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Slinker Cemetery
Green County, Kentucky

Contributed by Ed Benningfield, February 24, 2000 [knobcreekboy@mindspring.com]. Total records = 12.

The Slinker Cemetery is next to the Little Barren River on the farm owned by Glen Slinker. It is in the Little Barren Community. (Courtesy of the Green County Library)

Edwards, Edd, b.20 Feb. 1884, d.8 Sept. 1936
Edwards, Marie, b.24 Sept. 1907, d.10 Feb. 1930
Froggett, Daniel, b.16 Nov. 1864, d.2 March 1919
Froggett, Emily M., b.22 Feb. 1841, d.5 Aug. 1935
Pennington, Captolia, b.16 Jan. 1894, d.31 Dec. 1934
Slinker, Alex, b.16 Nov. 1827, d.10 April 1828
Slinker, Andrew Jackson, b.17 April 1797, d.27 July 1876
Slinker, Barnett Payne, b.10 March 1826, d.11 Aug. 1854 (Buck)
Slinker, Mahala Lile, b.11 Jan. 1806, d.21 Oct. 1893
Slinker, Malcolm Scott, b.22 Feb. 1906, d.Nov. 1907
Slinker, Mary Francis, b.18 June 1864, d.3 June 1942
Slinker, W. S., b.2 Jan. 1848, d.23 Jan. 1930


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