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Donington Old Cemetery
Donington, Lincolnshire County, England

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Aitken, David, d. 14 Dec 1992, age 73 yrs, [SC]
Albans, William Percy, d. 12 Feb 1989, age 61 yrs, [SC]
Almond, Annie Elizabeth, d. 28 Jul 1925, age 65 yrs, s/w Edwin Almond, [SC]
Almond, Charles Henry, d. 26 Jan 1957, age 71yrs, s/w Ethel Almond, [SC]
Almond, Edwin, d. 28 Sep 190, age 81 yrs, s/w Annie Elizabeth Almond, [SC]
Almond, Ethel, d. May 1976, age 90 yrs, s/w Charles Henry Almond, [SC]
Armstrong, Cicely Ann, d. 16 Nov 19?1, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w John William Armstrong, m/o and s/w John Frederick Casswell Armstrong, [SC]
Armstrong, Enid Mary, d. 1 Oct 1995, age 80 yrs, [SC]
Armstrong, Jeffery Howard, d. 5 Nov 1985, age 60 yrs, [SC]
Armstrong, John Frederick Casswell, d. 2 Feb 1986, age 68 yrs, Eldest s/o and s/w John William and Cicely Ann Armstrong, [SC]
Armstrong, John William, d. 10 Aug 1945, age 58 yrs, h/o and s/w Cicely Ann Armstrong, f/o and s/w John Frederick Casswell Armstrong, [SC]
Armstrong, Robert Bruce, d. 24 Sep 2002, age 74 yrs, [SC]
Asplen, Alison, d. 26 Apr 1960, age 8 mths, [SC]
Asplen, Evelyn Clara, d. 4 Sep 1995, age 90 yrs, s/w Herbert Edward Asplen, [SC]
Asplen, Herbert Edward, d. 27 Feb 1964, age 60 yrs, s/w Evelyn Clara Asplen, [SC]
Atkinson, Elizabeth Ann, d. 13 ??? 1955, age ?3 yrs, s/w John William Atkinson, [SC]
Atkinson, John William, d. 11 Mar 1944, age 87 yrs, s/w Elizabeth Ann Atkinson, [SC]
Atwell, Frances Elizabeth, d. Mar 1969, [SC]
Atwell, Walter, d. May 1979, [SC]
Austen, Janet, d. 2 Mar 2007, age 57 yrs, [SC]
Bailey, Edward John, d. 22 Oct 1972, s/w Kate Bailey, [SC]
Bailey, Kate, d. 27 Oct 1966, age 82 yrs, s/w Edward John Bailey, [SC]
Bailey, Les, b. 28 Sep 1912, d. 15 Dec 1996, 'Rest in peace Dad Pat, Allan and family', [SC]
Bald, Ian, d. 20 Dec 2000, 'f/o Ian, Alister, Carolyne, Christopher, Nicholas and Linda', [SC]
Balderson, Alice, d. 29 Apr 1975, s/w Olive Mary Balderson, [SC]
Balderson, Olive Mary, d. 15 Jun 1972, s/w Alice Balderson, [SC]
Baldwin, Arthur Edward, d. 13 Feb 1974, age 55 yrs, [SC]
Baldwin, Arthur Ernest, d. 13 Jan 1962, age 83 yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Baldwin, [SC]
Baldwin, Elizabeth, d. 31 Dec 1973, age 83 yrs, w/o and s/w Arthur Ernest Baldwin, [SC]
Baldwin, Frank Thorlby, d. 20 Apr 2002, age 81 yrs, [SC]
Baldwin, Margaret Evelyn, d. 24 Mar 1997, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Banister, Fred, d. 21 Dec 1910, age 49 yrs, h/o an s/w Mary Ann Banister, [SC]
Banister, George A., (no date), [SC]
Banister, Mary Ann, d. 11 Oct 1910, age 51 yrs, w/o and s/w Fred Banister, [SC]
Bar?on, Leonard, d. Feb 1986, s/w Olive May Bar?on, [SC]
Bar?on, Olive May, d. Oct 97?, s/w Leonard Bar?on, [SC]
Barks, Harold, b. 1910, d. 1996, [SC]
Barks, Sheila Mary, b. 1940, d. 2004, [SC]
Barnsdale, Annie Mary, d. 7 Jul 1958, age 93 yrs, w/o and s/w George Barnsdale, [SC]
Barnsdale, Arthur Favell, d. 25 May 1970, age 66 yrs, s/o and s/w David and Mary Barnsdale, [SC]
Barnsdale, David, d. 4 Aug 1931, age 91 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Barnsdale, [SC]
Barnsdale, David, d. 5 Feb 1933, age 82 yrs, s/w Mary Barnsdale, f/o and s/w Arthur Favell Barnsdale, [SC]
Barnsdale, George, d. 4 Jun 193?, age 74 yrs, h/o and s/w Annie Mary Barnsdale, [SC]
Barnsdale, Jane, d. 26 May 1928, age 63 yrs, [SC]
Barnsdale, John, d. Jun 1929, [SC]
Barnsdale, Mary, d. 12 Apr 194?, age ?7 yrs, s/w David Barnsdale, m/o and s/w Arthur Favell Barnsdale, [SC]
Barnsdale, Mary, d. 19 Nov 1913, age 75 yrs, w/o and s/w David Barnsdale, [SC]
Barton, Alice Ann, d. 20 Sep 1903, age 59 yrs, [SC]
Barton, George, d. 17 Feb 1929, age 71 yrs, [SC]
Barton, Mary M. M., d. 20 Nov 1921, age 21 yrs, [SC]
Bartram, John Johnson, d. Oct 1919, age 74 yrs, [SC]
Baxter, Elizabeth, d. 15 Oct 1915, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w Thomas Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Hannah, d. 21 Jun 1914, age 63 yrs, w/o and s/w Wright Baxter, m/o and s/w William Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Harry, (no date), [SC]
Baxter, John, d. 28 May 1918, age 58 yrs, s/w Martha Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Martha, d. 14 Jun 1933, age 75 yrs, s/w John Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Mary Ellen, d. 29 Oct 1946, age 56 yrs, w/o and s/w Wright Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Thomas, d. 27 Jul 1910, age 69 yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, William, d. 14 Jul 1913, age 32 yrs, s/o and s/w Wright and Hannah Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Wright, d. 22 Jan 1913, age 56 yrs, h/o and s/w Hannah Baxter, f/o and s/w William Baxter, [SC]
