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Holy Cross Parish Churchyard
Ryton, Durham, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 30.

Contributor's Index:

Gibson, Jane, bur. 15 Apr 1790, d/of Edward of Winlaton
Gibson, Martha, bur. 11 Dec 1759, w/of Thomas of Chopwell West
Robson, Alice, bur. 23 Mar 1783, d/of John of Winlaton
Robson, Ann, bur. 27 Nov 1783, d/of John of Basehouses
Robson, Ann, bur. 8 Mar 1749, d/of Thomas
Robson, Edward, bur. 16 Oct 1791, s/of George of Barlow
Robson, Eleanor, bur. 25 Apr 1778, w/of William
Robson, Elizabeth, bur. 23 Oct 1793, w/of John of Derwent
Robson, Gordon, bur. 8 Jun 1792 of Bymoor
Robson, Hannah, bur. 9 Jun 1775, d/of Thomas Of Thorn
Robson, Isaac, bur. 18 May 1776 of Winlaton
Robson, Jane, bur. 2 Oct 1791, d/of Richard of Winlaton
Robson, Jane, bur. 24 May 1776, w/of William of Winlaton
Robson, John, bur. 10 Aug 1776, s/of Joseph of Rumhead
Robson, John, bur. 2 Jan 1748 of Winlaton, No Age Given
Robson, John, bur. 22 Aug 1793, s/of John of Winlaton
Robson, John, bur. 30 Jan 1780, s/of Bartrum of Blaydon
Robson, John, bur. 8 Oct 1786, s/of Michael of Stella
Robson, John, bur. Jan 1758 of Greenside Row
Robson, Joseph, bur. 2 May 1764, s/of John of Winlaton
Robson, Joseph, bur. 25 Nov 1763, s/of William of Cadgerway
Robson, Joseph, bur. 30 May 1780 of Stella
Robson, Joseph, bur. 7 Sep 1777 of Crawcrook
Robson, Mabel, bur. 15 Dec 1785, d/of Joseph of Winlaton
Robson, Robert, bur. 1 Aug 1788, s/of George of Greenside
Robson, Robert, bur. 3 Jan 1779 of Winlaton
Robson, William, bur. 23 Aug 1787 of Winlaton
Robson, William, bur. 30 Sep 1783, s/of Bartholomew of Blaydon
Robson, William, bur. 6 Nov 1793, s/of John of Winlaton
Robson, Elizabeth, bur. 22 Jan 1777, w/of Joseph of Rumhead


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