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Grace Lawn Community Cemetery
Flint, Genesee County, Michigan

5710 North Saginaw Street,
Flint, MI 48505, Ph. 810-789-5500

Lat: 4303'59"N, Lon: 8341'22"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 26.

Contributor's Index:

Beeman, Allen, b. Dec 14, 1883, d. Nov 20, 1927, h/o Vera G. Sheardon, s/o George Beeman and Ida L. Stratton,[TG]
Beeman, George, b. Apr 18, 1861, d. Aug 26, 1947, h/o Ida L. Stratton, s/o Philander B. Beeman and Louise Thornton,[TG]
Beeman, Ida L., b. Feb 01, 1857, d. Feb 27, 1929, w/o George Beeman, d/o William Samuel Stratton,[TG]
Bowman, Darcy Jr., b. 6 Jun 1979, d. 6 Jun 1979, s/o Rebecca and Darcy Bowman, [RM]
Dickenson, Willard, b. Oct 23, 1913, d. no date, [MH]
Fenner, Lillean L, b. Jun 15 1925, d. 1943, d/o Merrit L Fenner and Clara Hunt Fenner, [HT]
Forbes, Leander, b. Jan 20, 1864, Ont, Canada, d. Jul 14, 1938, [MH]
Forbes, Lyle, b. Jun 10, 1902, Ont Canada, d. Mar 24, 1962, s/o Leander and Nettie, [MH]
Forbes, Matilda Adelle "Della" (Yogus), b. Aug 29, 1904, Canada, d. Aug 30, 1935, w/o Lyle, [MH]
Forbes, Nettie Forbes (Janet Ross), b. 1869, Ont, Canada, d. Feb 17, 1967, w/o Leander, [MH]
Hudson, Charles Theodore, b. 2/15/1855, d. 8/20/1924, s/o David Hudson and Catharine Andress, h/o Delena Cadieux, [TG]
Hudson, Joseph, b. 9/6/1889, d. 2/12/1926, s/o Charles Theodore Hudson and Delena Cadieux, [TG]
Hudson, Viola, b. 5/14/1917, d. 7/7/1918, d/o Joseph Hudson and Daisy Beeman, [TG]
Hudson, William David, b. 9/9/1902, d. 6/7/1987, s/o David Hudson and Anna Johnson, [TG]
Mitchell, Clara Isabelle, b. Oct 30, 1868, d. May 27, 1869, w/o John Willis Mitchell, [MH]
Mitchell, John Willis, b. Sep 30, 1865, d. Feb 27, 1937, [MH]
Mitchell, Robert Garwood, b. Apr 8, 1913, d. Aug 10, 1928, s/o John Willis and Clara Mitchell, [MH]
Talbot, Adelaide, b. Jan 05, 1895, d. Feb 12, 1952, w/o Alfred Peter Talbot, d/o William Hosler and Amanda Smith,[TG]
Talbot, Alfred Peter, b. Jun 18, 1885, d. Jun 15, 1967, s/o John Talbot and Winifred McClusky, h/o Adelaide Hosler,[TG]
Tennent, James, b. 18 Jun 1850, d. 1933, h/o Mary, [TK]
Tennent, Mary, b. 6 Feb 1857, d. 1921, w/o James, [TK]
Tubbs Darlene D, b. Dec 1935, d. Feb 12 1936, d/o Walter D Tubbs and Edith E Horton Tubbs, [HT]
York, Earl O., b. 1/16/1913, d. 3/28/1920, s/o Oscar York and Edith Hudson, [TG]
York, Edith, b. 8/21/1890, d. 6/29/1954, d/o Charles Thoedore Hudson and Delena Cadieux, w/o Oscar York, [TG]
York, Infant, b. 8/2/1919, d. 8/2/1919, c/o Oscar Yourk and Edith Hudson, [TG]
York, Infant, b. 9/8/1922, d. 9/8/1922, c/o Oscar York and Edith Hudson, [TG]


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