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Calvary Cemetery
Saint Louis County, Minnesota

4820 Howard Gneson Rd, Duluth MN 55803

Lat: 46° 51' 40"N, Lon: 92° 06' 19"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 8.

Contributor's Index:

Madigan, Edna, b. 1894, d. Apr 1958, age 60yr, w/o Frederick, Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Madigan, Ellen (Langford), b. Aug 15, 1855, d. Aug 10, 1946, age 91yr, "Mother", Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Madigan, Frederick, b. Sep 11, 1893, d. Aug. 22, 1954, age 61yr, Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Madigan, Langford, b. Oct 11, 1892, d. Jul 02, 1912, age 20yr, Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Madigan, Thomas, b. Jul 6, 1846, d. Nov 01, 1941, age 96yr, "Father", Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Madigan, William T., b. Jan 20, 1887, d. Nov 14, 1949, age 62yr, "Son", Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Remillard, Joseph Philip, age 81, b. Oct 29, 1881, d. Oct 06, 1962, Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]
Remillard, Kathleen Mary (Madigan), b. Jan 16, 1885, d. Mar 21, 1978, age 93yr, w/o Joseph, Div J L-3 Bl-20, [DL]


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