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Olivewood Cemetery
Riverside, Riverside County, California

3300 Central Ave, Riverside, Ca. 92506

Lat: 33 57' 10"N, Lon: 117 22' 41"W

Large cemetery with burials on both sides of major artery in Riverside. Very well maintained. Also known as Olivewood Memorial Park.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Feb 10, 2010. Total records = 55.

Contributor's Index:

Addleman, L. Josephine, b. 1 Jan 1867, OH, d. 16 Nov 1955, age: 88y, d/o Harvey H. Adams, [BA]
Addleman, Paul A., b. 21 Feb 1902, PA, d. 2 Sep 1952, Pomona, CA, age: 50y, h/o Mary L. Bobo, [BA]
Allman, Clarence Ray, b. 1893, d. 1985, Husband, Father, [DS]
Allman, Helen Theresa Caddy, b. 1900, d. 1973, Wife, Mother, [DS]
Bearden, Mary L., b. 13 Mar 1914, CA, d. 1 Mar 1992, Westminster, CA, age: 72y, w/o Paul Addleman & Wm. Bearden, d/o Allen & Minnie Bobo, [BA]
Bice, Ralph Hardy, b. 20 Jun 1917, d. 29 Mar 1989, s/o Hardy Floid and Julia Preble Bice, h/o Virginia, [GB]
Bice, Virginia Lee, b. 14 Nov 1923, d. 29 Oct 1996, d/o William Clifford and Mildred Ruby Elizabeth Scott Moody, [GB]
Bobo, Allen H., b. 6 Oct 1862 AR, d. 17 Jul 1950 CA, age: 88y, h/o Minnie K. Bobo, [BA]
Bobo, Lester Irwin, Jr., b. 12 Jul 1932 CA, d. 16 Jul 1943 CA, age: 11y, s/o Lester Bobo, [BA]
Bobo, Minnie K., b. 26 Feb 1875 MO, d. 1 Aug 1947 Riverside, CA, age: 72y, w/o Allen H. Bobo, d/o Asa C. & Lillias Ketchum, [BA]
Brott, Richard, b. 1919, d. 1945 CA, age: 24y, 1st h/o Jesse McCorkell, [BA]
Cruze, Agnes P. Allman, b. 11/26/1918, d. 9/29/1970, Wife, Mother, [DS]
Farey, Elizabeth Opal, b. 7 Jul 1920, d. 19 May 1992, d/o James Henry and Rose Lee Bevers Roberts, w/o #1 Howard Abram Farey, #2 Clifford Wilkins, [GB]
Farey, Howard Abram, b. 18 Oct 1917, d. 1 Sep 1977, s/o Joseph and Agnes Alma Allen Farey, h/o Elizabeth Opal Roberts, [GB]
Franklin, Donald Arthur, b. 24 May 1942 NY, d. 01 Jun 2000, age:: 58yr, "We will always love you, you're the greatest", [SF]
Granttham, Jesse Lee "JL", b. 2 Sep 1873 Marianna, Jackson Co., FL., d. 21 Mar 1954 Elsinore CA., bur. 24 Mar 1954, h/o Mindora Red Granttham, s/o Rev. Jesse Jackson and Sarah Lane Granttham, [JB]
Granttham, Mindora Red, b. 27 Nov 1881 Marietta Cobb Co., GA, d. 15 Aug 1967 Riverside CA, w/o Jesse "JL" Lee Granttham, d/o Job Hansel and Sarah Key Cobbs Red, bur. 18 Aug 1967, [JB]
Jahde, Myrtle L., b. 1855, d. 1980, w/o Herbert Augustus Clift & Henry Jahde, d/o Mark & Frazene Durbin, [PC]
Johnson, Elizabeth, b. 1905, d.1983, w/o Gordon Johnson, d/o Patrick and Mary Pound, [DO]
Johnson, Gordon, b. 1899, d. 1980, h/o Elizbeth Johnson, s/o Charles and Mary Johnson, [DO]
Klure, Alexander H., b. 2 Aug 1918, d. 7 Jun 1992, h/o Lois Jean Scott Klure, [GB]
McCorkell, Bert, b. 1884, d. 11 Oct 1932 CA, h/o Floe Gearhart, s/o I. Jerome McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, Bessie May, b. 3 Aug 1896, d. 19 Aug 1985, [BA]
McCorkell, Claude Bliss, b. 23 Dec 1901 OK, d. 1 Dec 1978 Long Beach, CA, age: 76yr, s/o Jerome McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, Claude Eric, b. 29 Dec 1892 KS, d. 22 May 1974 CA, age: 86yr, s/o Lillias McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, Eva M., b. 20 Jul 1893, d. 16 Aug 1978, [BA]
