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Winterset Cemetery
Winterset, Madison County, Iowa

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson [jlwight@northlink.com].

Yates, Charles M., b. 5-8-1882, d. 1-13-1967
Yates, Dorothy L., d. 3-1-1950
Yates, George W., b. 2-2-1849, Ky, d. 9-25-1929, h/o Malissa H.
Yates, Geraldine, b. 11-16-1913, d. 6-20-1982
Yates, Henry Lee, b. 3-19-1871, M/C, d. 5-10-1953, h/o Lilllian M.
Yates, L Bernice, d. 12-3-1969
Yates, Lillian Meredith (Bard), b. 10-26-1871, Ia, d. 7-8-1948, w/o Henry L.
Yates, Malissa H. (Moran), b. 1-1846, Ky, d. 1927, w/o George W.
Yates, Marie K., b. 7-28-1906, Ia, d. 4-29-1936, w/o Roy B.
Yates, Nestor L., b. 2-13-1894, d. 8-19-1965
Yates, Ray V., b. 3-16-1902, M/C, d. 4-2-1959, s/o Henry L. & Lillian M.
Yates, Roy B., b. 7-24-1902, M/C, d. 2-26-1950, h/o Marie K.
Yeoman, Albert, d. 4-1-1918
Yeoman, Helen M. (Potter), b. 12-18-1835, Mi, d. 3-21-1901, w/o A. E.
Yoders, George, d. 1-20-1900, 80y
Yoders, Minnie Adeline (Benge), b. 1-1-1862, M/C, d. 1-1-1903, w/o Christian C.
Yoders, Onie, d. 4-23-1899, 5d, child of Chris C. & Minnie A.
York, Abraham, d. 1-7-1896, 76y
Young, Anna Kathryn (Read), b. 6-6-1911, M/C, d. 6-19-1998, w/o Clarence
Young, Anna Rachel (Hamner), b. 9-7-1868, Ia, d. 3-26-1950, w/o Joseph P.
Young, Arminta A. (McLaughlin), d. 3-2-1884, 36y, w/o O. F.
Young, Blair, b. 12-26-1909, Ia, d. 2-25-1985, h/o Imogene
Young, Catherine Eliza, d. 3-21-1913, w/o John W.
Young, Charlie A., b. 1895, d. 1918, WWI
Young, Clara Edith (Snyder), b. 3-9-1871, M/C, d. 11-24-1955, w/o Myles
Young, Clarence, no dates
Young, Claude Melvin, b. 8-23-1891, Il, d. 10-27-1941, s/o Joseph G. & Dora
Young, Clydona (Wight), b. 11-15-1865, Ia, d. 3-17-1945, w/o Henry Kensler, Myles
Young, Daisy K. (Chenoweth), b. 10-3-1877, Ia, d. 3-21-1951, w/o Wm.
Young, Donald K., b. 5-16-1924, Ia, d. 10-26-1992, h/o Dorothy D.
Young, Earl Everett, b. 6-22-1907, Ia, d. 1-6-1995, h/o Vera G.
Young, Edith (Schultz), d. 9-23-1972, w/o Elmer W.
Young, Edna E. (Osborn), b. 9-14-1849, N.Y, d. 1-2-1929, w/o Hamilton R.
Young, Edward E. (Ted), b. 4-12-1896, M/C, d. 5-21-1951, Mt, s/o George & Laura
Young, Eliza, d. 3-21-1913
Young, Elmer W., b. 3-16-1889, S.D, d. 7-25-1961, h/o Edith
Young, Etta, d. 11-2-1879, 22y, w/o J. W.
Young, Faith, d. 12-21-1970
Young, Female, no dates
Young, George W., b. 1821, d. 11-22-1878
Young, Gertrude Louise (Magill), b. 8-9-1844, Can, d. 4-22-1898, w/o Myles
Young, Hamilton R., b. 1-1846, Tn, d. 3-6-1921, h/o Edna E.
Young, Hannah (McKnight), b. 3-1871, Ia, d. 1-10-1945, w/o Oliver G.
Young, Infant, d. 1-29-1899, d. 1-29-1899
Young, Infant, d. 12-11-1919
Young, Infant, d. 7-12-1894, child of George
Young, Isadore, b. 7-28-1869, Ia, d. 2-4-1953, w/o Grant
