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Hedges Graves
Hedges, Imperial County, California

Contributed by Steve Paul Johnson [steve@cleardigitalmedia.com]. Total records = 2.

I found two recent graves lying about 1,000 feet north of the Catholic Cemetery. On the face of a hill there are series of rocks painted white and laid out in the form of a cross. Below that cross are the two graves.

There are inscriptions visible, but were painted, and have been withering away.

"Mindy", May 4, 199?
"Queene, ?? Wondefull Don", b. Jun 1960, d. 1974, age 14

According to Anastasia Vellas, a local historian, the "Queenie" grave is a dog, whose owner had buried her six feet deep at night. "Mindy" could very well have been a pet as well.


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