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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With C:  Burials = 578

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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C.A.A., Baby, 1-Jan-1940
Cady, Cornelia, 10-Nov-1850
Cady, Cornelia 2nd, 31-May-1858
Cady, Emma Rosalie, 26-Jan-1850
Cady, Herbert Clark, 9-Dec-1855
Cady, J.P.
Cady, John P.
Cady, Laura, 30-Nov-1855
Cady, M. Lizzie, 9-Aug-1863
Cahen, Josephine Murray, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1953
Cahey, Martha, 30-Nov-1978
Cahill (Lannes), Ann, 12-Nov-1874
Cahill, Elizabeth Tremant, 18-Feb-1901, 12-Dec-1970
Cahill, William John, 12-Sep-1898, 8-Apr-1936
Cahoon (Ross), Ellen, 1-Jan-1822, 1-Jan-1864
Caire, Caroline Childress, 1-Jan-1888, 1-Jan-1937
Cairns, Irene Peters, 8-Jan-1890, 14-Jan-1948
Caldwell (Schneider), A. Cather, 6-Sep-1930
Caldwell (Wilson), Eliza Jane, 24-Mar-1900
Calegan, Elma Johnson, 24-Feb-1923, 8-Feb-1955
Calegan, Lloyd J. Pomppy, 25-Sep-1919, 9-Jun-1987
Calhoun (Harrell), Ladie, 4-Nov-1852, 16-Oct-1884
Calhoun, Dudley, 24-Dec-1849, 3-May-1876
Calhoun, Golda, 9-Dec-1851, 25-Aug-1854
Calhoun, Golda E.
Calhoun, J.
Calhoun, John
Calkins, Marguerite
Callaway, Marguerite, 5-Nov-1879, 12-May-1884
Campbell (Applegate), Lucy, 1-Mar-1844, 14-May-1874
Campbell (Bunce), Margaret, 1-Jul-1849, 26-Feb-1937
Campbell (Garland), Mary, 14-Mar-1867, 1-Apr-1949
Campbell (Juden), Rachel, 2-Jul-1912
Campbell (Moise), Mary Emily, 1-Nov-1860, 16-Feb-1914
Campbell (Norton), Augusta, 1-Aug-1835, 5-Feb-1904
Campbell (Watkins), Caroline El, 25-May-1810, 9-Nov-1867
Campbell, Charlie, 12-Mar-1861
Campbell, George G., 26-Oct-1868
Campbell, L.G., 13-Sep-1940
Campbell, Louis G.
Campbell, Mary B., 11-May-1889
Campbell, Richard B., 15-Jan-1811, 31-Mar-1874
Campman (Cummings), Amanda J., 22-Jun-1896
Campman (Davis), Elizabeth Aman, 29-Nov-1870, 25-Aug-1896
Campman (Smith), Cora L., 31-Aug-1910
Campman, ....ry T., 28-Dec-1861, 26-Oct-1867
Campman, John H., 1-Apr-1913
Campman, Louise J., 14-Sep-1924
Campman, Robert F., 5-Dec-1868, 26-Oct-1869
Campo (Roemer), Agnes Louise, 21-Aug-1938
Campo, Frank
Can...., ...une M., 27-Jan-1916, 3-Sep-1922
Cantelli, Jessie F., 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1960
Cantey (Koenig), Florence E.
