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Grace Trinity Cemetery
Frederick County, Maryland

9500 Old National Pike Rd (Hwy144)
Frederick, Maryland

Contributed by Anne Braun, Jun 02, 2004 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 8.

From Frederick, go east on Old National Pike or Highway 144 for 3 miles until you reach Baltimore Road. Turn south on Baltimore Road and the church is right there on the south side. The cemetery is next to it.

This is a small cemetery that is well kept. The last burial took place in 1978. Most of the burials were infants and small children.

I walked his cemetery transcribing all headstones on May 31, 2004

- Anne Braun

Harris, Benjamin D., d. Mar 19, 1909, Baby
Jacobs, Myrtle J., d. Oct 15, 1905, age 5yr 7mn 10da, d/o E.C. and May
Phelps, Blanche Elizabeth, d. Mar 25, 1915, age 28yr 8mn 25da
Phelps, Joseph Charles Sr., b. 1911, d. 1978
Phelps, Mary Catherine Virginia, d. Dec 2, 1913, age 4 weeks
Phelps, Otis C., d. May 22, 1889, age 1yr and 22da, s/o J.D. and L.C.
Redman, Alice C.P., d. Jul 15, 1906, age 1mn and 21da, d/o K.L. and Lula
Summers, Infant, d. Mar 20, 1902, d/o William and Mary


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