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Lisbunny Old Cemetery
Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Kelly, Bridget, no dates, sis/o Phillip, John and Michael, [GS]
Kelly, Ellen, d. 24 Feb 1930, age: 71 yr, w/o James, [GS]
Kelly, James, d. 18 Apr 1924, age: 74 yr, h/o Ellen and bro/o Phillip, John, Michael and Bridget, [GS]
Kelly, John, no dates, bro/o Phillip, [GS]
Kelly, Margaret 'Peggy'(Grace), d. 13 May 2006, age: 83 yr, w/o Patrick, Shean Monafin, Nenagh, [GS]
Kelly, Margaret, d. 14 Feb 1889, age: 76 yr, w/o Philip and m/o Patrick, Moanfin, [GS]
Kelly, Michael, no dates, bro/o Phillip and John, [GS]
Kelly, Nora, d. 2 Jan 1968, age: 74 yr, w/o Philip, Ballintinoe, [GS]
Kelly, Patrick, d. 12 Oct 1970, age: 74 yr, h/o Maraget(Peggy), Shean Moanfin, Nenagh, [GS]
Kelly, Patrick, d. 23 Jun 1944 age: 95 yr, s/o Phillip, died in London, [GS]
Kelly, Phillip, d. 25 Jun 1879, age: 66 yr, h/o Margaret and f/o Patrick, Moanfin, [GS]
Kelly, Phillip, d. 5 Jun 1937, age: 79 yr, [GS]
Kelly, Phillip, d. 6 Jan 1981, age: 95 yr, h/o Nora, Ballintione, [GS]
Kelly, William, no dates, died in Australia, [GS]
Kennedy, Alice, no dates, d/o Maryann and Lieut Patrick H, [GS]
Kennedy, Anne (Donahoe), d. 31 Jan 1838, age: 57yr, [GS]
Kennedy, Bridget, d. 22 Apr 1933, d/o John and Delia Galvin, [GS]
Kennedy, Delia, d. 29 Oct 1925, d/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Kennedy, Henrietta, no dates, d/o Maryann and Lieut Patrick H, [GS]
Kennedy, John Joseph, d. 10 Apr 1985, age: 15yr, s/o Denis, [GS]
Kennedy, John, d. 28 May 1976, age: 76yr, f/o Denis, erected by Denis, [GS]
Kennedy, Kitty, no dates, d/o Maryanne and Lieut Patrick H, [GS]
Kennedy, Margaret, d. 15 Jan 1978, d/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Kennedy, Margaret, d. 23 Aug 1942, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Kennedy, Martin, d. 17 Mar 1908, age: 65 yr, h/o Mary, [GS]
Kennedy, Mary Anne, d. 19 Jan 2004, age: 75 yr, w/o Patrick J, Killyloughane, [GS]
Kennedy, Mary, d. 22 Sep 1920, age: 90 yr, w/o Martin, [GS]
Kennedy, Mary, d. 9 Jun 1942, d in law/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Kennedy, Michael, d. 16 ?? 1893, [GS]
Kennedy, Michael, d. 18 May 1910, s/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Kennedy, Nicholas, d. 21 Apr 1984, s/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Kennedy, Norah, d. 26 Nov 1983, age: 88yr, m/o Denis, erected by Denis, [GS]
Kennedy, Patrick J, d. 15 May 1992, age: 66 yr, h/o Anne Mary, Killyloughane, [GS]
Kennedy, Patrick, d. 27 Oct 1916, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Kennedy, Patrick, H Esq., Lieut, d. 18 Jan 1860, age; 74 yr, h/o Maryann, [GS]
Kennedy, Siobhan, d. 28 Apr 1972, d/o Denis, [GS]
Kennedy, Susan, d. 21 Jun 1891, w/o William, Bawn, [GS]
Kennedy, Teresa, no dates, d/o Maryann and Lieut Patrick H, [GS]
Kennedy, Thomas, d. 3 Oct 1802, [GS]
Kennedy, Timothy, d. 22 Apr 1945, Sliver Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Kennedy, William, d. 3 Mar 1874, age: 63 yr, h/o Susan, Bawn, [GS]
Kennedy, Winifred, d. 8 Jan 1932, d in law/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Kirwan, Bridget (Nagle), d. 19 Oct 1993, age: 86yr, w/o Edward, St. Patricks Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Kirwan, Edward, d. 23 Dec 1959 age: 61yr, h/o Bridget, St. Patricks Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Kirwan, Michael, d. 26 Sep 2005, age: 73yr, s/o Bridget and Edward, interred in New York, [GS]
Larkin, Anne E, d. 4 Aug 1877, age: 60 yr, w/o James, Nenagh, [GS]
Larkin, James D, d. 21 Dec 1884, h/oAnne, Nenagh, [GS]
Last, Julia, b. 24 Jun 1924, d. 28 Dec 2005, [GS]
Lawlaor, Teresa'Tess', d. 31 Mar 2007, w/o William, Old Birr Road, Nenagh
Lawlor, Christy, d. 8 Jan 1985, age: 58 yr, s/o James and Elizabeth, [GS]
Lawlor, Elizabeth, d. 15 May 1976, infant grand d/o James and Elizabeth, [GS]
Lawlor, Elizabeth, d. 18 Feb 1976, age: 81 yr, w/o James, Islandbawn, [GS]
Lawlor, James, d. 10 Jun 1938, age: 61 yr, h/o Elizabeth, Islandbawn, [GS]
Lawlor, Margaret, d. 20 Mar 1864, age: 63 yr, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Lawlor, Patrick Noel, d. 27 Aug 1964, infant s/o William and Terresa, [GS]
Lawlor, Sarah, d. 31 Aug 1970, age: 81yr, [GS]
Lawlor, Thomas, d. 29 May 1968, age: 82 yr, [GS]
Lawlor, William 'Bill', d. 18 Jan 2006, h/o Teresa, Old Birr Road, Nenagh, [GS]
Lawor, Johanna, d. 28 Apr 1979, d/o Martin and Margaret Hogan, [GS]
Lewis, Ann, d. 23 Nov 1923, infant grand d/o Thomas and Margaret Quigley, [GS]
Lewis, Breda, d. 5 Mar 1975, d/o Mary and William, [GS]
Lewis, Criss, d. 16 May 1949, d/o Mary and William, [GS]
Lewis, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1930, w/o William, [GS]
Lewis, William, d. 13 Feb 1945, h/o Mary, [GS]
Little, Kitty, d. 24 Aug 1998, [GS]
