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Perris Valley Cemetery
Perris, Riverside County, California

Submitted by Cheryl Barnhurst [carabela@aol.com].

Bollinger, no dates, Family monument, Sec/Row 48
Broken Stone, Base only, no inscription, Sec/Row 13-2
Broken Stone, Flat stone, no inscription, possibly base of above ground headstone, Sec/Row 13-2
Broken Stone, No inscription, small cement slab with black marble 6x6 square with 3 small diamonds (marble) on each side, Sec/Row 12-1
Duggan, Family Monument, Sec/Row 82A
Elma, Note: No other info, stone faces north & south, while all others face east, Engraving on monument of square temple with words The Path across top, & the sun inside rising up., Sec/Row 56
Johnson, 1958, Marker has been defaced, Sec/Row 76A
M., R. W., Mar 7, 1911, Sec/Row 45
Meers, Blank stone, no other information available, Sec/Row 26-1
Military Mon, Korea, b. 1950, d. 1955, Dedicated, In loving memory, Korean War Veterans, 1950, d. 1955, Sec/Row 50AA
Military Mon, Vietnam, b. 1964, d. 1973, Dedicated in loving memory of Vietnam Veterans, Sec/Row
Military Mon, WWI, b. 1914, d. 1918, WW, In memory of unknown soldiers, Sec/Row
Military Mon, WWII, no dates, In memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War II, Engraved with a flag, Sec/Row 50AA
No name, Ernesto Rubeio, b. 1887, d. 1936, Monument badly deteriorated, last name is unreadable, Sec/Row 81A
No name, Renee, 1959, Two names on one monument, no last name listed, Sec/Row 81A
No name, Yvonne, 1959, Two names on one monument, no last name listed, Sec/Row 81A
Preston, Family headstone, no other information, Sec/Row 51B
R., W. M., Mch. 7 - 1911, No other information available, Sec/Row 45
Smith, No names, No dates, I love you both, love Nana, No other information on the stone, Virgin Mary, Sec/Row B8
Su***, **** Mae, b. 1884, d. 1949, Damaged headstone, Name is damaged and last part of date, but date is still readable, Sec/Row 57B
Updegraff, No name, b. No dates, Name and date lines blacked out, Sec/Row 21, d. 2
Waller, Family monument, Sec/Row 47


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