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Saint Mary Churchyard
Coxhoe, Durham, England

Church St, Coxhoe, Durham England
OS Map 93 Grid reference NZ320358

Contact: Reverend JM Cooke the Vicarage: Coxhoe

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 148.

Contributor's Index:

??, Bertha Louisa, d. 22 Oct 1907, age: 12 yrs, [DO]
??, Elmin, d. 24 Feb 1917, age: 68y, [DO]
Allison,John, d. 29 Sep 1930,age 29y, [DO]
Applegarth, George, d. 16 Jun 1909, age: 69y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Applegarth, Sarah, d. 19 Jun 1910, age: 70y, w/of George, [DO]
Avery, Sydney, d. 31 Jan 1915, age: 3yrs 3mnths, s/of Joseph & Sarah Hannah, [DO]
Bateson,William Joseph, d. 28 Feb 1947,age 29y, [DO]
Bell, Agnes, d. 25 Dec 1892, age: 16y, d/of Joseph & Elizabeth, [DO]
Bell, Dorothy, d. 18 May 1905, age: 68y, w/of William, [DO]
Bell, Elizabeth, d. 24 Jan 1932, age: 81y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Bell, Hannah, d. 23 Nov 1870, age: 11mnths, d/of Joseph & Elizabeth, [DO]
Bell, Joseph, d. 15 Oct 1914, age: 65y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Bell, William, d. 23 Jan 1923, age: 84y, h/of Dorothy, [DO]
Bowerbank, Benjamin, d. 5 Feb 1904, age: 46y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Bowerbank, Sarah, d. 28 Oct 1907, age: 51y, w/of Benjamin, [DO]
Broom,Keith, d. 9 Sep 1970,age 31y, [DO]
Bruce, Ann, d. 30 Sep 1918, age: 42y, w/of John James, [DO]
Calvert, Anthony, d. 6 Jun 1905, of Quarrington Hill, age: 70y, [DO]
Calvert, Elizabeth, d. 2 Mar 1911, age: 83y, [DO]
Calvert, Jane Ann, b. 1796, d 10 Mar 1876, w/o William Calvert, [GC]
Calvert, William, b. 23 Mar 1793, d 24 Jul 1873, h/o Jane Ann, [GC]
Carlin, Christopher Walker, d. 24 Oct 1920, age: 62y, [DO]
Carlin, Christopher Walker, d. 31 Jul 1915, KIA France, age: 23y, s/of Christopher Walker Carlin & Mary, [DO]
Carlin, Robert Ernest, d. 25 Jun 1909 Bowburn Colliery age: 13y, s/of Christopher Walker Carlin & Mary, [DO]
Chrisop, Dorothy, b. 1851, d 1907, w/of John, [DO]
Chrisop, John, d. 27 Oct 1928, age: 76y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Cooper, Joseph, d. 28 May 1906, age: 58y, h/of Caroline, [DO]
Cowings,William, d. 30 May 1932,age 58y, [DO]
Cowling, Mary Jane, d. 24 Dec 1916, age: 34y, w/of William, [DO]
Dacres, Nellie, d. 20 Jan 1922, age: 2yrs 5 months, d/of John & Mary Ann, [DO]
Davison, Margaret, d. 9 Feb 1929, age: 88y, [DO]
Davison, William, d. 30 Apr 1906, age: 68y, [DO]
Dawson, Maria Elizabeth, d. 4 Sep 193...., [DO]
Dawson, Thomas, d. 15 Mar 19....., [DO]
Dee, John Robert, no dates, [DO]
Dixon,George Henry, d. 30 Jul 1929,age 17y, [DO]
Dobbinson, Edwin, d. 9 Jun 1906, age: 35y, Accidently Killed At East Hetton Colliery, h/of Christina, [DO]
Dowdle, Ann, d. 2 Mar 1917, age: 87y, [DO]
Dowdle, Margaret, d. 25 Apr 1905, age: 40y, [DO]
Dowdle, William, d. 15 Jul 1902, Tusdale, age: 72y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Dunn, William, d. 28 Mar 1997, age: 87y, [DO]
Eggleston, Angus, d. 25 Mar 1953, age: 90y, h/of Jane, [DO]
Eggleston, Ethel, d. 29 May 1971, w/of John T, [DO]
Eggleston, Jane, d. 21 Aug 1941, age: 75y, w/of Angus, [DO]
Eggleston, John T, d. 25 Dec 1943, age: 57y, h/of Ethel, [DO]
Eggleston, Norah, d. 2 May 1935, age: 27y, d/of John T & Ethel, [DO]
Eggleston, Ronald, d. 11 Apr 1932, age: 5 anf Half yrs s/of John T & Ethel, [DO]
Elliott, Thomas, d. 17 Nov 1909, age: 36y, h/of Frances Isabel, [DO]
