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King Cemetery
Scott Township, Madison County, Iowa

Scott Township, Sec 24
Lat: 41 16' 30"N, Lon: 93 54' 58"W

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Jul 03, 2000, last updated, Jan 15, 2005 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 168.

This cemetery is 1/2 mile west of 2593 on Hiatt Apple Trail in Scott Township.

King cemetery was walked and recorded by Irwin Edwards and Lewis E. Morris in 1975.

Research and Comparisons from: The two burial indexes, marriage records, and death records for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification where possible.

I have transcribed from all of the above resources, to make this list as complete and accurate as possible.

-Judy Branson

Allen, Albert Amzi, b. 5-5-1867, d. 10-5-1932, h/o Mahalia
Allen, Cary Amvary, b. 1-18-1869, d. 12-14-1924, h/o Martha M.
Allen, Cyrus Nelson, b. 9-21-1874, d. 2-15-1939, h/o Elizabeth W.
Allen, Elizabeth W., b. 1880, d. 1-4-1952, w/o Cyrus N.
Allen, Grace N., b. 8-22-1888, d. 7-1973, w/o Rufus E.
Allen, Mahalia T. (Parker), b. 1870, d. 11-10-1931, w/o Albert A.
Allen, Martha M. (Rollstin), b. 1867, d. 1904, w/o Cary A.
Allen, Obediah, b. 9-21-1843, d. 5-9-1903, h/o Etta J. & Mary F.
Allen, Olive F., d. 3-25-1878, d/o Isaac & Mary J.
Allen, Rhoda E. (Persinger), b. 4-1848, d. 3-16-1879, w/o Jessie
Allen, Rufus Egbert, b. 3-1-1884, d. 5-6-1931, s/o Obediah & Mary F.
Allen, Samuel H., b. 11-8-1874, d. 7-23-1946, s/o Jesse & Rhoda E.
Allen, Sarah, d. 4-9-1893, 71y
Allen, Wilmetta J. (Hughes), b. 1-23-1864, d. 1-27-1917, w/o Obediah
Beem, Bessie, b. 6-22-1897, d. 2-25-1899, d/o Marion L. & Margaret J.
Beem, Clare, d. 1-12-1892, 2y 6m, s/o Grant & Emma
Beem, Elva, b. 2-4-1899, d. 2-8-1907, d/o Marion L. & Margaret J.
Beem, Emma E. (Tusha), b. 11-18-1866, d. 9-6-1897, w/o U. S. Grant
Beem, Infant, d. 9-25-1891, 28d, s/o Marion L. & Margaret J.
Beem, Margaret J. (Hamner), b. 2-26-1873, d. 11-16-1908, w/o Marion L.
Beem, Marion L., b. 8-29-1859, d. 12-4-1943, h/o Margaret J.
Benedict, Melvin Vernon, b. 12-31-1881, d. 4-1968, h/o Rosa F.
Benedict, Orven, b. 12-6-1922, d. 1923, s/o Melvin V. & Rosa F.
Benedict, Rosa Florence (Little), b. 8-31-1885, d. 8-1970, w/o Mel V.
Bolin, George A., b. 8-2-1879, d. 11-16-1955, h/o Lula V.
Bolin, Lula V., b. 1879, d. 1975, w/o George A.
Brady, Elena (Goodwin), b. 9-23-1946, d. no date, w/o Wm. D.
Brady, William D., b. 12-21-1938, d. 12-20-1998, h/o Elena
Clear, Addie Belle (Allen), b. 8-23-1876, d. 9-23-1911, w/o Peter
Corsbie, Cora M., b. 1-20-1877, d. 1-17-1897
Corsbie, Emory Guile, b. 3-4-1905, d. 9-22-1906, s/o Thomas & Mary
Corsbie, Glenn, b. 2-2-1917, d. 2-14-1917, s/o Thomas C. & Mary
