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Saint Bartholomew Churchyard
Binley, Coventry, Warwickshire, England

Clifford Bridge Road, Binley, Coventry

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 113.

Contributor's Index:

Arrowsmith, Mrs, b. 2 Jun 1795, d. Apr 1858, s/w Robert, [TD]
Arrowsmith, Robert, M.A, b. 3 Apr 1793, d. 2 Jun 1847, [TD]
Bayley, John, d. 18 Feb 1880 Binley, age 46yr, Major 16th Lancers, [TD]
Broadhurst, Ann, d. 28 Nov 1906, age 71yr, sis/o Mary Hinde, [TD]
Buckingham, Ann, d. 9 Aug 1912, age 83yr, w/o William, [TD]
Buckingham, William, d. 8 Jan 1880, age 52yr, of Brandon, h/o Ann, [TD]
Burdett, Alfred, d. 1862 St. Helena , age 31yr, [TD]
Burdett, Amelia Ann, d. 11 Jun 1907, age 77yr, of the Menagerie, Coombe Park, [TD]
Burdett, Ann, d. 21 Sep 1866, age 74yr, w/o James of the Menagerie, Coombe Park, [TD]
Burdett, Arthur, d. 1855 Jassey in Arabid, age 32yr, [TD]
Burdett, Edmund, d. 19 Jun 1867 Shanghai, China, age 3yr, s/o James and Ann, [TD]
Burdett, James, d. 9 Apr 1855, age 78yr, [TD]
Butt, Elizabeth, d. 28 Feb 1813, age 60yr, d/o Joseph and Mary Cook of Uffingham, Berks, [TD]
Butt, Mary, d. 27 Dec 1824, age 46yr, d/o Neville and Elizabeth, [TD]
Butt, Neville, d. 25 Feb 1832, age 79yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Carter, Elizabeth, d. 7 Oct 18--, w/o Rev. C. Carter of Binley, [TD]
Catterns, Emma, d. 15 Dec 1858, age 63yr, w/o Henry, [TD]
Catterns, Henry, d. 6 Apr 1863, age 66yr, of Coventry, h/o Emma, [TD]
Catterns, Mary, d. 1781, Age 68yr, w/o John Catterns, d/o William and Mary Wildey, [TD]
Catterns, Mary, d. 1781, d/o William and Mary Wildey, [TD]
Catterns, Samuel, d. 2 Dec 1887, age 63yr, of Oak Farm, Binley, [TD]
Catterns, Sarah, d. 9 Apr 1904, age 86yr, sis/o Samuel, [TD]
Chamberlain, Mary, d. 29 Jan 1855, age 73yr, for 43 years a faithful servant at Coombe Abbey, [TD]
Champ, Alice, b. 17 Nov 1822 Devizes, d. 25 Dec 1918 Binley Grange, [TD]
Clark, Mrs T d. 20 Mar 1838, age 94yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Clark, Thomas, d. 14 Jul 1814, age 34yr, s/o Thomas and Mary, [TD]
Clark, Thomas, d. 26 Oct 1815, age 66yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Congreve, Julia, d. 2 Jun 1839, age 52yr, w/o Thomas of Combe Fields, [TD]
Congreve, Mary, d. 12 Jun 1825, age 72yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Congreve, Thomas, d. 18 Dec 1819, age 69yr, of Peter Hall, h/o Mary, [TD]
Congreve, Thomas, d. 27 Dec 1863, age 81yr, h/o Julia, [TD]
Corbet, Charles, d. 17 Jul 1814, age 63yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Corbet, Hannah, d. 9 Jan 1820, age 77yr, w/o Charles, [TD]
Dawson, Jane, d. 23 Apr 1835, age 33yr, w/o Arthur Esq., of Beverley, Yorks, d/o Rev. Samuel Paris, [TD]