Lynam, John, d. 4 Oct 1925, age: 34 yr, s/o Joseph, [GS]
Lynam, Joseph, d. 25 Jul 1908, h/o Nora, Pound St, [GS]
Lynam, Louis, d. Apr 1955, age: 53 yr, s/o Joseph and Nora, [GS]
Lynam, Nora, d. 11 Jan 1949, age: 85 yr, w/o Joseph, [GS]
Lynch, James, d. 17 Apr 1944, age: 38yr, McDonagh Street, [GS]
MacGrath, Michael, d. 5 Nov 1981, age: 54 yr, h/o Therese, District Justice Nenagh, [GS]
MacGrath, Therese(Deignan), d. 19 Jul 2006, w/o Michael, [GS]
Mackey, Denis, d. 17 Sep 1933, age: 65yr, s/o John, [GS]
Mackey, Elizabeth Clare, d. 3 Apr 1972, age: 75 yr, [GS]
Mackey, Johanna, d. 20 Jan 1959, age: 89yr, d/o John, [GS]
Mackey, John, d. 26 Apr 1920, age: 76yr, h/o Maria, [GS]
Mackey, Maria, d. 28 Feb 1922, age: 80yr, w/o John, [GS]
Magee, Eileen, d. 3 Jan 2001, d/o Thomas P Hogan, interred in Blessington, [GS]
Maguire, Ellen, d. 30 Jun 1966, [GS]
Maguire, Joyce(Shuttleworth), d. 31 Oct 2003, age: 78 yr, w/o Michael, Well Rd, Nenagh
Maguire, Michael, d. 25 Jul 1948, [GS]
Maguire, Michael, d. 7 Jun 1998, age: 76 yr, s/o Michael and Ellen, h/o Joyce, Well Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Maher, Bridget, d. 11 Oct 1940, age: 53yr, [GS]
Maher, John, d. 13 Jun 1877, h/o Mary, [GS]
Maher, Mary Anne, d. 1 Jun 1899, d/o Mary and John, [GS]
Maher, Mary, d. 28 Jan 1881, w/o John, [GS]
Maher, Thomas, d. 5 Jul 1876, s/o Mary and John, [GS]
Malony, Florrie, d. 13 Sep 1965, w/o Willie, Summerhill Nenagh, [GS]
Malony, Johanna, no dates, w/o Mike, [GS]
Malony, Mike, d. 18 Feb 1930, h/o Johanna, Ball Alley Lane, Nenagh, [GS]
Malony, Patrick J, d. 29 Jul 1871, age: 32 yr, h/op Margaret, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Malony, Willie, d. 30 Apr 1945, h/o Florrie, Summerhill Nenagh, [GS]
McCormack John, d. 28 Mar 1924, age: 81 yr, h/o Sarah, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
McCormack, Brid(Bourke), d. 24 Jun 1996, age: 70 yr, [GS]
McCormack, John J, d. 3 Aug 1926 , age: 63 yr, bro/o Rose Carthy, Ormand St, Nenagh, [GS]
McCormack, John Joseph Capt, d. 28 Apr 1917, age: 27 yr, s/o John and Sarah, killed in action in France, [GS]
McCormack, Lill, d. 11 Dec 1977, [GS]
McCormack, Mary, d. 29 Aug 1943, d/o John and Sarah, [GS]
McCormack, Sarah, d. 22 Nov 1932, age: 82 yr, w/o John, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
McCormack, Spain, Daniel, Dr, d. 28 Sep 1924, age: 30 yr, s/o John and Sarah, [GS]
McCormack, Thomas, d. 2 Oct 1915, age: 51 yr, bro/o John and f/o Thomas, [GS]
McCormack, Thomas, d. 21 Apr 1948, age: 43 yr, s/o Thomas, [GS]
McCurtin, Austin, Comdra, d. 28 ? 1922, 603 Southren Division National, killed at Raheenleix, s/o William, [GS]
McCurtin, Mary, d. 18 Jan 1939, w/o William, [GS]
McCurtin, William, d. 2 Dec 1919, h/o Mary, Pearse Street, Nenagh, [GS]
McDonnell, Dennis, d. 2 Mar 1931, h/o Margaret, [GS]
McDonnell, Margaret, d. 2 Sep 1954, w/o Dennis, [GS]
McDonnell, Walter, d. 28 Oct 1977, s/o Dennis and Margaret, [GS]
McEvoy, Harriet, d. 9 Jan 1950, w/o James, Graces Street, Nenagh, [GS]
McEvoy, James, no dates, h/o Harriet, Graces Street, Nenagh, [GS]
McGowan, Joe, d. 9 Feb 1988, age: 57 yr, s/o Thomas and May, interred in Kilmore, Wexford, [GS]
McGowan, May, d. 18 Feb 1977, age: 73 yr, w/o Thomas, [GS]
McGowan, Thomas, d. 11 Sep 1937, age: 42 yr, h/o May and s in law/o John Cudahy, [GS]
McGrath, Joe, d. 25 Mar 1967, [GS]
McGrath, Nancy, d. 30 Apr 1994, age: 88 yr, [GS]
McGrath, Teresa, d. 8 Apr 1941, age: 8 yr, grand d/o Thomas McGowan, [GS]
McGuigan, Maria, d. 16 Jul 1914, age: 74yr, erected by her family, Nenagh, [GS]
McInerney, Bridget, d. 16 Oct 1915, sis/o John Tumpane, [GS]
McKenna, Daniel, b. 13 Feb 1877, d. 25 Jan 1951, h/o Margaret, [GS]
McKenna, Margaret, d. 22 Oct 1955, w/o Daniel, [GS]
McKenna, Martin, b. 11 Nov 1915, d. 22 May 1989, [GS]
McKenna, Teresa, b. 17 Jul 1956, d. 24 Jul 1956, [GS]
McLoughlin, d. 19 2000, age: 22 yr, Ballean, [GS]
McMahon, Julia, d. 12 Apr 1928, [GS]
McMahon, Kate, d. 9 Apr 1872, age: 28 yr, w/o Joseph and sis/o Margaret Molony, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
McMahon, Michael, d. 26 Jul 1912, Nenagh, [GS]
Meacher, Ann, d. 15 Feb 1941, w/o James and d/o James and Bridget Bulter, [GS]
Meacher, Catherine, d. 13 Dec 2004, w/o Thomas and m/o James and Florrie, [GS]
Meacher, Florrie, d. 4 Jun 1944, d/o Thomas and Catherine and grand d/o James and Bridget Bulter, [GS]
Meacher, James, d. 1 Nov 1964, h/oAnn, [GS]
Meacher, James, d. 13 Mar 1955, s/o Thomas and Catherine and grand s/o James and Bridget Bulter, [GS]
Meacher, Thomas, d. 5 Feb 2002, h/o Catherine and f/o James and Florrie, [GS]
Meagher, Maggie, no dates, sis/o Mary Reddan, [GS]
Meara, Ellen, d. 25 Oct 1880, age: 39 yr, [GS]
Minogue, Annie, d. 16 Jan 1960, d/o Kate, [GS]
Minogue, Bridget, d. 21 Jan 1958, age: 84 yr, w/o James, [GS]
