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Dehaven Cemetery
Troy Twp, Fountain County, Indiana

Located east of
Covington, IN

Lat: 4008'34"N, Lon: 8722'24"W

Contributed by Erin Moore, May 03, 2001 [erin-sharonmoore@home.com].
Total records = 25.

The cemetery is in very bad condition at the present time.

Alkire, Isaac, d. 10 Mar 1876: age 50
Alkire, Susan, d. 24 Apr 1871: age 47, wife Isaac Alkire
Belangea, Neoma Jane, d. 3 Feb 1856: age 22y 3m 7d, wife H.M. Belangea
Cook, Isaac N., d. 3 Oct 1857: age 59y 18d
Cook, Sarah, d. 3 Oct 1857: age 54y 5m 29d, wife Isaac N. Cook
Dehaven, Charles E., d. 14 Jun 1880: age 25y 6m 25d
Dehaven, Elizabeth A., d. 4 May 1876: age 52y 5m, wife Jackson Dehaven
Dehaven, Isaac, b. 22 Feb 1773: d. 25 Aug 1835; age 62y 6m 3d
Dehaven, Jackson, d. 4 Oct 1877: age 62y 6m 17d
Dehaven, Jacob, d. 29 May 1880: age 67y 4m 11d
Dehaven, Nancy, d. 28 Dec 1847: age 67, wife Jacob Dehaven
Dehaven, Rebecca, b. 4 apr 1819: d. 10 Oct 1889, wife Samuel Dehaven
Dehaven, Rebecca, d. 24 Jul 1867: age 85y 6m 2d, wife Isaac Dehaven
Dehaven, Samuel, b. 22 Mar 1813: d. 17 May 1879: age 66y 1m 26d
Dehaven, William, d. 17 Jul 1850: age 44y 8m 3d
Dicken, Mary C., d. 19 Feb 1889: age 38y 3m 1d, wife James W. Dicken
Foster, Mahala, d. 23 Jul 1879: age 47y 5m 18d
Hull, Harriet, d. 26 Aug 1850: age 46y 5m 17d, wife D. Hull
Murray, William, d. 11 Oct 1855: age 46y 5m 17d
Sharon, Elizabeth, d. 4 Apr 1844: age 41y 10m 5d, wife John Sharon
Sharon, John, d. 16 Oct 1881: age 85y 3m 27d
Sharon, Margaret, d. 19 Jul 1869: age 17y 8m 2d
Sharon, Mary J., d. 7 May 1908: age 87y 10m 20d
Sharon, Rhoda, d. 4 Mar 1871: age 69y 5m 9d, wife John Sharon
West, Lysander, d. 28 Dec 1840: age about 62y


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