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Schardein Cemetery
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

7th Street Rd & Arcade Ave Louisville, KY 40215

Lat: 38° 12' 42"N, Lon: 85° 47' 06"W

Contributed by Philip J DiBlasi, May 24, 2006, last edited Jun 20, 2007 [kbrumbaugh1@email.msn.com]. Total records = 3,667.

In Louisville from US Hwy 65S drive west onto US Hwy 150, turning south onto 7th Ave Rd and continue to Arcade Ave. Cemetery will be on the east or left side of the street.

This cemetery started out about 1860 as the Schardein family burial site, with other Jewish families living in the area also using it. The family held the property until the Louisville Crematory and Cemeteries, Incorporated purchased it, in the early 1960s. The circumstances are not known.

There are no well kept records available for a long time. Recently some records were found and they were computerized, but do not appear to be accurate.

This record appears to have multiple listings for the same person in many cases. As much as possible these have been removed. There are several listings left which appear to be lot owners, since there is no actual date or burial site listed. Those which either tell us no identifiable information were placed into a Miscellaneous listing. (editor's note)

This is a copy of the records from the Louisville Crematory and cemeteries, Inc. compiled in May of 2006.

- Philip J DiBlasi

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