6, h.o. Esther Elizabeth
MAHONY, Margaret, age 77, bur. 16/10/1945, Plot: FG8, w.o. Jeremiah.
MAITLAND, Alexander, age 40, bur. 06/12/1881, Plot: FD3
MAITLAND, Cecilia Elizabeth, age 4, bur. 07/11/1887, Plot: FC5, d.o. W.&L.
MAITLAND, James Carthart Woodwood, age 2, bur. 05/01/1880, Plot: FD4, J.C. Woodford. S.A.B.R., s.o. A.&M.
MAITLAND, Joseph Alexander, age 6mo, bur. 13/08/1874, Plot: FD2, s.o. A.&M.
MAITLAND, William Thomas, age 15mo, bur. 24/12/1879, Plot: FD3, Age given as 15yrs burial register 15mo. headstone, s.o. A.&M.
MAITLAND, William, age 49, bur. 08/06/1897, Plot: FC6, Age??, h.o. Elizabeth.
MALEY, Thomas, age 88, bur. 27/09/1958, Plot: GA7
MALONE, Catherine Bridget, age 82, bur. 22/06/1992, Plot: EG11, w.o. Thomas Leo, p.o. Maureen, Patricia, John, Theresa, Mary, Vincent, Ann and Gerardine.
MALONE, Ellen, age 3mo, bur. 01/10/1890, Plot: GG6
MALONE, John Joseph, age 8mo, bur. 23/01/1902, Plot: GG6
MALONE, Michael, age 90, bur. 10/06/1949, Plot: HD17, h.o. Rose.
MALONE, Rose, age 64, bur. 05/06/1933, Plot: HD18, w.o. Michael.
MALONE, Thomas Leo, age 83, bur. 26/05/1985, Plot: EG12, h.o. Catherine Bridget, p.o. Maureen, Patricia, John, Theresa, Mary, Vincent, Ann and Gerardine.
MALONEY, Helen, age 16, bur. 06/10/1886, Plot: GH11, MALONY ?
MALONEY, Lawrence, age 43, bur. 17/04/1920, Plot: GH10
MALONEY, Lawrence, age 72, bur. 23/08/1899, Plot: GH10, MALONY ? Age ? hdstn
MALONEY, Mary, age 87, bur. 13/10/1924, Plot: GH11
MALONEY, Thomas Aloysius, age 31, bur. 01/02/1900, Plot: GH11, MALONY hdstn
MALTHOUSE, John, age 69, bur. 23/08/1915, Plot: DN20
MALYCHA, Frances Casper, age 42, bur. 23/03/1924, Plot: HD3
MALYCHA, Frank, age 18, bur. 01/01/1906, Plot: GC5
MANGAN, John, age 1day, bur. 30/04/1876, Plot: CM10
MANIFOLD, Henry, age 56, bur. 11/01/1909, Plot: DT20
MANIFOLD, W., age Stlbn, bur. 11/09/1886, Plot: BQ12
MANNION, Joseph Patrick, age 84, bur. 12/04/1946, Plot: FH1
MANNION, Martin Vincent, age 73, bur. 28/09/1965, Plot: EZ28
MANUEL, Constantine, age 6days, bur. 19/01/1888, Plot: BQ23
MARA, Ellen, age 6mo, bur. 24/12/1896, Plot: CR2, Ellen Margery
MARA, Henry Robert, age 6mo, bur. 09/02/1875, Plot: 0
MARA, Joseph, age 58, bur. 05/12/1911, Plot: DR20
MARONEY, ??, age 2, bur. 07/05/1876, Plot: GG32, Possibly Honorah d.o. Peter MARONY and Mary HAREEN
MARONEY, Margaret, bur. 21/05/1878, Plot: GI32, A.60yrs.
MARONEY, Peter, age 1dy, bur. 07/07/1883, Plot: GI31
MAROONEY, A., age 74, bur. 02/01/1914, Plot: BI5, Probably John Moroney. Of Yongala. d.06/02/1914.
MARRON, ??, bur. 03/09/1909, Plot: GC7, Nicholas. D.08/03/1909. A.25yrs.
MARSH, Freda Dorothy, bur. 21/06/1990, Plot: A8
MARSH, John, bur. 05/06/1994, Plot: A9
MARSH, John, age 49, bur. 18/12/1875, Plot: 0
MARSHALL, Joseph, age 3wks, bur. 14/02/1878, Plot: BN26
MARTIN, Catherine Aloysius, age 80, bur. 23/06/1953, Plot: FE7, w.o. Walter Matthew.
MARTIN, Cornelius Mitchell, age 87, bur. 16/05/1960, Plot: BC10, f.o. Sam.
MARTIN, Daphne Jean, age 4, bur. 23/10/1922, Plot: BG31, Hdstn age 3, g.d.o. J.HOWLETT.
MARTIN, Ellen Josephine Elena, age 79, bur. 15/08/1949, Plot: FH4
MARTIN, Evelyn Mabel, age 69, bur. 15/11/1980, Plot: DP12, w.o Thomas Benjamin, p.o. Jim, Geoff, Fay, Betty Joy and Joan.
MARTIN, Hilda, age 87, bur. 05/10/1988, Plot: AG16, w.o. Saml. Richard.
MARTIN, Imelda Katherine, age 74, bur. 23/11/1983, Plot: EG24, w.o. Walter, m.o. Peter and Mary.
