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Ballymagarvey Cemetery
Balrath, County Meath, Ireland

Contributed by Frank Carroll, Jun 12, 2005 [frank.carroll@ntlworld.ie]. Total records = 33.

To reach this burial site, take the N2 Dublin-Slane Road to Balrath, turn left on the R153 Kentstown-Navan Road. The cemetery is a few hundred yards on your left, just as you turn.

This is a very old and small cemetery. Those families who have a plot here are the only ones who can use it for future burials.

There are a lot of headstone which have been removed over the years, or some which are simply illegible, so these are the only ones that I could transcribe.

This includes all existing and legible headstone readings up to Jun 03, 2005.

- Frank Carroll

Carroll, Denis, d. 13 Jan 1972, h/o Julia, Seneschalstown
Carroll, Julia, d. 6 May 1979, w/o Denis
Carter, Alice, d. 20 Feb 1956, age: 85 yr, w/o Michael
Carter, Michael, d. 11 Mar 1945, age: 80 yr, h/o Alice, Curraghtown
Clarke, Mary, d. 29 Mar 1916, Ballymagarvey
Curran, Joseph, d. 20 Jun 2001, s/o Patrick and Mary Dempsey (nee McLoughlin)
Curran, Mary, d. 25 Sept 1954, w/o Patrick, Balrath
Curran, Monica, d. 1928, d/o Patrick and Mary
Curran, Patrick, d. 16 Jul 1980, h/o Mary, Interred in England
Drumgoole, Andrew, d 22 mar 1875, h/o Margaret
Drumgoole, Andrew, d. 24 Sept 1918, s/o Richard
Drumgoole, Christopher, d. 16 Jun 1907, h/o Julia
Drumgoole, Julia, d. 15 Dec 1894, w/o Christopher
Drumgoole, Margaret, d. 14 Nov 1881, w/o Andrew
Drumgoole, Margaret, d. 28 May 1904, d/o Christopher and Julia
Drumgoole, Richard, d. 17 Mar 1915, f/o Andrew
Drumgoole, Thomas, d. 29 Jun 1901, s/o Christopher and Julia
Lowthe, Joseph, d. 9 Dec 1985, age: 80 yr, h/o Mollie
Lowthe, Mollie, d. 12 Aug 1954, age: 41 yr, w/o Joseph, Beauparc
Maguire, Joseph, d. 21 Feb 1991, age: 57 yr, Beauparc and Longford
Marry, Dorothy (Dora), d. 7 Feb 2002, w/o Gerard
Marry, Gerard (Gerry), d.? h/o Dorothy (Dora)
McLoughlin, Mary, d. 9 Oct 1960, w/o Peter, Balrath
McLoughlin, Nora, d. 12 Dec 1946, d/o Peter and Mary
McLoughlin, Peter, d. 3 Jul 1970, h/o Mary
Shiels, Catherine, d. 10 Apr 1964, age: 96 yr, w/o John
Shiels, James, d. 12 Mar 1965, s/o Michael and Margaret
Shiels, John, d. 9 Nov 1940, age: 83 yr, h/o Catherine, Balrath
Shiels, John-Joseph, d. 28 Mar 1994
Shiels, Margaret, d. 26 Apr 1943, w/o Michael
Shiels, Mary Kate, d.? d/o Joseph and Catherine
Shiels, Michael, d. 17 Jan 1941, h/o Margaret, Knockcommon
Shiels, Michael, d. 30 Nov 1986, age: 88 yr, s/o Joseph and Catherine

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