Cantey, J.L., 26-Jan-1860
Cantey, William D., 27-Jun-1871, 27-Oct-1923
Cantrell (Ferguson), Elvira S., 8-Dec-1895
Cardona, Alice, 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1928
Carey, Elizabeth H., 1-Jan-1831, 1-Jan-1922
Carey, Thomas, 5-Sep-1912
Carlisle, Sallie Holmes, 15-Jul-1925
Carlisle, Samuel S., 24-Oct-1907
Carlsen, Inger Marie Olsen Eri, 23-Dec-1894, 9-Aug-1891
Carlton (Brewster), Mary Ellen, 9-Aug-1833, 16-Sep-1878
Carpenter (Brown), Alice, 15-Mar-1839, 4-Nov-1916
Carpenter (Keplinger), Geneviev, 31-Jan-1895
Carpenter, Erl, 9-Nov-1881, 26-Nov-1887
Carpenter, Genevieve, 13-Jun-1870, 13-Jun-1870
Carpenter, Horace, 17-Mar-1837, 15-Feb-1906
Carpenter, John M., 13-Mar-1808, 18-May-1852
Carpenter, Kenneth, 17-May-1872, 6-Nov-1872
Carpenter, Virginia C., 31-Jan-1817, 6-Jan-1889
Carr, Charles John, 8-Jul-1945
Carr, Katie, 7-Oct-1957
Carrick (Williams), Alice, 21-Oct-1858, 4-Sep-1936
Carrick (Williams), Matilda, 20-Aug-1853, 19-Oct-1888
Carrick, John W., 24-Feb-1908, 15-Dec-1960
Carrick, Loretta, 1-Jan-1895, 1-Jan-1950
Carrick, Michael, 12-Sep-1853, 10-Dec-1912
Carrick, Michael J., 12-Sep-1888, 1-Nov-1968
Carroll, Georgia Porter, 19-Aug-1899
Carroll, Jane
Carroll, Mary, 13-Jan-1873
Carson (Saucier), Maud L., 9-Apr-1885, 4-Jan-1907
Carson, Beverly A., 1-Jan-1942, 1-Jan-1974
Carstarphen, Alp...., 1-Jan-1894, 1-Jan-1895
Carstarphen, J......, 1-Jan-1822, 1-Jan-1903
Carstarphen, Julia W., 1-Jan-1869, 1-Jan-1911
Carstens (Egdorf), Louisa, 28-Aug-1913
Carstens, A.C., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1956
Carstens, Alma Peters, 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1955
Carstens, Barbra, 18-Feb-1854
Carstens, C.E.
Carstens, Camille D., 4-Dec-1911, 18-Dec-1990
Carstens, Caroline B., 12-Dec-1853, 15-Mar-1854
Carstens, George F., 26-Aug-1908
Carstens, Henry F., 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1981
Carstens, J.W., 27-Sep-1856
Carstens, Lester E., 15-Sep-1906, 21-Aug-1973
Carstens, Louise, 3-Dec-1911
Carter (Huener), Margaret, 31-Jan-1935
Carter (Todd), Letitia Shflby, 21-Jun-1892
Carter, C.L.
Carter, Capt. W.M.0
Carter, Capt. Walter M., 13-Sep-1855, 5-Dec-1927
Carter, Charles Todd, 4-Jan-1898
Carter, Clara B.
Carter, Dr. John, 1-Apr-1893
Carter, Edward Lee, 6-Jul-1861, 18-Jan-1883
Carter, George D.
Carter, John Todd, 16-Sep-1858, 19-Nov-1881
Carter, Laura Beverly, 19-Feb-1866, 30-Sep-1867
Carter, Rev. W.
Carter, Virginia Griffith, 3-Sep-1909
Cary (Paxton), Virginia, 1-Aug-1846, 23-May-1885
Cary, G.W., 16-Mar-1909
Casey, (Infant), 1-Jan-1959
Casse, Evelyn Holmes, 21-Dec-1914, 23-Jan-1965
Cassidy (Daly), Jane Kelly, 30-Mar-1899
Casson (Thompson), Margaret, 3-Oct-1868, 17-Dec-1929
Cassreino Jr., William, 1-Jan-1910, 1-Jan-1984
Cassreino, Amelia Iverson, 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1965
Cassreino, Clarence F., 1-Jan-1913, 1-Jan-1965
Cassreino, William, 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1942
Castay (Rihner), Louisa, 26-Jul-1860, 3-Jan-1894
Castay, Alice, 14-Mar-1924
Castay, Bernard, 20-Aug-1821, 1-Jan-1901
Castay, Bernard, 21-Nov-1861, 8-Apr-1903
Castay, Edward E., 24-Apr-1891, 20-Jan-1957
Castay, Emile, 1-Oct-1881, 29-Aug-1903
Castay, Hazel Knight, 22-Feb-1895, 8-Feb-1951
Castay, Louise
Castay, Paul B., 19-Nov-1933
Castellanos, Camille, 12-Feb-1862
Castellanos, Regina, 20-Aug-1865
Catellanos, Clementine, 20-Sep-1872
Cathcart (Prest), Catharine S., 1-Oct-1844, 11-Mar-1906
Catledge, Turner, 17-Mar-1901, 27-Apr-1983
Catoire, John R., 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1970
Caulfield, Amie B., 11-Dec-1895
Caulfield, Ignatius, 7-Jan-1871
Caulfield, J.