MARTIN, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 18/05/1945, Plot: FE8
MARTIN, John, age 61, bur. 01/02/1916, Plot: GE26
MARTIN, Mary Elizabeth, age 86, bur. 12/05/1961, Plot: BC9, d.o. N.&M.
MARTIN, Mary, age 104, bur. 22/08/1948, Plot: AG15
MARTIN, Nicholas Mitchell, age 95, bur. 12/01/1922, Plot: AG16
MARTIN, Samuel Richard, age 89, bur. 19/03/1967, Plot: AG15, h.o. Hilda.
MARTIN, Thomas Benjamin, age 73, bur. 28/04/1973, Plot: DP12, h.o. Evelyn Mabel, p.o. Jim, Geoff, Fay, Betty Joy and Joan.
MARTIN, Walter Mary, age 88, bur. 01/03/1996, Plot: EG23, Sgt. 4-9108. h.o. Imelda, f.o. Peter and Mary.
MARTIN, Walter Mathew, age 65, bur. 12/09/1933, Plot: FE8, h.o. Catherine.
MARTLOW, Harriet, age 17mo, bur. 31/05/1878, Plot: BP30
MASLIN, Rosa Rita, age 8mo, bur. 25/04/1899, Plot: CT5, Rosie Rita, Youngest d.o. J.F. & C.
MASSEY, Emily, age 76, bur. 23/08/1951, Plot: BI16
MASSEY, Francis Joseph, age 76, bur. 15/10/1950, Plot: FH15
MASTERS, Alma Anna Margaret, age 67, bur. 04/10/1979, Plot: DM2, w.o. Clarence Arthur.
MASTERS, Clarence Arthur (Bill), age 67, bur. 24/02/1977, Plot: DM3, h.o. Alma Anna Margaret
MASTERS, Thomas Frank, age 53, bur. 08/11/1994, Plot: B34, h.o. Rita
MATES, ??, bur. 14/04/1909, Plot: 0, Rowland Henry, d.13/04/1909. A.5mo.
MATES, Clarissa Ida R., age 27, bur. 25/10/1894, Plot: BT3
MATES, Darrell, age 1mo, bur. 17/07/1941, Plot: BT19
MATES, Dorothea May Della, age 15, bur. 25/06/1913, Plot: DP20
MATES, Ethel May, age 96, bur. 26/08/1998, Plot: ED12
MATES, James, age 16, bur. 19/01/1875, Plot: CM17, s.o. James and Elizabeth
MATES, James, age 47, bur. 19/05/1882, Plot: CP5, h.o. Elizabeth., Hdstn on CN17 with wife and son.
MATES, John, age 58, bur. 11/10/1921, Plot: CN17
MATES, John, age 88, bur. 25/12/1951, Plot: DP20
MATES, Martha, age 82, bur. 14/11/1951, Plot: DP19
MATES, Mary Ann, age 76, bur. 10/04/1937, Plot: DJ17
MATES, Randolph Frederick Claude, age 75, bur. 03/01/1971, Plot: ED11, h.o. Ethel May. f.o. Hedley and Ena.
MATES, Richard William, age 83, bur. 15/04/1943, Plot: DJ18
MATES, Richard, age 69, bur. 08/02/1939, Plot: CN18
MATES, Samuel, age 66, bur. 10/12/1923, Plot: CM18
MATES, Sarah Jane, age 75, bur. 17/06/1946, Plot: CM17
MATES, William, age 77, bur. 15/11/1898, Plot: CS11
MATHER, Barbara Lorraine Mary, age 62, bur. 10/02/1991, Plot: DD6, w.o. George, p.o. Stephanie, Jan and Maria.
MATHER, George Edward, age 54, bur. 16/07/1974, Plot: DD7, h.o. Barbara, p.o. Stephanie, Jan and Maria.
MATHER, Richard Ryce, age 75, bur. 19/10/1963, Plot: FZ3
MATHER, Richard, age 44, bur. 09/04/1963, Plot: FZ2, s.o. Richard abd Susan. b.o. Jim, Barb, Mary, and Sue.
MATHER, Susan, age 67, bur. 14/08/1963, Plot: FZ4
MATHEWS, Francis, age 63, bur. 19/11/1898, Plot: AU4
MATHEWS, William, age 67, bur. 29/09/1940, Plot: CF12
MATHIS, Augusta Marie, age 77, bur. 08/07/1932, Plot: CH13, w.o. Jacob.
MATTHEWS, Johanna, age 75, bur. 20/05/1907, Plot: AU5
MATTHEWS, Selina May, age 76, bur. 11/06/2000, Plot: EN3
MATTNER, Anna Sophie, age 88, bur. 06/08/1977, Plot: DT7, (nee KOCH)
MATTNER, Augusta Maria Laubsch, age 58, bur. 17/09/1918, Plot: AH10
MATTNER, Freidrich Wilhelm, age 79, bur. 15/05/1967, Plot: EB2, h.o Louise Amanda. p.o. Colin, Nita and Stanley.
MATTNER, Gottlieb Ernest, age 77, bur. 19/03/1968, Plot: DT6, h.o. Sophia. f.o. Vic and Doris.