Deeming, John William, d. 6 Feb 1848, age 33yr, [TD]
Elingham, Elizabeth, d. 20 Feb 1820, age 54yr, d/o Catherine and William Shettle, [TD]
Errington, Rt. Hon. Lord, d. Feb 1726, age 67yr, Late of Keepe, [TD]
Errington, Thomas, d. 29 Jun 1738, age 61yr, of Rugby, [TD]
Garton, Samuel, d. 27 Apr 1843, age 48yr, [TD]
Goodman, Hellen, d. 24 Jan 1878, age 48yr, w/o John of Combe Fields, [TD]
Grimes, Ann, d. 14 Feb 1825, age 33. 2nd d/o Francis and Hannah, [TD]
Grimes, Charles, d. 28 Oct 1839, age 35, h/o Mary, [TD]
Grimes, Elizabeth, d. 16 Sep 1871, age 39yr, Relict of Francis of Combe Fields, [TD]
Grimes, Francis, d. 21 Aug 1829, age 63yr, of Combe Fields, [TD]
Grimes, Francis, d. 30 Jan 1861, age 13mo, [TD]
Grimes, Francis, d. 6 Jun 1819, age 61yr, [TD]
Grimes, George, d. 27.5.1802, age ?71yr, [TD]
Grimes, Mary, d. 15 Aug 1850, age 42yr, w/o Charles, [TD]
Grimes, Mary, d. 17 Nov 1820, age 22yr, 4th d/o Francis and Hannah, [TD]
Grimes, Selina, d. 25 Nov 1842, age 36yr, d/o Francis and Hannah of Combe Fields, [TD]
Grimes, Sophia, d. 17 Mar 1865, age 69yr, d/o Francis and Hannah of Combe Fields, [TD]
Grimston, George, b. 16 Mar 1841, d. 7 Dec 1883, 3rd Earl of Craven, [TD]
Halford, Elizabeth, d. 6 Jan 1855, age 56yr, w/o Samuel, [TD]
Halford, Samuel, d. 4 Dec 1869, age 75yr, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Harris, Ann, d. 3 Aug 1856, age 48yr, d/o John and Mary, [TD]
Harris, Elizabeth, d. 29 Mar 1822, age 18yr, [TD]
Harris, John, d. 15 Jun 181-, age 12yr, [TD]
Harris, John, d. 8 Sep 1832, age 61yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Harris, Mary, d. 3 Nov ??, age 61yr, w/o John, [TD]
Henton, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jul 1857, age 83yr, Relict of the late Samuel of Rakedale, Leics, [TD]
Hewat, Mary, d. 21 Jan 1860, of Combe Fields, w/o William, d/o the late Joseph Keen, [TD]
Hewat, William Joseph, d. 3 Apr 1865, age 14yr, s/o William and Mary, [TD]
Hewat, William, d. 2 Mar 1869, age 52, h/o Mary, [TD]
Hinde, John William, d. 30.5.1922, age 74yr, [TD]
Hinde, Mary Ann, d. 23 Nov 1909, age 77yr, w/o John William, [TD]
Howard, Peter, d. Dec 25, 1898, age 51yr, at Combe Abbey, [TD]
Marshall, Isabella, d. 9 Jan 1949, age 92yr, w/o John, [TD]
Marshall, John, d. 7 Mar 1907, age 52yr, at Coombe Abbey Gardens, [TD]
Matthew, Jane, d. 13 Feb 1878, age 81yr, of Shepherds Lodge, Coombe, [TD]
Middleton, John, d. 10 Feb 1837, age 65yr, h/o Sarah, Late of Binley, [TD]
Middleton, Sarah, d. 18 Jun 1832, age 70yr, w/o John, sis/o Wm Young, [TD]
Moon, Lady Eleanor, b. 5 Feb 1820, d. 31 Jan 1891, w/o Richard, [TD]
Moon, Richard, b. 1814, d. 1899. Baronet, chairman London and N.W. Railway Co. 1861-1891, [TD]