Errington, Annie, d. 16 Nov 1910, age: 34y, d/of Charles, [DO]
Errington, Charles, d. 6 Feb 1911 Bowburn, age: 65y, [DO]
Etherington, Annie, d. 15 May 1962, age: 83y, [DO]
Etherington, Eve, d. 19 May 1979, age: 48y, [DO]
Etherington, George W, d. 2 Mar 1974, age: 95y, [DO]
Etherington, William A, d. 31 Oct 1987, age: 77y, [DO]
Fleetham, Ann, d. 4 Apr 1959, age: 80y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Fleetham, Elizabeth Ann (Carr), d. 22 Nov 1883, age: 34y, w/of George Robert, [DO]
Fleetham, George Robert, b. 1846, d 15 Sep 1889, age: 42y, Accidently Killed at Tursdale Colliery, s/of Thomas & Mary, h/of Elizabeth Ann, [DO]
Fleetham, Jean, b. 27 Apr 1927, d 1 Sep 1944, at Bowburn, age: 17y, d/of Johnson Carr Fleetham And Margaret Frances, [DO]
Fleetham, Robert, d. 17 Apr 1922, age: 48y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Fleetham, Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1877, d. in infancy, d/of George Robert & Elizabeth Ann, [DO]
Forster, Edith, d. ???, d/of Hugh & Elizabeth, [DO]
Forster, Hilda, d. 29 Aug 1893, age: 9 Mnths, d/of Hugh & Elizabeth, [DO]
Forster, John James, d. 29 Aug 1893, age: 9 mnths, s/of Hugh & Elizabeth, [DO]
Gowland, Sarah, d. 7 Feb 1915, age: 31y, w/of George, [DO]
Halliday, Herman, d. 12 Apr 1909 Bowburn, age: 53y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Harker, Thomas, d. 14 Jan 1917, bowburn, age: 35y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Hewison, Henry, d. 19 Aug 1893, age: 1yr, s/of Richard & Sarah, [DO]
Hewison, Maria, d. 11 Jun 1894, age: 9 Mnths, d/of Richard & Sarah, [DO]
Hewison, Richard, d. 17 Jul 1905, age: 21y, s/of Richard & Sarah, [DO]
Hewison, Sarah, d. 4 Sep 1906, age: 50y, w/of Richard, [DO]
Hewison,Richard, d. 21 Jul 1944,age 45y, [DO]
Hope, Matthew R, d. 7 Aug 1904, age: 32y, [DO]
Hope, Thomas Hewitson Senior, d. in infancy, [DO]
House, Joseph Sothern, d. 21 May 1923, age: 31y, [DO]
Howard, Mary, d. 24 Jan 1917, age: 14mnths, d/of David & Gladys M, [DO]
Hutchinson, Edith Margaret, d. 31 Jul 1972, age: 82y, [DO]
Hutchinson, Henry, d. 16 Jun 1945, bur. 21 Jun 1945, age: 71y, h/of Catherine (Kate), [DO]
Hutchinson, Henry, d. 8 Aug 1951, age: 58y, h/of Margaret D, [DO]
Hutchinson, Jim, d. 4 Dec 1989, age: 71y, [DO]
Hutchinson, Kate, b. 20 Aug 1877, Fishburn, d 23 Jan 1955, bur. 26 Jan 1955, age: 77y, d/of Mark & Elizabeth Ann Walker, w/of Henry, [DO]
Hutchinson, Margaret D, d. 26 Oct 1971, age: 69y, w/of Henry, [DO]
Hutchinson, Thomas, d. 31 May 1961, age: 73y, [DO]
Irwin, Hannah, d. 13 Jun 1944, age: 61y, [DO]
Iseton, Hannah, d. 22 Jan 1938, age: 76y, [DO]
Iseton, Selina, d. 18 Feb 1902, age: 2 y, d/of W & H Iseton, [DO]
Iseton, W, d. 17 Mar 1926, age: 68y, [DO]
Iseton.Lily Emma, d. 3 Jun 1903, age: 12y, d/of W & H Iseton, [DO]
Kelly, Hannah, d. 4 Jun 1914, age: 67y, w/of James, [DO]
Lawson, Mary Ellen, d. in infancy, d/of Robert, [DO]
Lawson, Matthew, d. 23 Oct 1892, age: 32y, [DO]
Lawson, Robert, d. 12 Feb 1904, Tursdale Colliery age: 42y, s/of Frank & Dorothy, [DO]
Leng, Robert Henry Atkinson, d. 4 Apr 1920, age: 5 Mnths, s/of Henry & Edith, [DO]
Liddle, Margaret, d. 28 Dec 1926, age: 84y, [DO]
Liddle, Thomas, d. 23 Aug 1909, Coxhoe, age: 76y, [DO]
Lindsay, Mary Jane, d. 24 Nov 1915, age: 78y, w/of John, [DO]
Marwood, Lizzie, d. 4 Jan 1899, [DO]
Matson, Annie, d. 9 Aug 1...., age: 54y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Matson, Thomas, d. 15 Oct 1910, age: 69y, [DO]
