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Assumption Of Our Lady Churchyard
Ashow, Warwickshire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 77.

Contributor's Index:

Allsopp, George, d. 1898, h/o Maria, [TD]
Allsoppa, Maria, d. 1894, w/o george, [TD]
Arnold, Catherine, d. 11 Sep 1895, age 66yr, w/o James, [TD]
Arnold, James, d. 17 Jan 1902, age 83yr, h/o Catherine, [TD]
Badams, Sarah, d. 4 Oct 1835, age 80yr, w/o William, [TD]
Badams, William, d. 26 Jan 1813, age 77yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Bicknell, Mary, d. 1888, [TD]
Bryan, Mary, d. 16 Nov 1871, age 48yr, w/o William, [TD]
Bryan, Mary, no dates, rest of inscription underground, w/o William, [TD]
Bryan, Thomas, d. 20 Apr 1862, age 37yr, only son of William and Mary Bryan, of the Crewe Farm, [TD]
Bryan, William, d. 08 Feb 1841, age 49yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Clarke, Joseph, d. 18 Apr 1700, age: 35yr, flat stone in chancel, [TD]
Colville, Caroline Mary, d. 11 May 1917, age 72yr, d/o Mary and Frederick, [TD]
Colville, Frederick Charles Acton, Esq, no other data, [TD]
Colville, Mary,, d. 06 Jun 1871, age 75yr, w/o Frederick C.A. Colville Esq., of Barton Villa, Leamington, d/o James Henry Leigh Esq. of Stoneley Abbey, [TD]
Corsey, Ann, d. 17 Dec 1838, age 22yr, [TD]
Corsey, Elizabeth, d. 31 Jan 1823, age 3yr, [TD]
Corsey, James, d. 18 Feb 1852, age 76yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Corsey, Mary, d. 15 Dec 1844, age 66yr, w/o James, [TD]
Corsey, Susannah, d. 13 Feb 1863, age 73yr , [TD]
Corsey, William Bryan, d. 01 Jul 1870, age 76yr, [TD]
Dormer, Augusta Harriet, b. 13 Jan 1840, d. 1 Mar 1871, d/o the Late John and Harriet Dormer, [TD]
Dormer, Harriet, d. 05 Aug 1856, age 51yr, w/o John Dormer of Dunton Hall in this County, and second d/o the late Salisbury Richards of North Hinksey in The County of Berks, [TD]
Dormer, James Harris, d. Nov 1876, [TD]
Dormer, John of Dunton Hall, d. 27 Nov 1872, age 62yr, [TD]
Dormer, Joseph, d. 1830, age 69yr, h/o Sarah, [TD]
Dormer, Lucy Anne, d. 24 Apr 1870, age 52yr, w/o James Harris, [TD]
Dormer, Mary, d. 23 Dec 1879. age 84yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Dormer, Sarah, d. 29 Aug 1819, age 47yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Dormer, Susannah, d. 27 Mar 1881, age 43yr, w/o James Dormer of the Dial House , [TD]
Dormer, Thomas, d. 16 Jun 1874, age 70yr, h/o Mary , [TD]
Dowrick, William John Reid, d. 26 Apr 1920, age 28yr, Lieut. Ist Royal Warwicks Regiment, s/o William and Fanny Dowrick, of Kimberley S.A. He served with distinction from 1914-18 in Egypt, Gallipoli and France being grievously wounded at Arras 27 Apr 1918, [TD]
Enston, Elizabeth, d. 06 May 1915, age 75yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Enston, Thomas, d. 01 Apr 1903, age 61yr, [TD]
Farmer, Jane, d. 1700, age 27yr, w/o Richard Farmer, Rector of Ashow, flat stone in chancel, [TD]
Freeman, Mary, d. 27 Dec 1875, age 69yr, w/o William, churchyard by river, [TD]
Freeman, Robert, d. 30 Jun 1877, age 30yr, churchyard by river, [TD]
Freeman, William, b. 22 Mar 1812, d. 08 Apr 1882, h/o Mary, churchyard by river, [TD]
Garner, Thomas, no more could be read, other side of Susanna Dormer's stone, [TD]
