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Nance Cemetery
Lincoln Township, Crawford County, Kansas

Contributed by Carol [sbrooks@ckt.net]. Total records = 35.

This cemetery is in very poor condition.

DEARING, Bertha M., 10/18/1903, age 25
DEARING, J. W., 8/18/1859=12/17/1891
DEARING, Nancy, 1857-1936, wife of J.W.
DEARING, Lydia F., 8/25/1869-11/20/1888, wife of J.H.
DEARING, Jonah, 5/13/1892-8/18/1892
DEARING, A. D., 1875-1952
FARMER, Duggie, 7/16/1889-12/31/1891
FARMER, Douglas, ??
FARMER, Margret G., 3/12/1889-7/6/1893, daug of S.E. & I.
FILKINS, Glorindia M, 3/4/1896 1yr 5mo 15days, daug. of R. & C.
LUCAS, Charles, 7/12/1822
LUCAS, Sarah, 8/4/1829-8/4/1899
MITCHELL, Gertrude R., 3/24/1896, 1yr 10mo 2days, daug of W.S. & D.M.
NANCE, John, 7/21/1838-12/26/1905
NANCE, Mary J., 12/3/1844
NANCE, Zachary, 9/21/1881-12/4/1889
NANCE, W. H., 1859
NANCE, Amos, 10/1842-11/1908
NANCE, Della, 11/1876-10/1900
NANCE, Douglas, 10/1886-2/1904
NANCE, E. J., no dates
NANCE, Hallie, 0/17/1888-4/14/1894, daug W. D. & J
NANCE, Joshua, 7/11/1807-3/6/1885
NANCE, Elizabeth, 7/9/1813-3/15/1883
NANCE, Thomas H., 10/8/1854-1/18/1927
NANCE, Sarah, 1854-1941
NICKELL, H. H., No dates
ODOM, Eva E., 9/3/1886-1/29/1888 daug of J.D. & P.H.
SHAFFER, Mary, 8/6/1895-5/21/1896
WATKINS, John, 1835-1888
WATKINS, Sarah A., 1838-1925
WATKINS, Squire H., 3/19/1867-4/23/1893, son of J.& S.A.
WILEY, Amy, 10/26/1835-2/4/1894
WILEY, E. P, 3/22/1836-7/19/1904
WILLITS, Grover, 7/12/1909-7/20/1909 son of W.F. & M.O.

There are 4 graves in a stone fence headstones are make of sandstone. Local historial says that this was the graves of 4 pioneers (mother and 3 children) who died of fever while on a wagon train and that the father buried them and made a stone fence around the graves to keep bufalo from walking on it. There are several sunken spots that are probably unmarked graves.

Other notes:

2 metal markers - no names
M.M.M. on rock
Brick (grave site ?)
sunken grave no marker


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