MATTNER, Johann Hermann, age 79, bur. 16/03/1933, Plot: AH9
MATTNER, Louise Amanda, age 84, bur. 15/02/1975, Plot: EB1, w.o. Friedrich Wilhelm. p.o. Colin, Nita and Stanley.
MATTNER, Stanley Herman, age 63, bur. 14/05/1984, Plot: DF5, Late R.A.A.F. h.o. Valma Lois, f.o. Kaye and June.
MATTNER, Truegott Ferdinand, age 45, bur. 18/11/1945, Plot: AH11
MAUDAUNT, Esme June, age 56, bur. 25/02/1999, Plot: EM10
MAYNARD, Kevin, age 1y6mo, bur. 28/11/1926, Plot: BH4, Hdstn on BI 5&6, s.o. A.J. & K.I.
MAYWALD, Barbara May, age 73, bur. 18/10/1995, Plot: FZ4, w.o. Tiny, m.o. Trevor.
MAYWALD, Edith, age 1, bur. 07/12/1874, Plot: BM19
MAYWALD, John T., age 45, bur. 05/01/1888, Plot: BN21
MAYWALD, Peter H., age 8wks, bur. 15/02/1888, Plot: BN22, Peter Henry
MAYWALD, Peter Henry, age 1, bur. 18/01/1878, Plot: BN22
MCADAM, Emily, age 24, bur. 05/08/1900, Plot: EI23
MCANANEY, Marie, age 56, bur. 16/09/1877, Plot: GF28
MCASKILL, Angus, age 77, bur. 07/06/1958, Plot: AZ15, h.o. Gladys. f.o. Mary and Colin(dec).
MCASKILL, Annie, age 72, bur. 21/02/1917, Plot: AI18
MCASKILL, Donald, age 66, bur. 29/11/1925, Plot: BH10
MCASKILL, Donald, age 88, bur. 20/11/1937, Plot: AF13, h.o. Margaret
MCASKILL, Gladys Helen, age 89, bur. 09/01/1981, Plot: AZ16
MCASKILL, Margaret, age 83, bur. 12/08/1932, Plot: AF14, w.o. Donald.
MCASKILL, Neil, age 73, bur. 29/12/1928, Plot: AQ7
MCASKILL, Norman, age 54, bur. 25/12/1902, Plot: AQ7
MCASKILL, Stanley, age 65, bur. 24/05/1944, Plot: AE13, s.o. D & M.
MCAVANEY, Annie Jane, age 64, bur. 14/02/1919, Plot: HA3
MCAVANEY, Donald A.J., age 14, bur. 28/12/1917, Plot: FD17, Donald Angas James
MCCABE, Catherine, age 68, bur. 08/01/1920, Plot: HA16, w.o. Michael.
MCCALL, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 14/05/1963, Plot: CC18
MCCALLUM, Jemima Ellen, age 87, bur. 09/02/1957, Plot: CJ23, p.o. Florence and Elizabeth.
MCCALLUM, Matthew, age 91, bur. 15/07/1961, Plot: CJ24, p.o. Florence and Elizabeth.
MCCANN, ??, bur. 24/01/1910, Plot: GE27
MCCANN, Bridget, age 69, bur. 06/10/1903, Plot: GE26
MCCANN, Jane Teresa, age 72, bur. 12/09/1968, Plot: EZ20, w.o. Charles Michael .m.o. John and Mary.
MCCANN, John, age Stlbn, bur. 24/08/1884, Plot: GG22
MCCANN, Robert, age 68, bur. 20/05/1889, Plot: BP23
MCCARTHY, Bridget, age 79, bur. 24/07/1929, Plot: HB7, w.o. Patrick.
MCCARTHY, Catherine, age 41, bur. 27/04/1928, Plot: HA14, w.o. Peter.
MCCARTHY, Martin Joseph, age 29, bur. 06/11/1921, Plot: HB8, Drowned in Hill River.
MCCARTHY, Mary, age 44, bur. 12/08/1920, Plot: HB6, Date hdstn 1921 ?, d.o. Patrick and Bridget.
MCCARTHY, Mary, age 51, bur. 19/02/1934, Plot: HC10, w.o. Patrick Joseph.
MCCARTHY, Michael Joseph, age 50, bur. 17/07/1967, Plot: EZ22, h.o. Roma. f.o. Anne, Mary, Margaret, John and Michael.
MCCARTHY, Patrick Joseph, age 83, bur. 07/11/1966, Plot: HC9, h.o. Mary.
MCCARTHY, Patrick, age 77, bur. 30/06/1922, Plot: HB7, h.o. Bridget.
MCCARTHY, Peter, age 69, bur. 24/09/1944, Plot: HA13
MCCOLIVE, Catherine, age 75, bur. 20/10/1941, Plot: FE4
MCCOLIVE, Patrick, age 80, bur. 09/01/1944, Plot: FE4, h.o. Catherine.
MCCORMACK, John, age 78, bur. 30/07/1921, Plot: HB13, h.o. E.D.
MCDERMOTT, John, age 59, bur. 10/05/1919, Plot: AG3
MCDONALD, Allan, age 46, bur. 30/10/1895, Plot: CQ10
MCDONALD, Angus, age 77, bur. 04/09/1891, Plot: BS24
MCDONALD, Annie Elizabeth, age 77, bur. 05/06/1966, Plot: BF22, w.o. Kenneth Osbourne.
