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West Branch Cemetery
Grand River Township, Madison County, Iowa

Burr Oak and 325th Lane, Grand River Twp IA

Lat: 41° 10' 45"N, Lon: 94° 12' 32"W
Grand River Twp, Sec 29

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson, Jan 10, 2000, last updated Dec 27, 2004 [jlwight@northlink.com].  Total records = 28

From Winterset, take Hwy 92 West to Deer Run Ave, turn left, go to 315th St, turn right, go to Cottonwood Ave, turn left, go to 325th Ln, turn right, go to corner of Burr Oak Ave.

I used the following records to compare my work with: Two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death, funeral home records, a transcription done by Lewis E. Morris in 1875 and obituaries for Madison County in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

I walked and re-read this cemetery using my digital camera in 2004. If anyone would like a copy of a headstone photo, feel free to contact me.

- Judy Wight Branson
Akers, Albert, d. 6-21-1875, 7d, s/o M. W. & Elvira E.
Akers, Elvira E., d. 6-21-1875
Barnhart,Pauline (Welty), b. 1-15-1916, d. 7-20-2000, w/o Ivan C.
Casteel, Rebecca, b. 1818, d. 1897
Claypool, Gerald Floyd, b. 8-17-1915, d. 1923, s/o Floyd W. & Rosie A.
Conway, Clyde W., d. 1-10-1875, s/o John D. & M. J.
Conway, John D., b. 6-14-1837, d. 3-18-1890, h/o M. J.
Conway, John W., b. 4-7-1876, d. 10-1-1890, s/o John D. & M. J.
Conway, Loyd N., b. 5-20-1842, d. 8-9-1886, h/o Susannah
Conway, Loyd W., d. 7-19-1878, 1y 10m 25d, s/o John D. & M. J.
Conway, Richard C./D., d. 7-13-1855, 16y, s/o H. C. & C. A.
Conway, Susanah (Coate), b. 7-18-1841, d. 3-4-1926, w/o Loyd H.
Crawford, Charles Roscoe, b. 5-30-1875, d. 6-1884, s/o C. M. & M. B.
Edgington, Charles M., b. 8-7-1869, d. 7-26-1914, h/o Hattie A.
Edgington, Loyd C., b. 4-13-1883, d. 8-15-1923
Edgington, Paul, b. 1-30-1896, d. 10-28-1898, s/o Charles M. & Hattie A.
Hudson, Etta, b. 12-29-1882, d. 3-12-1903, w/o W. F.
Hudson, Laura A., no dates
Huss, Irwin Floyd, b. 11-29-1915, d. 12-8-1915, s/o Ira & Etta
Logsdon, Martha M. (Dawson), d. 6-21-1900, 74y 3m 30d, w/o Thomas
Logsdon, Thomas, d. 10-28-1889, 67y 10m 12d, h/o Martha M.
Porter, Hannah J., b. 1849, d. 11-8-1926, 76y 11m 16d, w/o Henry M.
Porter, Lewis, d. 4-29-1908, 37y 4m 13d, s/o Henry M. & Hannah J.
Riddle, Hattie (Conway), b. 10-1871, d. 1-23-1951
Shoemaker, William, b. 6-9-1823, d. 2-25-1879, h/o Eliza A.
Shoemaker, Eliza A. (Witham), b. 1-1832, d. 6-29-1912, w/o William
Youngs, Alice, b. 11-13-1881, d. 10-11-1910, d/o Francis M. & Sidney
Youngs, Sidney (Conway), b.11-22-1848, d. 10-13-1905, w/o Francis M.


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