Minogue, Cathrine, d. 8 Sep 1889, age: 66 yr w/o Denis, erected by her sons James and Edward, [GS]
Minogue, Daniel, d. 6 Nov 1981, infant s/o Joan, [GS]
Minogue, Denis, d. 11 apr 1983, age: 79 yr, h/o Mary, Moanfin, [GS]
Minogue, Denis, d. 24 Dec 1889, age: 76 yr h/o Cathrine, [GS]
Minogue, Donald 'Dan', d. 10 Mar 2009, [GS]
Minogue, Edward, d. 3 Apr 1923, age: 64 yr, s/o Denis and Cathrine, [GS]
Minogue, Elizabeth (Gleeson), d. 29 Mar 1987, age: 71 yr, d in law/o Kate, [GS]
Minogue, James, d. 15 Apr 1921, age: 71 yr, s/o Denis and Cathrine, [GS]
Minogue, James, d. 27 Mar 1992, s/o Kate, [GS]
Minogue, James, d. 5 Jun 1938, age: 87 yr, h/o Kate, [GS]
Minogue, Jane, d. 1 Jan 1911, age: 82 yr, w/o Rody, Monafin, [GS]
Minogue, Joan (Kinsella), d. 24 Feb 2005, age: 66 yr, Sallygrove, Nenagh, [GS]
Minogue, John, d. 10 Feb 1945, [GS]
Minogue, John, d. 27 Dec 1910, age: 41 yr, s/o Rody, [GS]
Minogue, Joseph, d. 15 Feb 1945, grand s/o John and Mary Molamphy, [GS]
Minogue, Kate, d. 12 Mar 1939, age: 70 yr, w/o James, [GS]
Minogue, Margaret, d. 1904, w/o Rody, [GS]
Minogue, Mary, d. 26 May 1991, age: 79 yr, w/o Denis, Monafin, [GS]
Minogue, Michael, d. 1 Sep 1932, age: 58 yr, s/o Rody and Jane, Annamore, Dublin, [GS]
Minogue, Nora, d. 11 Dec 1952, w/o Rody, Knockahunna, [GS]
Minogue, Patrick, d. 1 Jul 1830, age, 76, h/o Anne, Ballintotty, Nenagh, [GS]
Minogue, Patrick, d. 13 Apr 1924, s/o Rody and Jane, [GS]
Minogue, Patrick, d. 8 Mar 1896, age: 46 yr, s/o Denis and Cathrine, [GS]
Minogue, Rody, d. 19 Sep 1938, s/o Rody and Jane and h/o Nora, Knockahunna, [GS]
Minogue, Rody, d. 1934, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Minogue, Rody, d. 27 Aug 1879, age: 68yr, h/o Jane, Monafin, [GS]
Minogue, Sarah, d. 26 Jan 1980, age: 77 yr, m in law/o Joan, [GS]
Minogue, Stephen, d. 14 Dec 1991, age: 86, bro/o Denis, [GS]
Minogue, Thomas, d. 26 Jan 1996, age: 87 yr, f in law/o Joan, [GS]
Minogue, Thomas, d. 27 May 1928, s/o Rody and Jane, [GS]
Molamphy, John, d. 12 Jun 1942, grand s/o John and Mary, [GS]
Molamphy, John, d. 20 Aug 1958, h/o Mary, Cudville, [GS]
Molamphy, Kitty, d. 5 Aug 1941, d/o Mary and John, [GS]
Molamphy, Mary, d. 23 Dec 1966, h/o John, Cudville, [GS]
Molamphy, Susan, d. 4 Sep 1946, age: 37 yr, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Molamphy, Thomas, d. 18 Apr 1974, age: 58 yr, h/o Susan, St Joseph Park, [GS]
Moran, Nancy, d. 21 Nov 1981, age: 67, w/o Valley , [GS]
Moran, Valley, d. 8 Jul 1986, age: 74, h/o Nancy, [GS]
Morgan, Bridget, d. 29 Apr 1868, age: 46yr, d/o Robert and Margaret, [GS]
Morgan, Christina , 'Chrissie', d. 30 Jan 1996, age: 82yr, St Joseph Pk, Nenagh, [GS]
Morgan, Margaret, d. 7 Jan 1970, age: 87yr, w/o Robert, Birr Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Morgan, Mary, d. 25 Apr 1963, w/o Michael, [GS]
Morgan, Michael, d. 11 Jun 1941, h/o Mary, [GS]
Morgan, Michael, d. 26 Nov 1986, age: 61yr, s/o Robert and Margaret, [GS]
Morgan, Patrick, d. 22 ?? 1906, age: 75yr, erected by his son R Morgan, [GS]
Morgan, Patrick, d. 23 Apr 1979, age: 70yr, s/o Robert and Margaret, [GS]
Morgan, Robert 'Bobby', d. 15 Feb 2006, age: 90yr, s/o Robert and Margaret, [GS]
Morgan, Robert, d. 24 Oct 1953, age: 74yr, h/o Margaret, Birr Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Morgan, Thomas, d. 11 Feb 1982, age: 76yr, s/o Robert and Margaret, [GS]
Moroney, Kieran, d. 1956, infant s/o Susan and Martin, [GS]
Moroney, Martin, d. 22 Aug 1993, h/o Susan, Ballintotty, [GS]
Moroney, Martin, d. 26 Jul 1997, age: 61 yr, s/o Susan and Martin, [GS]
Moroney, Michael, d. 5 Jun 1997, age: 54 yr, s/o Susan and Martin, [GS]
Moroney, Susan (Tumpane), d. 11 Dec 1988, age: 75 yr, w/o Martin, Ballintotty, [GS]
Morrissey, Ellen, d. 4 Jan 1988, age: 66 yr, w/o Joshua, [GS]
Morrissey, Joshua, d. 10 Mar 1980, age: 61 yr, h/o Ellen, [GS]
Murnane, Anne, d. 16 Jan 1985, d/o Martin and Margaret Hogan, [GS]
Murphy, Elizabeth, d. 8 Jul 1918, m/o Mary Elizabeth, [GS]
Murphy, Harriet, d. 8 Mar 1955, age: 722yr, d/o Thomas and Mary, [GS]
Murphy, Head Const, d. 2 Oct 1935, [GS]
Murphy, Kenneth John, d. 26 Dec 1974, infant grand s/o Edward and Nora Ryan, Terryglass, [GS]
Murphy, Mary Elizabeth, d. 13 Dec 1913, age: 16 yr, d/o Elizabeth, [GS]
Murphy, Mary, d. 16 Sep 1910, age: 55yr, w/o Thomas, Nenagh, [GS]
Murphy, Thomas, d. 13 Sep 1922, age: 74yr, h/o Mary, Nenagh, [GS]
Murray, Alice, d. 17 Feb 1986, grand d/o Mary O'Leary, [GS]
Murray, Ellen, d. 11 Jan 1943, age: 76 yr, w/o John, Mitchel Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Murray, Honoria Mary, d. 12 Mar 1902, age: 70 yr, w/o John, [GS]
Murray, John, d. 14 Jul 1931, age: 59 yr, h/o Ellen, Mitchel Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Murray, John, d. 26 Nov 1880, h/o Honoria Mary, [GS]
Murray, Michael, d. 24 Nov 1966, h/o Alice, [GS]
