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Brampton Cemetery
Chinguacousy Twp, Peel County, Ontario, Canada

Enter from Wilson Street, off Queen Street East
Concession 1 East, Lot 6
Brampton, Ontario

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 07, 2010. Total records = 141.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson, Christopher, d. 12 May 1874, age: 73yr, native of Yorkshire, England, [KL]
Anderson, Harriett, d. 25 Oct 1892, age: 76yr, his wife, s/w Christopher Anderson, [KL]
Bagwell, Robert Robins, d. 20 Jan 1867, age: 42y 9m, s/o John & Lucy Bagwell, [KL]
Bagwelle, John, d. 9 Mar 1871, age: 88yr, native of Ireland, [KL]
Bagwelle, Lucy (Robins), d. Feb 1873, age: 88yr, [KL]
Barker, Harold Elmer (Jack), b. Mar 2, 1906, d. Dec 24, 1971 Cooksville, age 65yr, s/o John and Minnie Moras, [MW]
Barker, John Moras, b. Sep 19, 1865 at Erindale, d. Apr 04, 1928, s/o Thomas and Catherine Barker, h/o Mary (Minnie) Rose Elizabeth Harmsworth, [MW]
Barker, Marita Irene, b. 1901, d. Oct 05, 1901, infant, d/o John Moras and Minnie Barker, [MW]
Barker, Mary (Minnie), b. Eng, d. Nov 18, 1960 at Whitby, w/o John Moras Barker, d/o James and Harriett (Pain) Harmsworth, [MW]
Barker, Viola May, b. Sep 21, 1900, d. Sep 24, 1902, age: 2yr 3da, d/o John Moras and Minnie Barker, [MW]
Black, William T, d. 25 Aug 1854, age: 1y 3m, s/o Anthony and Mary Ann Black, [KL]
Bleakly, Frances, d. Oct ??, w/o John Bleakly, s/w John Bleakly, [KL]
Bleakly, John, d. 10 Sep 1852, age: 60yr, [KL]
Bostwick, Albert, b. 1858, d. 1900, [KL]
Bostwick, Ella, d. 24 Jun 1946, s/w Albert Bostwick, [KL]
Boyd, Annie Elizabeth, b. 10 Jun 1881, d. 17 Jul 1955, s/w George Boyd, [KL]
Boyd, George, b. 12 Aug 1872, d. 29 Jan 1899, son of John & Tamar Boyd, [KL]
Boyd, George, d. 9 Oct 1854, age: 67yr, native of Co. Durham, Eng., [KL]
Boyd, Jane Lilley, d. 18 Sep 1889, age: 78yr, his wife, native of Co. Northumberland, Eng., w/o George Boyd, [KL]
Boyd, John, d. 24 Oct 1915, age: 80yr, s/w George Boyd, [KL]
Boyd, Rachel, b. 16 Jun 1877, d. 22 Jul 1948, s/w George Boyd, [KL]
Boyd, Tamar (Moon), d. 17 Jan 1911, age: 72yr, w/o John Boyd, native of Co. Peel, Ont., s/w George Boyd, [KL]
Boyd, Thomas, b. 26 May 1879, d. 28 Aug 1943, s/w George Boyd, [KL]
Brown, John Henry, d. 5 Jan 1871, age: 4y 2m 24d, s/o Thos. & Elizabeth Brown, [KL]
Cowton, Susanna (Ezard), d. 21 Feb 1906, age: 83yr, w/o & s/w William Cowton, [KL]
Cowton, William, d. 23 Mar 1887, age: 86yr, [KL]
Dunn, John S., b. 10 Oct 1906, d. 22 Dec. 1983, h/o Rena C, [MW]
Dunn, Rena C. (South), b. 6 Oct 1905, d. 17 Dec 1983, w/o John S, [MW]
Edy, Emily Carot, no dates, [SE]
Edy, James William, no dates [SE]
Edy, John, no dates, [SE]
Edy, Ricky, no dates, [SE]
Edy, Robert Albert, [SE]
Harmsworth, Elmer P. 'Pack', b. 1898, d. 1997, h/o Elmer P, [MW]
Harmsworth, Elsie, b. 1914, d. 1996, w/o Norman C, [MW]
