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Roberts Cemetery
Marshall County, Indiana

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 17.

Contributor's Index:

Hite, Ira L, son of Mary Catherine Roberts & Albert Elzie Hite, d. 1882, [TK]
Ladd, Catherine Roberts, wife of Thomas P. Ladd, d. Jul 16, 1858, [TK]
Ladd, Moses, son of Thomas & Catherine Ladd, d. Sep 1848, [TK]
Ladd, Thomas P. d. Jan 27, 1890, [TK]
Roberts, Amanda E., dau of Richard & Pheobe Hull Roberts, d. Mar 31, 1890, [TK]
Roberts, Basil E., son of Richard & Pheobe Hull Roberts, d. Jul 7, 1862, [TK]
Roberts, Basil, d. Dec. 22, 1866, [TK]
Roberts, Betsy, dau of Basil & Rebecca Roberts, d. Jan 12, 1858, [TK]
Roberts, Pheobe, wife of Richard, d. Mar 8, 1879, [TK]
Roberts, Polley, dau of Basil & Rebecca Roberts, d. Jul 11, 1862, [TK]
Roberts, Rebecca, wife of Basil Roberts, d. Feb 17, 1858, [TK]
Roberts, Richard, d. Sep 11, 1878, [TK]
Roberts, Sarah A., daughter of Richard & Pheobe Hull Roberts d. Jan 2, 1864, [TK]
Updike, Isaac, d. Mar 143, 1850, [TK]
Updike, Jerusha, wife of Isaac Updike, d. Mar 30, 1882, [TK]
Williams, Basil R., son of M & S Williams, d. Aug 15 1878?, [TK]
Williams, Sarah Ann, dua of M & S Williams, d. July 23, 186?, [TK]


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