McCorkell, Floe, b. 16 Oct 1887, d. 31 Oct 1976, w/o Bert McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, Geo. Gifford, d. 3 Sep 1935, age: 62yyr 4m 13d, s/o Lillias McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, I. Jerome, b. 13 Mar 1858 IN, d. 3 Sep 1935 CA, age: 81yr 7m 20d, s/o Lillias & Geo. McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, Lillias J., b. 1851 IN, d. 1924 Riverside, CA, age: 73yr, w/o A.C. Ketchum & G. McCorkel, [BA]
McCorkell, Mary A. McCormick, b. 16 Sep 1861 IL, d. 5 Apr 1935, age: 75y 6m 23d, w/o Jerome McCorkell, [BA]
McCorkell, Walter E., b. 25 Mar 1889, d. 18 Jan 1971, age: 81yr, [BA]
Moody, Bonnie Jean, b. 22 Apr 1927, d. 29 May 1957, d/o William Clifford and Mildred Ruby Elizabeth Scott Moody, [GB]
Moody, Mildred Ruby Elizabeth, b. 8 Jul 1905, d. 28 Jan 1983, d/o James Franklin Scott and Bertha Grace Tuckness, w/o William Clifford Moody, [GB]
Moody, William Clifford, b. 17 Jun 1901, d. 14 Jul 1980, s/o George Addison Moody and Retta Jane Gray, h/o Mildred Ruby Elizabeth Scott Moody, [GB]
Neuendank, August Fredrick, b. 4 Oct 1895, d. 8 Dec 1971, s/o August Fredrick and Charlotte (Besier) Neuendank, [JJ]
Peterson, Bertha Grace, b. 7 May 1880, d. 13 Oct 1959, d/o Richard Henry and Martha Saphronia McPheeters Tuckness, w/o #1 James Franklin Scott, #2 ? Peterson, [GB]
Reed, Doris June, b. 2 Sep 1921, d. 20 Sep 1997, d/o William Clifford and Mildred Ruby Elizabeth Scott Moody, w/o #1 Charles Diehl, #2 Charles Marble, #3 ? Reed, [GB]
Riggs, Arthur Norton, b. 14 Nov 1864 Millington MI, d. 23 Jul 1937 Riverside, CA, h/o Virginia Belle (Willard) Riggs, s/o John Gowen and Georgina (Norton) Riggs, [BR]
Riggs, Virginia Belle, b. 12 Sep 1869, WI, d. 23 Apr 1947 Riverside CA, w/o Arthur Norton Riggs, d/o Jonathan and Hannah (Blaisdell) Willard, [BR]
Schrodetzki, Deloris, b. b. 30 Jan 1937, d. 19 Sep 1998, w/o George Schrodetzki, d/o William and Carolyn Norwood, [RS]
Scott, James Franklin, b. 28 Nov 1870, d. 12 Jun 1936, s/o Levi Newton Scott and Mary Catherine Hoover Scott, h/o Bertha Grace Tuckness Scott, [GB]
Scott, John W., b. 5 Sep 1860, d. 1948 CA, age: 88yr, h/o Sallie Bobo, no stone, [BA]
Scott, Sallie A., b. 19 Apr 1865 AR, d. 11 Aug 1926, age: 51y 3m 22d, w/o John W. Scott, no stone, [BA]
Shadrach, Ellen M., b. ca 1850 MD, d. 30 Nov 1936 Riverside, CA, w/o M. McKean & Wm. Shadrach, [BA]
Simpson, Teresa Frances, b. 1911, d. 1970, w/o Paul Anderson Simpson, d/o Carrie J. Upson and George Lucker, [BS]
Simpson, William James, b. Sep 1872, d. 1959, f/o Paul Anderson Simpson, [BS]
Steingone, Rob, bur. Dec 9, 2000, [AM]
Strohmeier, Charles C., b. 4 Jun 1885 IL, d. 25 Oct 1969 Newport Beach, CA, age: 84yr, 1st h/o Vera Bobo, [BA]
Strohmeier, Vallin Jeremy, d. CA, age: 4da, s/o Robert Strohmeier, no stone, [BA]
Strohmeier, Vera L., b. 8 Jun 1902 MO, d. 24 Aug 1993 Corona, CA, age: 91yr, w/o Charles C. Strohmeier, d/o Allen & Minnie Bobo, [BA]
Toews, Sheila Lee White, b. 4/14/1939, d. 8/27/2001, Sister, [DS]
Walker, Kenneth, b. 18 Apr 1891, d. 4 May 1974 CA, h/o Catherine McCorkell, [BA]
Walker, L. Catherine, b. 21 Sep 1890 KS, d. 2 Dec 1975 CA, w/o Kenneth Walker, d/o Lillias McCorkell, [BA]
White, Charles Michael, b. 6/7/1940, d. 9/25/1987, Brother, [DS]


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