Murrhy, Annie, d. 23 Feb 1941, [GS]
Murrhy, Bridget, d. 15 Mar 1958, [GS]
Murrhy, Minnie, d. 24 Jul 1950, [GS]
Murrhy, Patrick, d. 2 Jan 1945, [GS]
Nagle, Elizabeth, d. 11 Aug 1939, w/o Michael Joseph, [GS]
Nagle, James, d. 15 Oct 1953, age: 40yr, bro/o Roderick
Nagle, James, d. 1967, Rathmartin, [GS]
Nagle, John, d. 18 May 1978, age: 65, bro/o Roderick, [GS]
Nagle, Margaret, d. 8 Jan 1957, age: 63 yr, [GS]
Nagle, Martin, d. 1955, Lisboney, [GS]
Nagle, Martin, Sergant, C.S, d. 25 Oct 1925, age: 23yr, bro/o Roderick, [GS]
Nagle, Mary, d. 15 Jun 1985, age: 69yr, w/o John, [GS]
Nagle, Mary, d. 1955, Lisboney, [GS]
Nagle, Mary, d. 29 Jun 1918, m/o Roderick, age: 47yr, [GS]
Nagle, Michael Joseph, d. 18 Sep 1962, age: 56yr, bro/o Roderick, [GS]
Nagle, Michael Joseph, d. 4 Sep 2001, age: 71yr, [GS]
Nagle, Michael, d. 27 Jan 1945, age: 76yr, f/o Roderick, [GS]
Nagle, Roderick, d. 10 Jan 1950, age: 53yr, s/o Mary and Michael, [GS]
Nevin, Roy, d. 29 Nov 1981, infant grand s/o Thomas and Susan Molamphy, [GS]
Nolan, Alice, d. 3 Aug 1898, age: 76 yr, w/o James, [GS]
Nolan, Anne, d. 15 Aug 1857, age: 50 yr, m/o Anthony, [GS]
Nolan, Anthony, d. 3 Oct 1883, age: 21 yr, s/o Anne, [GS]
Nolan, Bridget, d. 16 Oct 2006, w/o Rodger, Knockalton, [GS]
Nolan, Daniel, d. 19 Mar 1987, [GS]
Nolan, Daniel, d. 1928, h/o Mary, [GS]
Nolan, Dennis, d. ? Ardcroney, [GS]
Nolan, Gerard, d. 4 Apr 1997, interred in England, [GS]
Nolan, Jack, d. 17 Mar 1990, [GS]
Nolan, James Comndt, d. 14 Aug 1922, age: 33 yr, h/o Mary, Irish Republican Army, [GS]
Nolan, James, Comndt, d. 1922, killed in action, 3rd Southern Division, [GS]
Nolan, James, d. 15 Mar 1890, age: 80 yr, h/o Alice, [GS]
Nolan, James, d. 1938, Cunnahert, [GS]
Nolan, James, d. 4 Jun 1933, age: 74 yr, s/o Mary Ann and Rody, [GS]
Nolan, John, d. 1 Oct 1961, [GS]
Nolan, John, d. 15 Apr 1941, s/o Mary and Daniel, also the h/o Sarah, [GS]
Nolan, John, Rev Fr, d. 1914, [GS]
Nolan, Margaret, d. 27 Apr 1889, age: 38yr, w/o Rody, [GS]
Nolan, Martin Rev Fr, d. 1900, [GS]
Nolan, Martin, d. 30 Dec 1918, age: 87, s/o Rody, [GS]
Nolan, Mary (Hayes), d. 30 Dec 1935, w/o Rody, [GS]
Nolan, Mary Ann, d. 5 Apr 1919, age: 58 yr, w/o Rody, [GS]
Nolan, Mary, d. 1 Aug 1928, age: 67 yr, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Nolan, Mary, d. 10 May 1929, age: 67 yr, w/o Daniel, [GS]
Nolan, Mary, d. 2 Aug 1957, age: 74 yr, w/o Comdt James, [GS]
Nolan, Mary, d. 28 Jun 1880, age: 80yr, w/o Rody and m/o Martin, [GS]
Nolan, Mary, d. 3 Mar 1981, w/o Partick, [GS]
Nolan, Matthew, d. 26 Jul 1936, age: 3 and 6 mths, s/o Daniel, [GS]
Nolan, Michael, d. 14 Jan 1918, age: 24 yr, s/o James, [GS]
Nolan, Michael, d. 2 Dec 1968, [GS]
Nolan, Patrick, d. 14 Sep 2000, L.A, [GS]
Nolan, Patrick, d. 1918, Knockalton, [GS]
Nolan, Patrick, d. 23 Mar 1910, age: 64 yr, s/o James and Alice and h/o Mary , [GS]
Nolan, Patrick, d. 7 May 1927, age: 49yr, s/o Margaret and Rody, [GS]
Nolan, Rodger, d. 16 Dec 1987, h/o Bridget, Knockalton, [GS]
Nolan, Rody, d. 19 May 1920, age: 71 yr, s/o Patrick and Mary
Nolan, Rody, d. 1920, Beachwood, [GS]
Nolan, Rody, d. 22 Feb 1801, age: 65yr, h/o Mary and f/o Martin, erected by his son Martin, [GS]
Nolan, Rody, d. 24 Mar 1943, h/o Mary and s/o Rody and Margaret, [GS]
Nolan, Rody, d. 7 Sep 1900, h/o Margaret and s/o Rody, [GS]
Nolan, Sarah, d. 9 Jun 1973, w/o John, [GS]
O'Brien, Ann, d. 9 Feb 1943, age: 75 yr, w/o John, [GS]
O'Brien, Bridget, d. 9 Apr 1994, age: 83 yr, w/o Jeremiah, [GS]
O'Brien, Christina, d. 3 Sep 1948, infant d/o Jeremiah and Bridget, [GS]
O'Brien, Donie, d. 26 Aug 1989, age: 57 yr, Islandbawn, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, James Alfred, d. 24 Oct 1979, age: 75 yr, s/o Thomas and Mary, h/o Margaret, [GS]
O'Brien, James, d. 23 Feb 1996, age: 81 yr, s/o Michael and Mary, Ardcroney, [GS]
O'Brien, Jeremiah, d. 15 Feb 1919, age: 34 yr, s/o Jeremiah, [GS]
O'Brien, Jeremiah, d. 2 Nov 1968, age: 71 yr, h/o Bridget, Cunnahurt, [GS]
O'Brien, Jeremiah, d. 3 Jan 1902, age: 39 yr, h/o Bridget, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, John Joseph, d. 24 Apr 1987, s/o Mary Kate and Patrick, died in London, [GS]
O'Brien, John, d. 2 Mar 1925, age: 61 yr, f/o John, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, John, d. 5 Nov 1920, age: 21 yr, s/o John, was murdered by the Crown Forces, [GS]
O'Brien, Joseph, d. 4 Jan 1977, age: 71 yr, h/o Margaret, Lisgarade, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, Kathleen, d. 18 Sep 1936, d/o Mary Kate and Patrick, [GS]
O'Brien, Kennedy, d. 2 Dec 1870, age: 40 yr, bro/o Michael and Winefred, [GS]
O'Brien, Kennedy, d. 25 Aug 1897, age: 37 yr, [GS]
O'Brien, Margaret, d. 21 Nov 1994, age: 89 yr, w/o Joseph, Lisgarade, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, Margaret, d. 24 Sep 1977, age: 74 yr, w/o James Alfred, [GS]