Harmsworth, Harriett (Pain), d. 4 Oct 1914, age: 80yr, [MW]
Harmsworth, Henry Earl (Private), b. 12 Nov 1896, d. 20 Aug 1918, bur. in Rouen, France), [MW]
Harmsworth, James W., d. 3 Sep 1913, age: 82yr, [MW]
Harmsworth, James, b. 21 Jan 1869, d. 31 Jul 1945, [MW]
Harmsworth, Jane Ann (Sanderson), b. 16 Jan 1866, d. 5 Aug 1944, [MW]
Harmsworth, Maida J., b. 1905, d. no date, w/o Elmer P, [MW]
Harmsworth, Norman C., b. 1908, d. 1995, h/o Elsie, [MW]
Harmsworth, Reva, b. 1900, d. 1980, [MW]
Harris, Mary, d. 28 Aug 1859, age: 49y 6m, w/o John Harris, [KL]
Harrison, Emanuel, d. 11 Dec 1871, age: 81yr, [KL]
Harrison, Emanuel, d. 22 Apr 1920, age: 92yr, [KL]
Harrison, Everilda (Hagyard), d. 28 May 1885, age: 50yr, w/o & s/w Emanuel Harrison, [KL]
Harrison, Fredrick C., d. 6 Jun 1883, age: 12y 3m, youngest son of E. & E. Harrison, s/w Emanuel Harrison, [KL]
Harrison, Mary A. (Hewson), d. 1 May 1911, age: ?3yr, his wife, s/w Emanuel Harrison, [KL]
Harrison, Mary Beatrice, d. 23 Jul 1875, age: 4m ?d, their daughter, s/w Emanuel Harrison, [KL]
Harrison, Rachel, d. 14 Jun 1871, age: 81y 10m, beloved wife of the above, s/w Emanuel Harrison, [KL]
Harrison, Sarah (Robson), b. 12 Mar 1864, d. 28 Dec 1949, his beloved wife, s/w William T Harrison, [KL]
Harrison, William T, b. 27 Aug 1862, d. 30 Nov 1937, [KL]
Hewson, James, d. 7 Aug 1888, age: 83yr, [KL]
Hewson, Mary (Mitchell), d. 26 Sep 1899, age: 93y 6m, w/o Nicholas Hewson, s/w Elizabeth H???son, [KL]
Hewson, Mary (Somerville), d. 24 Apr 1891, age: 45yr, beloved w/o Richard Hewson, [KL]
Jamison, William, d. 20 May 1852, age: 7?yr, native of Ireland, [KL]
Jemison, Matthew, d. 22 Jul 1850, age: 27yr, [KL]
Lindsey, Ann (Morrison), b. 8 Apr 1839, d. 18 Aug 1870, w/o William Lindsey, s/w William Lindsey, [KL]
Lindsey, Ann, d. 12 Jan 1864, age: 65yr, beloved wife of John Lindsey Esq., [KL]
Lindsey, John, d. 4 Aug 1871, age: 78yr, [KL]
Lindsey, Joseph, d. Aug 1879, age: 2 wks, s/o Wm & Rebecca Lindsey, s/w William Lindsey, [KL]
Lindsey, Margaret, b. 11 Jul 1869, d. 3 May 1955, s/w William Lindsey, [KL]
Lindsey, Margaret, d. 6 Oct 1847, age: 70yr, of Albion, C. W. was born in Co. Sligo, Ireland, [KL]
Lindsey, William, b. 27 May 1837, d. 16 Aug 1919, interred at Fort Qu'Appelle Sask., [KL]
Lotherington, Daniel, d. 2 Oct 1850, age: 28yr, Born at Hessle, Yorkshire, England, [KL]
Lotherington, Fanny, d. 28 Jan 1851, age: 3 wks, d/o Daniel Lotherington, s/w Daniel Lotherington, [KL]
Maltby, Helen O'Connor, b. May 24, 1921, d. Sep 07, 1952, w/o Lawrence J. G. Maltby, [LS]
Maltby, Mary (Brown), d. 11 Jul 1899, age: 69y 2d, w/o William Maltby, s/w William Maltby, [KL]
Maltby, Ward, d. 16 Aug 1882, age: 11y 6m, beloved child of W. & M. Maltby, [KL]
Maltby, William, d. 14 Apr 1904, age: 73y 8m 17d, [KL]