MCDONALD, Christina, age 70, bur. 25/10/1899, Plot: BS23
MCDONALD, Donald, age 87, bur. 26/03/1908, Plot: CQ10, Plaque on CQ13
MCDONALD, Duncan, age 51, bur. 24/04/1874, Plot: BM12
MCDONALD, Elizabeth, age 88, bur. 08/09/1918, Plot: CQ11, Plaque placed on CQ13
MCDONALD, Hannah, age 63, bur. 04/11/1953, Plot: AF12, Also stone to Inf.s.o. Elsie and Gordon SIVIOUR. 15/06/1907., p.o. Liz, Elsie and Melva
MCDONALD, John Francis, age 20, bur. 23/02/1965, Plot: GD3, Accidentally Killed. s.o. Harold and Anne. b.o. Brian, Carmel, Gerard and Paul.
MCDONALD, John Oswald (Jack), age 33, bur. 23/03/1946, Plot: BF22, s.o. Kenneth and Annie.
MCDONALD, John, age 75, bur. 16/03/1937, Plot: AF11, Also stone to Inf.s.o. Elsie and Gordon SIVIOUR. 15/06/1907., p.o. Liz, Elsie and Melva
MCDONALD, Kenneth Osborne, age 70, bur. 14/11/1943, Plot: BF21
MCDONALD, Margaret, age 39, bur. 10/12/1902, Plot: CQ10
MCDONALD, Mary, age 73, bur. 19/06/1891, Plot: BS22
MCDONALD, Walter, age 53, bur. 28/02/1901, Plot: CE6
MCDOUGALL, Dorothy, age 5mo, bur. 01/03/1903, Plot: AR6
MCDOUGALL, Ellen Margaret, age 79, bur. 28/04/1983, Plot: DH14
MCDOUGALL, Keith Alexander, age 76, bur. 08/03/1980, Plot: DH15
MCDOUGALL, Rose May, age 74, bur. 20/10/1952, Plot: CO24, d.o. W. & S.E. GAGE. m.o. Jean(dec), Keith, Dougal and Allen.
MCEVOY, Bernard, age 3mo, bur. 22/11/1889, Plot: GG9
MCEVOY, Edward, age 9, bur. 12/11/1894, Plot: GG9
MCEVOY, Phillip, age 55, bur. 23/02/1897, Plot: GD2
MCEVOY, Robert, age 76, bur. 10/07/1931, Plot: HF5, Date hdstn 6/12
MCGILLIVRY, John, age 75, bur. 01/08/1919, Plot: AH8
MCGINNES, George, age 53, bur. 17/07/1898, Plot: CS6
MCGOWAN, John, age 59, bur. 02/01/1923, Plot: AG12
MCGREGOR, Audrey, age 80, bur. 16/04/1997, Plot: CJ4, d.o. George and Rose MC GREGOR.
MCGREGOR, George, age 78, bur. 06/04/1949, Plot: CI3, p.o. Audrey.
MCGREGOR, Rose, age 70, bur. 19/11/1945, Plot: CI4, p.o. Audrey.
MCINERNEY, ??, bur. 27/02/1907, Plot: GC18
MCINERNEY, Agnes, age 79, bur. 15/07/1953, Plot: HI14, Date hdstn 14/07/1943. ??, w.o. Michael Thomas.
MCINERNEY, Evelyn Mary, age 44, bur. 10/08/1957, Plot: FF6, Niece o. Joseph.
MCINERNEY, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 16/03/1914, Plot: GA16, Babe of John
MCINERNEY, John Dominic, age 65, bur. 27/05/1975, Plot: HZ14
MCINERNEY, John Joseph, age 73, bur. 08/08/1979, Plot: HG4, h.o. Moira.
MCINERNEY, John Jr., age 58, bur. 13/01/1929, Plot: HF1, h.o. Mary.
MCINERNEY, Joseph John., age 58, bur. 13/03/1956, Plot: GZ24
MCINERNEY, Joseph, age 70, bur. 03/07/1947, Plot: FF5
MCINERNEY, Joseph, age 70, bur. 03/12/1967, Plot: HG3
MCINERNEY, Joseph, age 76, bur. 27/11/1918, Plot: HA1, Date?, h.o. Mary.
MCINERNEY, Josephine Mary, age 55, bur. 28/08/1957, Plot: DZ17
MCINERNEY, Lucy Elizabeth, age 89, bur. 30/03/1990, Plot: HF3, w.o. Timothy, p.o. Gemmell Thomas.
MCINERNEY, Mary, age 75, bur. 12/07/1920, Plot: HA2, Check date hdstn Sep., w.o Joseph.
MCINERNEY, Mary, age 97, bur. 14/11/1970, Plot: HF2, w.o. John (Jnr).
MCINERNEY, Michael Francis, age 32, bur. 06/10/1935, Plot: HG3
MCINERNEY, Michael Thomas Leo, age 65, bur. 17/10/1972, Plot: HZ15
MCINERNEY, Michael Thomas, age 75, bur. 10/05/1943, Plot: HI13, h.o. Agnes.
MCINERNEY, Peter Andrew, age 70, bur. 24/01/1989, Plot: HZ12
MCINERNEY, Richard Thomas, age 38, bur. 27/11/1952, Plot: HZ16
MCINERNEY, Sarah, age 79, bur. 29/06/1970, Plot: HD13, w.o. William Edward.