O'Brien, Mary Kate, d. 2 Aug 1942, w/o Patrick, Islandbawn, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, Mary, d. 3 Mar 1954, age: 85 yr, w/o Michael, Lower Graigue, [GS]
O'Brien, Mary, d. 7 Dec 1959, age: 96 yr, w/o Thomas, Balyly Farm, [GS]
O'Brien, Michael, d. 27 Dec 1870 age: 80 yr, h/o Winnfred, Lisbunny, Nenagh
O'Brien, Michael, d. 30 Apr 1915, age: 54 yr, h/o Mary, Lower Graigue, [GS]
O'Brien, Moira, d. 23 Dec 1994, age: 74 yr, [GS]
O'Brien, Nora, d. 23 Oct 1975, age: 62 yr, d in law/o Michael and Mary, [GS]
O'Brien, Patrick, d. 14 Dec 1964, h/o Mary Kate, Islandbawn, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Brien, Richard 'Dick', d. 16 Oct 1998, age: 87 yr, s/o Michael and Mary, Lower Graigue, [GS]
O'Brien, Thomas P, d. 23 Nov 1935, age: 76 yr, h/o Mary, Balyly Farm, [GS]
O'Brien, Thomas, d. 22 mar 1979, age: 76 yr, Ashley Park, Ardcroney, [GS]
O'Brien, William 'Billy', d. 12 Feb 1994, s/o Mary Kate and Patrick, [GS]
O'Brien, Winefred(Kennedy), d. 17 May 1879, age: 90 yr, w/o Michael, Lisbunny, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Connell, John, d. 27 Jun 1898, age: 24 yr, s/o Richard, [GS]
O'Connell, Richard, d. 27 Feb 1894, f/o John, [GS]
O'Connor, Francis J, d. 26 Feb 1951, s/o Thomas and Nora, [GS]
O'Connor, Nora Josephine, d. 13 Feb 1969, w/o Thomas, [GS]
O'Connor, Thomas F, d. 7 Dec 1943, h/o Nora, late Station Master Nenagh, [GS]
O'Donoghue, Annie 'Nancy', d. 3 Mar 1943, age: 33yr, d/o Anne Buckley, [GS]
O'Donoghue, Elizabeth, d. 27 Feb 1986, w/o William, St John's Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Donoghue, Thomas, d. 19 Jul 1938, age; 1 yr and 3 mts, s/o Annie, [GS]
O'Donoghue, William, d. 8 Jan 1970, h/o Elizabeth, St John's Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Hara, James, d. 6 Mar 1957, age: 72 yr, h/o Johanna, [GS]
O'Hara, Johanna, d. 6 Oct 1959, age: 74 yr, w/o James, [GS]
O'Hara, John, d. 17 Mar 1941, age: 20 yr, [GS]
O'Hara, John, d. 28 Nov 1913, age: 75 yr, h/o Margaret, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Hara, Margaret, d. 21 Jan 1924, age: 75 yr, w/o John, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Hara, William, d. 6 Jun 1942, age: 64 yr, died in Johnannesburg, S.A, [GS]
O'Leary, Anastasia, d. 5 May 1981, w/o George Joseph, [GS]
O'Leary, Arthur, d. 25 Oct 1918, age: 27 yr, s/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Leary, Arthur, d. 29 Sep 1870, age: 42 yr, f/o Edward, [GS]
O'Leary, Arthur, d. 31 Jan 1899, s/o Mary, [GS]
O'Leary, Edward, d. 4 Feb 1913, age: 62 yr, h/o Mary, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Leary, Ellen, d. 12 Apr 1904, age: 20 yr, d/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Leary, George Joseph, d. 31 Jan 1939, h/o Anastsia and s/o George and Sarah, [GS]
O'Leary, George, d. 1929, f/o George Joseph, [GS]
O'Leary, John, d. 13 Apr 1904, age: 25 yr, s/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Leary, Josephine, d. 21 Jan 1898, age: 15 yr, d/o Edward and Mary, Barrack Street, Nenagh
O'Leary, Margaret, d. 22 Mar 1913, age: 19 yr, d/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Leary, Mary, d. 20 Dec 1925, m/o Arthur and teresa, Summerhill, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Leary, Mary, d. 30 Sep 1952, age: 97 yr, w/o Edward, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Leary, Mary, d. 31 1863, age: 48 yr, m/o Edward, [GS]
O'Leary, Michael, d. 14 Feb 1876, age: 61 yr, Beachwood, Nenagh, erected by his wife Cathrine, [GS]
O'Leary, Robert 'Rob', b. 1934, d. 2008, Beachwood, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Leary, Sarah, d. 1922, m/o George Joseph, [GS]
O'Leary, Teresa, d. 9 May 1945, d/o Mary, [GS]
O'Malley, Joe, d. 22 Sep 1969, s/o Agnes, [GS]
O'Malley-Whelan, Agnes, d. 21 May 1944, d/o Mike and Johanna Maloney, [GS]
O'Meara, James, d. 23 Mar 1944, age: 68 yr, h/o Winifred, Moanfin, [GS]
O'Meara, Liam, d. 21 Feb 1977, age: 82 yr, [GS]
O'Meara, Mairead, d. 3 Nov 1958, [GS]
O'Meara, Margaret, d. 13 Feb 1977, age: 83 yr, Ballyrichard, [GS]
O'Meara, Mary, d. 25 Mar 1882, age: 73 yr, w/o Rody, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Meara, Nora, d. 11 Feb 1874, age: 59 yr, erected by her husbnad Thomas, Moanfin, [GS]
O'Meara, Padraig, d. 28 Dec 1938, age: 85 yr, [GS]
O'Meara, Peig, d. 26 Apr 1986, age: 86 yr, [GS]
O'Meara, Rody, d. 25 Sep 1902, age: 29 yr, Pearse St, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Meara, Sean, d. 25 Feb 1937, [GS]
O'Meara, Winifred, d. 17 Sep 1942, age: 63 yr, w/o James, Moanfin, [GS]
O'Neill, Breda, d. 24 Feb 1958, d/o John and Nora, [GS]
O'Neill, Ellen, d. 18 Oct 1990, w/o Thomas, [GS]
O'Neill, Henny, d. 22 Jun 1990, d/o John and Nora, [GS]
O'Neill, John, d. 13 Nov 1963, h/o Nora, Rossa Place, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Neill, Matthew, d. 9 Dec 1996, s/o John and Nora, interred in England, [GS]
