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Norquist Cemetery
Roseau, Roseau County, Minnesota

Lat: 48° 54' 20"N, Lon: 95° 51' 38"W
Jadis Twp, T163N R40W Sec 31

Contributed by Marjorie Broten, Apr 29, 2012, last edited Jun 27, 2012 [mjbroten@wiktel.com]. Total records = 3.

Drive north from Roseau MN on Highway #310 approx 4 miles, watch for 350th Street you will turn here right (east) drive approx 1 mile, you will make another right turn unto 400th Ave (south). You will make a left turn (east) onto 345th Street, drive a short ways, make a left turn go about ½ mile stop from here permission from land owners would be needed. You would not see the cemetery from this road. The cemetery is located along the east side of riverbank. It also would be about a 1/2 mile walk across the field from either road. This cemetery would be considered land locked (no roads enter to or from).

The established date was 1890 on ¼ acre of land from the John & Katie Norquists. The few graves that had once been marked now can only be identifed by the remaining good stone of Walfred Haglund. Many smaller broken green stones are scattered to the left of the Haglund stone. The early pioneers living along the river would travel quite well as they all had small boats. Due to the lack of roads, it is possible when a death occured the casket may have been taken across the river by boat for burial to this cemetery. The Norquist family lived on the west side of the river.

Early spoken history indicates the livestock & family milk cows were cared for on the east side of the river. The Haglunds lived away from the river to the east. The cemetery owners are the Norquist Trust land owners. The cemetery is in bad condition & is no longer used for burials.

A complete walk thru readings of all visible headstones completed transcript as of Apri 18, 2012. A digital camera has been used for pictures.

- Marjorie Broten

b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
s/w = shares stone with
w/o = wife of
( ) = author's comments

Haglund, Walfred, b. Fodd b. 23 Sep 1887, Dodd d. 25 Apr 1908, grave has readable headstone, s/o Peter & Mary Haglund
Huffman, Mrs., b. no 1st name or dates (mother died giving birth to Myrtle (Martell) 1892 on a river boat, an unmarked grave
Norquist, Rueben, b. b. 1910, d. 1918, age 8 (drowned), s/o Emil Norquist

-Norquist, ??, no dates, unmarked grave, has broken scattered green stone
-an unmarked grave has broken scattered green stones
-there could be infant graves here as well
-written family history of Peter & Mary Haglund account for 6 children, the 1st child died @ birth, than Walfred born 1908, 4 children lived
-written family history of Lars “Louis” Haglund, the houseboat was moored to the riverbank in front of Lars property, the baby, now motherless, later was adopted later by Lars & Sigrid
-written family history of Lars “Louis” Haglund has 6 children, with 1 daughters name unknown
-many broken pieces of the green stone are scattered over the area of the Norquist graves
-written family history of John & Katie Norquist account for 6 living of the 12 children

-Atlas of 1913, 1935, 1942, 1960, 1973, 1976, 1998
-Interviews as needed
-Wm & Ina Baumgartner, our chauffeurs to this cemetery
-Pioneers I & II (Norquist & Haglund Pioneer Family History)
-Remembrances Anthology of RC MN
-Roseau County Heritage Book 1992
-Roseau County Highway Map 2008, 2011
-Roseau County Court House
-Roseau County Museum


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