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Brighton Cemetery
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

North Road, Caulfield South
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 84.

Contributor's Index:

Angus, Forbes August, b. 1858, d. 1909, bur 16 Jan 1909 (50y), s/o James and Jane Angus, [NN]
Angus, James Riddell, b. 1867, d. 1938, bur 22 Jul 1952, s/o James and Jane Angus, [NN]
Angus, James, b. c.1833, d. 1916, bur 9 May 1916 (80y), [NN]
Angus, Jane, b. c.1838, d. 1912, bur 22 Aug 1912 (76y), [NN]
Archibald, Ethel Jane, b. 1882, d. 1915, w/o Joseph Henry (Harry) Archibald, d/o John and Jane Canavan , [NA]
Cheney, George, b. 1866, d. 1938, h/o Amy Rebecca Cheney, s/o John and Emma Cheney, [AB]
Cooper, Harold Victor, b. 1895, d. 24 Jan 1975, [LS]
Dick, Alfred Hardham, b. 1906 Brunswick, d. 12 Oct 1932 Prahran, age: 26yr, [PS]
Dick, Emily, b. 1877, d. 18 Mar 1950 Huntingdale, age: 73yr, (Barns), [PS]
Dick, Robert Livingstone, b. 1872 Brunswick, d. 19 Jun 196 Melbourne, age: 89yr, [PS]
Dick, Robert Livingstone, b. 1909 Brunswick, d. 24 Dec 1932 Caulfield, age: 23yr, [PS]
Forster, Annie, b. 1853, d. 30/9/1939, w/o Kenneth Mckenzie, 2nd Phillip Ernest Forster, dau. of Donald and Chirstina McRae, [TS]
Gardiner, Ethel Maude, b. 09/08/1877 Echuca, d. ??/08/1880 Echuca, age: 2yr, [PS]
Gardiner, Harold Rupert, b. 26/07188 Brighton, d. 25/06/1883 Brighton, age: 1yr, [PS]
Gledhill, Edith Florence, b. 15 Mar 1903, d. 5th Aug 1920, d/o Richard Young, [RG]
Gledhill, Ethel Beatrice, b. 07 Dec 1878, d. 06 Jun 1942, d/o Richard Young, [RG]
Gledhill, Richard Young, b. 29th June 1860, d. 07 May 1939, h/o Ethel Beatrice Young, [RG]
Gledhill, Ronald, b. 28 Oct 1934, d. 20 Dec 1935, Gson/o Richard Young, [RG]
Hamilton, Catherine, b. 1855 Fryers Creek, d. 11 Jul 1924 Caulfield, age: 69yr, First Husband Wright (Field), [PS]
Hargrave, Arthur Leslie, b. 1879 Carlton, d. 21 Jun 1969, age: 90yr, [PS]
Hargrave, Clara Christina Louise, b. 1847, d. 25 May 192 Malvern, age: 74yr, First Husband Hughes (Selman), [PS]
Hargrave, Phyllis Gwen Beryl, b. 1894, d. 3 Jan 1973, age: 79yr, (Joynt), [PS]
Hughes, Alan Alfred, b. ??/09/187 Brighton, d. 10/02/1873 Brighton, age: 1yr, [PS]
Hughes, Albert FrancisAlbert Fransi, b. 1886 Brighton, d. 5 Jun 1965 Elesternwick, age: 79yr, [PS]
Hughes, Alfred Doward, b. 1873 Brighton, d. 6 Jun 1937 Richmond, age: 64yr, [PS]
Hughes, Ann, b. 12/07/1820 Lisnageer, Cavan, d. 19 Mar 1998 Brighton, age: 77yr, (Parker), [PS]
Hughes, Annie Alice, b. 1842 London, d. 1907 Prahran, age: 65yr, (Leigh), [PS]
Hughes, Clara Louise Selman, b. 1866 Brighton, d. 07/12/1873 Brighton, age: 7yr, [PS]
Hughes, Ephraim, b. 22/09/1855 Brighton, d. 15 Nov 1930 Heidelberg, age: 75yr, [PS]
Hughes, Ephraim, b. 22/11/1818 Derryhennett, Armagh, d. 06/2/1898 Brighton, age: 79yr, [PS]
Hughes, Ethel Maude, b. 1895 Briagalong, d. 20 Jul 1985, age: 90yr, (Ferguson), [PS]
Hughes, George, b. 1835 Ireland, d. 04//02/1922 Melbourne, age: 87yr, s/o William & Mary, [PS]
Hughes, Herbert, b. 1870 Brighton, d. 26 Nov 1912 Scoresby, age: 42yr, [PS]
Hughes, William Albert, b. 1863, d. 17/06/1888 Ascot Vale, age: 25yr, s/o William & Clara, [PS]
Hughes, William, b. 07/07/1859 Brighton, d. 22/7/1883 Brighton, age: 24yr, s/o Ephriam & Ann, [PS]
Hughes, William, b. 16/02/1857 Brighton, d. 10/03/1857 Brighton, age: 0yr, s/o Ephriam & Ann, [PS]
Hughes, William, b. 17/04/1840 Armagh, Ireland, d. 11/12/1875 Brighton, age: 35yr, s/o William & Margaret (Parker), [PS]
Hughes, William, b. 181 Derryhennett, Armagh, d. 29/03/1887 Brighton, age: 76yr, s/o William & Margaret (Parker), [PS]
Jolley, Arthur, b. 1867 Plenty, d. 20 Jan 1943 Prahran, age: 76yr, [PS]
Little, Hannah, b. 08/09/1852 Brighton, d. 30 Jul 1930 Bunyip, age: 77yr, First Husband Purvis (Hughes), [PS]