O'Neill, Michael, d. 10 Jun 1991, s/o John and Nora, [GS]
O'Neill, Michael, d. 20 Aug 1939, bro/o John, [GS]
O'Neill, Nora, d. 25 Mar 1919, w/o John, Rossa Place, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Neill, Thomas, d. 20 Dec 1969, s/o John and Nora, h/o Ellen, [GS]
O'Riordan, Edward, d. 13 Feb 1960, age: 63 yr, h/o Mary, Knockkanpierce, Nenagh
O'Riordan, Geraldine, d. 21 Jan 1940, d/o John and Molly, [GS]
O'Riordan, Jimmie, d. 14 Sep 1977, s/o John and Molly and h/o Johanna, [GS]
O'Riordan, Johanna, d. 4 Oct 1990, w/o Jimmie, [GS]
O'Riordan, John, d. 27 Feb 1956, h/o Molly, Peter St, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Riordan, John, no dates, f/o Edward, [GS]
O'Riordan, Lily, d. 15 Jul 1926, age: 1 yr, d/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Riordan, Margaret, d. 9 Nov 1984, d/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Riordan, Mary Ann, no dates, m/o Edward, [GS]
O'Riordan, Mary, d. 7 Oct 1978, ahe: 85 yr, w/o Edward, Knockanpierce, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Riordan, Maureen, d. 10 Mar 1974, d/o Edward and Mary, [GS]
O'Riordan, Molly, d. 17 Dec 1927, w/o John, Peter St, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Shaughnessy, James, d. 19 Mar 1990, [GS]
O'Shaughnessy, Martin, d. 28 Apr 1949, s/o Michael and Mary, [GS]
O'Shaughnessy, Michael, d. 18 Feb 1951, h/o Mary, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Shaughnessy, Michael, d. 4 Sep 1950, s/o Michael and Mary, [GS]
O'Shaughnessy, Mary, d. 23 Jan 1942, w/o Michael, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Toole, Cathrine, d. 13 Oct 1930, d/o Edward and Sarah, [GS]
O'Toole, Edward, d. 16 Mar 1931, h/o Sarah, Connolly St, Nenagh, [GS]
O'Toole, John, d. 2 Jan 1936, s/o Edward and Sarah and h/o Margaret, Gortlandroe, [GS]
O'Toole, Margaret, d. 11 Nov 1966, w/o John, Gortlandroe, [GS]
O'Toole, Margaret, d. 6 Sep 1941, w/o Michael, Thurles, [GS]
O'Toole, Michael, d. 10 Sep 1960, s/o John and Margaret and h/o Margaret, Thurles, [GS]
O'Toole, Sarah, d. 14 Jul 1929, w/o Edward, Connolly St, Nenagh, [GS]
Perret, John J, d. 11 Aug 195?, h/o Nellie, Pearse St, Nenagh, [GS]
Perret, Nellie, d. 14 May 1963, w/o John, Pearse St, Nenagh, [GS]
Pierce, James, d. 16 Jul 1949, h/o Mary Kate, Connolly Street
Pierce, Mary Kate, d. 23 Nov 1881, w/o James, Connolly Street, [GS]
Pine, Winefred(O'Brien), d. 17 Jan 1864, age: 35 yr, sis/o Michael and Kennedy, [GS]
Purcell, Margaret, d. 9 Apr 1888, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Quigley, Anne, d. 3 Jun 1949, age: 90 yr, w/o James, Clarianna, [GS]
Quigley, Bridget, d. 6 Jan 1903, age: 70 yr, w/o Malicia, [GS]
Quigley, Elizabeth, d. 24 Jan 1977, age: 65 yr, grand d/o James Dwyer, [GS]
Quigley, James, d. 16 Dec 1931, age: 77 yr, w/o Anne, [GS]
Quigley, Malicia, d. 28 May 1906, age: 73 yr, h/o Bridget, [GS]
Quigley, Margaret (Tobin), b. 1855, d. 1934, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Quigley, Mary, d. 15 Jul 1939, age: 50 yr, d/o James and Anne, [GS]
Quigley, Nan, d. 10 Apr 1968, age: 75 yr, d/o James and Anne, [GS]
Quigley, Pat, d. 21 Jan 1970, age: 84 yr, s/o James and Anne
Quigley, Thomas, b. 1849, d. 1911, h/o Margaret, Spout Rd, [GS]
Quigley, Tommy, d. 1 Oct 1982, age: 82 yr, s/o James and Anne, [GS]
Quinn, Elizabeth, d. 17 Mar 1933, w/o William, Ballyphillip, [GS]
Quinn, James, d. 10 Sep 1933, bro/o William, [GS]
Quinn, John, d. 14 1973, bro/o William and James, [GS]
Quinn, John, d. 30 Mar 1910, f/o Willie, Barrack St, [GS]
Quinn, John, d. 5 Apr 1969, h/o Margaret, Sliver Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Quinn, Margaret, d. 10 Sep 1972, w/o John, Sliver Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Quinn, Martin, d. 3 May 1920, bro/o John, [GS]
Quinn, Michael, d. 11 Nov 2006, s/o William, [GS]
Quinn, Thomas 'Maxie', d. 8 Jul 1976, s/o John and Margaret, [GS]
Quinn, William, d. 2 May 1972, h/o Elizabeth, Ballyphillip, [GS]
Quinn, Willie, d. 5 Nov 1957, s/o John, [GS]
Reddan, Johnny, no dates, h/o Mary, O'Rahilly St, Nenagh
Reddan, Mary, no dates, w/o Johnny, O'Rahilly St, Nenagh, [GS]
Reddy, Agnes, d. 11 Jul 1885, age: 11 mths, erected by her father Bernard, [GS]
Reid, Edward Joseph, d. 11 Sep 1986, [GS]
Reid, Ellie, d. 26 Nov 1979, age: 68 yr, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Reid, Thomas, d. 10 Sep 1966, age: 75 yr, h/o Ellie, Island Bawn, Nenagh, [GS]
Renahan, Mary, no dates, w/o William, [GS]
Renahan, William, no dates, h/o Mary, [GS]
Reynolds, David, d. 16 Jan 1925, age: 3 yr, s/o Mary and Patrick, [GS]
Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth, d. 14 Jan 1966, age:82 yr, w/o Patrick, McDonagh St
Reynolds, Mary, d. 21 Mar 1931, age: 81 yr, m/o Thomas and Michael, [GS]