Cavinac Sr., Albert L., 1-Jan-1918, 1-Jan-1972
Cavinac, Anna Peirce, 1-Jan-1893, 1-Jan-1952
Cazent (Tarrant), Jeanne, 12-Mar-1910
Cestac, Marie
Cestac, Pierre
Chaffe Jr., Christopher, 17-Jul-1851, 31-Jul-1892
Chaffe (Taylor), Julia, 8-Mar-1854, 14-Mar-1887
Chaffe, John Taylor, 15-Jul-1876, 24-Dec-1877
Chaffe, Julia, 22-Sep-1880, 2-Nov-1880
Chaffe, Sallie, 23-Dec-1873, 8-Aug-1878
Chaille' MD, Stanford E., 9-Jul-1830, 27-May-1911
Chaille' (Mountfort), Laura E., 17-Aug-1858
Chaille' (Stanford), Mary, 22-Apr-1844
Chaille' (Thornton), Eliza A., 27-Feb-1824
Chaille', David Jamison, 8-Nov-1888, 9-Jun-1918
Chaille', William H., 4-Mar-1799, 13-Aug-1836
Chaille', Wm.
Chaille, Thornton, 30-Jul-1821
Chalmette Fire Co. No. 23
Chamberlain, Dora Turney, 15-Dec-1933
Chamberlain, Fred A., 6-Sep-1921
Chambers, James
Champagne, Rose, 17-Nov-1903, 15-Jun-1987
Champlin, Edward, 14-Jan-1848, 16-Feb-1848
Champlin, Frank, 7-Apr-1849, 1-Mar-1887
Champlin, George, 19-Jun-1852, 24-Oct-1859
Champlin, H.M.
Champlin, J.W.
Champlin, Kate, 6-Dec-1844, 6-Dec-1863
Champlin, Thomas, 3-Jun-1855, 7-Aug-1958
Chandler (Luzenberg), Anna R., 15-Dec-1841, 25-Nov-1869
Chandler (Prelsch), Caroline M.
Chandler (Rareshide), Ceilia
Chandler, Alfred B.
Chandler, Henry Whatley
Chaplain (Minor), Amenaide, 3-Dec-1911
Chaplain, Amenaide Chotard
Chaplain, Edward Kemp
Chaplain, Henry Chotard, 30-Aug-1848, 20-Apr-1924
Chaplain, Mary E., 30-Aug-1927
Chapman, Maud, 13-Oct-1888, 9-Apr-1889
Chapoton (Johnson), Louise, 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1918
Chapoton, Thomas, 23-Dec-1869, 27-Mar-1917
Charles (Doyle), Annie, 28-Dec-1870
Charles (McDonald), Lizzie, 7-Oct-1876
Charles (Mulholeand), Sarah, 16-Oct-1903
Charles (Prager), Amanda, 26-Jun-1856, 17-Mar-1925
Charles, B. Winchester Bowling, 11-Nov-1896
Charles, Edward, 20-Sep-1876
Charles, Elliot M., 14-Sep-1883, 19-Sep-1938
Charles, Elodie G., 1-Jan-1886, 1-Jan-1966
Charles, Henry, 3-Sep-1853
Charles, I.H., 9-Mar-1858, 7-Dec-1925
Charles, Isaac H., 29-Nov-1885, 28-Mar-1964
Charles, John
Charles, Louis B., 14-Dec-1901, 8-Dec-1959
Charles, Louisa Bowling, 25-Jan-1858, 4-Nov-1936
Charles, Marguirite Bull, 7-Jul-1895, 2-Mar-1986
Charles, Richard, 19-Mar-1871
Charles, Richard, 10-Dec-1883
Charles, Richard S., 16-Jul-1891, 23-Jul-1918
Charles, Rita N., 1-Jan-1914, 1-Jan-1972
Charles, Sallie, 30-Aug-1881
Charles, Thos. H., 28-Aug-1851, 7-Jul-1917
Charles, Thos. S., 19-Aug-1881, 26-Nov-1956
Charpentier, Oliver O., 1-Apr-1894, 28-Mar-1967
Charpentier, Viola T., 31-Jul-1889, 16-Nov-1978
Chase, Cecilia C., 20-Jun-1894
Chassaignac (Morris), Jennie, 6-Jan-1864, 7-Nov-1901
Chassaignac, Dr. Charles
Chastant, Lee P., 1-Jan-1894, 1-Jan-1972
Chastant, Louise, 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1988
Chauban, Victor
Chauvin, Mrs. Elizabeth, 3-Sep-1866
Chesworth, Francis Diboll, 20-Mar-1899, 30-Mar-1978
Chevalier (Lorrey), Louisiana, 1-Jan-1855, 1-Jan-1908
Chevalier, Emilie, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1924
Chew (Stanton), Anna T.
