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Georgetown Cemetery
Georgetown, Kent County, Maryland

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 16.

Contributor's Index:

ss/w=shared stone with

Brockson, Thomas R., b. 1888, d. 1959, ss/w Myrtle L. Brockson, [ER]
Brockson, Myrtle L., b. 1895, d. 1958, ss/w Thomas R. Brockson, [ER]
Brockson, Warner L. , b. Dec 15, 1921, d. Apr 27, 1963, Maryland AMM1 USNR World War II, [ER]
Husfelt, William M., b. Mar 17, 1910, d. Sep 26, 1983, ss/w Sarah B. Husfelt, [ER]
Husfelt, Sarah B., b. May 27, 1909, d. May 7, 1996, ss/w William M. Husfelt, [ER]
Husfelt, "Charles J., Jr., b. Mar 14, 1932, d. Feb 24, 1975, Military stone also, SP5 US Army Korea, [ER]
Leybold, Andrew, b. May 17, 1869, d. Mar 13, 1949, ss/w Sarah M. Leybold, [ER]
Leybold, Sarah M., b. Sep 2, 1872, d. Apr 3, 1931, ss/w Andrew Leybold, [ER]
Leybold, Willie H., b. ?, d. Jul 19, 1892 at 1 year, ? months, 26 days, [ER]
Leybold, Jacob, d. Jul 21, 1915 aged 49 years, [ER]
Leybold, George W., b. Apr 7, 1841/1844, d. Sep 25, 1880, s/o ? Leybold, Dear Son, Heaven blest, ? At home and rest, on this world's care and sorrow and spirit y ande me on to thee. From his mother, [ER]
Robinson, Howard Elmer, b. 29 Mar 1899, d. 6 Aug 1955, hus. of Sarah Myrtle Brockson, ss, m. 31 Oct 1936, s/o Evans Robinson and Alverta, [WS]
Spear, Elizabeth Moffett,
b. Mar 6, 1872, d. Sep 26, 1874, Our child was born ___ and fell asleep, [ER]


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