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Old Mansfield Cemetery
(aka Mansfield Center Cemetery)
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

Rte 195
Storrs and Cemetery Rds.
Mansfield CT

41°45'44"N, Lon: 72°11'45"W

Mansfield Center Cemetery is on the historic register, the town settled in 1692.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 42.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, David, Dr., Ob., d. 26 Mar 1790, age: 59, [LD]
Adams, Lucy, b. 24 Jun 1736 d. 27 Feb 1814, [LD]
Barrows, Abigail, d. 13 Feb 1869, age: 89, [LD]
Barrows, Jabez, d. 5 Jan 1867?, age: 70, [LD]
Barton, Charles, d. 23 Sep 1800, age: 3, s/o Elkanah & Anna Barton, [LD]
Douglass, Henrietta, b. 15 ? 1857? d. 1_? Oct 1863, age: 9 yrs. 10 mos. 15 dys., d/o ? & Julia ?, [LD]
Fitch, Alice R., d. 17 Oct 1887, age: 76y,"mother", w/o Edwin S. Fitch, [LD]
Fitch, Edwin S., d. 8 Sep 1875, age: 63, "father", [LD]
Fitch, Jabez A., b. 15 Sep 1846 d. 7 Feb 1848, s/o Edwin S. & Alice R. Fitch, [LD]
Fitch, Sarah A., b. 19 May 1887 d. 23 Jul 1888?, d/o Edwin S. & Alice R. Fitch, [LD]
Nichols, Laura Colburn, d. 19 Oct 1881, age: 78y, w/o Thomas Nichols, [LD]
Reynolds, Eunice A., d. 28 Nov ?, w/o William Reynolds, [LD]
Snow, Bridget, d. 30 May 1768?, age: 57y, w/o Ebenezer Snow, [LD]
Southworth, Abigail, d. 14 Apr 1838?, age: 56y (or 86?) w/o Samuel Southworth, [LD]
Southworth, George M., d. 24 Sep 1852, age: 34, [LD]
Southworth, Samuel, d. 3 May 1857?, age: 85y, [LD]
Southworth, Sarah Ann, d. 20 May 1827, age: 4y 10m, d/o Samuel & Submit Southworth, [LD]
Southworth, Submit, d. 26? Apr 1866, age: 69?y, w/o Samuel Southworth, [LD]
Southworth, William C. (or B.?), d. 25? Jul 1855?, age: 61y?, [LD]
Starkweather, Jane, d. 17 Nov 1803, age: 84, w/o Joel Starkweather, [LD]
Starkweather, Joel, no dates, [LD]
Storrs, Alice, d. 13 Oct 1813, age: 34?y, w/o Heman Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Cordial, b. 14 Oct 1692, child of Samuel & Esther Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Dan, b. 7 Feb 1718 d. 5 Jan 1831?, s/o Thomas Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Easter, d. 15 Mar 1746, age: 33?y, w/o John Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Elizabeth, b. 31 May 1675, d/o Samuel & Mary Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Esther Egard, b. Dec 14, 1685, d. Apr 13, 1730, in the 89th year of her age, s/w & 2nd w/o Samuel Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Esther, b. Oct 1688, d/o Samuel & Esther Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Hannah, b. 28 Mar 1672, d/o Samuel & Mary Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, John, d. 6 Oct 1753, age: 51y, [LD]
Storrs, Lydia, b. Jun 1679, [LD]
Storrs, Mary, b. 31 Dec 1667, d/o Samuel & Mary Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Mary, d. 14 Aug 1822, age: 61?, w/o Dan Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Samuel, b. 17 May 1677, s/o Samuel & Mary Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Samuel, d. Apr 30, 1719, 4th child of Thomas, bapt. 7 Dec 1640 at "Sutton Cum Lound Nottinghamshire Eng. from whence he emigrated to Barnstable, Mass. abt. 1663. He was the first Storrs who came to America and from him nearly all of the name in this country have descended, m. 1st wife Mary Huckins, Dec. 6, 1666 Barnstable, Mass, 2nd wife, Esther Egard, [LD]
Storrs, Sarah, b. 26 Jun 1670, d/o Samuel & Mary Storrs, [LD]
Storrs, Thomas, b. 27 Oct 1686, s/o Samuel & Esther Storrs, [LD]
Swift, Dan Throop, d. 26 ( or 20?) Sep 1785?, age: 2yrs. 4 mos., s/o John & Ana Swift, [LD]
Swift, Jerusha, d. 17 Jan 1811, age: 90y, consort of John Swift late of Mansfield deceased, [LD]
Swift, John, d. 31? Mar 1795?, age: 77y, [LD]
Terry, Jane Southworth, d. 28y? Feb 1873?, age: 51y, w/o Daniel M. (or N.?) Terry, [LD]
Trumbull, John N., b. 29 Aug 1840 d. 20 Sep 1862, s/o Charles W. & Hannah W. Trumbull, [LD]

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