Childress Jr., Jos. A., 1-Jan-1887, 1-Jan-1920
Childress (Becker), Anna C.
Childress (Poelman), Anna C., 10-Sep-1857, 23-Jun-1918
Childress, Alvera C., 24-Dec-1919, 3-Apr-1996
Childress, Joseph A., 12-Jul-1855, 9-Jan-1913
Chisholm (Wharton), Mary Clifto, 19-Jul-1854, 23-Dec-1915
Chisholm, William Robert, 1-Jan-1843, 23-May-1917
Chomaire, Eliza, 29-Dec-1865
Chomaire, Eliza, 29-Dec-1865
Chown (Lloyd), Charlotte, 3-Nov-1901
Christian, ........
Christina, S., 29-Apr-1876, 10-Jan-1917
Christopher, Fred
Christy (Pond), Lucie Condit, 3-Aug-1883, 20-Feb-1959
Christy, Catherine A., 17-Jul-1862
Christy, Edgar A., 5-Sep-1880, 3-Aug-1959
Church of the Covenant
Churchill, Agnes Schlling, 2-Sep-1956
Cicone, Jeannette B., 8-May-1915, 8-Feb-1974
Civiletto, Mary E. Dragon, 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1986
Clairain, Gertrude Carey, 13-Oct-1887, 5-Jan-1958
Clairain, James Louis, 10-Jun-1891, 3-Dec-1970
Clairo, Henrietta, 12-Aug-1829
Clammann (Moffett), Henrietta J, 14-Aug-1912
Clammann (Moffitt), Henrietta, 14-Aug-1912
Clammann, George, 25-Dec-1968
Clammann, Herman Z., 3-Sep-1878
Clammann, Jane C., 24-Aug-1881
Clarck (Landwehr), Catherine, 20-Feb-1876, 5-Jan-1909
Clarck, James, 30-Dec-1935
Clarck, John J., 5-May-1907
Clarck, John James, 5-Mar-1905, 8-Nov-1966
Clarck, Margaret, 10-Jun-1936
Claren, Charlotte, 8-Jun-1858, 23-Jan-1953
Claren, George V., 15-Sep-1866, 8-Dec-1912
Claren, Louisa S., 29-Jun-1867, 6-Jan-1938
Claren, Louise, 15-Jan-1861, 26-Dec-1949
Clark Jr., .......hos L., 14-Feb-1872
Clark (Braselman), Clara Theres, 6-Jun-1862, 29-Apr-1904
Clark (Deiblein), Jane, 31-Jan-1876
Clark (Elder), Lillie M., 8-Aug-1859, 22-Mar-1910
Clark (Prest), Mary Eliza, 30-Jul-1892
Clark, Alexander, 3-Jun-1890
Clark, Belle G., 9-Nov-1862, 19-Jul-1920
Clark, Dan Carpenter, 25-Mar-1869
Clark, Kate, 6-Apr-1910
Clark, M. Godwin, 25-Sep-1892, 12-Sep-1893
Clark, Melville, 19-Feb-1905
Clark, Mrs. Alexander, 16-Aug-1891
Clark, Mrs. Ellen, 10-Nov-1897
Clark, Mrs. Robert*
Clark, Patrick, 6-Dec-1861
Clark, Robert, 27-Apr-1866
Clark, Sarah, 17-Oct-1861
Clark, Sarah Jane, 16-Oct-1878
Clark, Thomas, 28-Aug-1871
Clark, Thomas J., 8-Nov-1893
Clark, Thos., 21-Nov-1883
Clark, W. Harry, 19-Jun-1865, 16-Feb-1932
Clark, William F., 29-Mar-1910
Clark, William O.
Clarke, Anne
Clarke, Emma J., 8-Feb-1935
Clarke, H. Owen, 2-May-1873
Clarke, John J., 4-Aug-1841, 22-Jan-1899
Clarke, Magdalena L., 10-Mar-1846, 22-Jan-1899
Clarke, Marha O., 24-Jan-1892
Clarke, Thomas L., 18-Feb-1874
Clarke, W.A., 1-Jan-1886, 1-Jan-1933
Clarke, W.E.