MCINERNEY, Stephen Thomas, age 67, bur. 27/01/1968, Plot: GZ18
MCINERNEY, Timothy John (Ted), age 80, bur. 13/05/1979, Plot: HF4, h.o. Lucy Elizabeth, p.o. Gemmell Thomas.
MCINERNEY, Timothy Patrick, age 69, bur. 23/10/1981, Plot: HZ13
MCINERNEY, William Edward, age 78, bur. 10/10/1964, Plot: HD13
MCINERNEY, William Joseph, age 5, bur. 22/10/1925, Plot: HD12, s.o. William Edward and Sarah.
MCKAY, Alexander, age 62, bur. 20/10/1931, Plot: BI3
MCKAY, Angus, age 83, bur. 01/07/1942, Plot: BI4
MCKAY, Hugh, age 67, bur. 22/09/1919, Plot: AG1, h.o. Ellen.
MCKAY, John, age 73, bur. 31/07/1939, Plot: BI3
MCKAY, Kathleen Ursula, age 83, bur. 30/11/1995, Plot: EL10, w.o. Archibald Murdock, m.o. Margaret, Ken, Tony, Ray and families.
MCKAY, Mary Modesta, age 74, bur. 21/12/1996, Plot: EJ17, w.o. Clarence John m.o. John, Janet, Judith and Helen.
MCKAY, Neil, age 62, bur. 12/03/1926, Plot: BI4
MCKENZIE, Alick, age 50, bur. 24/04/1916, Plot: AJ11, h.o. Laura.
MCKENZIE, Everelda Rebecca, age 81, bur. 19/08/1952, Plot: CI24, w.o. John.
MCKENZIE, John, age 60, bur. 18/10/1927, Plot: CI23, h.o. Everelda.
MCKENZIE, Laura, age 79, bur. 08/06/1947, Plot: AJ12
MCKEOUGH, Timothy, age 80, bur. 20/08/1889, Plot: GH21
MCKEOWN, Owen Denis, age 12hrs, bur. 26/03/1971, Plot: DD16
MCLACHLAN, Duncan, age 56, bur. 06/12/1908, Plot: AN11
MCLACHLIN, Margaret, age 61, bur. 07/11/1917, Plot: AN11
MCLEAN, Alice Maud, age 47, bur. 04/12/1934, Plot: DJ28, w.o. Alexander.
MCLEAN, John, age 62, bur. 09/10/1919, Plot: AH1
MCLEOD, Catherine (Dolly), age 94, bur. 06/11/1991, Plot: GZ10, Bd. with her brother Thomas Hunter., w.o. Murdoch Stanley.
MCLEOD, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 29/08/1927, Plot: BH1
MCLEOD, Jessie, age 85, bur. 15/08/1940, Plot: AO18
MCLEOD, John, age 29, bur. 21/03/1889, Plot: BP22, 2nd.s.o.Alexander
MCLEOD, John, age 59, bur. 23/06/1904, Plot: AO18
MCLEOD, Mary, age 83, bur. 11/11/1950, Plot: AF5, w.o. Peter
MCLEOD, Peter, age 71, bur. 23/11/1938, Plot: AF5, h.o. Mary
MCMAHON, Margaret, age 76, bur. 12/04/1953, Plot: FF4, w.o. Peter. p.o. Patrick and Joseph.
MCMAHON, Peter, age 75, bur. 24/01/1947, Plot: FF3, h.o. Margaret, p.o. Patrick and Joseph.
MCNAMARA, Bridget, age 36, Plot: GF31
MCNAMARA, Bridget, age 53, bur. 30/01/1889, Plot: GF31
MCNAMARA, Ellen Theresa, age 89, bur. 08/05/1961, Plot: FZ8, Aunt of Annie Frost.
MCNAMARA, John, age 67, bur. 07/04/1908, Plot: GC28
MCNAMARA, Margaret, bur. 15/07/1907, Plot: GD28
MCNAMARA, Margaret, age 36, bur. 01/02/1879, Plot: GI4
MCNAMARA, Margaret, age 86, bur. 07/08/1908, Plot: GC26
MCNAMARA, Mary, bur. 03/12/1882, Plot: CL8
MCNAMARA, Mary, age 53, bur. 19/02/1904, Plot: GD28, w.o. John.
MCNAMARA, Michael, age 50, bur. 18/03/1877, Plot: GF32
MCNAMARA, Thomas, age 70, bur. 08/05/1901, Plot: GF32
MCNAMEE, Lawrence Leo, age 19, bur. 03/02/1930, Plot: HC7, Date hdstn 1928
MCNAUGHTON, Duncan, age 53, bur. 26/05/1913, Plot: AL11, h.o. Jemima
MCNAUGHTON, Jemima Edith, age 68, bur. 18/01/1937, Plot: AL11, w.o. Duncan
MCNAUGHTON, John, age 39, bur. 05/04/1935, Plot: AL12, s.o. Duncan and Edith, h.o. Constance
MCNAUGHTON, Neil John, age 28, bur. 11/10/1952, Plot: AL12, s.o. John and Constance.
MCNEIL, Ellen, age 5mo, bur. 24/07/1876, Plot: CN10
MCNEIL, Mary Jane, age 94, bur. 23/04/1951, Plot: DQ25, w.o. Peter.