Baxter, Wright, d. 5 Apr 1948, age 6? Yrs, [SC]
Bealby, Edith Mary, d. 9 Nov 1945, age 76 yrs, s/w Frederick James and Grace Bealby, [SC]
Bealby, Frederick James, d. 8 Jun 1938, age 77 yrs, s/w Edith Mary and Grace Bealby, [SC]
Bealby, Grace, d. 7 Oct 1968, age 67 yrs, s/w Frederick James and Edith Mary Bealby, [SC]
Bedford, James, d. 1 Jun 1915, age 50 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Ann Bedford, [SC]
Bedford, Mary Ann, d. 9 Aug 194?, age 72 yrs, [SC]
Belcher, Emily, d.19 Apr 1988, [SC]
Belcher, Samuel Frederick, d. 13 Nov 1997, age 64 yrs, [SC]
Benton, Mabel, d. 19 Mar 1981, age 72 yrs, s/w Richard Benton, [SC]
Benton, Richard, d. 6 Nov 1989, age 82 yrs, Nickname. Dick, s/w Mabel Benton, [SC]
Berridge, Derrick William, d. 11 Mar 1991, age 62 yrs, s/w William Henry and Nellie Mary Berridge, [SC]
Berridge, Nellie Mary, d. 7 Jun 1961, age 64 yrs, w/o and s/w William Henry Berridge, s/w Derrick William Berridge, [SC]
Berridge, Thomas, d. 7 May 1907, age 74 yrs,, [SC]
Berridge, William Henry, d. 23 Oct 1942, age 47 yrs, h/o and s/w Nellie Mary Berridge, s/w Derrick William Berridge, [SC]
Betts, Florence, d. 6 Dec 1939, age 75 yrs, s/w Marjorie Wilkinson Betts and George Frederick Betts, [SC]
Betts, George Arthur, d. d. 8 Dec 1989, age 74yrs, [SC]
Betts, George Frederick, d. 20 Dec 1939, age 64 yrs, s/w Marjorie Wilkinson Betts and Florence Betts, [SC]
Betts, Marjorie Wilkinson, d. 11 Mar 1939, age 18 yrs, s/w Florence and George Frederick Betts, [SC]
Betts, Marjory Dora, d. 1 May 2007, age 84 yrs, [SC]
Bevan, Doris Naomi, d. 17 Apr 1995, age 81 yrs, s/w Ronald Bevan, [SC]
Bevan, Ronald, d. 29 Oct 1978, age 70 yrs, s/w Doris Naomi Bevan, [SC]
Blackwell, Harry William, d. 18 Aug 1947, age 56 yrs, f/o and s/w Florence Ruth Clark, [SC]
Blackwell, Herbert James, d. 3 May 19?8, age 64 yrs, s/w Mollie Enderby and Maud Beatrice ??, [SC]
Blades, George, d. 6 Dc 1932, age 82 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Blades, [SC]
Blades, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1942, age 85 yrs, w/o and s/w George Blades, [SC]
Bland, Tony, d. 13 Sep 2004, age 71 yrs, [SC]
Blurton, Ellen, d. 10 Dec 1954, age 79 yrs, s/w Emily Goodacre, [SC]
Bocking, Pauline Mary, d. 18 Jun 1996, age 64 yrs, s/w Peter Bocking, [SC]
Bocking, Peter, d. 28 Oct 2004, age 78 yrs, s/w Pauline Mary Bocking, [SC]
Booth, Harold, d. 6 Jul 1948, age 56 yrs, h/o and s/w May Lavinia Booth, s/w Graham Charles Weston, [SC]
Booth, May Lavinia, d. 13 Sep 1974, age 80 yrs, w/o and s/w Harold Booth, s/w Graham Charles Weston, [SC]
Borrett, Terry, d. 19 Mar 1992, age 47 yrs, [SC]
Bosnell, Minnie, d. Aug 1986, w/o and s/w Thomas Bosnell, [SC]
Bosnell, Thomas, d. 4 Oct 1988, age 75 yrs, h/o and s/w Minnie Bosnell, [SC]
Bowcock, John Henry, (no date on memorial), [SC]
Bowden, Albert Tom, d. 4 Sep 1941, age 63 yrs, [SC]
Bowden, Hilda, d 31 Aug 2001, age 92 yrs, s/w Thomas Walter Bowden, [SC]
Bowden, Thomas Walter, d. 7 Jul 1943, age 43 yrs, s/w Hilda Bowden, [SC]
Brewster, W. G., d. 196?, [SC]
Bright, Wilfred Leslie, d. 1976, age 52 yrs, [SC]
Brighton, Fanny, d. 8 May 1974, age 94 yrs, [SC]
Bristow Eliza Ann, d. 19??, s/w George Bristow, [SC]
Bristow, George, d. 30 Oct 1952, age 78 yrs, s/w Eliza Ann Bristow, [SC]
Bristow, Harry, d. 6 Jan 1958, s/w ?? ??, [SC]
Bristow, Shirley Ann, d. 13 Mar 1999, age 59 yrs, 'Love Terry, Ann, Craig, Paul, Dean, Neil, Elaine, Mark and Amanda', [SC]
Broughton, Mary Ann, d. 16 Jun 1902, age 85 yrs, [SC]
Brown, Alfred Aubrey, d. 4 Dec 1979, age 78 yrs, s/w Constance Evelyn Brown, [SC]
Brown, Alfred, d. 27 Feb 1954, age 87 yrs, h/o and s/w Kate Brown, [SC]
Brown, Arthur Charles, d. 27 Feb 1998, age 86 yrs, s/w Kathleen Mary Brown, [SC]
Brown, Arthur, d. 22 Feb 1968, age 83 yrs, [SC]
Brown, Constance Evelyn, d. 3 Mar 1986, age 83 yrs, s/w Alfred Aubrey Brown, [SC]
Brown, Eliza, d. 11 Apr 1905, age 22 yrs, Youngest d/o John G. and Elizabeth Brown, [SC]
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 27 Aug 1934, age 89 yrs, w/o and s/w John George Brown, [SC]
Brown, Florence N., d. 25 Oct 1993, [SC]
Brown, G. R., Nickname Jim, [SC]
Brown, John George, d. 15 Feb 1929, h/o Lucy Elizabeth Brown, [SC]