Reynolds, Mary, d. 8 Aug 1920, infant d/o Mary and Patrick, [GS]
Reynolds, Michael, d. 23 Jun 1895, age: 59 yr, s/o Mary, [GS]
Reynolds, Millie, d. 6 Feb 1934, age: 6 yr, d/o Mary and Patrick, [GS]
Reynolds, Patrick, d. 30 Aug 1962, age: 82 yr, h/o Mary Elizabeth, McDonagh St, [GS]
Reynolds, Thomas, d. 9 Jan 1911, age: 81 yr, s/o Mary, Dublin Road, [GS]
Rhatican, Annie'Nancy' (Costello), d. 9 May 1947, age: 42 yr, Cudvillie, [GS]
Rohan, Bridie(Hegarty), b. 10 Apr 1931, d. 3 Jul 1996, d/o Rita, London, [GS]
Ryan, Anne, d. 25 Mar 1893, age: 75 yr, w/o John, [GS]
Ryan, Bridget (Nagle), d. 1953, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Ryan, Bridget, d. 10 Sep 1930, w/o Michael, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Bridie, d. 9 Nov 1955, d/o Michael, [GS]
Ryan, Catherine, d. 11 Feb 1943, age: 86 yr, m/o James and Edward
Ryan, Catherine, d. 29 Aug 1965, age: 72 yr, w/o James, Norwood, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Eamon, d. 11 May 1981, age: 46 yr, s/o Nora and Edward John, [GS]
Ryan, Edward John, d. 17 Jan 1958, h/o Nora, St Patrick Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Edward, d. 16 Jul 1926, age: 78 yr, bro/o James, [GS]
Ryan, Edward, d. 2 Feb 1964, h/o Nora, St Flannan St, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Edward, d. 30 Mar 1927, age: 78 yr, f/o James and Edward, [GS]
Ryan, Elizabeth'Betty', d. 30 Aug 2000, age: 60 yr, w/o Michael, [GS]
Ryan, Ellen, d. 17 Oct 1931, age: 78 yr, d/o James and Honora Dunne, [GS]
Ryan, Ellen, d. 30 Sep 1969, Late of O'Meara's Hotel, [GS]
Ryan, Eugene, d. 3 Oct 1922, age: 34 yr, s/o Dr Patrick, [GS]
Ryan, James, d. 26 Jul 1908, age: 28 yr, bro/o Edward, [GS]
Ryan, James, d. 5 Mar 1965, age: 72 yr, h/o Catherine, Norwood, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, John M, d. 3 May 1923, age: 34 yr, s/o Dr Patrick, Riverston Mill, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, John, d. 18 Jun 1895, age: 83 yr, h/o Anne, [GS]
Ryan, John, d. 18 May 1906, age: 40 yr, s/o Anne and John , h/o Sarah, [GS]
Ryan, John, d. 19 Feb 1847, age; 44 yr, erected by his wife Bridget, [GS]
Ryan, Joseph, d. 13 Aug 1903, age: 37 yr, s/o Anne and John, [GS]
Ryan, Joseph, d. 4 Dec 1965, age: 71 yr, h/o Mary Florence, 3 Mitchel St, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Kitty, d. 22 Nov 1963, w/o Michael, [GS]
Ryan, Margaret, d, 5 Nov 1977, w/o Thomas, McDonagh Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Margaret, d. 26 Aug 1988, w/o Micksy, [GS]
Ryan, Margaret, d. no date d/o Patrick and Mary, Clonlisk, [GS]
Ryan, Mary (Hogan), d. 20 Dec 1974, w/o William, Summerhill, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Mary Clare, d. 2 Oct 1960, age: 84 yr, [GS]
Ryan, Mary, d. 16 Jul 1945, w/o Patrick, Clonlisk, [GS]
Ryan, Mary, d. 8 mar 1936, age: 33 yr, d in law/o Edward, [GS]
Ryan, Mary, Florence, d. 29 Oct 1951, age: 55 yr, w/o Joseph, 3 Mitchel St, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Michael J, d. 6 Jun 1914, s/o Michael and Bridget, [GS]
Ryan, Michael, d. 17 Jan 1891, age: 41 yr, h/o Bridget, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Michael, d. 2 May 1917, age: 84 yr, h/o Nora, Gortlandroe, [GS]
Ryan, Michael, d. 22 July 1992, age: 62 yr, s/o James and Catherine, [GS]
Ryan, Michael, d. 26 Oct 1993, age: 54 yr, s/o Nora and Edward John and h/o Elizabeth, [GS]
Ryan, Michael, d. 28 Mar 1954, f/o Pauline and Bridie, Knockanpierce, [GS]
Ryan, Michael, d. 3 Jan 1912, s/o Michael and Nora, [GS]
Ryan, Micksy, d. 22 Apr 1962, s/o Michael, [GS]
Ryan, Nora, d. 2 May 1909. age: 66 yr, w/o Michael, Gortlandroe, [GS]
Ryan, Nora, d. 24 Oct 1985, w/o Edward, St Flannan Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Nora, d. 4 Sep 1946, w/o Edward John, St Patrick Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Ryan, Norean, d. 13 Jun 1995, age: 19 yr, d/o Michael and Elizabeth, [GS]
Ryan, Patrick, d. 12 Aug 1938, h/o Mary, Clonlisk, [GS]
Ryan, Patrick, d. 1962, h/o Bridget, [GS]
Ryan, Patrick, Dr, d. 15 Jul 1921, age: 40 yr, f/o Eugene, Thomas and John, [GS]
Ryan, Pauline, d. 13 Aug 1944, d/o Michael, [GS]
Ryan, Thomas A, d. 25 Nov 1922, age: 39 yr, s/o Dr Patrick, [GS]
Ryan, Thomas, d. 26 Nov 1917, age: 71 yr, s/o Anne and John, [GS]
Ryan, Thomas, d. 29 1977, h/o Margaret, McDonagh Street, Nenagh
Ryan, Tim, d. 3 Jan 2000, age: 71 yr, s/o James and Catherine, [GS]
Ryan, William, d. 20 Jan 1978, h/o Mary, Summerhill, Nenagh, [GS]
Shalloe, Christopher, d. 26 Aug 1967, [GS]
Shalloe, John, d. 9 Dec 1974, h/o Juila, Summerhill, Nenagh, [GS]
Shalloe, Juila, d. 13 Jan 1969, w/o John, Summerhill, Nenagh, [GS]
Shanahan, Bridget, d. 19 Jan 1962, age: 86yr, , [GS]
Sheary, Tony, d. 30 Nov 1952, age: 16 mths, grand s/o Mary and Comdt James Nolan, [GS]
Shelley, Michael, d. 15 Dec 1984, [GS]