Gorrie, Martha Jane, d. 08 Apr 1885, age 64yr, w/o William Gorrie, [TD]
Gorrie, William, d. 09 Sep 1871, age 17yr, eldest son of William and Jane, [TD]
Gorrie, William, b. 10 Apr 1819 Chapelhill, Perthshire, died 10 Mar 1876 in the Faith and Humble Confidante of a Servant of God at Ashow, W.H. Lord Leigh, whom he most faithfully served for 25yr as Forester, has erected this stone to his memory, [TD]
Gupwell, Martha, d. 04 Feb 1907, age 73yr, w/o William, [TD]
Gupwell, William, d. 12 Feb 1906, age 75yr, h/o Martha, [TD]
Hamilton, Harriet Faulconer, d. 24 Dec 1894 Kenilworth, age 61yr only child of Captain W. Price Hamilton R.N. and Harriet his wife , churchyard, [TD]
Hamilton, Harriet, 04 Apr 1877 Avondale Villa, Kenilworth, age 63yr, Relict of Capt. Price Hamilton R.N., churchyard , [TD]
Harrison, Edward Henry M.A., d. 24 Apr 1888, age 46yr, formerly of this Parish, [TD]
Harrison, Jane, b. 16 Sep 1845, d. 29 Sep 1892, w/o Edward Henry, Erected in Loving Memory by his wife, [TD]
Hick, Ann, d. 12 Apr 1826, of Cubbington, in a tomb, [TD]
Hiorns, Ann Mace, d. 26 Jul 1876, age 60yr, She lived as Servant with John Hiorns for 34yr, [TD]
Hiorns, John, d. 14 Mar 1890, age 80yr, Ferndale, Leamington, raised tomb, [TD]
Hiorns, Richard, d. 18 Sep 1881 at Flushing, Holland, age 39yr, s/w John, [TD]
Hiorns, Sarah Bunney, d. 23 Mar 1858, w/o John Hiorns, Russell tomb, [TD]
Hodgkins, Frederick, d. 03 Apr 1861, age 21yr, s/o Robert and Elizabeth Hodgkins of this Parish, accident, [TD]
Holloway, Elizabeth, d. 21 Aug 1687, flat stone in chancel, [TD]
Hudson, Anne Russell, b. 01 Jul 1833, d. 7 Mar 1919 at Blackdown Manor, w/o Frank, Hudson tomb, [TD]
Hudson, Mary Ann, d. 25 Mar 1885, age 81yr, Aston Lodge, Leamington, w/o Francis Hudson, Hudson tomb, [TD]
Hudson, Rev. Frank B.A., b. 29 Nov 1828, d. 26 Nov 1880 of Blackdown Manor, Lillington, h/o Anne Russell, Hudson tomb, [TD]
Russell, Ann, d. 20 Sep 1878, age 78yr, w/o Francis, [TD]
Russell, Benjamin, d. 07 Aug 1870, age 75yr, Russell tomb, [TD]
Russell, Benjamin, d. 30 Sep ?1702, age 21yr, s/o ?Richard and Hannah , [TD]
Russell, Elizabeth, d. 06 Mar 1870, age 77yr, [TD]
Russell, Francis, d. 17 Dec 1865, age 64yr, Blackdown Manor, h/o Ann, [TD]
Russell, George, d. 13 Jan 1831, age 69yr, h/o Hannah, Russell tomb, [TD]
Russell, Hannah, d. 07 Jun 1824, age 77yr, Russell tomb, [TD]
Russell, Mary, d. 13 Mar 1888, age 73yr, [TD]
Russell, Susan Hannah, d. 13 Aug 1851, age 28yr, d/o Benjamin and Sarah Russell, Russell tomb, [TD]
Santos, Catherine, d. 19 Mar 1879, age 73yr, [TD]
Smallman, Anne Catherine, d. 17 Sep 1940 Leamington, age 70yr, Blackdown Manor, w/o James Smallman, d/o Rev. Frank Hudson, Hudson tomb, [TD]
Stringfield, Thomas, d. 02 May 1663, Parson of Ashow, churchyard , [TD]
Tasker, Charles, d. 1884 , [TD]
Townsend, John, d. 19 May 1892, age 78yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Townsend, Ann, d. 05 Sep 1874, age 56yr, w/o John , [TD]
Townsend, Elizabeth, d. 18 Jan 1848, age 64yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Townsend, Joseph, d. 03 Feb 1860, age 86yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Twisleton, Caroline, d. 20 Sep 1878, w/o Charles Samuel, [TD]
Twisleton, Charles Samuel, d. 13 Sep 1890, h/o Caroline, [TD]


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