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San Marcos Cemetery
San Marcos, San Diego County, California

San Marcos, CA. 92069, 760-744-8921

Lat: 33° 09' 38"N, Lon: 117° 08' 55"W

Contributed by Rosemary Parks, Oct 01, 2005 [rbparks@cox.net]. Total records = 3,385.

San Marcos Cemetery lies on Mulberry Drive just north of Mission Avenue, and northeast of Highway 78 & Twin Oaks.

The cemetery was created in 1894 when a pioneering family named Littlefield needed to place to bury its matriarch, Nellie Littlefield, died Feb 23, 1894 when the isolated town of San Marcos did not have an official cemetery. The Littlefields got together with some other area families and formed the San Marcos Cemetery Association.

The Association members, each maintained their own areas of the responsibility within the seven acre cemetery. During the Depression when workers throughout the nation were looking for employment though federal programs, the cemetery association became a Public Cemetery District (April 28, 1930). This made it eligible for road improvements though a public works program.

The cemetery's roads were improved and gutters installed by the public workers. They graded the land and landscaped the cemetery by planting trees and shrubs. Water was piped in from the nearby Vista Water District flume.

Today, the San Marcos Cemetery covers 27 acres. Three times its original size. It is managed by the North County Cemetery District at 2640 Glen Ridge Road Escondido, CA 92027, (760) 745 1781.

Deb Spoonhour and I transcribed from the list of all those buried as of mid summer 2005, as provided by the North County Cemetery District.

- Rosemary Parks

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