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Corton Saint Bartholomew Churchyard
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Corton Saint Bartholomew Churchyard
Corton, Suffolk, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.
Total records = 126.

Contributor's Index:

Aldrich, Samuel, bur. 9 Aug 1875, age 9 Weeks old
Ann?, Mary, bur. 10 Aug 1836, age 10yrs old
Aspin, Edward, d. 19 Feb 1988, [DO]
Aspin, Margaret Ellen, d. 1 Jan 1968, age 71yrs old, w/of Edward, [DO]
Baker, George, d. 10 Mar 1874, age 74yrs old, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Baker, Mary Ann, d. 31 May 1874, age 78yrs old, w/of George, [DO]
Baxter, Ivy Ellen, d. 10 Sep 1979, [DO]
Bird, Frederick J H , b. 1882, d. 1965, [DO]
Bland, Thomas Alerton, bur. 6 Oct 1836, age 6yrs old
Boon, Edward, bur. 14 Aug 1837, age 64yrs old
Brown, Harriet, bur. 6 Dec 1869, age 67yrs old
Brown, Mary Jane Keble , bur. 14 Jul 1870, age 7 Months old
Crisp, Sarah Ann, bur. 22 Jun 1875, age 38yrs old, Died at Gorleston
Edwards, Elsie Violet, d. 7 Jul 1987, age 78yrs old, w/of William Spencer Edwards, [DO]
Edwards, William Spencer, d. 18 Dec 1975, age 75yrs old, h/of Elsie Violet, [DO]
Esley, James, bur. 5 Feb 1869, age 28yrs old
Fenn, Charles, bur. 31 Jul 1870, age 69yrs old
Fisk, Annie M , d. 25 Sep 1945, age 86yrs old, w/of William Robert, [DO]
Fisk, Benjamin James, bur. 27 May 1876, age 10yr old, [DO]
Fisk, Benjamin, bur. 16 Dec 1911, age 75yr old, Of Gorleston, [DO]
Fisk, Benjamin, d. 4 Jan 1885, age 90yr old, h/of Diana, [DO]
Fisk, Diana, bur. 15 Jun 1822, age 2mo old, [DO]
Fisk, Diana, d. 11 Dec 1868, age 70yr old, w/of Benjamin, [DO]
Fisk, George Henry, bur. 8 May 1847, Infant, [DO]
Fisk, George, bur. 2 Oct 1855, Infant, [DO]
Fisk, Henry, bur. 5 Oct 1867, age 84yr old, [DO]
Fisk, Leonard James, bur. 2 Apr 1895, age 8mo old, [DO]
Fisk, Maria, bur. 3 Mar 1883, age 61yr old, Of Blundeston, [DO]
Fisk, Maria, d. 31 May 1857, age 89yrs old, [DO]
Fisk, Martha Maria, bur. 25 Aug 1857, age 3mo old, Of Gorleston, [DO]
Fisk, Martha, bur. 29 Oct 1843, age 39yr old, [DO]
Fisk, Mary, bur. 27 Apr 1907, age 70yrs old, [DO]
Fisk, Samuel, bur. 2 Jan 1828, age 3 Weeks old, [DO]
Fisk, Samuel, d. 29 Oct 1885, age 33yrs old, h/of Martha, Drowned at Sea on The Boat Iver Of Gorleston, [DO]
Fisk, William Robert, d. 24 Oct 1908, age 51yrs old, h/of Annie M, [DO]
Flood, Elizabeth, bur. 17 Jun 1875, age 58yrs old
Frost, Alfred J , b. 1899, d. 1972, [DO]
Frost, Ivy H, b. 1899, d, 1979, [DO]
Frost, James Bert, d. 11 Nov 1969, h/of Violet, [DO]
Frost, Violet, d. 7 Jul 1971, [DO]
Gorrad, Charles James, d. 14 Nov 1889, age 5mo old, [DO]
