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Hedges Catholic Cemetery
Hedges, Imperial County, California

Contributed by Steve Paul Johnson [steve@cleardigitalmedia.com].

This cemetery supposedly contains the remains of catholics. It lies just outside of town limits. It is not marked on the BLM Trail Guide. I counted 75 graves. None of the graves have inscriptions.

This cemetery lies near the old Hedges trash dump, just north of the trail-head. You can identify it by the wooden posts that surround it.

The Hedges trash dump is an eerie sight. Hundreds of thousands of rusted cans (fruit cans, soup cans, bean cans, etc.) cover an acre of land, and in some places with not a piece of earth showing through it. I'm sure that paper products were tossed here also, but over the years have disintegrated, and left only the cans to remain.


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