MCNEIL, Peter, age 60, bur. 08/11/1911, Plot: DQ24, h.o. Mary.
MCPHERSON, John, bur. 27/08/1913, Plot: AL16
MCQUILLAN, Catherine, age 98, bur. 22/01/1932, Plot: GA23
MCQUILLAN, Thomas, age 75, bur. 22/09/1912, Plot: GA24
MCROSTIE, Alexander, age 63, bur. 30/07/1918, Plot: AH13
MCSWIGGAN, Bernard, age 63, bur. 18/04/1916, Plot: FG23
MCVICAR, Archibald, age 55, bur. 26/10/1917, Plot: AO3
MCVICAR, Donald, bur. 06/11/1919, Plot: AO3
MCVICAR, Effie, age 16mo, bur. 23/01/1906, Plot: AO4, Effie Joyce
MCVICAR, Maud Catherine, age 22, bur. 17/10/1920, Plot: AO3
MEANEY, James Francis, age 38, bur. 01/11/1933, Plot: HF13, Born 18/10/1894 h.o. Dorothy, f.o. Marie, Patricia, Carmel and Brian.
MEANEY, Mary Celilia, age 53, bur. 11/07/1951, Plot: FD14, w.o. Michael Edgar.
MEANEY, Mary Ellen (Maureen), age 75, bur. 17/07/1998, Plot: EH16
MEANEY, Michael Clement (Clem), age 64, bur. 28/06/1988, Plot: EH17, h.o. Mary Ellen (Maureen) f.o. Maria and Paul.
MEANEY, Michael Edgar., age 60, bur. 16/04/1956, Plot: FD13, h.o. Mary Cecilia.
MEANEY, Michael, bur. 01/10/1879, Plot: GI3
MEFFERT, Doreen, age 76, bur. 07/11/1998, Plot: B53
MEHRTENS, Albert Edward (Ted), age 72, bur. 07/03/1973, Plot: DD11
MEIER, George W. Clinton, age 83, bur. 25/03/1993, Plot: A18
MEIGE, William, age 3mo, bur. 29/10/1877, Plot: BN14
MELLETT, Olive Marian, age 84, bur. 11/02/1995, Plot: AJ9
MELLOWSHIP, William Thomas, age 4mo, bur. 17/04/1878, Plot: BN32
MERRIFIELD, Amelda Winifred, age 9mo, bur. 02/02/1918, Plot: FH24, d.o. Ellen and William
MERRIFIELD, Clarice Irene Bernice, age 23, bur. 10/08/1933, Plot: CG10, w.o. William. m.o. Keith and Shirley.
MERRIFIELD, Ellen Teresa, age 86, bur. 08/11/1964, Plot: FH23, w.o. William Henry.
MERRIFIELD, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 12/08/1945, Plot: FH24
MERRIFIELD, Mary Ellen Elizabeth, age 5, bur. 09/02/1919, Plot: FH23, d.o. Ellen and William. sis.o. Bill, Frank and Kevin.
MERRIFIELD, William Henry, age 90, bur. 24/03/1963, Plot: FH24
METCALF, Edgar John, age 85, bur. 30/05/1985, Plot: DP9, h.o. Evelyn May. f.o. Nancy and John.
METCALF, Evelyn May, age 65, bur. 03/05/1974, Plot: DP8, w.o. Edgar John, (Ted). m.o. Nancy and John.
METCALF, Joseph, age 80, bur. 05/01/1909, Plot: AT7, 22/06/1909
METCALF, Joseph, age 81, bur. 29/07/1940, Plot: AT7
METCALF, Mary, age 75, bur. 14/12/1899, Plot: AT7
METCALF, Olive Elizabeth, age 61, bur. 15/05/1996, Plot: DJ1, Born at Orroroo, m.o. Elizabeth and Suxanne.
METCALF, Robert John, age 56, bur. 11/10/1990, Plot: EC1, s.o. Edgar and Evelyn, f.o. Elizabeth and Suzanne. Remembered by Olive.
METCALF, Sarah Jane, age 62, bur. 25/10/1932, Plot: AT8
MIDDLETON, Mary, age 51, bur. 17/10/1924, Plot: BG27
MIENCK, Maria, age 23, bur. 24/08/1885, Plot: BT28, MEINCK
MILLARD, Sarah Jane, age 5mo, bur. 25/03/1875, Plot: CN9
MILLER, Albert Claude, age 64, bur. 07/04/1969, Plot: DS2, h.o. Melva, p.o. Ron, Bill, Edna, Shirley, Betty, Patricia and Philip.
MILLER, Catherine, age 95, bur. 18/08/1986, Plot: EG3, w.o. Charles, m.o. Mary.
MILLER, Charles, age 87, bur. 14/04/1985, Plot: EG4, h.o. Catherine, f.o. Mary.
MILLER, Emma, age 48, bur. 10/10/1892, Plot: BU9
MILLER, Eva Mary, age 81, bur. 09/06/1975, Plot: BD15, w.o. Harold Frederick. m.o. Laurel, Lily and Ted.
MILLER, Harold Frederick, age 64, bur. 16/08/1956, Plot: BD14, h.o. Eva. f.o. Laurel, Lily and Ted.