McConnell, Anna (Arneil), d. 3 May 1883, age: 51yr, w/o William McConnell, s/w William McConnell, [KL]
McConnell, Ernest B., b. 1878, d. 1956, s/w Thomas McConnell, [KL]
McConnell, John S., b. 1871, d. 1949, s/w Thomas McConnell, [KL]
McConnell, Margaret (Duke), b. 1850, d. 1934, w/o & s/w Thomas McConnell, [KL]
McConnell, Thomas, b. 1842, d. 1915, [KL]
McConnell, William, d. 27 Dec 1863, age: 77yr, native of Co. Armagh, Ireland, [KL]
McConnell, William, d. 6 Jun 1910, age: 76yr, Also their infant children William, Wm. Joseph & Joseph, [KL]
McDonald, George, d. 17 Jun 1848, age: ??yr, native of Scotland, [KL]
McDonald, Mary A., d. ? Jul 1871, age: 97yr, his beloved wife, s/w George McDonald, [KL]
McKenna, Albert C, b. 1877, d. 1877, s/w John McKenna, [KL]
McKenna, Benjamin L, b. 1869, d. 1870, s/w John McKenna, [KL]
McKenna, Catherine (Nixon), b. 1842, d. 1891, s/w John McKenna, [KL]
McKenna, Jesse F, b. 1867, d. 1868, s/w John McKenna, [KL]
McKenna, John, b. 1834, d. 1891, [KL]
McKenna, Marlboro, b. 1862, d. 1877, s/w John McKenna, [KL]
McKirgan, Mary Lillian Wilcox, b. 28 Feb 1919, d. 17 Dec 1998, w/o Robert S, [TM]
McKirgan, Robert Sloan, b. 05 Feb 1905, d. 10 Dec 1968, [TM]
McKirgan, Robert (Robin) Sloan, b. 16 Oct 1944, d. 10 Dec 1953, s/o Mary & Robert, [TM]
McLaughlin, Catherine (Shaw), d. 5 Feb 1876, age: 34yr 1mo, w/o & s/w James McLaughlin, [KL]
McLaughlin, James, d. 14 Jan 1877, age: 41yr 7mo 27da, [KL]
Modeland, ?? (Sharks), d. 1 Mar 1872, age: 75yr, w/o & s/w Thomas Modeland, [KL]
Modeland, Thomas, d. ?? 1868, age: 75yr, native of Co. Cumberland, Eng., [KL]
Newlove, Edward, d. 18 Jan 1852, age: 8 mos, Children of Joseph & Eliza Newlove, [KL]
Newlove, Rachel, d. 11 Jan 1854, age: 7 wks, Children of Joseph & Eliza Newlove, s/w Edward Newlove, [KL]
Nixon, Charles T., b. 10 Jun 1940, d. 28 Apr 1965, s/w Harold B. Nixon, [KL]
Nixon, Harold B., b. 3 Jul 1907, d. 30 Dec 1995, [KL]
Nixon, John, d. 24 Apr 1890, age: 53yr, [KL]
Nixon, Louisa (James), d. 5 Dec 1933, age: 87yr, w/o John Nixon, s/w John Nixon, [KL]
Nixon, May F. (Trought), b. 7 Aug 1915, d. 12 Jul 2003, his beloved wife, w/o Harold B. Nixon, [KL]
Nixon, Robert, d. Aug 1956, infant, s/w Harold B. Nixon, [KL]
Procter, Hannah (Hewson), d. 31 May 1854, age: 24yr, the beloved wife of Henry Procter, [KL]
Procter, Nicholas, d. 15 Jun 1851, age: 3 ?, their son, s/w Hannah Procter, [KL]
Reed, Robert, d. 15 Jan 18?3, age: 1y 11m 20d, s/o W. & M. Reed, [KL]
Reynolds, Eleanor Spelman, b. 15 May 1878, d. 3 Mar 1927, d/o John & Mary Ann, [SP]
Reynolds, John, b. 18 Mar 1832 Windsor, PQ, d. 10 Mar 1916, [SP]
Reynolds, Margaret Emma, b. 1 Mar 1873, d. 24 Sep 1933, d/o John & Mary Ann, [SP]
Reynolds, Mary Ann, b. 2 Apr 1837 England, d. 16 May 1898, w/John, [SP]
Reynolds, Mary Jane, b. 4 Jul 1858, d. 31 Aug 1907, d/o John & Mary Ann, [SP]
Rutherford, John, d. 14 Jan 1842, age: 43yr, [KL]
