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McCurley Cemetery
Holly Grove, Monroe County, Arkansas

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 18.

Contributor's Index:

Bennett, Albert, b. 19 May 1904,d. 11 Jul 1996, h/o Daisey Lee Bennett, son to Albert Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Andrew D., b. 1 Jul 1934, d. 22 Feb 1993. PFC US Army Vietnam, son of Elmer and Mary Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Daisey Lee, b. 30 Apr 1921, d. 10 Nov 1986, wife of Albert Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Elmer, b. 7 Sep 1905, d. 1 May 1977, husband of Mary Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Maggie, b. 25 Arp 1888, d. 28 Dec 1944, wife of W.B. 'Will' Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Martha Susie, b. 8 Nov 1903, d. 6 Aug 1968, wife of Mink Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Mary, b. 18 Oct 1913, d. 19 May 1991, wife of Elmer Bennett, [BB]
Bennett, Mink, b. 28 Jan 1897, d. 6 Dec 1962, h/o Martha Bennett, Arkansas CO D 162 Depot Brigade, WWI, [BB]
Bennett, W. B. 'Will', b. 20 Nov 1875, d. 17 Nov 1949, h/o Maggie Bennett, [BB]
Bivens, Eunice Valerie, b. May 1, 1916, d. Aug 21, 1996, daughter of John N. Turner and Mary (Lonie) Anderson married to Grady H. Bivens, [PG]
Bivens, Grady Huell, b. Oct 21, 1907, d. Feb 10, 1966 son of Samuel Columbus Bivens and Lula (Wolfe) Bivens, [PG]
Bivens, Perry Martin, b. Aug 2, 1943, d. Mar 4, 1992 son of Eunice and Grady Bivens, Ashes buried with Eunice, [PG]
Holloway, Andrew Jackson A. J. (Jack), b. 10 Mar 1836, d. 24 Mar 1941, h/o Fannie Moore-Holloway. (This is the date of birth on the tombstone but he was born abt. 1886), [BB]
Holloway, Andrew Joe, b. 22 Aug 1908, d. 29 Oct 1979, Son of A.J. and Fannie Holloway, [BB]
Holloway, Eola Baines, b. 1 Mar 1907, d. 21 Sep 1979, Wife of R.G. Holloway (#2 wife), [BB]
Holloway, Fannie-Moore, b. 14 Aug 1888, d. 1 Aug 1959, wife to A.J. Holloway, [BB]
Holloway, Judy Francis, b. no date, d. 12 Oct 1945, [BB]
Holloway, R. G., b. 18 Aug 1902, d. 14 Jul 1956, h/o Eola Baines-Holloway, [BB]


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