MILLER, Henry, age 67, bur. 08/12/1930, Plot: BJ2
MILLER, John, age 74, bur. 31/03/1920, Plot: AG7
MILLER, Joseph, bur. 27/12/1878, Plot: BK21
MILLER, Margaret, age 90, bur. 10/07/1951, Plot: FF10
MILLER, Melva Jean, age 77, bur. 29/07/1988, Plot: DS1, w.o. Albert, p.o. Ron, Bill, Edna, Shirley, Betty, Patricia and Philip.
MILLER, Sydney Frederick, age 11wks, bur. 10/06/1881, Plot: CO19
MILLER, William Henry, age Stlbn, bur. 18/08/1904, Plot: AT2
MILNER, Thomas, age 14dys, bur. 14/04/1884, Plot: BO20
MINEY, Francis Phillip, age 9mo, bur. 30/12/1887, Plot: GG13
MINICH, Albert, age 42, bur. 16/09/1888, Plot: GI16, Drank himself to death after being requested to give up drinking by Ida Trilling
MIRRAH, John, age 45, bur. 21/09/1894, Plot: DE26
MISKEN, Ellen, age 78, bur. 27/01/1901, Plot: GD13
MITCHELL, Agnes Stewart, age 87, bur. 01/02/1905, Plot: FA2, w.o. Robert
MITCHELL, Alexander David, age 88, bur. 30/09/1971, Plot: EA27, h.o. Helen Marguerite.
MITCHELL, Charles, age 50, bur. 09/06/1912, Plot: EB25
MITCHELL, Daisy, age 22, bur. 21/09/1905, Plot: CN11, Hdstn age 26 incorrect. Bn 17/10/1883, d.o. R.&M.
MITCHELL, Elizabeth, age 84, bur. 18/09/1941, Plot: EB28
MITCHELL, Frederick George, age 67, bur. 17/12/1929, Plot: DL24
MITCHELL, Helen Marguerite., age 71, bur. 27/06/1960, Plot: EA28, w.o. Alexander David.
MITCHELL, Joseph Thomas, age 1, bur. 30/07/1875, Plot: 0
MITCHELL, Lily, age 2wks, bur. 04/05/1904, Plot: AS2
MITCHELL, Mary Ann, age 65, bur. 11/07/1911, Plot: DR13, w.o. William Oates MITCHELL.
MITCHELL, Mary Ann, age 85, bur. 02/07/1933, Plot: CM11, w.o. Richard.
MITCHELL, Mary Edith, age 1yr4mo, bur. 04/05/1876, Plot: CN12
MITCHELL, Phillip Keith, age 28, bur. 22/07/1997, Plot: B49
MITCHELL, Richard, age 67, bur. 30/06/1913, Plot: CM11, h.o. Mary Ann.
MITCHELL, Robert, age 72, bur. 28/03/1890, Plot: FA1
MITCHELL, Susan, age 73, bur. 12/02/1915, Plot: FA4, w.o. Thomas.
MITCHELL, Thomas Daniel, age 83, bur. 11/05/1953, Plot: DZ18, h.o. Elizabeth Jane. f.o. Win, Margaret and Jack.
MITCHELL, Thomas, age 64, bur. 08/03/1908, Plot: FA3
MITCHELL, William Jones, age 53, bur. 04/12/1977, Plot: DC11
MITCHELL, William Oates, age 74, bur. 02/07/1918, Plot: DR14, h.o. Mary Ann.
MOFFAT, William, age 74, bur. 31/07/1932, Plot: CJ21, h.o. Marie Ellen
MOFFATT, Marie Ellen, age 84, bur. 17/04/1948, Plot: CJ21, w.o. William.
MOGG, Ada, age 78, bur. 13/09/1953, Plot: BI15
MOGG, Guildford Surrey, age 62, bur. 02/04/1937, Plot: BJ15
MOGG, Mary Ann, age 87, bur. 13/05/1924, Plot: BJ13
MOGG, Valentine Howard, age 86, bur. 10/06/1925, Plot: BJ14, h.o. Mary Ann.
MOGG, Valentine Pickford, age 69, bur. 17/03/1949, Plot: BJ16, b.o. Ada, Naomi and Emily.
MOODY, Alice, age 18, bur. 09/10/1895, Plot: BO13
MOODY, Elizabeth Mary Emily, age 19, bur. 21/11/1880, Plot: CO11
MOORE, Cecil Wilfred, age 2.5, bur. 07/10/1897, Plot: CR12, Youngest s.o. H. & M.A.
MOORE, Ethel Amelia, age 95, bur. 10/05/1990, Plot: A27
MOORE, Harry Kenton, age 68, bur. 05/09/1951, Plot: CZ24, h.o. Martha. M.
MOORE, Henry, age 83, bur. 11/02/1934, Plot: CR13, h.o. Mary Anne.
MOORE, James, age 43, bur. 18/10/1887, Plot: EI15
MOORE, Janet, age 74, bur. 16/04/1922, Plot: AK2
MOORE, Marjorie Jean, age 75, bur. 09/02/1986, Plot: DK2, w.o Stanley Kenton, p.o. Patricia, Lynn, Janice and John.
MOORE, Martha Matilda, age 78, bur. 25/06/1962, Plot: CZ23, w.o. Harry Kenton.