Little, James, b. 1862 Fermanagh, Ireland, d. 1 Dec 1932 Moorabbin, age: 70yr, h/o Hannah Hughes, [PS]
Little, May, b. 13/01/1890 Brighton, d. 10/031890 Brighton, age: 0yr, [PS]
Little, William, b. 1858 Fermanagh, Ireland, d. 01/02/1887 Brighton, age: 29yr, bro/o James, [PS]
Love, Jane Gordon, b. 1860, d. 1916 (56y), daughter of James and Jane Angus, [NN]
Love, Samuel Young, b. 1854, d. 25 Jun 1947 (91y), h/o Jane Gordon Love, [NN]
Marden, Anne Eleanor, b. 6/07/1885 Prahran, d. 9/05/1853 Brighton, age: 67yr, (Webber), [PS]
Marden, Ernest John, b. 00/03/1880 Geelong, d. 29 May 1949 Brighton, age: 69yr, [PS]
Maskell, Ada, b. 1884, d. 18 May 1964, nee Stocker, w/o Francis James Maskell, [LS]
Maskell, Francis James, b. 1883, d. 25 Sep 1971, [LS]
Maskell, Leonard, b. 1913, d. 01 Jul 1914, [LS]
Moloney, Doris Beaton, b. 24 Feb 1902 Perth, d. 30 Sep 1975 Heidelberg, age: 73yr, (Hughes), [PS]
O'Donnell, Annie Catherine, b. 1867 Brighton, d. 15 Feb 1952, age: 85yr, (Hughes), [PS]
Pattison, Christina Rebecca, b. 28/07/1882 Beaconsfield, Tasmania, d. 17 Nov 1920 Gardenvale, age: 38yr, (Rigby), [PS]
Pattison, Hector Leonard, b. 1883 Tasmania, d. 26 Jul 1912 St. Kilda, age: 62yr, [PS]
Pepperall, Jean Stewart, b. 1898 Brunswick, d. 11 May 1942 Malvern, age: 44yr, (Dick), [PS]
Purvis, Avis Josephine, b. 1887 Fitzroy, d. ??/10/1957 Glenhuntly, age: 70yr, (Williams), [PS]
Purvis, Ernest Ephraim, b. 1875 Cheltenham, d. 12 Jul 195 Moorabbin, age: 76yr, [PS]
Purvis, Ernest Frederick, b. 00/09/1900 Cheltenham, d. ??/02/190 Cheltenham, age: 0yr, Mother Marcella Belton, [PS]
Purvis, Hazel Hannah Charlotte, b. 191 Brighton, d. 1916 Prahran, age: 5yr, [PS]
Purvis, James, b. Tyrone, Ireland 1836, d. 13/04/1883 Brighton, age: 47yr, h/o Hannah Hughes, [PS]
Purvis, MarcellaElizabeth, b. 1873 Adelade, d. 6 Feb 1960 Mentone, age: 87yr, (Belton), [PS]
Purvis, Robert Leslie, b. ??05/1884, d. 12/06/1884 Brighton, age: 0yr, [PS]
Purvis, William Henry, b. 188 Brighton, d. 00/06/196 Melbourne, age: 80yr, [PS]
Rigby, Elizabrth May, b. 1879 South Melbourne, d. 4 Apr 1963 Nunawading, age: 84yr, (Allnut), [PS]
Rigby, Emily Jane, b. 1879 Evandale, d. 8 Sep 1928 Brighton, age: 49yr, (Davis), [PS]
Rigby, Frederick Wilmot, b. 05/07/1871 Blackwood, d. 18 Jun 1922 Gardenvale, age: 50yr, [PS]
Rigby, Isaac William, b. 04/05/1868 Barry's Reef, d. 12 Nov 1940 St. Kilda, age: 72yr, [PS]
Rigby, Mary Ann Martha, b. 22/02/187 Launceston, d. 3 Oct 1924 Elesternwick, age: 53yr, (Birch), [PS]
Rose, Albert, b. 1876 South Melbourne, d. 1921 Elesternwick, age: 45yr, 1st h/o Elizabeth Allnut, [PS]
Rowell, Geoffrey Harold William, b. 1917 Brighton, d. ??/01/1920 Brighton, age: 3yr, [PS]
Rowell, Harold Henry, b. 189, d. 1969 Prahran, age: 78yr, [PS]
Rowell, Ruby Madge, b. 03/12/189 Beaconsfield, Tasmania, d. 00/12/1953 Caulfield, age: 61yr, [PS]
Softley, Herbert William, b. 1890, d. 01 Jan 1920, [LS]
Softley, John Alfred, b. 1939, d. 01 Oct 1939, [LS]
Softley, Robert Leslie, b. 1935, d. 01 Feb 1936, [LS]
Stocker, Caroline Edith, b. 1877, d. 20 Oct 1953, nee Beulke, w/o George William Stocker, [LS]
Stocker, Edna, d. 15 Sep 1970, nee Le Couilliard, w/o Henry William Stocker, [LS]
Stocker, Frances Kathleen, b. 1901, d. 30 May 1916, [LS]
Stocker, Henry William, b. 1900, d. 08 Jun 1973, [LS]
Stocker, Isabella, d. 15 May 1936, nee Landers, w/o William Stocker, [LS]
Stocker, William, b. 7/10/1854, d. 16 Dec 1929, [LS]
Ward, Elizabeth Louisa, b. 30/12/1879 Barry's Reef, d. 14 Apr 1942 St. Kilda, age: 65yr, (Rigby), [PS]
Webber, Benjamin Lake, b. 1823 Highwood, Norfolk, d. 20/07/1887 Prahran, age: 64yr, [PS]
Webber, Mary, b. 15/06/185 Brighton, d. 17 Mar 1942 Brighton, age: 90yr, (Hughes), [PS]

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