Clarke, William
Classen, Jacob
Clausen, Matilda P., 28-Jul-1872, 30-Jan-1887
Clavarie, Clement
Clavarie, Ellen
Clavarie, Margaret
Clavarie, Pauline
Clavarie, Phil.
Clavarie, Rosa
Clavarie, Rosalie
Claverie (Girot), Marie, 22-Oct-1859, 24-Dec-1933
Claverie, (Gus) August, 29-Aug-1883, 15-Mar-1944
Claverie, Adrian, 15-Jul-1859
Claverie, August, 20-Jan-1926
Claverie, Blanche, 18-Jan-1901
Claverie, Claude A., 14-May-1879, 29-May-1979
Claverie, George Louis, 13-Mar-1887
Claverie, Helena, 31-May-1921
Claverie, Isabella, 6-May-1872
Claverie, Kim Ann, 18-Aug-1963, 30-Sep-1987
Claverie, Leon F., 24-Jul-1927
Claverie, Rose Meyers, 30-Mar-1881
Claverie, Virginia Diamond, 16-Aug-1943
Clay, Henry Edward, 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1873
Clay, Louise Elinor, 18-May-1871, 17-Jan-1892
Clay, Wm. H., 1-Jan-1841, 1-Jan-1907
Cleaver, Louise F., 21-Apr-1918, 13-Nov-1976
Clement, Mrs. Margaret St.Pier, 9-Feb-1914, 6-Aug-1954
Clemmensen (Lorch), Margaret, 22-Jun-1909
Clemmensen, J.C.
Clerc Jr., Philip Burton, 6-Oct-1945, 17-May-1989
Clerc (Simon), Josephine, 22-Aug-1928
Clerc, Albert P., 23-Apr-1915
Clerc, Charles, 8-Jun-1892
Clerc, Charles, 28-Apr-1910
Clerc, Rene Ferdinand, 14-Nov-1875, 8-Jun-1954
Cleveland (Bennett), Phoebe H., 11-May-1824, 16-Feb-1870
Cleveland (Geer), Mary Savage, 17-Dec-1889, 20-Nov-1962
Cleveland (Savage), Mary Wales, 9-Nov-1854, 4-Feb-1937
Cleveland, A.P.
Cleveland, Carlton Eugene, 23-Feb-1845, 11-Nov-1855
Cleveland, George, 3-Aug-1876, 24-May-1908
Cleveland, Mary Elizabeth, 26-Apr-1839, 12-May-1858
Cleveland, Samuel B., 17-Jan-1853, 11-Feb-1919
Clifton, May, 5-Apr-1871, 23-Jan-1872
Co....... (Sabatie), Catherine, 9-Feb-1885
Cobb (Rudder), Mary Jane, 8-Aug-1894
Cochrane, Euphemia, 1-Jan-1822, 1-Jan-1891
Code Sr., George, 7-Sep-1839, 25-Jun-1901
Code, Caroline Neumiller, 24-Oct-1845, 18-Jun-1917
Code, Frederick W., 3-Jan-1868, 20-Jun-1913
Code, Ida Wirth, 7-May-1876, 19-Dec-1962
Code, Loftus A., 2-Feb-1900, 16-Apr-1949
Coe (Stewart), Leta, 26-Jul-1861, 31-Jul-1891
Coe, Mary E., 1-Jul-1880
Coffee (Lanoue), Orleana, 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1945
Coffey Sr., Alvin J., 31-Oct-1900, 30-Jul-1982
Coffey, Elroy Carl, 8-Nov-1947, 6-Aug-1975
Coffey, Mathilda R., 7-Mar-1908, 9-Nov-1972
Cohen (Staub), Henrietta, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1927
Cohen, Catherine, 1-Jan-1823, 1-Jan-1899
Cohen, Emma
Cohen, George
Cohen, Hermina
Cohen, J. Harry, 9-Dec-1865, 1-Apr-1893
Cohen, Julia
Cohen, Julius H., 5-Jul-1814, 11-Feb-1868
Cohen, Lydia
Cohen, Magdalena
Cohen, Samuel, 6-Apr-1857, 30-Mar-1883
Cohen, Samuel L., 6-Apr-1857, 30-Mar-1883
Colgan, Catherine, 20-Apr-1880
Colgan, Catherine, 20-Apr-1880
Colgan, John, 6-Feb-1857
Colgan, John, 6-Feb-1857
Colgan, Kate, 7-Aug-1888
Colgan, Kate, 7-Aug-1888
Colgan, William, 12-Sep-1878
Colgan, William, 12-Sep-1878
Collins, Bertie B., 30-Sep-1955
Collins, Carlotta E., 24-Jun-1935
Collins, Eliza, 9-Aug-1819, 27-Oct-1893
Collins, Emma Anderson, 17-Aug-1932
Collins, Evelyn L., 18-Nov-1936
Collins, Robert, 8-Nov-1861
Colomb (Minor), Rebekah Gustine, 28-May-1935
Colomb (Wells), Lucy Barry, 22-Mar-1948
Colomb, Amenaide Chaplain, 16-Apr-1972
Colomb, Eugenie Forstall, 1-Jan-1924, 1-Jan-1998
Colomb, James, 8-Mar-1930
Commandeur (Elliott), M.M., 19-Jan-1882
Commandeur, Nicholas, 10-Aug-1878
Commandeur, Nicholas, 1-Nov-1856, 20-Apr-1865
Communy, Evelina, 8-Oct-1882
Compeeren (Feldner), Ernestine, 16-Oct-1880, 13-Dec-1914
Compeeren, P.J.