MOORE, Mary Ann, age 70, bur. 16/11/1921, Plot: CR11
MOORE, Mary Jane, age 13, bur. 09/11/1880, Plot: CO9
MOORE, Norman Roy, age 74, bur. 26/01/1991, Plot: A16
MOORE, Richard Glanville, age 84, bur. 03/09/1973, Plot: A27
MOORE, Stanley Kenton, age 68, bur. 25/10/1978, Plot: DK3, h.o. Marjorie Jean, p.o. Patricia, Lynn, Janice and John.
MOORE, Sydney Lawrence, age 5, bur. 16/08/1880, Plot: CL5
MOORE, Thomas, age 64, bur. 24/09/1912, Plot: AK1
MOORE, William John, age 22, bur. 22/01/1881, Plot: CO14
MORGAN, Henry, age 1hr, bur. 04/04/1881, Plot: CO15
MORGAN, James, age 26, bur. 25/07/1880, Plot: CO6
MORGAN, Joseph, age 4mo, bur. 27/04/1893, Plot: GE6
MORGAN, Mary Ann, age 26, bur. 04/04/1881, Plot: CO15
MORGAN, Mrs., bur. 19/10/1912, Plot: 0
MORGAN, Walter, age 5mo, bur. 27/03/1892, Plot: GE6
MORONEY, ??, age Stillborn, Plot: 0
MORONEY, Bridget, age 37, bur. 31/03/1885, Plot: GI31, Date? Age? Headstone, w.o. John.
MORONEY, Michael Joseph, age 78, bur. 22/09/1960, Plot: FZ20, h.o. Rose Ann. p.o. Hilary, Eileen, John, Cal, Kevin and Leo.
MORONEY, Rose Ann, age 99yrs11mo, bur. 19/05/1979, Plot: FZ19, w.o. Michael Joseph, p.o. Hilary, Eileen, John, Cal, Kevin and Leo.
MORONEY, Stella Mabel, age 78, bur. 10/01/1994, Plot: B44
MORONEY, Walter Kevin, age 70, bur. 10/01/1994, Plot: B44
MORRIS, Elizabeth Anne, age 82, bur. 05/10/1971, Plot: DC15
MORRIS, Ellin, age 3mo, bur. 03/05/1878, Plot: BO30, Ellen
MORRIS, Frederick Muir, age 58, bur. 09/12/1926, Plot: DS25
MORRIS, Inf., bur. 28/02/1909, Plot: DS25
MORRIS, Monte Vivian, age 48, bur. 26/12/1952, Plot: BZ27
MOSELEY, Janet Ellen, age 3wks, bur. 03/05/1882, Plot: CP4
MOY, Ann, age 84, bur. 08/03/1895, Plot: GF23
MOY, Bartholomew Joseph, age 54, bur. 08/07/1937, Plot: HG13, h.o. Gertrude Winifred.
MOY, Gertrude Winifred, age 65, bur. 25/07/1948, Plot: HG13, w.o. Bartholomew Joseph. m.o. Brian and Winifred.
MOY, Mary Ann, age 90, bur. 13/12/1949, Plot: HB15, w.o. Michael James.
MOY, Mary Catherine, age 69, bur. 19/08/1964, Plot: FZ1, d.o. Michael and Mary Anne.
MOY, Michael James, age 68, bur. 10/03/1921, Plot: HB16, h.o. Mary Anne.
MOY, Michael, age 70, bur. 18/11/1884, Plot: GF23, Date ? headstone
MOY, William, age 7mo, bur. 14/06/1893, Plot: GE8
MOYLE, ??, age 10mo, bur. 24/03/1910, Plot: DS21
MOYLE, ??, age Child, bur. 12/01/1910, Plot: DS20
MOYLE, Francis, age 84, bur. 31/10/1881, Plot: CM20, Hdstn on CN20
MOYLE, Helen, age 67, bur. 09/11/1918, Plot: DS20, Hdstn on CN19, w.o. James.
MOYLE, James, age 88, bur. 28/07/1923, Plot: CN20
MOYLE, Mary, age 88, bur. 04/11/1907, Plot: CS8, w.o. Peter.
MOYLE, Peter, age 73, bur. 22/10/1898, Plot: CS7, h.o. Mary.
MOYLE, Walter, age 43, bur. 13/12/1878, Plot: CM20
MOYSES, Ursella Edwards, age 34, bur. 14/04/1876, Plot: CN14, w.o. John Henry Paul.
MUDGE, Howard Beavis, age 4yr11mo, bur. 23/02/1973, Plot: DQ9, s.o. Ron and Sue. b.o. Sandra.
MURPHY, Catherine Clair, age 6dys, bur. 18/02/1896, Plot: GE13
MURPHY, Ellen (Old Mrs.), age 61, bur. 07/03/1904, Plot: GE18, Licencee of the Commercial Hotel.
MURPHY, James, age 85, bur. 12/02/1997, Plot: EM5
MURPHY, Leo, bur. 22/12/1913, Plot: GE18
MURPHY, Marjory, age 3mo, bur. 03/09/1899, Plot: GE18
MURPHY, Timothy, age 45, bur. 17/03/1903, Plot: GD24
MURPHY, William Patrick, age 25, bur. 10/11/1913, Plot: GA18, Accidentally killed at Belalie North. Erected by his comrade.
MURRAY (SISTER MARY ATTRACTA), May Josephine, age 68, bur. 06/09/1949, Plot: GF26

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