Shelley, Nula, d. 17 Jul 2004, age: 68 yr, sis/o Maura Blackburn, McDonagh Tce, [GS]
Slattery, Winifred, d. 29 Jul 1945, sis/o Rody, [GS]
Smith, Arthur, d. 10 Nov 1973, age: 65yr, bro/o Joseph, [GS]
Smith, Johanna, d. 27 Dec 1950, age: 83yr, m/o Joseph, [GS]
Smith, Joseph, d. 14 May 1941, age: 25, s/o Johanna, Birr Road, Nenagh
Spain, Elizabeth, d. 18 Oct 1800, age: 46yr, erected by her husband William, [GS]
Starr, Kathlean(Kennedy), d. 25 Apr 2009, w/o Michael, [GS]
Starr, Michael, d. 14 Aug 1972, h/o Kathlean, O'Rahilly Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Stokes, Gerard Charles, b. 2 Sep 1899,
d. 19 Jun 1980, h/o Margaret, Nenagh
Stokes, Margaret Mary(Starr), b. 23 Mar 1905, d. 10 Mar 1998, w/o Gerard Charles, Nenagh, [GS]
Talbot, Carmel, d. 21 Oct 1982, grand d/o John and Margaret and d/o Jack
Talbot, Jack, d. 5 Sep 1991, f/o Carmel, [GS]
Talbot, Jerry, d. 24 Mar 1972, s/o John and Margaret, [GS]
Talbot, John, d. 27 Jun 1905, erected by his wife Juila, [GS]
Talbot, John, d. 8 Aug 1972, h/o Margaret, Pearse Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Talbot, Margaret, d. 1 jan 1973, w/o John, Pearse Street, Nenagh
Tierney, Bridie, d. 1 Apr 1934, d/o Margaret, [GS]
Tierney, Margaret, d. 13 Sep 1934, m/o Bridie and d/o Michael and Nora Ryan, [GS]
Tierney, Michael, d. 14 Nov 1943, s/o Margaret, St Patricks Tce, [GS]
Tobin, ?? , d. 16 May 1941, age: 45 yr, s/o Thomas and Helina, h/o Catherine, [GS]
Tobin, Catherine, d. 12 Jul 1955, age: 73 yr, d in law/o Thomas and Helina, [GS]
Tobin, Helina, d. 7 Feb 1952, age: 84 yr, w/o Thomas, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Tobin, James, no dates, infant, [GS]
Tobin, Mary Ellen, d. 4 Feb 1914, age: 33 yr, d/o Thomas and Helina, [GS]
Tobin, Patrick J, d. 19 Sep 1978, age: 81 yr, Pearse Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Tobin, Thomas M, d. 27 Mar 1926, age: 76 yr, h/o Helina, Castle Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Tooher, Dan J, d. 21 Apr 1903, age: 28 yr, s/o Norah and Michael, Nenagh, [GS]
Tooher, Michael, d. 7 Sep 1884, age: 33 yr, h/o Norah, Nenagh, [GS]
Tooher, Nora, d. 17 Nov 19?8, age: 69, w/o Michael, Nenagh, [GS]
Tooher, Willie, d. 17 Sep 1883, age: 5 yr, s/o Norah and Michael, Nenagh, [GS]
Toohey, Bryan, d. 23 Dec 1882, age: 75yr, h/o Ellen, [GS]
Toohey, Ellen, d. 2 Dec 1880, age: 74 yr, w/o Bryan, [GS]
Toohey, Ellen, d. Oct 1913, age: 68 yr, d/o Bryan and Ellen, erected by her brother Michael, [GS]
Toohey, Jermiah Esq, d. 17 Jan 1835, age: 55 yr, [GS]
Toohey, Julia, d. 20 ? ? , [GS]
Toohey, Margaret, d. 14 Oct 1886, age: 66 yr, [GS]
Toohey, Mary, d. 26 Mar 1947, sis/o Rody Nolan, [GS]
Tucker, Mary, d. 20 Mar 1835, age: 66 yr, m/o James, erected by her husband Martin Delaney, [GS]
Tumpane, Bridget A, d. 7 Jun 1915, w/o John, The Cottages, Nenagh, [GS]
Tumpane, John F, d. 18 Oct 1907, age: 43 yr, h/o Bridget, The Cottage, Nenagh, [GS]
Tumpane, Kate, d. 6 May 1913, sis/o John, [GS]
Tuohy, Austin, d. 7 Dec 1949, age: 58 yr, h/o Mary and son in law/o Thomas McCormack, [GS]
Tuohy, Mary, d. 20 July 1953, w/o Austin and d/o Thomas McCormack, [GS]
Wade, Anna (Foley)(Gleeson), d. 5 Mar 1999, age: 66 yr, [GS]
Walsh, John, d. 26 Feb 1979, age: 18yr, s/o May, Smithville, [GS]
Walsh, Mary, d. 22 Oct 1884, m/o Margaret Cadell, [GS]
Walsh, May, d. 1 Sep 1993, age: 70yr, m/o John, Smithville, [GS]
Welsh, Mary, d. 2 Aug 1773, age: 67yr, [GS]
Whelan, Margaret, d. 30 Dec 2009, McDonagh Street, Nenagh, [GS]
White, Mary Ann, d. 6 Jun 1905, age: 65 yr, sis/o Bridget, Phillip, John and Michael Kelly, died in Australia, [GS]
Wilkenfield, Agnes, d. 17 Jan 1992, age: 79 yr, cousin/o John Darmody, [GS]
Wilkenfield, Amy, d. 11 Aug 1996, cousin/o John Darmody, [GS]
Wixted, Thomas, d. 4 Feb 1879, erected by his son James, [GS]
Woodhouse, Anthony, d. 22 May 1925, age: 21 yr, s/o Thomas and Rose, Kenyon Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Woodhouse, Catherine, d. 18 Oct 1922, age: 80 yr, grand m/o Anthony, Mae and Patrick, [GS]
Woodhouse, Mae, d. 5 Feb 1938, age: 32 yr, d/o Thomas and Rose, [GS]
Woodhouse, Patrick, d. 15 Oct 1940, ag: 41 yr, s/o Thomas and Rose, [GS]
Woodhouse, Rev Bro, Thomas, d. 6 Nov 1939, age: 68 yr, [GS]
Woodhouse, Rose, d. 26 May 1949, age: 76 yr, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Woodhouse, Thomas, d. 11 Feb 1958, age: 78 yr, h/o Rose, [GS]
Woodhouse, Thomas, d. 21 Mar 1934, age: 11 mths, grand s/o Thomas and Rose, [GS]
Young, Bryan, d. 2 Nov 1918, age: 75 yr, h/o Mary, Sliver View, Nenagh, [GS]
Young, Cornelius, d. 21 Jan 1916, age: 28 yr, s/o Bryan, Sliver View, Nenagh, [GS]
Young, Mary, d. 1 Sep 1941, age: 83 yr, w/o Bryan, Sliver View, Nenagh, [GS]
Young, Mary, no dates, d/o Bryan and w/o John Corrigan, [GS]

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