Condit, Dr. Silas
Condit, Elizabeth
Condo, Amelia, 20-Jun-1907, 4-Mar-1929
Condo, Christian, 23-Jul-1878, 4-Aug-1944
Condo, Cyrillus C., 23-Jan-1905, 22-Jun-1944
Condo, Emma L., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1954
Condo, Mary, 7-Jun-1875, 16-Dec-1928
Condo, Michael H., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1928
Condon Sr., Richard J., 10-Jun-1906, 2-May-1977
Condon, Dennis Ray, 9-Feb-1964, 11-Feb-1964
Connolly, Mamie, 7-Apr-1916
Connolly, Mrs. Thos. J., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1935
Connolly, Thomas Joseph
Conrad Jr., Fred H., 22-Aug-1897, 1-Dec-1978
Conrad Jr., Roy F., 28-Aug-1925, 8-Nov-1954
Conrad (Moise), Marie Aline, 4-Jan-1857, 5-Oct-1906
Conrad, Barbara Fisher, 25-Jul-1861, 7-Aug-1940
Conrad, Evelyn Hughey, 1-Jan-1941, 1-Jan-1965
Conrad, Fred, 6-Mar-1858, 1-Sep-1941
Conrad, G.M.
Conrad, Michael, 18-Jan-1893, 31-Oct-1968
Conrad, Sidney A.
Conrad, Viola, 1-Jan-1888, 1-Jan-1947
Constans, Edna Keller, 12-Nov-1881, 22-Jan-1912
Converse Jr., W.P., 2-Jun-1875
Converse Jr., Wm. P., 16-Jul-1880
Converse, Charlie, 1-Dec-1900
Converse, Daisy, 21-Sep-1878
Converse, Evie, 27-Nov-1875
Converse, Harry Holden, 25-Apr-1866, 3-Oct-1941
Converse, Sallie
Converse, Wiliam West, 21-Jan-1864, 21-Apr-1951
Convery, Francis, 1-Jan-1859, 1-Jan-1911
Convery, Jane Buckley Ryan, 1-Jan-1856, 1-Jan-1908
Convery, John T., 1-Jan-1899, 1-Jan-1927
Convery, Marie H., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1951
Convery, Mary Ann, 1-Jan-1863, 1-Jan-1945
Convery, Patrick, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1915
Cook Sr., Robert Joseph, 6-Dec-1915, 1-Aug-1972
Cook, Annie Kane, 11-Nov-1890, 8-Aug-1945
Cooney Jr., Robert E., 12-Feb-1907, 18-Dec-1948
Cooney Sr., Clifford E., 5-Feb-1910, 12-Feb-1963
Cooney (Kendall), Mary A., 24-Dec-1844, 31-Dec-1917
Cooney, Edna Haas, 2-Dec-1880, 29-Jun-1966
Cooney, Mamie L., 26-Apr-1919
Cooney, Robert Emmett, 25-Dec-1880, 14-Jul-1947
Cooney, W.T., 21-Jan-1913
Cooper (Loney), Eliza A., 12-Oct-1841, 9-May-1910
Cooper (McLellan), Sarah J., 2-Oct-1844, 18-Oct-1911
Cooper (Sullivan), Ann, 27-Apr-1870
Cooper (Trolle), Doceleha Ruiz, 16-Nov-1890, 19-Sep-1969
Cooper (Tureman), Margaret Anna, 16-Jun-1848, 1-Dec-1902
Cooper (Wallach), Elizabeth, 15-Nov-1919, 7-Dec-1954
Cooper, Asahel W., 5-Sep-1806, 22-May-1883
Cooper, Asahel W., 26-Nov-1874, 16-Jun-1935
Cooper, Asahel Walker
Cooper, George, 14-May-1839
Cooper, Mary Ann, 12-Jul-1850
Cooper, Mary Ann, 12-Jul-1850
Cooper, Sara Jane
Cooper, Sarah Ann, 14-Dec-1840