Young, James Madison, b. 1862, Ia, d. 5-25-1937, h/o Mary L.
Young, Jessie L. (Frederick), b. 4-3-1897, d. 9-16-1990
Young, John C. Fremont, b. 11-30-1856, Ia, d. 1-4-1938, h/o Mary E.
Young, John Earl, d. 3-22-1910
Young, John T., b. 1849, d. 4-16-1921, s/o George W.
Young, John W., d. 11-6-1892, 68y, h/o Catherine E.
Young, Joseph G., d. 4-4-1942, h/o Dora
Young, Joseph P., b. 3-1866, Ia, d. 12-31-1940, h/o Anna R.
Young, Joseph, d. 7-25-1897
Young, Lucy Gertrude, b. 4-22-1874, Il, d. 9-19-1946, d/o Myles & Gertrude
Young, Marilyn, d. 4-12-1970
Young, Mary Elizabeth ( Stauffer), b. 4-22-1860, Ia, d. 3-5-1914, w/o John C. F.
Young, Mary Elizabeth (Parks), b. 5-23-1832, d. 9-17-1917
Young, Mary L., b. 1860, d. 1930, w/o James M.
Young, Mary S., d. 7-8-1930
Young, Mary, d. 8-13-1953
Young, Myles Jr., b. 8-28-1870, Il, d. 7-25-1930, h/o Clara E.
Young, Myles, b. 4-17-1907, Ia, d. 7-17-1988, h/o Veva G.
Young, Myles, b. 4-3-1843, Ire, d. 7-22-1915, h/o Gertrude L., Clydona Wight
Young, Nancy Jane (Davis), b. 1-16-1859, Ia, d. 11-3-1941, w/o Wm. C
Young, Nina, b. 1858, d. 1926
Young, Norman Alvin, b. 6-2-1920, Mi, d. 9-26-1999, h/o Helen V.
Young, Oliver Gerald, b. 12-12-1873, Ks, d. 9-19-1936, h/o Hannah
Young, Raymond, b. 7-14-1920, Ia, d. 3-9-1942, s/o William
Young, Rosa Wilhemina (Beem), b. 1866, d. 11-21-1909, w/o Walter S.
Young, Samuel F., b. 1-7-1879, M/C, d. 12-2-1951, h/o Lydia (Deal)
Young, Sarah (Moore), b. 12-28-1829, Oh, d. 5-4-1912, w/o George W.
Young, Sarah N., d. 5-20-1926
Young, Thomas Kent / Kerr, b. 9-25-1828, In, d. 3-22-1907, h/o Mary E., Civil War Vet.
Young, Twins, no dates, children of Walter
Young, Veva Genevieve (Breeding), b. 5-9-1907, Ia., d. 5-20-1992, w/o Myles
Young, Walter S., b. 1-22-1858, Pa, d. 10-9-1950, h/o Rosa W.
Young, William B., b. 6-27-1895, M/C, d. 1-16-1954, h/o Jessie L.
Young, William C., b. 4-3-1851, Oh, d. 6-13-1843, h/o Nancy J.
Young, William Hugh, d. 4-29-1979, 78y
Young, William, b. 5-31-1861, M/C, d. 1-10-1889
Younker, Clinton L., d. 5-26-1946
Younker, Deborah Ann, d. 7-13-1955
Younker, Harold C., b. 6-14-1907, d. 3-10-1967, s/o Clinton L.
Younker, Sarah (Kent), b. 8-5-1879, Ia, d. 2-8-1960, w/o Clinton L.
Zanders, Ralph, 7-6-1890
Zaughn, Lenora Z., d. 2-14-1987
Zeller, Elias R., b. 9-13-1844, Oh, d. 7-22-1935, h/o Harriet C.
Zeller, Harriet (Cox), b. 12-6-1856, Ia, d. 7-4-1952, w/o Elias R.
Zeller, Theodore C., b. 9-25-1884, Ia, d. 11-14-1944, s/o Elias R. & Harriet (Cox)
Zern, Florence (Cline), b. 12-23-1862, Il, d. 10-3-1935, w/o William
Zern, William, d. 3-10-1937, 75y, h/o Florence
Ziegler, Arthur C., b. 3-23-1900, d. 6-23-1975
Ziegler, Mabel L., b. 5-26-1904, d. 2-11-1975
Zink, Simon, d. 8-1-1957
Zook, William, d. 10-1-1959
Zwanziger, Francis Marion, d. 1864


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