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Crown Hill Cemetery
Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 22.

Contributor's Index:

Bosart, Oscar Murray, Sr., b. 26 Sep 1879 in Olney, IL, d. 04 Apr 1964, m. Mabel Gertrude Bowlus 29 Nov 1911, s/o Timothy Lewis Bosart, Jr. and Ruth Murray, [MG]
Bosart, Ruth (Murray), b. 24 Oct 1858 in Richland Co, IL, d. 30 Apr 1943 in Long Beach, CA, m. Timothy Lewis Bosart, Jr. 21 Aug 1876 in Olney, IL, d/o Elijah Murray and Lucetta Sheeks, [MG]
Bosart, Timothy Lewis, Jr., b. 12 Apr 1844 in Springfield, OH, d. 04 May 1900, m. Ruth Murray 21 Aug 1876 in Olney, IL, s/o Timothy Lewis Bosart, Sr. and Matilda Moss, [MG]
Evans, Dora Ellen (Bosart), b. 31 Jan 1886, d. 19 Nov 1968 in Long Beach, CA, m. Alfred Ernest Evans, Jr. 06 Dec 1919, d/o Timothy Lewis Bosart, Jr. and Ruth Murray, [MG]
Gatewood, Floyd D., b. 11 Jun 1898 in Bedford, KY, d. Aug 1984, m. Irma Seedorf, s/o Joseph Gatewood and Eugenia Hackney, [MG]
Gatewood, Joseph Herman "Herman", b. 19 Jan 1894 in Bedford, KY, d. 30 Oct 1963, m. Jessie Morrison, s/o Joseph Gatewood and Eugenia Hackney, [MG]
Gatewood, Lat, b. 27 Aug 1882 in Trimble Co, KY, d. 25 Dec 1973, m. Ethel Lee Young 22 Dec 1908 in Tyrone, KY, s/o Joseph Gatewood and Eugenia Hackney, [MG]
Gladden, Lovenia, b. 16 Jun 1868, d. 30 Oct 1962, bur. Sec. 60 Lot 53 #2, m. 10 Sep 1884, William Alva Gladden, d/o David E. & Alla A. Smith, [JD]
Gladden, Mollie, b. Oct 1866, d. 01 Feb 1887, bur. Sec. A Lot 2038, d/o James W. and Cynthia A. Gladden, [JD]
Gregory, Ruth Josephine (Bowlus), b. 26 Feb 1893, d. 13 Mar 1972, m. Worth Gregory in 1926, d/o George W. Bowlus and Elisabeth Page, [MG]
Kamps, Bertha (Bosart), b. 26 Jan 1878, d. 05 May 1951 in Long Beach, CA, m. John Edward "Jack" Kamps 02 Apr 1912, d/o Timothy Lewis Bosart, Jr. and Ruth Murray, [MG]
Kemp, Beverly, b. 28 Aug 1925, d. 30 Oct 1999, widow of Russell B. Kemp, d/o Fred and Bea Whiting, [DS]
Kurtz, Ralph Byron, b. 14 Mar 1905, d. 27 Jun 1966, m. Nellie W. Gatewood 08 Feb 1926 in Greenfield, IN, s/o Ary S. Kurtz and Florence Noelle, [MG]
Masterson, Carrie Belle (Rouse), b. 25 Jan 1868 in Covington, KY, d. 15 Dec 1934, m. Wesley Cline Masterson 29 Oct 1890, d/o Wyatt Johnson Rouse and Mary Richmond "Mollie" Gardner, [MG]
Masterson, Wesley Cline, b. 01 Jul 1865 in Carrollton, KY, d. 10 Dec 1950, m. Carrie Belle Rouse 29 Oct 1890, s/o Jesse Holman "Holt" Masterson and Virginia "Jane" "Jennie" Cline, [MG]
Rider, Harry Angevin, Jr., b. 12 Oct 1930, d. 07 Sep 1988, m. Janith Kay Ryan 14 Jun 1952, s/o Harry Angevin Rider, Sr. and Mary Virginia Masterson, [MG]
Rider, Harry Angevin, Sr., b. 03 Oct 1884 in Chardon, OH, d. 21 Jun 1953, m. Mary Virginia Masterson 17 Dec 1927, s/o Leonard Samuel Rider, Sr. and Florence L. Wescott, [MG]
Rider, Mary Virginia (Masterson), b. 15 Oct 1901, d. 15 Sep 1990, m. Harry Angevin Rider, Sr. 17 Dec 1927, d/o Wesley Cline Masterson and Carrie Belle Rouse, [MG]
Rouse, Mary Richmond "Mollie" (Gardner), b. 15 Nov 1845 in Cincinnati, OH, d. 24 Jan 1923, m. Wyatt Johnson Rouse 05 Feb 1867 in Covington, KY, d/o Lewis W. Gardner and Electa Richmond, [MG]
Rouse, Wyatt Johnson, b. 14 Aug 1841 in Covington, KY, d. 11 Jun 1894, m. Mary Richmond "Mollie" Gardner 05 Feb 1867 in Covington, KY, s/o Owen Minor Rouse and Elizabeth Ann Hayden, [MG]
Young, David Elmire, b. Oct 17, 1900 in Flemingsburg, KY, d. May 23, 1971, h/o Flora Elliot (Smith), m. Apr 20, 1932, s/o Robert D. and Pauline Gaskins Young, [NB]
Young, Flora Elliott, b. Jun 14, 1900 Sherburne, KY, d. Feb 21, 1992, w/o David Elmire Young, m. Apr 20, 1932, d/o Andrew Jasckson and Anna Bell Saunders Smith, [NB]


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