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Shady Grove (Dobbs) Cemetery
Washington County, Arkansas

Contributed by Kim Schildwachter [PoohysMom@aol.com] Total records = 24.

Shady Grove (Dobbs) Cemetery
Located about six miles due south of Morrow, Arkansas

Shady Grove is better known as the Odell Community near the Crawford County line. This a well-kept cemetery and many of the Dobbs family are buried there, and several members of the family still live in the Odell community. The earliest burial was that of a small girl, but there is only a sandstone marker without date. Earliest dated stone is 1885.

Birdwell, J B, b.Jun 3, 1838, d.Jun 11, 1920
Birdwell, Zada, b.1871, d.1929, d/o Gainor Dobbs w/o A.B
Crippin, T C, b.Dec 9, 1874, d.1922
Dobbs, Celie, b.May 10, 1865, d.Apr 5, 1885, w/o H.P. Dobbs
Dobbs, Frances, b.Feb 10, ?, d.Sep 15, 1905
Dobbs, Lester, b.Mar 31, 1931, d.Jul 28, 1932, s/o C.A & Edna Dobbs
Dobbs, Lizzie A, b.Nov 24, 1884, d.Oct 29, 1885, d/o H.P & C. Dobbs
Dobbs, Sarah Frances, b.Aug 12, 1889, d.Feb 15, 1905
Dobbs, W G, b.1853, d.1924
Early, Lee S, b.1863, d.1943
Early, Matilda, b.1860, d.1939
Fain, Lavinia, b.1833, d.1886. w/o J. Fain
Garrison, E A, b.1835, d.1887, (Earliest settler in the Odell Community and owned first store)
Garrison, Frances, b.1838, d.1920
Garrison, William, b.1868, d.1919
Jones, Katie, b.May 8, 1870, d.Jan 17, 1950
Millet, E C, b.Apr 17, 1847, d.Dec 30, 1918
Rather, George B, b.Apr 23, 1904, d.Mar 9, 1920, s/o A.L. Rather
Rather, Sara Ann, b.Dec 22, 1865, d.Mar 24, 1930
Rose, William W, b.1890, d.1957
Sharp, Cora Lee, b.Dec 3, 1885, d.Oct 29, 1886, d/o H.A. & N.M. Sharp
Unger, Charles S, b.Mar 13, 1888, d.Mar 29, 1913
Unger, G W, b.Jul 17, 1846, d.Apr 27, 1911
Whitehouse D P, No Date, (Many other sandstone markers nearby are probably the Earl Whitehouse family.)


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