Coorsetn (Eibiy?), Henriette, 20-Jan-1872
Coorsten, Henry, 6-Sep-1866
Copeland, George R., 8-May-1909, 14-Dec-1977
Copes MD, Joseph S., 9-Dec-1811, 1-Mar-1885
Copes, Mary A., 1-Apr-1812, 14-Jan-1865
Coppersmith Jr., Theodore, 20-Jul-1844, 7-Jan-1888
Coppersmith, Henry, 27-Jan-1850, 8-Sep-1899
Coppersmith, John, 15-Oct-1855, 5-Aug-1877
Coppersmith, Susie, 27-Nov-1857, 14-May-1901
Coppersmith, Theodore, 21-Dec-1805, 22-Jan-1867
Corcoran (McNaughton), Mary, 26-Jun-1884
Corneil, Fayssoux Scudder, 8-Jun-1894, 8-Dec-1966
Corneil, Robert F., 18-Jul-1889, 27-Apr-1961
Corson (Harrell), Ladie, 4-Nov-1852, 16-Oct-1884
Corson, Charles W.
Corvers, Philip W., 7-Jul-1919, 18-Dec-1958
Cory (Exsterstein), Matilda, 16-Dec-1897
Cory, Henry H., 9-Jun-1912
Cosby, Mary V.B., 12-Feb-1867
Cosgrove (O'Meara), Loretta F., 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1925
Cosgrove (Thomas), Rosina, 17-Mar-1901
Cosgrove (Tremant), Elizabeth C, 13-Apr-1877, 23-Jun-1939
Cosgrove, Andrew P., 12-Jun-1910
Cosgrove, John, 25-Jul-1892
Cosgrove, John, 25-Jul-1892
Cosgrove, Mrs. James, 1-Jan-1848, 1-Jan-1936
Cosgrove, Musette Floyd, 10-Nov-1874
Cosgrove, Robert J., 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1921
Costello, Alice
Costello, Emmett
Costello, Joanna, 20-Aug-1866
Costello, Lynette
Costely Sr., John, 1-Jan-1806, 1-Jan-1882
Costley Sr., John C., 25-Nov-1882
Costley Sr., Martin L., 1-Sep-1840, 1-Jan-1914
Costley (Holtzmann), Kate E., 1-Apr-1843, 1-Jul-1927
Costley, Adelaide, 28-May-1899
Costley, Albert R., 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1880
Costley, Elizabeth Doerr, 2-May-1948
Costley, George C., 1-Nov-1820, 1-Aug-1873
Costley, W. Percy, 11-Jul-1941
Cotton, V.F., 6-Oct-1809, 5-Jan-1879
Cottrell, C.H.H., 4-May-1849, 29-Jan-1924
Cottrell, Chas. Duncan, 27-Apr-1936
Cottrell, Lillian D., 15-Jun-1948
Cottrell, Nell Aust, 11-Feb-1933
Coulaux (Jacques), Josephine, 30-Oct-1883
Coulon, Josephine D. Persohn, 5-Aug-1886, 28-Mar-1958
Coulonge, Albertine M., 27-Oct-1894, 3-Dec-1923
Courrege, Joseph
Courrege, Joseph
Cowley, Mrs. Lottie D., 31-Jul-1880, 27-Mar-1947
Cox (Ogden), Grace Augusta, 18-Apr-1874, 19-Feb-1959
Cox, Augustus Slaughter, 25-Oct-1837, 24-Apr-1921
Craft (Gustine), Elvina, 28-Sep-1865, 11-May-1953
Craft, Augustus, 17-Mar-1852, 1-Jan-1940
Craft, Frederick Gustine, 15-Feb-1890, 26-Oct-1907
Crane (Sampson), Susan A., 22-Feb-1906
Crane (Toll), Margaret Ann, 20-Nov-1824, 5-May-1849
Crane, B.P., 7-Dec-1904
Crane, Edgar R., 25-Oct-1867
Crane, James W., 4-Aug-1884
Crane, Larussa C., 17-Jul-1856
Crane, Susan E.