Gorrad, Maud Mary Ann, d. 5 Sep 1904, age 20yrs old, D/of Charles And Isabella, [DO]
Gorrad, May Isabella, d. 21 Mar 1892, age 6yrs old, [DO]
Hannant, Mary, d. 8 Jan 1824, age 57yr old, [DO]
Hannant, Thomas, bur. 10 Jul 1837, age 66yrs old
Hannant, Thomas, d. 6 Jul 1837, age 66yr old, [DO]
High, Arthur John, d. 6 Aug 1900, age 29yr old, h/of Caroline, [DO]
Horne, Robert, bur. 26 Sep 1837, age infant
Levell, Caroline, d. 19 Jul 1886, age 75yrs old, [DO]
Levell, Elijah, d. 16 Feb 1902, age 55yr old, h/of Martha, [DO]
Levell, George, d. 17 Nov 1884, age 68yr old, [DO]
Mace, William, bur. 5 Jul 1875, age 22yrs old
Margiston, Robert, d. 4 Dec 1874, age 65yrs old, h/of Maria, [DO]
Martin, Ethel Christine Jenny Alice, d. 17 Sep 1983, age 75yrs old, [DO]
Martin, John Stanley Herbert, d. 10 Aug 1979, age 78yrs old, [DO]
Mills, Catherine, bur. 7 May 1869, age 2mo old
Mitchell, George, d. 14 Oct 1884, age 50yr old, [DO]
Mitchell, Rachael, bur. 8 Feb 1870, age 72yrs old
Mitchell, Rachel, d. 4 Feb 1870, age 42yr old, [DO]
Moore, Martha, bur. 11 Mar 1869, age 76yrs old
Morris, Maria, d. 15 Apr 1911, Devises Wiltshire, age 79yrs old, w/of Henry, D/of Daniel And Mary Leggett, [DO]
Neslen, Richard, d. 8 Nov 1791, age 59yrs old, [DO]
Parsons, William, bur. 5 Feb 1837, age 70yrs old
Pearson, Jane Ann, d. 15 May 1868, age 18yr old, D/of Jonathan And Mary, [DO]
Pegg, Mary F, bur. 27 Dec 1868, age 38yrs old
Philpot, Hilda Lilian (Patsy), d. 2 Jun 1994, age 86yrs old, w/of William Frederick, [DO]
Philpot, William Frederick John 'Jock ', d. 16 Jun 1971, age 65yrs old, h/of Hilda Lilian, [DO]
Pratt, George, d. 27 Oct 1890, age 83yrs old, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Pratt, Sarah, d. 21 Jan 1892, age 79yrs old, w/of George, [DO]
Prettyman, Sarah, b. 31 Jan 1877, d. 11 Mar 1967, [DO]
Pye, Charles W, d. 21 Dec 1901, age 16yr old, s/of Joseph And Alice, [DO]
Pye, Elizabeth, d. 28 Dec 1911, age 77yr old, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Pye, Emma, d. 11 Sep 1868, age 29yrs old, w/of William, [DO]
Pye, Fanny, d. 2 Sep 1878, age 23yrs old, D/of Joseph And Elizabeth Pye, [DO]
Pye, Joseph, d. 30 Sep 1921, age 87yr old, [DO]
Rattler, George Henry, d. 25 Apr 1901, age 72yrs old, [DO]
Rattler, Lucy, d. 4 Oct 1898, age 63yrs old, [DO]
Rayment, Sydney, d. 27 Mar 1981, age 70yrs old, [DO]
Read, Edith Mary, bur. 13 Apr 1872, age 1 month old, [DO]
Read, Elizabeth, bur. 20 Feb 1840, age 51yrs old, [DO]
Read, Elizabeth, bur. 30 Mar 1885, age 53yr old, [DO]
Read, George, bur. 9 Oct 1855, infant, [DO]
Read, James, b. 25 Sep 1834, d. Jul 1875, bur. 13 Jul 1875, age 40yr old, s/of Robert and Mary Read, [DO]
Read, James, bur. 13 Jul 1875, age 40yr old, [DO]
Read, Maria, bur. 5 Jun 1862, age 53yr old, [DO]