Corsbie, Iva / Ina Mildred, b. 4-13-1913, d. 12-1-1913
Corsbie, Mary Francis (Little), b. 2-4-1876, 5-12-1950, w/o Thomas C.
Corsbie, Mary Ruth, b. 10-11-1911, d. 1-26-1914, d/o Thomas C. & Mary F.
Corsbie, Miriam (Dooley), b. 1836, d. 1-9-1907, w/o Simon W.
Corsbie, Simon W., b. 5-16-1830, d. 4-2-1913, h/o Miriam
Corsbie, Stanley Claire, b. 8-15-1909, d. 5-1-1911, s/o Thomas C. & Mary F.
Corsbie, Thomas Casper, b. 1-13-1873, d. 7-6-1936, h/o Mary F.
Corsbie, William, b. 10-9-1837, d. 1-9-1907, s/o Silas D. & E.
Dowell, Argluel, b. 3-9-186?, d. 5-28-1888, 24y 9m 8d, s/o L. & M. A.
Fenimore, Everett, b. 8-25-1885, d. 5-26-1886, s/o Wm. & Louisa
Fenimore, Fannie J., b. 2-7-1857, d. 10-6-1873, d/o Wm. & Martha
Fenimore, Leander, b. 5-23-1887, d. 5-24-1887, s/o Wm. & Louisa
Fenimore, Martha (Ogburn), b. 5-24-1838, d. 9-27-1875, w/o William
Fenimore, Matilda Ellen, b. 1-20-1861, d. 9-23-1975, d/o Wm. & Martha
Fenimore, Minerva E., b. 1-20-1881, d. 9-23-1975
Filkin, Phoebe E. (Allen), b. 5-18-1868, d. 6-17-1913
Fosher, Ethel M., b. 8-22-1885, d. 12-22-1964
Griffith, Daniel, d. 1-21-1880, 59y 10m 23d
Griffith, Fannie M., d. 10-16-1875, 76y 7m 5d, d/o Isaac & L.
Griffith, Francis M., d. 3-12-1875, 2y 27d
Griffith, Gravina J., d. 2-5-1877, 1y 11m 15d
Griffith, Gravina, d. 6-9-1866, 43y 2m 3d, w/o Isaac
Griffith, Infant, d. 5-27-1866, s/o Isaac & L.
Griffith, Isaac, b. 4-7-1818, d. 2-10-1899, h/o Gravina
Griffith, Minas A., d. 11-3-1870, 5m 5d
Head, Auga N., d. 9-11-1872, 11m 17d, d/o G. & M. E
Head, James E., d. 4-7-1874, 1y, s/o G. & M. E.
Hess, Billy Wayne, b. 3-14-1928, d. 1949, s/o Guy A. & Arvella
Hess, Doris Ann, b. 5-14-1941, d. 12-11-1941, d/o Guy A. & Arvella
Hess, Edward, b. 10-14-1868, d. 9-29-1954, h/o Jettie A.
Hess, Guy Arnold, b. 10-25-1891, d. 11-16-1989, h/o Orella J.
Hess, Infant, d. 1910, s/o Edward & Jettie A.
Hess, Jettie Alice (Leanhart), b. 2-1-1871, d. 1-24-1957, w/o Edward
Hess, Orella Jeals (Cram), b. 3-21-1900, d. 11-20-1994, w/o Guy A.
Hoover, Jane (Ogburn), b. 5-19-1848, In, d. 2-1-1912, d/o Hartwell & Fanny
Husted, Katherine L., b. 7-11-1929, d. 11-1-1929
James, Annon Lee, b. 1-27-1830, d. 1-24-1923, h/o Phoebe B.
James, Phoebe Bell (Reel), d. 8-10-1899, 63y 5m, w/o Annon
James, S. D., d. 8-12-1872,1y 6m 7d, s/o J. A. & M.
James, Weldon Jr., no further info
King, Albert Wesley, b. 1-5-1857, d. 9-7-1939, h/o Samantha V.
King, Infant, d. 10-23-1875, d/o Albert W. & Samantha V.
King, Infant, d. 1-1904, d/o James
King, Jane (Rundells), d. 4-7-1891, 81y 7m 29d, w/o Noah M.
King, Noah M., d. 2-15-1883, 80y 6m 20d, h/o Jane, Civil War Vet.
King, Samantha Virginia (Sayre), b. 4-17-1857, d. 8-8-1933, w/o Albert W.
Little, Asbury, d. 1-31-1870, 1y 5m, s/o John H. & Mary J.
Little, Gravina E., d. 3-9-1865, 13d, d/o John H. & Mary J.