Rutherford, Ruth, d. 15 Feb 1835, age: 37yr, w/o & s/w John Rutherford, [KL]
Shaw, Alice (Lockhart), b. 1800, d. 10 Mar 1891, native of Co. Sligo, Ireland, w/o Robert Shaw, [KL]
Shaw, Arthur, d. 11 Mar 1843, age: 82yr, native of the Co. Sligo Ireland, [KL]
Shaw, Jane, d. 9 Oct 1839, age: 26yr, w/o Arthur Shaw, [KL]
Shaw, Robert, b. 1804, d. 28 Dec 18?0, [KL]
Shields, Kattie, no dates are given, [KL]
Smith, Lillian M. (McConnell), b. 1873, d. 1958, s/w Thomas McConnell, [KL]
Snell, Annie M. (Dolson), b. 25 Dec 1865, d. 28 Feb 1908, w/o & s/w Joseph Snell, [KL]
Snell, Joseph, b. 7 Feb 1847, d. 10 Aug 1898, [KL]
Snell, Mary (Gascoyne), b. 3 Mar 1869, d. 23 May 1947, w/o & s/w Richard P. Snell, [KL]
Snell, Richard P., b. 3 Apr 1851, d. 18 Nov 1906, [KL]
Snyder, Albert W., d. 9 Sep 1930, age: 66yr, [KL]
Snyder, Frances A. J. (Elliot), d. 2 Feb 1950, age: 85yr, w/o & s/w Albert W. Snyder, [KL]
Snyder, Gertrude C. (Hallett), b. 1895, d. 1973, w/o Oliver Snyder, [KL]
Snyder, Oliver, b. 1896, d. 1975, their son, s/w Albert W. Snyder, [KL]
South, Edwin E., b. 15 Apr 1869. d.28 May 1930, s/w Margaret E, [MW]
South, Margaret E. 'Nell'(Barker), b. 30 Apr 1871, d. 16 Apr 1961, w/o Edwin E, [MW]
South, Nelson R., b. 28 Apr 1908, d. 11 Jun 1991, h/o Wilda A, [MW]
South, Wilda A. (McKechnie), b. 5 Mar 1909, d. 16 Jul 2000, s/w & w/o Nelson R, [MW]
Steele, Lizzie (Bostwick), d. 23 Sep 1936, w/o William Steele, s/w William Steele, [KL]
Steele, William M., b. 30 Apr 1855, d. 4 Oct 1942, [KL]
Taylor, Alice Mary, d. 1 Jan 1859, age: 2yr 2mo, d/o Wm & Eliza Jane Taylor, [KL]
Taylor, Margaret Ann, d. 28 Jul 1854, age: 3yr 9mo 5da, d/o Wm & Eliza Jane Taylor, [KL]
Thompson, Mary Jane, d. ? 1844, age: 13yr 9mo, d/o Michael Thompson, s/w Michael Thompson, [KL]
Thompson, Michael, d. 26 Jun 1842, age: 38yr, [KL]
Vernon, Elizabeth, d. 1 Apr 1867, age: 77yr, s/w & w/o John Vernon, [KL]
Vernon, John, d. 21 Feb 1867, age: 76yr, [KL]
Wilcox, Mary, d. 29 Jul 1852, d/o Allen & ? Wilcox, [KL]
Wilson, Ester H., d. 12 Mar ??, children of Joseph & Martha Wilson, s/w George N. Wilson, [KL]
Wilson, George N., d. 23 Jul 18??, age: 16mo, children of Joseph & Martha Wilson, [KL]
Wilson, Sarah, d. 14 Apr 18??, age: ??y 3mo, children of Joseph & Martha Wilson, s/w George N. Wilson, [KL]

??, ??, d. 6 Oct 1852, age: 55yr, part of stone with name is missing, [KL]
??, Catherine, d. 5 Sep 1858, age: 18y 4m, w/o James ??, [KL]
??, Elizabeth, d. 12 Feb 1867, age: 73yr, w/o ?? ??, s/w ?? ??, [KL]
Cr????rd, George E., d. 14 Jun 1860, age: 3y 9m, their son, s/w William Cr????rd, [KL]
Cr????rd, William, d. 30 Mar 18??, age: 22y 7m, [KL]
H???son, Elizabeth, d. 31 Dec 1838, age: 71yr, [KL]
Ma????, Henry, d. 9 Dec 1863, age: 73yr, [KL]
Ma????, Margaret, d. 9 Oct 1865, age: ?yr, w/o Henry Ma????, s/w Henry Ma????, [KL]

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