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Powers Chapel Cemetery
Pike County, Arkansas

Contributed by Richard Rodgers [rerodgers@windstream.net].  Total records = 27.

Take HWY 8 from Glenwood, Arkansas. Go 1.1 miles to Rock Creek Road. Go 3.1 miles & make a right turn onto a dirt road and go almost to the Pete Cogburn resident. Park at first right hand trailer space. Walk across road up a hill to the cemetery. Compiled from a list obtained from Kathy West who owns the land where the cemetery is located. 1/13/2000

There are 35 unmarked graves with only rock to indicate the graves. This cemetery has not been kept up and is no longer in use.

COKER, Lola, b.10/19/1893, d. 9/12/1895, daughter of C. H. & Mattie Coker
COKER, Rhonda A., b 6/4/1846, d. 6/25/1899, wife of Spencer Monroe Coker. daughter of D. D. & Martha Mitchell
COKER, Spencer Lawton, b. 9/24/1904, d. 2/23/1905
COKER, Spencer Monroe S., b. 2/23/1845, d. 2/1908, PVT - CSA - CO F 25th Ala Inf RECA. Wounded in the Battle of Murfreesboro, TN
DUNLAP, Fannie, b. 1870, d. 1897
DUNLAP, William J., b. 1851, d. 1926
GAY, E. V., b. 10/25/1894, d. 7/19/1895
GAY, Infant, b. 6/10/1893, d. 6/10/1893, daughter of J. B. & M. F. Gay
GAY, John B., b. 2/12/1852, d. 1/6/1938
GAY, Mary F., b. 9/14/1862, d. 3/6/1936, wife of John B. Gay
GAY, W. V., b. 9/1/1882, d. 3/8/1884
GAY, Z. H., b. 2/22/1902, d. 7/12/1906
LIGON, Amanda, b.10/29/1822, d. 7/23/1902
LIGON, Amanda, b. 9/14/1856, d. 6/8/1915, wife of J. C. Ligon
LIGON, Hugh E., b. 6/3/1900, d. 7/14/1901, son of F. J. & M. A. Ligon
LIGON, J. C., b. 6/28/1852, d. 4/22/1896
LIGON, Mary Ester, b. 10/26/1904, d. 5/20/1907, daughter of F. J. & M. A. Ligon
SMITH, Emma Dreghorn Pounds, b. 1863, d. 1906
STOUGH, Amanda Power, b. 10/8/1837, d. 8/4/1932
STOUGH, Clarence B., b. 3/28/1904, d. 11/28/1909, son of D. C. & Bettie Stough
STOUGH, Olar Pearl, b. 3/15/1908, d. 11/24/1909, daughter of D. C. & Bettie Stough
STOUGH, R. W., b. 5/16/1834, d. 11/4/1910
THRASH, Dollie May, b. 12/6/1836, d. 1/23/1837
WATSON, Edwin Monroe, b. 7/24/1902, d. 5/12/1903
WATSON, Henry C., b. 9/29/1844, d. 4/18/1913
WATSON, J. M., b. 10/21/1873, d. 3/8/1919, husband of Mollie
WATSON, Luvina, b. 2/6/1842, d. 2/2/1897, wife of H. G. Watson


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