Brown, John George, d. 19 Jul 1910, age 68 yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Brown, [SC]
Brown, Kate, d. 21 Jul 1960, age 83 yrs, w/o and s/w Alfred Brown, [SC]
Brown, Kathleen Mary, d. 19 Mar 1996, age 82 yrs, s/w Arthur Charles Brown, [SC]
Brown, Mabel Annie, d. 26 Jan 1963, age 77 yrs, [SC]
Brown, Phyllis, d. 24 Jun 1991, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Brown, Susannah, d. 6 Oct 1968, age 74 yrs, s/w Thomas Charles Brown, [SC]
Brown, Thomas Charles, d. 1 Oct 1951, age 64 yrs, s/w Susannah Brown, [SC]
Burdall, Elsie Maud, d. 18 Jun 1990, age 83 yrs, s/w William Arthur Burdall, [SC]
Burdall, Joan, d. 27 Oct 1985, age 45 yrs, [SC]
Burdall, William Arthur, d. 2 Jun 1973, age 69 yrs, s/w Elsie Maud Burdall, [SC]
Burgess, Amelia, d. Nov 1958, age 70 yrs, s/w Thomas Henry Burgess, [SC]
Burgess, Thomas Henry, d. 16 Ju? 1947, s/w Amelia Burgess, [SC]
Burnham, Julian Neil, d. 17 Jan 1967, age 19 mths, s/w Lorraine Janice Simpson, [SC]
Burns, Mary, d. 2 Jun 1930, age 82 yrs, s/w William Burns, [SC]
Burns, William, d. 24 Feb 1912, age 63 yrs, s/w Mary C. Burns, [SC]
Burrell, Mary Ann, d. 27 May 1921, age 58 yrs, w/o and s/w Robert Burrell, [SC]
Burrell, Robert, d. 11 Sep 1935, age 76 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Ann Burrell, [SC]
Burrows, Harry, d. 18 Aug 1988, age 63 yrs, [SC]
Burton, Arthur, d. 22 Feb 1959, age 78 yrs, h/o and s/w Martha Hannah Burton, [SC]
Burton, Enoch John, d. 11 Sep 1916, age 64 yrs, h/o and s/w Maria Burton, [SC]
Burton, Gladys, d. 22 Sep 1953, age 54 yrs, [SC]
Burton, Maria, d. 5 Mar 1953, age 101 yrs, w/o and s/w Enoch John Burton, [SC]
Burton, Martha Hannah, d. 8 May 1920, age 37 yrs, w/o and s/w Arthur Burton, [SC]
Busley, Ada Mary, d. 29 Nov 1978(?), s/w Arthur Edward Busley, [SC]
Busley, Arthur Edward, d. 2 Sep 1960, age 76 yrs, s/w Ada Mary Busley, [SC]
Busley, Doris, d. 26 Aug 1948, age 40 yrs, [SC]
Busley, Samuel, d. 1 Jan 1965, age 57 yrs, [SC]
Camplin, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jul 1984, age 70 yrs, [SC]
Camplin, John William, d. 25 Oct 1980, age 78 yrs, h/o and s/w Olive Camplin, [SC]
Camplin, Olive, d. 10 May 1955, age 53 yrs, w/o and s/w John William Camplin, [SC]
Casswell, William Richard, d. 25 Dec 1953, age 4? Yrs, [SC]
Cave, ?orne, d. Jan 1965, s/w William Cave, [SC]
Cave, George William, d. Sep 1961, age 38 yrs, [SC]
Cave, William, d. 9 Oct 19?0, age 70 yrs, S/ ?orne Cave, [SC]
Cawdron, Eliza, d. 31 Aug 1912, age 80 yrs, w/o and s/w William Cawdron, [SC]
Cawdron, William, d. 10 Apr 1904, age 69 yrs, h/o and s/w Eliza Cawdron, [SC]
Chapman, Annie, d. 26 Feb 1981, age 71 yrs, d/o and s/w Fanny and Edward Chapman, Sister-in-law of and s/w Jim Clark, s/o and s/w Gladys Mary Clark, [SC]
Chapman, Doris, d. 3 Jan 2000, age 79 yrs, w/o and s/w Harry Arthur Chapman, [SC]
Chapman, Edward, d. 1 Jul 1960, age 80yrs, h/o and s/w Fanny Chapman, f/o and s/w Annie Chapman and Gladys Mary Clark, Father-in-law of and s/w Jim Clark, [SC]
Chapman, Eric, d. 14 Oct 1944, age 28 yrs, 'L/Cpl, Killed in action, Interred in the British Cemetery at Mook, Holland, s/o and s/w Richard William and Kate Chapman, [SC]
Chapman, Fanny, d. 18 Jun 1958, age 84 yrs, w/o and s/w Edward Chapman, m/o and s/w Annie Chapman and Gladys Mary Clark, Mother-in-law of and s/w Jim Clark, [SC]
Chapman, Harry Arthur, d. 7 Dec 1985, age 61 yrs, h/o and s/w Doris Georgina Chapman, [SC]
Chapman, Joseph Morris, d. 17 May 2000, age 62 yrs, [SC]
Chapman, Kate, d. 11 Nov 1965, age 83 yrs, w/o and s/w Richard William Chapman, m/o and s/w Eric Chapman, [SC]
Chapman, Richard William, d. 29 Apr 1940, age 55 yrs, h/o and s/w Kate Chapman, f/o and s/w Eric Chapman, [SC]
Cherrington, ?? Maria, d. May 1917, age 75 yrs, s/w Charles Henry and Alexandra Cherrington, [SC]
Cherrington, Alexandra, d. 20 Oct 1946, age 82 yrs, s/w ?? Maria and Charles Henry Cherrington, [SC]
Cherrington, Charles Henry, d. 28 ??? 1921, age 82 yrs, s/w ?? Maria and Alexandra Cherrington, [SC]
Clare, Emily, d. 10 Apr 1976(?), age 77 yrs, [SC]
Clare, Walter, d. 15 Feb 1995, age 98 yrs, [SC]
Clark, Charlotte, d. 13 Feb 1961, age 69 yrs, h/o and s/w John Clark, [SC]
Clark, Florence Ruth (Blackwell), d. 20 Nov 1977, age 62 yrs d/o and s/w Harry William Blackwell, [SC]
Clark, Gladys Mary (Chapman), d. 26 Jul 2000, age 92 yrs, Do and s/w Edward and Fanny Chapman, w/o and s/w Jim Clark, s/o and s/w Annie Chapman, [SC]
Clark, Gwendoline Martha, d. 1983, age ?7 yrs, w/o and s/w James Bart??m Clark, [SC]
