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Saint Andrew Churchyard
Evandale, Northern Midlands Council, Tasmania, Australia

This cemetery is in a small town of Evandale in Northern Tasmania, which is about 20 klms south of Launceston and about a five minutes drive from the Launceston Airport.

The cemetery is located at the rear of Saint Andrew Uniting Church. It is well maintained, although the older graves could do with some restoration work

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 19, 2007. Total records = 21.

Contributor's Index:

  • [JN] Julie N

Collins, George, d. 8 Mar 1870, of Norfolk, [JN]
Collins, Isabella, d. 2 Jan 1860, age: 27yr, [JN]
Collins, Mary Ann, d. 9 Apr 1873, age: 70yr, w/o of George, [JN]
Cox James, d. 16 Mar 1866, age: 75yr, h/o Eliza of Clarendon Esquire, [JN]
Cox James, d. 6 Aug 1897, age: 59yr, [JN]
Cox, Caroline, d. 28 Jul 1842, d/o James Cox, [JN]
Cox, Eliza, d. 25, Aug 1869, age: 59yr, w/o of James Cox, [JN]
Cox, George, d. 24 Jan 1841, age: 2yr 17da, s/o James Cox, [JN]
Cox, Infant Child, d. 28 Jun 1831, age: 1da, s/o of James Cox, [JN]
Cox, William, d. 7 Dec 1840, age: 5mo, s/o John, died at Winbourne, [JN]
Cunningham, Henry, d. 15 May 1877, age: 17yr, [JN]
Cunningham, John, d. 23 Oct 1881, age: 56yr, [JN]
Cunningham, Thomas, d. 20 Oct 1881, age: 17yr, [JN]
Darlinson Jane, d. 15 Jun 1882, age: 76yr, [JN]
Daymon, Elizabeth, d. 8 Dec 19?2, age: 51yr, w/o Samuel, m/o Harold Claude, [JN]
Daymon, Harold Glaude, d. 21 Feb 1922, age: 28yr, [JN]
Daymon, Samuel, d. 17 Aug 1937, age: 80yr, h/o Elizabeth, f/o Harold Claude, [JN]
Dixon, Eliza, d. 26 Apr 1897, age: 67yr, [JN]
Fuller, Elizabeth, d. 15 Nov 1911, age: 76yr, [JN]
Fuller, Henry, d. 5 Jun 1907, age: 76yr, [JN]
Long, Frank b. 1841,d. 1908, discoverer of Silver-Lead in Zeehan Tasmania 8 Dec 1882, [JN]

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