Nicholls, Thomas, d. 4 Jan 1830, age 64yr, Upwards of 30 years Servant of Combe Abbey, [TD]
Oliver, Elizabeth, d. 15 Nov 1843, age 70yr, w/o John, [TD]
Oliver, John, d. 22 Mar 1855, age 77yr, h/o Elizabeth of Combe Fields, [TD]
Orton, George, d. 1 Jun 1836, age 48yr, Late of Barnacle, [TD]
Orton, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1855, age 19yr, d/o George Orton, [TD]
Overton, Ann, d. 29 Jun 1780, age 69yr, w/o William of Combe Fields, [TD]
Overton, Hannah, d. 20 Jun 1794, age 59yr, [TD]
Overton, John, d. 23 Apr 17--, [TD]
Overton, Matthew, d. 1 Oct 1793, age 66yr, [TD]
Paris, Martha, d. 5 Jan 1841, age 44yr, d/o Samuel, [TD]
Paris, Nancy, d. 22 Feb 1827, age 67yr, d/o Rev. Samuel Paris M.A, [TD]
Paris, William, d. 21 Jun 1827, age 22yr, s/o Samuel, [TD]
Phillips, William, d. 28.5.1835, age 21yr, See Shettle Tomb, [TD]
Postlethwaite, Ann, d. 7 Jan 1898, age 51yr, w/o William, [TD]
Postlethwaite, John Haslem, d. 1956, age 90yr, [TD]
Postlethwaite, William, b. 29 Oct 1836, d. 28 Oct 1901, of Oak Farm, [TD]
Postlethwaite, May, d. 1966, age 98. Late of Oak Farm, [TD]
Postlethwaite, Thomas, d. 10.5.1897, age 19. s/o William and Ann, [TD]
Remington, Elizabeth, d. 5 Feb 1820, age 86yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Remington, Joseph, d. 14 Jun 1784, age 47yr, of Stretton on Dunsmore, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Remington, William, d. 11 Jul 1804, [TD]
Rogers, Martha, d. 20 Feb 1878, age 50yr, of Combe Fields, [TD]
Shettle, Ann, d. 26 Apr 1882, age 81yr, w/o George, [TD]
Shettle, Caroline, d. 9 Dec 1883, age 74yr, sis/o George, [TD]
Shettle, Catherine, d. 3 Jun 1815, age 45yr, w/o William. Tomb, [TD]
Shettle, Charles, d. 16 Feb 1818, age 57yr, h/o Mary. Tomb, [TD]
Shettle, George, d. 21 Dec 1891, age 84yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Shettle, Mary, d. 24 Nov 1863, age 67yr, Tomb, [TD]
Shettle, Mary, d. 8 Dec 1858, age 71yr, w/o Charles. Tomb, [TD]
Shettle, Thomas, d. 9 Oct 1808, age 53yr, [TD]
Shettle, William, d. 28 Aug 1843, age 80yr, h/o Catherine. Tomb, [TD]
Skelton, Elizabeth, d. 11 Jul 1851, age 8yr, d/o Robert and Elizabeth of Binley Common, [TD]
Wakelin, Ann, d. 23 Mar 1822, age 84yr, [TD]
Wakelin, William, d. 16 Jun 1829, age 79yr, [TD]
Walton, Emily Jane, d. 3 Jul 1882, age 54yr, w/o Thomas of Meadow Cottage, Wolston, [TD]
Warner, William, d. 24 Dec 1788, surgeon and apothecary, [TD]
Webb, John, d. 23 Sep 1867, age 65yr, of the Oaks Farm, [TD]
Wildey, William, d. Mar 1779. s/o William and Mary, [TD]
Wright, Andrew, d. 18 Mar 1866, age 1yr 10mo, s/o Andrew Wright and Ann Halford, [TD]
Young, William, d. 12 Mar 1824, age 53yr, bro/o Sarah Middleton, [TD]


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