Crane, Wm. R., 21-Apr-1883
Creevy (Earl), Susan E., 1-Mar-1877
Creevy, Mrs. Amelia, 9-Jun-1852, 10-Sep-1921
Creevy, William J., 10-Sep-1894
Creppel, Anna Mary, 26-Jul-1824, 6-Oct-1869
Cresar, H.B.
Crespo, Agapito R., 16-Aug-1817, 9-Mar-1883
Cressey (Burns), Jane, 24-Mar-1888
Cressey, James, 23-Sep-1853
Cressey, William, 1-Feb-1809, 26-Jul-1900
Crews, Earl Edgar, 20-Nov-1957
Crews, Mrs. W. H., 1-Jan-1859, 1-Jan-1936
Crews, Vivian LaGroue, 9-May-1983
Crews, Willis H., 1-Oct-1860, 18-Aug-1918
Criswell (Kopman), Anna, 29-Jul-1841, 2-Feb-1912
Criswell (Loudon), Catherine
Criswell, Catharine Loudon, 22-Apr-1888
Criswell, Miriam, 24-Apr-1912
Criswell, Thomas H., 21-Jun-1873
Criswell, Thomas H.
Crochet, Jimmy P., 25-May-1919, 14-Mar-1951
Croft, Herbert T., 25-Jan-1874, 14-Apr-1943
Croft, Lucy M., 3-Jun-1882, 4-Aug-1969
Croly (Benson), Mary Ann, 9-Sep-1867
Croly, John
Cron, C.
Crouch (Green), Annie E., 26-Jul-1845, 6-Apr-1874
Crouch, Bessie, 2-Apr-1869, 15-Dec-1875
Crouch, John G., 9-Sep-1822, 9-Aug-1853
Crouch, Mary H., 19-Sep-1846, 22-Jul-1899
Crouch, Walter V., 21-Apr-1822, 18-May-1902
Crouzeilles (Ermann), Virginia, 7-Apr-1843, 5-Mar-1902
Crouzeilles, Michel, 29-Sep-1836, 11-Dec-1897
Crowe, Carrie, 17-May-1885
Crowe, Mrs. E.B., 29-Nov-1889
Crowley, Mrs., 6-Jun-1871
Crozat, Josephine
Crozat, Leila Palfrey, 18-Jun-1901, 10-Feb-1967
Crumhorn (Harris), May, 25-Sep-1862, 30-Jun-1893
Crump (Hopkins), Alice, 1-Jan-1845, 1-Jan-1897
Crump (Luker), Angelica Jane, 1-Oct-1866, 1-Dec-1950
Crump, Edward W., 1-Jan-1838, 1-Jan-1885
Crump, Mary Clara, 1-Jul-1868, 1-Jul-1951
Cruse Jr., Talmadge B., 27-Mar-1937, 3-Jun-1974
Cruse Sr., Talmadge B., 20-Apr-1902, 6-Oct-1962
Cruso, George A., 27-Jan-1803, 8-Oct-1974
Culbertson, Myra Pond, 29-Oct-1888, 19-Jun-1976
Cullen Jr., John M., 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1878
Cullen (Braun), Josephine, 6-Jul-1854, 1-Oct-1939
Cullen, Dr. John M., 1-Jan-1846, 1-Jan-1880
Cullom, Mrs. Mary Williamson, 29-Mar-1890
Cummings (Campman), Amanda J., 22-Jun-1896
Cummings, C. Oscar, 6-Jun-1845, 16-Aug-1882
Cummings, W.F., 14-Jan-1909
Cunningham (Nobles), Mary F., 6-Nov-1905
Cunningham (Peyton), Anne, 26-Feb-1878
Cunningham (Pooley), C.E., 12-Feb-1820, 3-Jun-1903
Cunningham, Joseph L., 27-Jan-1878, 19-Oct-1918
Cunningham, M.J.
Curtis, Louis Jacob, 1-Jan-1888, 1-Jan-1888
Curtis, Mrs. Caroline A., 18-Apr-1812, 23-Jun-1888


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