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Julian Pioneer Cemetery
Julian, San Diego County, California

Lisa standing a top the hill at Julian Pioneer Cemetery. Photo taken on November 14, 1999. Copyright © 1999, Steve Paul Johnson.

Upon a hill overlooking the town of Julian, a cemetery that has been here since 1870 and is still taking burials today.

It is a beautiful place to be quiet and peaceful. You can look out and see the changing colors of the leaves (and also have the leaves fall on you).

You can hear the "clop clop" of the horse-drawn carriage on the street below.

It makes a this California girl wonder if this is what it's like in New England.

This is a place full of history and more than likely some ghosts too!!

Now the bells from the church ring in the song of joyous exclamation that echoes through the hills.

The peace is broken by the noise of people and kids. I wish they would either be quiet or leave. Might be nice if the spirit spooked them a little.

- Lisa Ann Johnson


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