Little, James D., d. 10-11-1879, 6y 11m 29d, s/o John H. & Mary J.
Little, John Hartwell, b. 2-28-1841, d. 9-25-1913, h/o Mary J., Civil War Vet.
Little, Mary Jane (Allen), b. 12-7-1847, d. 1-24-1923, w/o John H.
Mackey, John Quincy, b. 8-14-1871, d. 1-4-1939, h/o Viola M.
Mackey, Viola May (Stevens), b. 12-12-1867, d. 5-5-1917, w/o John Q.
Mackey, Wilbert Earl, b. 7-24-1893, d. 7-24-1964, WWI Vet.
Marchel, Minnie I., b. 4-2-1882, d. 2-23-1958
Maxwell, Alexander, d. 6-24-1861, 33y 3m 11d
Maxwell, Sarah E., d. 4-29-1860, 1y 9m 16d
Oblesbee, Harley Lester, b. 9-5-1911, d. 1-21-1999, h/o Regina (Fortune), Eva (Nichols)
Ogburn, Annis (Wray), b. 5-20-1835, d. 9-8-1883, 50y 4m 29d, w/o Wm.
Ogburn, Arthur R., b. 8-28-1874, d. 2-9-1921, s/o Wm. & Annis
Ogburn, Fannie (Fox), d. 6-1-1897, w/o Hartwell
Ogburn, Hartwell, d. 8-9-1884, 74y 9m 8d, h/o Fannie
Ogburn, John, b. 5-6-1832, d. 8-13-1887
Ogburn, William, d. 10-12-1921, h/o Annis (Ray), Nancy (Simmons)
Oglesbee, Cleta June (Hess), b. 6-29-1907, d. 6-14-1995, w/o Everett L.
Oglesbee, Erma Dulcena, b. 3-31-1907, d. 1-4-1919, d/o Noah W. & Rosella M.
Oglesbee, Everett Loyd, b. 6-26-1902, d. 8-11-1981, h/o Cleta J.
Oglesbee, Harry G., b. 9-24-1898, d. 2-1969, s/o Noah W. & Rosezella M.
Oglesbee, Hazel Bertine (Husted), b. 11-26-1911, d. no date, w/o Noah W. Jr.
Oglesbee, Infant, d. 1-20-1904, s/o Noah W. & Rosezella M.
Oglesbee, Jerry Leo, b. 10-11-1899, d. 12-2-1925, h/o Myrtle M.
Oglesbee, Larry Eugene, d. 1-7-1970, s/o Charles R. & Patricia H.
Oglesbee, Myrtle Mildred (Hess), b. 11-22-1904, d. 9-16-1988, w/o Jerry L., Harry G.
Oglesbee, Noah Warner, Jr., b. 4-14-1910, d. 1-28-1944, h/o Hazel B.
Oglesbee, Noah Warner, b. 5-2-1872, d. 9-28-1953, h/o Rosezella M.
Oglesbee, Rejina I. (Fortune), b. 1-16-1914, d. 9-11-1970, w/o Harley L.
Oglesbee, Rosezella May (Stevens), b. 9-6-1871, d. 12-20-1929, w/o Noah W.
Oglesbee, Teddy Raymond, b. 12-28-1900, d. 1-2-1919, s/o Noah W. & Rosezella M.
Parker, Ira, b. 3-1-1835, d. 5-31-1917, h/o Margaret, Mary Ester (Bevers), Civil War Vet.
Parker, Margaret (Shaklee), b. 1836, d. 3-18-1886, w/o Ira
Rogers, James A., b. 4-14-1864, d. 2-1944, h/o Mary, s/o Wm. & Margaret
Rogers, Mary (Brown), b. 2-5-1888, d. 11-26-1937, w/o James A.
Sayre, Absolom, d. 11-6-1887, 68y 8m, h/o Rachel S.
Sayre, Artimus Clarence, d. 3-25-1876, 4y 8m 8d, s/o Absolom & Rachel S.
Sayre, Rachel S. (McDonald), d. 6-5-1904, 74y, w/o Absolom
Scott, William C., b. 11-20-1853, d. 4-9-1912, Mina
Shelly, H. / J. M., b. 6-16-1872, d. 11-30-1877, s/o Silas & Susanna
Simmons, No first name listed, d. 6-1902
Smith, Barbara, b. 12-23-1874, d. 1-21-1877, d/o James S. & Mary M.
Smith, Charles E., b. 3-2-1879, d. 3-2-1879, s/o James S. & Mary M.