Clark, James Bart??m, d. ?3 May 1974, h/o and s/w Gwendoline Martha Clark, [SC]
Clark, Jim, d. 27 Aug 1988, age 83 yrs, h/o and s/w Gladys Mary Clark, Son-in-law of and s/w Edward and Fanny Chapman, Brother-in-law of and s/w Annie Chapman, [SC]
Clark, John, d. 30 Aug 1952, age 63 yrs, h/o and s/w Charlotte Clark, [SC]
Clark, John, d. 9 Feb 1999, age 85 yrs, Nickname Jack, [SC]
Clark, Sophia, d. 15 Oct 1944, age 76 yrs, m/o and s/w Emma ??y, [SC]
Clarke, Edith, d. Dec 1??, age 66 yrs, s/w Stewart Clarke, [SC]
Clarke, Kathleen, d. 20 Jun 1995, age 74 yrs, Nickname. Kit, [SC]
Clarke, Kenneth, d. 23 Jun 1987, age 71 yrs, [SC]
Clarke, Lizzie, d. 1 Jul 1938, age 81 yrs, w/o and s/w William Alfred Clarke, [SC]
Clarke, Stewart, d. 21 Feb 1956, age 6? Yrs, s/w Edith Clarke, [SC]
Clarke, William Alfred, d. 10 Dec 1915, age 58 yrs, h/o and s/w Lizzie Clarke, [SC]
Clarkson, Cyril James, b. 5 Jun 1926, d. 13 Jul 1997, Nickname. Lol, s/w H. E. J. Clarkson, [SC]
Clarkson, Elizabeth, d. 30 Nov 1936, [SC]
Clarkson, H. E. J., d. 5 Nov 1985, age 84 yrs, Nickname. Jim, s/w Cyril James Clarkson, [SC]
Clarkson, John Frederick, d. 24 Dec 1969, age ?8 yrs, s/w Phyllis Mabel Clarkson, [SC]
Clarkson, Phyllis Mabel, s/w John Fredrick Clarkson, [SC]
Clay, Bertie, d. 11 Aug 1968, age 75 yrs, s/w Ethel Clay, [SC]
Clay, Ethel, d. 2? Sep 1951, s/w Bertie Clay, [SC]
Clay, Harold Bert, d. 6 Mar 1965, age 46 yrs, [SC]
Clifton, Agnes Mary, d. 11 Jul 1967, age 75 yrs, s/w Harry and Gwendoline Clifton, [SC]
Clifton, Gwendoline, d. 8 Sep 1991, age 71 yrs, s/w Agnes Mary and Harry Clifton, [SC]
Clifton, Harry, d. 10 Apr 1981, age 90 yrs, s/w Agnes Mary and Gwendoline Clifton, [SC]
Cocks, Rosamund, d. 28 Oct 1952, age 66 yrs, w/o and s/w William Ernest Cocks, s/w William Herbert Cocks, [SC]
Cocks, William Ernest, d. 7 Feb 1921, age 38 yrs, h/o and s/w Rosamund Cocks, s/w William Herbert Cocks, [SC]
Cocks, William Herbert, d. 7 Aug 1924, age 7 yrs, s/w William Ernest and Rosamund Cocks, [SC]
Cole, Robert Stanley, b. 2 Aug 1934, d. 17 Apr 2001, Nickname Bob, [SC]
Collier, Desmond, d. 4 Nov 1987, age 22 yrs, [SC]
Collins, Annie Margaret, d. 4 Jul 1922, age 44 yrs, w/o and s/w Arthur Squire Collins, [SC]
Collins, Arthur Squires, d. 8 Feb 1924, age 43 yrs, h/o and s/w Annie Margaret Collins, [SC]
Collins, Emily, b. 24 Jan 1851, d. 12 Mar 1924, w/o and s/w James Squires Collins, [SC]
Collins, Ernest, d. 29 Jan 1936, age 52 yrs,, [SC]
Collins, James Squires, d. 27 ??? 1918, h/o and s/w Emily Collins, [SC]
Collins, Leonard, d. 5 May 1988, age 74 yrs, s/w Rosina Collins, [SC]
Collins, Rosina, d. 31 Jan 2003, age 82 yrs, s/w Leonard Collins, [SC]
Collinshaw, Annie Sarah, d. 13 Jun 1934, age 66 yrs, w/o and s/w W. E. Collinshaw, [SC]
Collinshaw, James, d.27 Feb 1910, age 33 yrs SC)
Collinshaw, W. E., d. 20 Nov 1946, age 77 yrs, h/o and s/w Annie Sarah Collinshaw, [SC]
Cook, Ada, age 82 yrs, s/w John Edward Cook, [SC]
Cook, Amelia, d. 16 Jan 1969, age 78 yrs, [SC]
Cook, Charles William, d. 19 Jan 1944, s/w Harriet Marie Cook, [SC]
Cook, Deneez, b. 1 Feb 1962, d. 8 Jun 2007
Cook, Dora, d. 28 Feb 1990, age 90 yrs, s/w William Henry Cook, [SC]
Cook, Ethel, d. 24 Jul 1974, [SC]
Cook, Harold, d. 26 Oct 1941, age 41 yrs, s/o and s/w Mary Cook and William Dowse Cook, [SC]
Cook, Harriet, d. 15 Feb 1959, s/w Charles William Cook, [SC]
Cook, John Edward, d. 23 Dec 1958, s/w Ada Cook, [SC]
Cook, John, d. 22 Dec 1955, [SC]
Cook, Joseph, d. 28 Sep 1954, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Cook, Katie Elizabeth, d 4 Jul 19?9, d/o Charles and ? Cook, [SC]
Cook, Mary E., d. 18 May 1957, age 83 yrs, [SC]
Cook, Mary, d. 27 May 1944, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w William Dowse Cook, m/o and s/w Harold Cook, [SC]
Cook, Maurice, b. Oct 1930, d. 8 Apr 1990, [SC]
Cook, Maurice, d. 31 Aug 1995, age 64 yrs, h/o and s/w Winifred Elizabeth Cook, [SC]
Cook, William Dowse, d. 6 Jul 1947, age 77 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Cook, f/o and s/w Harold Cook, [SC]
Cook, William Henry, d. 25 Jun 1953, age 56 yrs, h/o and s/w Dora Cook, [SC]
Cook, Winifred, d. 12 Apr 2004, age 71 yrs, w/o and s/w Maurice Cook, [SC]
Cooks, Emily, s/w William Cooks, [SC]
Cooks, William, d. 8 Dec 193?, s/w Emily Cooks, [SC]
Cooper, F. E., d. 10 May 1951, age 89 yrs, Nickname. Trixie, s/w Frank and William W. Cooper, [SC]
Cooper, Frank, d. 191?, age 57 yrs, B/o and s/w William W. Cooper, s/w F. E. Cooper, [SC]
Cooper, William Henry, d. ?? Mar 1927, [SC]
Cooper, William W., d. 22 Nov 1928, age 68 yrs, B/o and s/w Frank Cooper, s/w F. E. Cooper, [SC]