Morcom, Alice Jane, d. 21 Jun 1888, age: 8 yrs 10 mnths, d/of Matthew & Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Morcom, Charles, d. 22 Feb 1893, age: 5 Mnths, s/of Matthew & Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Morcom, Dora, d. in infancy, d/of Matthew & Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Morcom, Elizabeth, d. 5 Sep 1896, age: 7 Mnths, d/of Matthew & Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Morcom, Mary Elizabeth, d. 5 Nov 1932, age: 72y, w/of Matthew, [DO]
Morcom, Matthew John, d. 6 Feb 1899, age: 5 Yrs, s/of Matthew & Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Morcom, Matthew, d. 1 May 1903, age: 48y, h/of Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Nobbs,William, d. 9 Aug 1934,age 16y, [DO]
Price, John, d. 18 Jun 1907, age: 76y, [DO]
Robinson,Joseph, d. 15 Jun 1934,age 49y, [DO]
Robinson,Thomas, d. 11 Feb 1946,age 59y, [DO]
Robson, Mary Ann, d. 12 May 1921, age: 75y, [DO]
Roxby, Thomas Henry, d. 3 Nov 1916, Germany, age: 27yrs, s/of Thomas Henry & Jemima, [DO]
Rutter,William, d. 17 Feb 1936,age 32y, [DO]
Sanderson, Sarah, d. 21 Oct 1919, age: 77y, [DO]
Sanderson, Sarah, d. 28 Nov 1925, age: 96y, [DO]
Scorer, John, b. 8 May 1876, d. 7 Jan 1946, bur. 10 Jan 1946, age: 69y, h/of Mary Elizabeth, [DO]
Scorer, Mary Elizabeth (Ord), b. 23 Nov 1876, d14 Jan 1961, bur. 17 Jan 1961, age: 84y, w/of John, [DO]
Scott,Walter, d. 16 Jul 1928,age 48y, [DO]
Shotton, Annie Mary, d. 27 Jan 1897, age: 21y, w/of John, [DO]
Shotton, Elizabeth, d. 30 Apr 1903, age: 28y, d/of Robert & Emma, [DO]
Shotton, Elizabeth, d. 4 Oct 1906, age: 2 y, d/of John & Sarah Ann, [DO]
Shotton, Emma, d. 1 Dec 1910, age: 62y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Shotton, Jane, d. 6 Dec 1880, age: 9 y, d/of Robert & Emma, [DO]
Shotton, Joseph, d. in infancy S/of Robert & Emma, [DO]
Shotton, Robert, d. 26 Apr 1883, age: 3yrs, s/of Robert & Emma, [DO]
Shotton, Robert, d. 7 Dec 1913, age: 69y, h/of Emma, [DO]
Shotton, Samuel, d. In Infancy, s/of Robert & Emma, [DO]
Smith, Elizabeth Cusson, d. 18 Nov 1902, age: 29y, w/of Ernest, [DO]
Soar, Thomas Henry, d. 9 Apr 1916, age: 37y, h/of Lily, [DO]
Sowerby, J W, d. 21 Feb 1955, [DO]
Sowerby, Mary, d. 8 Aug 1940, w/of JW, [DO]
Stott, David, d. 17 Aug 1922, age: 40y, [DO]
Swinbank, George, d. 5 Sep 1939, age: 22y, accidently killed at East Hetton Colliery, s/of George & Emily, [DO]
Swinbank,George, d. 5 Sep 1922,age 22y, [DO]
Swinton, Jane, d. 3 Feb 1914, age: 55y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Thubron, Edward, d. 20 Jun 1938, age: 30y, h/of Florence, [DO]
Thubron, Henry, d. 22 Jul 1902, age: 69y, h/of Jane, [DO]
Walker, Charlotte, d. Dec 1943, age: 89y, [DO]
Walker, Frederick, d. 8 Feb 1951, age: 77y, h/of Sophia Annie, [DO]
Walker, William A, d. Feb 1944, age: 69y, [DO]
West, Alfred Gordon, d. 31 May 1967, age: 72y, h/of Mary, [DO]
West, Mary, d. 12 Jul 1993, age: 96y, w/of Alfred Gordon, [DO]
White, Charles Gordon, d. 3 Jun 1918, age: 28y,, KIA, [DO]
White, Thomas Urwin, d. 9 Jan 1904, age: 8y, s/of Thomas & Sarah, [DO]
White, Thomas, d. 31 Apr 1899, age: 48y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Wilkinson, Margaret, d. 30 Mar 1908, age: 44y, w/of William Of Hare Law, [DO]
Wilson, Rachel, d. 26 Nov 1918, age: 31y, w/of Wiliam, [DO]
Winwood, George, d. 3 Jan 1907, age: 80y, h/of Susannah, [DO]
Winwood, Susannah, d. 3 May 1898, age: 62y, w/of George, [DO]


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