Smith, James S., b. 1837, d. 1921, h/o Mary M., Civil War Vet.
Smith, John, b. 4-23-1883, d. 9-6-1883, s/o James S. & Mary M.
Smith, Mary Mahala (Little), b. 7-31-1843, d. 2-23-1917, w/o James S.
Stevens, Amelia (Grant), d. 10-1-1867, 52y 6m 4d, w/o Thomas
Stevens, Barbara, b. 1925, d. 8-9-1933, d/o Darwin & Madge
Stevens, Eli, b. 8-30-1849, d. 1925, h/o Emma E.
Stevens, Elsie Clyde (Hoover), b. 4-4-1884, d. 9-9-1957, w/o Lester D.
Stevens, Emil Gailen, b. 9-8-1907, d. 10-22-1907, s/o Warren L. & Ethel
Stevens, Emma E. (Beem), b. 1853, d. 1900, w/o Eli
Stevens, Jane (Ogburn), b. 5-19-1848, d. 2-1-1912, w/o Sullivan
Stevens, Laura A., d. 7-30-1873, 4m 2d, d/o Eli & Emma E.
Stevens, Lester Dolfus, b. 10-2-1883, d. 4-15-1969, h/o Elsie C.
Stevens, Madge (Hoover), b. 8-10-1891, d. 9-10-1961, w/o Darwin
Stevens, Oran Arthur, d. 3-26-1898, 17y 1m 24d, s/o Eli & Emma E.
Stevens, Sullivan, b. 4-2-1842, d. 7-11-1872, h/o Jane
Stevens, Thomas, d. 1-29-1880, 70y 5m 19d, h/o Amelia
Stevens, W. Darwin, b. 1882, d. 4-1947, h/o Madge
Stevens, Warren Lafayette, b. 4-11-1876, d. 6-18-1953, h/o Ethel
Stuart, Amos Nelson (infant), d. 1-17-1899
Stuart, Bryce Jacob, b. 1869, d. 3-26-1937
Stuart, Carl W., b. 1894, d. 9-1948
Stuart, Charles Jasper, b. 1874, d. 1951, h/o Myrtle M.
Stuart, Clara E., d. 10-7-1895, 2m 26d, d/o Charles J. & Myrtle M.
Stuart, Conrad, b. 1825, d. 1903, h/o Matilda
Stuart, Elizabeth E., b. 1897, d. 1950
Stuart, Infant, d. 1931, s/o Paul F.
Stuart, Infant, d. 1958, s/o Edward
Stuart, James William, b. 4-14-1860, d. 7-25-1945, h/o Louie L., Amy (Jinings)
Stuart, John D., b. 3-10-1871, d. 3-27-1953, s/o Conrad & Matilda
Stuart, Lawrence Ralph, b. 1896, d. 10-4-1937, h/o Ruth E.
Stuart, Louie L. (Allen), d. 8-3-1898, 27y 8m 7d, w/o James W.
Stuart, Loyd E., b. 1897, d. 1914
Stuart, Loyd Russell, b. 12-8-1916, d. 8-20-1985, h/o Nellie J.
Stuart, Lyle C., d. 1-17-1905, 1y 4m 12d, s/o C. L. & M. M.
Stuart, Matilda (Cockerman), d. 1926, w/o Conrad
Stuart, Myrtle Minnie (Allen), b. 1878, d. 1920, w/o Charles J.
Stuart, Nellie Arsentha, b. 4-13-1941, d. 4-15-1941, d/o L. Russell & Nellie J.
Stuart, Nellie Josephine (Wright), b. 3-29-1918, d. 12-0-1969, w/o L. Russell
Stuart, Ruth E., b. 12-16-1944, d. 11-5-2001, d/o L. Russell & Nellie J.
Stuart, Ruth Esther (Garst), b. 1-30-1896, d. 7-18-1966, w/o Lawrence R.
Thomson, Elmer, b. 1892, d. 1924, WWI Vet.
Utter. Martha, b. 1-21-1836, In, d. 6-18-1919, d/o Stephen
Weed, Arthur R., b. 11-15-1877, d. 1-1975, h/o Flora J.
Weed, Edna Lora, b. 11-5-1917, d. 12-16-1917, d/o Arthur R. & Flora J.
Weed, Flora J. (Little), b. 1878, d. 1969, w/o Arthur R.
Whitcomb, Freddie, b. 12-13-1900, d. 12-28-1900, s/o Dennis E. & Aldra


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