Cornwell, John, d. 7 Feb 1975, age 83 yrs, h/o and s/w Louisa C. Cornwell, [SC]
Cornwell, Louisa C., d. 19 May 1974, age 84 yrs, w/o and s/w John Cornwell, [SC]
Coulsey, Frederick H., d. 22 Nov 1989, age 78 yrs, [SC]
Cowdell, Annie, d. 27 Apr 2004, age 86 yrs, s/w William Cowdell, [SC]
Cowdell, William, d. 17 Jul 1982, age 74 yrs, Nickname. Bill, s/w Annie Cowdell, [SC]
Cox, Catherine, d. 29 Nov 1929, age 78 yrs, [SC]
Cox, George William, b. 25 Feb 1914, d. 4 Aug 2006, s/w Ivy Rose Cox, [SC]
Cox, Ivy Rose, b. 15 Mar 1914, d. Jul 1984, s/w George William Cox, [SC]
Crampton, James William, d. 25 Nov 1971, age 75 yrs, s/w Minnie Crampton, [SC]
Crampton, Minnie, d. 20 Feb 1976, age 89 yrs, s/w James William Crampton, [SC]
Crook, John, d. 15 Mar 1970, age 7? Yrs, [SC]
Crook, Nellie, d. 12 Jan 1973, age 7? Yrs, [SC]
Crossland, Arthur, d. 22 Dec 1924, age 37 yrs, s/w Georgina Crossland, [SC]
Crossland, Georgina, d. 26 Jul 1980, age 81 yrs, s/w Arthur Crossland, [SC]
Cunnington, Emily, d. 12 Aug 1920, age 49 yrs, w/o and s/w Thomas Cunnington, m/o and s/w Walter Daniel Cunnington, [SC]
Cunnington, Thomas Henry, d. 26 Oct 1947, age 54 yrs, [SC]
Cunnington, Thomas, d. 17 Dec 1931, age 58 yrs, h/o and s/w Emily Cunnington, f/o and s/w Walter Daniel Cunnington, [SC]
Cunnington, Walter Daniel, d. 12 Sep 1931, age 39 yrs, s/o and s/w Thomas and Emily Cunnington, [SC]
Daft, Walter, b. 27 May 1879, d. 2 Jul 1927, [SC]
Davis, Caroline Elizabeth, d. 1 Feb 1923, age 76 yrs, w/o and s/w Henry George Davis, [SC]
Davis, Henry George, b. 14 Jul 1848, d. 5 Jan 19?9, h/o and s/w Caroline Elizabeth Davis, [SC]
Dawson, Betty, d. 9 Jul 2006, age 81 yrs, [SC]
Dayes, June, d. 18 May 1995, age 61 yrs, [SC]
Dear, William, d. 23 Sep 1954, age 45 yrs, [SC]
Dickinson, Ellen, d. 20 Dec 1959, age 68 yrs, s/w Herbert Driver Dickinson, [SC]
Dickinson, Herbert Driver, d. 6 Oct 1961, age 75 yrs, s/w Ellen Dickinson, [SC]
Diver, Gilbert, b. 1916, d. 1984, s/w Lilian Diver, [SC]
Diver, Lilian, b. 1919, d. 2001, s/w Gilbert Diver, [SC]
Dods, ?am ?xon, d 10 Nov 196?, age 49 yrs, of the Corn Exchange, Mark Lane, ??ncon, Eldest s/o William and Adah Dods of Donington', [SC]
Dods, Adah, d. 18 Jan 1911, age 79 yrs, 'w/o William Dods of Donington', [SC]
Dods, Harold William, d. 18 Jun 1944(?), 'Lieut. Scots Guards, Killed by enemy action', [SC]
Dods, William, d. 26 Nov 1917, 'of this parish', 'h/o Adah Dods', [SC]
Dodson, Harriet Emma, d. 13 Apr 19?4, age 81 yrs, s/w Henry E. Williams, Louie Williams and John William Dodson, [SC]
Dodson, John William, d. 25 May 1955, age 74 yrs, s/w Henry E. Williams, Harriet Emma Dodson and Louie Williams, [SC]
Doggett, Clewin, d. 17 Dec 1968, age 78 yrs, [SC]
Doggett, Dorothy May, d. 11 May 1982, age 87 yrs, [SC]
Drinkall, Harriet, d. 27 Nov 1978, age 86 yrs, 'm/o John Thomas Drinkall, Priest', s/w Harry Drinkall, [SC]
Drinkall, Harry, d. 23 May 1967, age 76 yrs, s/w Harriet Lily Drinkall, [SC]
Drinkall, John Thomas, d. 11 Nov 1981, age 62 yrs, 'M.A., M.Ed., B.D., Ph.D, Priest', s/o Harry and Harriet Drinkall, [SC]
Drinkall, Richard Douglas, d. 3 Mar 1961, age 37 yrs, [SC]
Duma, Jaroslaw, d. 26 Aug 2001, age 76 yrs, s/o Maria and Jan of the Ukraine, [SC]
Elsam, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jul 1915, age 54 yrs, w/o and s/w James Elsam, [SC]
Elsam, James, d. 28 an 1911, age 60 yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Elsam, [SC]
Elsam, John Thomas, d. 24 Jan 1912, age 51 yrs, [SC]
Elsey, Betsy, d. 2 Feb 1965, age 82 yrs, Grandmother of and s/w Dorothy Vernard Marriott, [SC]
Elsey, Emma, d. 26 Jun 1914, age 68 yrs, w/o and s/w William Elsey, [SC]
Elsey, William, d. 29 May 1916, age 70 yrs, h/o and s/w Emma Elsey, [SC]
Enderby, Mollie, d. 1991, s/w Herbert James Blackwell and Maud Beatrice ??, [SC]
Fairweather, Hamilan(?), d. 12 Apr 1903, age 14 yrs, s/o W. and J. Fairweather, [SC]
Favell, Emma(?), d. 17 Apr 1927, age 87 yrs, w/o and s/w John Favell, [SC]
Favell, Frederick Lawrence, d. 6 Apr 1999, age 62 yrs, [SC]
Favell, John, d. 19 Mar 1923, age 85 yrs, h/o and s/w Emma(?) Favell, [SC]
Favell, Maisie Elizabeth, d. 27 Jul 1998, age 59 yrs, [SC]
Felts, E. ?? ?oan, (Cannot read date), [SC]
Felts, Mabel, d. 4 Mar 1936, age 51 yrs, w/o and s/w William Robert Felts, [SC]
Felts, William Leslie, d 8 Aug 1990, age 83 yrs, [SC]
Felts, William Robert, d. 28 Feb 1936, age 54 yrs, h/o and s/w Mabel Felts, [SC]
Fielding, George Edward, d. 7 Jul 1988, age 77 yrs, s/w Phyllis Irene Fielding, [SC]
