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Memorial Park Cemetery
Sebewaing, Huron County, Michigan

E. Bay at Mill Sts
Sebewaing, MI 48759

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 12.

Contributor's Index:

Faist, Cornelia M. L., b. Jul 1893, d. 27 Mar 1895, age 1y 8m, d/o William and Matilda Faist (Kappen), Sec. A, [CM]
Kappen, Albertina (Ruchty), b. 14 Jun 1858, d. 24 May 1911, age 52, m. 13 Apr 1898 to Frederick William Kappen, d/o George and Eva Ruchty (Schutkaskii), Sec. C, [CM]
Kappen, August William, b. 31 May 1827, d. 29 Jul 1908, age 81, m. 17 Apr 1853 to Wilhelmine Friederike Dannenberg, s/o Johann Friedrich and Mary Koeppen (Ode), Sec. A, [CM]
Kappen, Frederick William, b. 15 Dec 1858, d. 30 Mar 1917, age 58, m. 13 Apr 1898 to Albertina Ruchty, s/o A. William and Wilhelmine F. Kappen (Dannenberg), Sec. A, [CM]
Kappen, Lester Royal, b. 23 Oct 1909, d. 11 May 1916, age 6, s/o William F. and Mary E. Kappen (Schweitzer), Sec. A, [CM]
Kappen, Mary Ellen (Schweitzer), b. 21 Aug 1867, d. 1 Oct 1950, age 83, m. 10 Feb 1886 to William Frederick Kappen, d/o Charles and Christiana Schweitzer (Mitchell), Sec. C, [CM]
Kappen, Wilhelmine Friederike (Dannenberg), b. 4 Apr 1831, d. 24 Aug 1915, age 84, m. 17 Apr 1853 to August William Kappen, d/o Friedrich Wilhelm and ?? Dannenberg, Sec. A, [CM]
Kappen, William Frederick, b. 19 Oct 1854, d. 23 Apr 1929, age 74, m. 10 Feb 1886 to Mary Ellen Schweitzer, s/o A. William and Wilhelmine F. Kappen(Dannenberg), Sec. C, [CM]
Schweitzer, Charles, b. 1844, d. 1923, m. Christiana Mitchell, Sec. C, [CM]
Schweitzer, Christiana (Mitchell), b. 1844, d. 1929, m. Charles Schweitzer, Sec. C, [CM]
Truemner, Andrew, b. 13 Nov 1854, d. 22 Feb 1925, age 70, m. 26 Aug 1881 to Magdalena Kappen, s/o Johann Justus and Katherine Truemner (Hormann),Sec. A, [CM]
Truemner, Magdalena (Kappen), b. 7 Feb 1856, d. 5 Jan 1909, age 52, m. 26 Aug 1881 to Andrew Truemner, d/o A. William and Wilhelmine F. Kappen (Dannenberg), Sec. A, [CM]


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