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Old Darlington Cemetery
Butte County, Idaho

Lat: 43°48.49N, Lon: 113°24.50W

Contributed by Irene M Lawson, Mar 19, 2001 [imlawson2@aol.com]. Total records = 7.

This Old Cemetery has steps climbing over a fence. This fence is to keep out the Deer and Antelope out of the Cemetery. But not the gophers.

Harris, Earl Coleman, b. 23 Apr 1898, Marysville, Fremont, Idaho, d. 10 Jun 1920
Harris, James Gammel, b. 17 Nov 1872, Richmond, Cache, Utah, d. 3 Feb 1919, Logan UT
Harris, Lucy, b. 12 Aug 1912 Cache, Fremont, Idaho, d. 28 Mar 1918
McAffee, Louis Raymond, b. 17 Dec 1903, Wallsburg, Utah, d. 2 Oct 1918
Price, Carol Lynn, b. 18 Nov 1940, Darlinton, Butte, Idaho, d. 18 Nov 1940, Darlington, ID
Ryberg, Charles Frank, b. 10 Mar 1904, Sandy, Utah, d. 1919
West, Betz Jane Fish,, b. 9 Aug 1836, Compton, Sherbrooker Lowes, Canada, d. 23 Aug 1919, Darlington ID


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