Fielding, Mich?, (no dates), [SC]
Fielding, Phyllis Irene, d. 6 Jan 188, age 74 yrs, s/w George Edward Fielding, [SC]
Fisher, Charlotte Elizabeth, d. Jun 2000, age 86yrs, [SC]
Fisher, Edwin, d. Feb 1988, age 75 yrs, [SC]
Fletcher, Arthur Granville, d. 22 Nov 1935, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Fletcher, Gladys May, d. 12 Oct 1954, age 49 yrs, s/w William John Fletcher, [SC]
Fletcher, William John, d. 6 Mar 1976, age 86 yrs, s/w Gladys May Fletcher, [SC]
Forland, John, d. 28 Nov 1983, age 81 yrs, s/w Pearl Blanche Forland, [SC]
Forland, Pearl Blanche, d. 22 Oct 1992, age 88 yrs, s/w John Forland, [SC]
Forman, Charles, d. 12 Jun 1958,age 72 yrs, h/o and s/w Mabel Forman, [SC]
Forman, Doris May, d. 12 Feb 1994, age 93 yrs, [SC]
Forman, Ernest, d. 14 Sep 1931, age 5 yrs, s/o ?? and M. Forman, [SC]
Forman, H., d. 2 Dec 1946, age 45 yrs, '14626970 Royal Army Medical Corps', [SC]
Forman, Harriet, d. 21 May 1932, age 74 yrs, w/o and s/w John G. Forman, [SC]
Forman, John G., d. 1 Jul 1932, age 76 yrs, h/o and s/w Harriet Forman, [SC]
Forman, Mabel, d. 27 Sep 1976, age 78 yrs, w/o and s/w Charles Forman, [SC]
Fotheringham, Edward, d. 6 Nov 1994, age 75 yrs, [SC]
Fotheringham, Laura, d. 17 Feb 1978, age 75 yrs, w/o of Reuben Fotheringham, [SC]
Fotheringham, Phoebe, d. 2 Dec 1966, age 46 yrs, [SC]
Fotheringham, Reuben, d. 13 Mar 1966, age 60 yrs, h/o Laura Fotheringham, [SC]
Fovargue, Elizabeth Mary, d. 28 May 1935, age 71 yrs, w/o and s/w William J.Fovargue, [SC]
Fovargue, Maud Elizabeth, d. 1 Oct 1955, age 73 yrs, [SC]
Fovargue, William J., d. 12 Mar 1940, age 81yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Mary Fovargue, [SC]
Freeman, Emma, (no date), [SC]
Freeman, Henry, d. 13 May 1935, age 81 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Freeman, [SC]
Freeman, Mary, d. 1 May 1915, age 74 yrs, w/o and s/w Henry Freeman, [SC]
Frith, Annie Sophia, d. 15 Dec 1949, age 9? Yrs, [SC]
Frost, Joseph, d. 27 Mar 1956, age 76 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Jane Frost, [SC]
Frost, Mary Jane, d. 17 Sep 1951, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w Joseph Frost, [SC]
Frost, Mary Lillian, d. 11 Dec 1982, age 82 yrs, s/w Walter Frost, [SC]
Frost, Walter, d. 17 Dec 1965, age 60 yrs, s/w Mary Lillian Frost, [SC]
Gadsby, Alice, d. 28 ??? 1???, age 74 yrs, s/w Johnson Gadsby, [SC]
Gadsby, Harriet Louisa, d. 19 Jan 1959, w/o and s/w Thomas William Gadsby, [SC]
Gadsby, Johnson, d. 9 Dec 1911, age 64 yrs, s/w Alice Gadsby, [SC]
Gadsby, Thomas William, d. 3 Sep 1964, h/o and s/w Harriet Louisa Gadsby, [SC]
Garrard, Albert, d. 19 Mar 195?, age 63 yrs, s/w Alice Garrard, [SC]
Garrard, Alice, d. 10 Jan 1976, [SC]
Garratt, Charlotte, d. 20 Jan 195?, age 73 yrs, s/w Walter Garratt (Surname might be Carratt), [SC]
Garratt, Leslie Arthur, d. 1 Sep 1995, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Garratt, Walter, d. 24 Mar 1958, age 83 yrs, s/w Charlotte Garratt (Surname might be Carratt), [SC]
Gaunt, Charles, d. 10 Mar 1921, age 9 yrs, s/o Rose Ellen and Kellham Gaunt, s/o and s/w Rose Ellen Gaunt, B/o and s/w Sydney Gaunt, [SC]
Gaunt, Rose Ellen (Holden), d. 17 Apr 1924, age 33 yrs, w/o Kellham Gaunt, m/o and s/w Charles and Sydney Gaunt, [SC]
Gaunt, Sydney, d. 4 Jul 1938, age 23 yrs, s/o Rose Ellen and Kellham Gaunt, s/o and s/w Rose Ellen Gaunt, B/o and s/w Charles Gaunt, [SC]
Gedney, Thirza Jane, d. 22 Jun 1966, age 75 yrs, s/w Walter Gedney, [SC]
Gedney, Walter, d. 18 Nov 1956, age 75 yrs, s/w Thirza Jane Gedney, [SC]
George, Beatrice May, d. 21 May 1962, age 57 yrs, [SC]
Gibbons, Elsie, d. 1 Nov 1984, age 82 yrs, w/o and s/w William Gibbons, [SC]
Gibbons, William Mansell, d. 5 Dec 1997, age 65 yrs, Nickname Bill, [SC]
Gibbons, William, d. 18 Mar 1992, age 88 yrs, h/o and s/w Elsie Gibbons, [SC]
Gibson, Catherine Ann, d. 14 Dec 1952, [SC]
Gibson, F. A., d. 3 Nov 1928, age 41yrs, [SC]
Giddings, Brenda May, d. 12 Jul 1989, age 64 yrs, [SC]
Gleed, Richard Wilson Arnall, d. 28 Nov 1980, s/w Winifred Gleed, [SC]
Gleed, Winifred, d. 6 Jan 1984, s/w Richard Wilson Arnall Gleed, [SC]
Goodacre, Elsie May, d. Oct 19?5, age ?6 yrs, s/w Frank Goodacre, [SC]
Goodacre, Emily, d. 20 Sep 1946, age 78 yrs, s/w Ellen Blurton, [SC]
Goodacre, Frank, d. Mar 19?0, s/w Elsie May Goodacre, [SC]
Goodacre, Ida, d. 18 Apr 1919, age 21 yrs, d/o Abel and Mary Goodacre, [SC]
Goodacre, Ivy, d. 25 Nov 1991, age 39 yrs, [SC]
Goodacre, Ralph, d. 27 Aug 1980, age 59 yrs, [SC]
