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Byrd Cemetery
Dawson County, Georgia

671 Lumpkin Campground Rd.
Dawson County GA

Lat:34° 21' 40"N, Lon: 84° 02' 58"W

Contributed by Tracy H. Smith, Jan 05, 2003 [keyacct@bellsouth.net].
Total records = 22.

To reach take GA400 north toward Dahlonega, for several miles, then left on Dawson Forest Rd., Right on Lumpkin Campground Rd. About 1/4 mile on left, next to road.

This is a small family cemetary in cut in woods next to road. Some large markers. A few graves slightly sunken in. Could not read one small marker.

This is a complete listing of all existing tombstones, which I read when I walked the cemetery on Dec 31, 2002.

- Tracy H. Smith

Barnes Rudolph, Mattie, b. 8/17/1879, d. 3/5/1960
Barnes, Judge, d. 3/3/1905, age: 27y 6m 7d
Barnes, Nettie, b. 11/11/1875, d. 2/28/1893, age: 17y 3m 17d
Barnes, Sarah M., b. 9/8/1852, d. 4/10/1926
Barnes, William Jasper, b. 5/12/1851, d. 2/2/1932
Bird, Babe of Mary E., d. 6/16/1887
Bird, Charlie C., b. 7/16/1889, d. 12/12/1962
Bird, Chas, b. 2/11/1862, d. 2/1/1872
Bird, Florence L., b. 12/27/1926, d. 11/16/1990
Bird, G. G., b. 11/4/1819, d. 3/4/1900
Bird, George Ham, b. 7/12/1880, d. 5/2/1883
Bird, George M., b. 3/27/1921, d. 11/2/1989
Bird, George Truman, b. 12/29/1872, d. 1/2/1955
Bird, H. F., b. 4/2/1878, d. 3/26/1947
Bird, Hyman B., b. 7/14/1883, d. 10/8/1884
Bird, M. R., b. 9/2/1856, d. 4/12/1929
Bird, Mary E., b. 12/23/1856, d. 3/28/1891
Bird, Sarah A., b. 7/17/1831, d. 10/20/1904
Bruce Bird, Daisy, b. 3/23/1895, d. 1/3/1968
Byrd, Ezekiel V., b. 12/14/1886, d. 2/12/1958
Clayton Bird, Lillian, b. 9/24/1873, d. 11/9/????
Horan, Georgia, b. 8/27/1865, d. 9/28/1940


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