Read, Mary Ann, bur. 13 Oct 1856, age 4 Months old, [DO]
Read, Mary, b. 1802, d. Oct 1869, bur. 30 Oct 1869, age 67yr old, w/of Robert Read, [DO]
Read, Mary, bur. 23 Apr 1889, age 101yr old, [DO]
Read, Mary, bur. 30 Oct 1869, age 67yr old, w/of Robert Read, [DO]
Read, Richard, bur. 10 Nov 1853, age 66yr old, [DO]
Read, Robert, b. 9 Jul 1802, d. 15 Oct 1891, bur. Oct 1891, age 89yr old, Occupation Blacksmith, h/of Mary Read, [DO]
Read, Robert, bur. 20 Oct 1891, age 89yr old, h/of Mary Read, [DO]
Read, Robert, d. 30 Jun 1869, age 78yr old, [DO]
Read, Samuel, b. 1830, d. 5 Jan 1853 , bur. 7 Jan 1853, age 23yr old, s/of Robert and Mary Read, [DO]
Read, Samuel, bur. 21 May 1890, age 75yr old, [DO]
Read, Walter, b. 14 Aug 1832, bur. 11 May 1837, age 4yr old, s/of Robert and Mary Read, [DO]
Read, William, bur. 26 Jul 1849, age 24yr old, [DO]
Reed, Emma, bur. 3 Aug 1885, age 57yr old, [DO]
Sebar, Bert, d. 13 Oct 1982, age 68yrs old, [DO]
Sewell, Mary Ann, d. 4 May 1855, age 16yrs old, D/of Richard And Agnes Sewell, [DO]
Shale? Phebe Elizabeth, bur. 25 Aug 1869, age 9mo old, Abode Great Yarmouth
Simmonds, Edward Arnold, d. 3 Jan 1968, age 57yrs old, [DO]
Smith, Elizabeth, d. 17 Jun 1887, age 76yr old, [DO]
Smith, George, bur. 26 Sep 1875, age 28 hours old
Smith, Hannah Mary, bur. 22 May 1875, age 12mo old
Smith, Hannah, d. 18 Sep 1882, age 71yrs old, w/of John, [DO]
Smith, Henry, d. 13 Aug 1856, age 9yrs old, Drowned, s/of Charles And Mary Ann Smith, [DO]
Smith, James, bur. 11 Feb 1870, age 4yrs old
Smith, John, d. 4 Jun 1888, age 75yrs old, h/of Hannah, [DO]
Smith, Margaret E , bur. 22 Mar 1869, age 16 Months old
Smith, Robert, d. 15 May 1871, age 20yrs old, s/of Charles And Mary Ann Smith, [DO]
Smith, Robert, d. 16 Sep 1858, age 3yrs old, s/of Charles And Mary Ann, [DO]
Smith, Sarah, bur. 19 Sep 1836, age 3yrs old
Soames, Ada Marie , bur. 5 Apr 1869, age 9yrs old
Soanes, Christiana, d. 9 Jan 1911, age 75yr old, w/of James, [DO]
Soanes, James Henry Rolfe, bur. 21 Oct 1870, age 20yrs old
Soanes, James, d. 15 Sep 1914, age 79yr old, [DO]
Stubbs, David, bur. 1 Jan 1870, age 65yrs old
Weaving, Hilda M , d. 6 Nov 1981, age 90yrs old, w/of William, [DO]
Weaving, William, d. 12 Nov 1970, age 80yrs old, h/of Hilda M, [DO]
Wegg, Robert George, d. 23 Jul 1972, age 86yrs old, h/of Violet Meresa, [DO]
Wegg, Violet Meresa, d. 18 Jul 1973, age 84yrs old, w/of Robert George, [DO]
Wigg, Susannah, bur. 27 May 1875, age 70yrs old
Woodcock, Henry, d. 19 Feb 1893, age 75yrs old, [DO]
Woodcock, Mary Ann, d. 27 Sep 1898, age 95yr old, [DO]
Woodcock, Noah, d. 25 Aug 1878, age 75yrs old, [DO]


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