Goodson, Frank, d. 12 Sep 1992, age 76 yrs, s/w Mabel Goodson, [SC]
Goodson, Mabel, d. 2 Jun 1982, age 60 yrs s/w Frank Goodson, [SC]
Graves, Arthur, d. 5 Dec 1952, age 79 yrs, h/o and s/w Clara Elizabeth Graves, [SC]
Graves, Clara Elizabeth, d. 15 Mar 1940, age 63 yrs, w/o and s/w Arthur Graves, [SC]
Graves, Ellen Elizabeth, d. 29 Jul 1949, age 72 yrs, s/w Halgeth Graves, [SC]
Graves, Halgeth, d. 6 Jan 1973, age 93 yrs, s/w Ellen Elizabeth Graves, [SC]
Gray, Abram, d. 11 Oct 1968, age 70 yrs, h/o and s/w Audrey Gray, [SC]
Gray, Audrey, d. 23 Feb 1965, age 48 yrs, w/o and s/w Abram Gray, [SC]
Gray, Sophia, d. 17 Mar 1940(?), age 87 yrs, w/o and s/w William Gray, [SC]
Gray, William, d. 1 Nov 1923, age 6? Yrs, h/o and s/w Sophia Gray, [SC]
Grayson, John Thomas, d. 14 Apr 192, age 69 yrs, [SC]
Green, Arthur, d. 9 Jun 1967, age 79 yrs, s/w Ethel Green, [SC]
Green, Ethel, d. 16 Apr 1976, age 8? Yrs, s/w Arthur Green, [SC]
Greenfield, John Lawson, d. 20 Nov 1960, age 69 yrs, s/w Mary Frances Greenfield, [SC]
Greenfield, Mary Frances, d. 1 Mar 1989, age 95 yrs, s/w John Lawson Greenfield, [SC]
Grimer, Stanley, d. 12 Sep 19??, [SC]
Grimer, Zada, d. 14 Dec 1941, age 10 yrs and 3 mths, [SC]
Grummitt, Eileen Elizabeth, d. 3 Jun 1994, age 82 yrs, w/o and s/w Horace William Grummitt, [SC]
Grummitt, Horace William, d. 3 Aug 1964, age 54 yrs, h/o and s/w Eileen Elizabeth Grummitt, [SC]
Grundle, Jamie Matthew, b. 26 May 2002, d. 28 Jul 2002, Photograph on marker, [SC]
Gurney, Albert, d. 1 Jul 1974, age 77 yrs, s/w Elizabeth Gurney, [SC]
Gurney, Elizabeth, d. 13 Aug 1974, age 71 yrs, s/w Albert Gurney, [SC]
Hackett, Mark William, d. 7 Aug 1995, age 24 yrs, [SC]
Hague, Charlotte Louisa, d. 11 Jan 1951, age ?9 yr, s/w Thomas Bucknall Hague, [SC]
Hague, Thomas Bucknall, d. 25 Jun 1942, age 89 yrs, s/w Charlotte Louisa Hague, [SC]
Hall, Annie Isabella, d. 24 Jul 1924, age 38 yrs, w/o and s/w George Sydney Hall, s/w Leonard Hall, [SC]
Hall, Clifford Arthur, d. 13 Mar 1992, age 56 yrs, [SC]
Hall, George Sydney, d. 30 Aug 1974, age 88 yrs, h/o and s/w Annie Isabella Hall, s/w Leonard Hall, [SC]
Hall, Leonard, d. 19 Jul 1944, age 22 yrs, 'Killed in Italy', s/w Annie Isabella and George Sydney Hall, [SC]
Hall, Mary Elizabeth Anne, d. 26 Sep 1973, age 71 yrs, s/w William Hall, [SC]
Hall, Nellie, d. 30 Sep 1959, age 55 yrs, [SC]
Hall, Sidney, d.9 Mar 1994, age 75 yrs, [SC]
Hall, William, d. 15 Aug 1985, age 84 yrs, s/w Mary Elizabeth Anne Hall, [SC]
Hammond, Annie ?arlow, d. Mar 197?, age ?3 yrs, s/w Charles Egbert Hammond, [SC]
Hammond, Charles Egbert, d. 1976, age 86 yrs, s/w Annie ?arlow Hammond, [SC]
Hammond, Thomas W. R., age 66 yrs, Nickname Dick, [SC]
Harding, Elizabeth ??th (Wilcox), age 7? Yrs, 'of ??ton', s/w George Clifford Harding, [SC]
Harding, George Clifford, age 77 yrs, s/w Elizabeth ???th Harding, [SC]
Hardy, ??, d. 19 Feb 195?, s/w ?? (not readable), [SC]
Hare, Ernest, d. 28 Aug 1940, age 37 yrs, [SC]
Hare, John Charles, d. 19 Apr 1941, age 51 yrs, 'Erected by his sister Jesse Pearson', [SC]
Haresign, Frank, d. 18 May 1992, age 73 yrs, [SC]
Haresign, Peggy, d. 21 Dec 2002, age 78 yrs, [SC]
Hargreaves, Squire James, d. 4 Sep 1964, [SC]
Harris, Charles, d. 26 Aug 1996, age 91 yrs, h/o and s/w Lily May Harris, [SC]
Harris, Janice Eileen, d. b. 29 Jan 1946, d. 8 Jul 1993, [SC]
Harris, Lily May, d. b. 8 Feb 1916, d. 30 Mar 1998, age 82 yrs, w/o and s/w Charles Harris, [SC]
Harris, Michael, b. 17 Jun 1937, d. 6 Oct 2000, [SC]
Harrison, Emily, d. 20 Jul 1942, age 81 yrs, s/w Thomas Harrison, [SC]
Harrison, Tomas, d. 29 Jul 1944, age 86 yrs, s/w Emily Harrison, [SC]
Haw, Elizabeth Ann, d. 25 Jan 1968, age 21 yrs, [SC]
Haw, Mary, d. 7 Jan 1922, age 81 yrs, h/o and s/w William Duckett Haw, [SC]
Haw, William Duckett, d. 22 May 1901, age 60 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Haw, [SC]
Headland, Joseph, b. 10 Jan 1830, d. 16 Jul 1907, h/o and s/w Mary Ann Headland, [SC]
Headland, Mary Ann, d. 16 Jan 1919, age 86 yrs, [SC]
Heathcote, Flander, d. 4 Dec 1911, age 78 yrs, s/w Mary Heathcote, [SC]
Heathcote, Mary, age 91 yrs, s/w Flander Heathcote, [SC]
Heffield, Annie, b. 3 Sep 1881, d. 30 Dec 1964, s/w Ernest Edwin Heffield, [SC]
Heffield, Ernest Edwin, b.22 Jan 1878, d. 16 May 1965, s/w Annie Heffield, [SC]
Heffield, John E., d. 3 Apr 1906, age 56 yrs, s/w Phyllis Maud Heffield, [SC]
Heffield, Phyllis Maud, d. 7 Aug 1931, age 24 yrs, d/o Ernest and Jane Heffield, s/w John E. Heffield, [SC]
Hempshall, Arthur, d. 2 Feb 1987, age 88 yrs, s/w Doris Lina Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Betsy Ann, d. 15 Apr 1936, age77 yrs, s/w William Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Doris Lina, d. 23 Apr 1980, age 75 yrs, s/w Arthur Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Elizabeth Mary, d. 5 Dec 1938, age 79 yrs, w/o and s/w Henry Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Ellen Robinson, d. 2 Dec 1971, age 54 yrs, s/w Harry Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Frank, d. 22 Jul 1971, age 73 yrs, h/o and s/w Maggie Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Harry, d. 26 Aug 1979, age 65 yrs, s/w Ellen Robinson Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Henry, d. 12 Jan 1969, age 88 yrs, Nickname. Harry, [SC]
Hempshall, Henry, d. 28 Jul 1909, age 50 yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Mary Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Laura Edith, d. 25 Jan 1973, age 90 yrs, s/w William Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Maggie, d. 29 Oct 1976, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w Frank Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, Margaret, d. 10 Dec 1987, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Hempshall, Philip Henry, d. 11 Aug 1999, age 61 yrs, Nickname Grimmy, [SC]
Hempshall, William Arthur, d. 20 Nov 1962, age 48 yrs, h/o Muriel Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, William, d. 12 Oct 1968, age 82 yrs, s/w Laura Edith Hempshall, [SC]
Hempshall, William, d. 13 Aug 1936, age 81 yrs, s/w Betsy Ann Hempshall, [SC]
Henley Lilian, d. 3 Jun 1981, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w Horace Francis Henley, [SC]
Henley, Horace Francis, d. 18 Jun 1988, age 79 yrs, Nickname. Bud, 'Late of the Royal Hampshire Regiment', h/o and s/w Lilian Henley, [SC]
Henwood, Jane, d. 31 Aug 1918, age 77 yrs, w/o and s/w John William Henwood, [SC]
Henwood, John William, d. 6Feb 1915, age 83 yrs, h/o and s/w Jane Henwood, [SC]
Hern-Moore, Francis Veronica, b. 25 Sep 1910, d. 5 Aug 2004, [SC]
Herring, Enid, d. 24 Jun 1927, age 1 yr, d/o E.d and Edith Herring, [SC]
Hilton, Andrew John Dean, d. 9 Nov 1964, age 6 mths, [SC]
Hodgson, William Kenneth, b. 20 Sep 1940, d. 29 May 1993, [SC]
Holland, Walter Samuel, d. 9 Dec 1996, age 76 yrs, [SC]
Holmes, Alfred, d. 13 Jan 1911, age 75 yrs, s/w Alice Holmes, [SC]
Holmes, Alice, d. 9 Apr 19?0 age 80 yrs, s/w Alfred Holmes, [SC]
Holt, Cyril Ernest Greetham, d. 3 Mar 1909, age 5 yrs, Eldest s/o Fred and Jennie Holt, [SC]
Holt, Dora Lilian, d. 14 Dec 1985, age 75 yrs, s/w Harry Raymond Holt, [SC]
Holt, Fred Ernest, d. 13 Jul 1960, age 74 yrs, h/o and s/w Jane Elizabeth Holt, [SC]
Holt, Harry Raymond, d. 6 Sep 1965, age 56 yrs, s/w Dora Lilian Holt, [SC]
Holt, Jane Elizabeth, d. 19 Oct 1959, age 78 yrs, Nickname. Jennie, w/o and s/w Fred Ernest Holt, [SC]
Horn, Louie, d. 4 Jan 1915, age 11 yrs, d/o William and Sarah Horn, [SC]
Houghton, Mabel, d. 16 Jan 19?2, age 37 yrs, s/w Samuel Houghton and ?? ??, [SC]
Houghton, Samuel, s/w Mabel Houghton and ?? ??, [SC]
Houlden, Mavis Edith, d. 18 Oct 1992, age 66 yrs, [SC]
Houlden, Thomas Eric, d. 30 Dec 1992, age 67 yrs, [SC]
Houlton, David Edward Joseph, d. Nov 1993, f/o Derek and dawn, h/o and s/w Ivy Elizabeth Houlton, [SC]
Houlton, Ivy Elizabeth, d. Mar 1987, m/o Derek and Dawn, w/o and s/w David Edward Joseph Houlton, [SC]
Housley, John, d. 4 Sep 1960, s/w Witham Franklin Housley, [SC]
Housley, Witham Franklin, d. Mar 196, age 75 yrs, s/w John Housley, [SC]
Howard, Alice Rebecca, d. 20 Jan 1940, age 59 yrs, s/w John Howard, [SC]
Howard, Eric, d. 25 Jul 1967, age 58 yrs, s/w Isabella Howard, [SC]
Howard, Isabella, d. 24 Jan 1996, age 83 yrs, s/w Eric Howard, [SC]
Howard, John, d. 10 Aug 1947, age 72 yrs, s/w Alice Rebecca Howard, [SC]
Howard, Vera Joyce, d. 2 Aug 1994, age 57 yrs, [SC]
Howlett, John Harold, d. 16 Apr 1972, age 75 yrs, s/w Mary Howlett, [SC]
Howlett, Mary, d. 16 May 1996, s/w John Harold Howlett, [SC]
Hudson, Ian Stewart, b. Dec 1971, d. ??, [SC]
Hudson, Joseph, d. 24 Oct 1998, age 74 yrs, Nickname Joe, [SC]
Hunt, Frederick William Peyton, b. 20 Nov 1905, d. 4 Sep 1988, s/w Joshua Sharpe, Fanny Victoria Sharpe and Ruby Hunt, [SC]
Hunt, Ruby, b. 8 Feb 1919, d. 9 Mar 2006, 'M.B.E.', s/w Joshua Sharpe, Frederick William Peyton Hunt and Fanny Victoria Sharpe, [SC]
Hunter, Frank, d. 12 Apr 1956, age 58 yrs, s/w Harriet Hunter, [SC]
Hunter, Harriet, d. 29 Jan 1997, age 96 yrs, s/w Frank Hunter, [SC]


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