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Coleman Cemetery
Pickering, Nodaway County, Missouri

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 15.

Contributor's Index:

GREEN, Frank, b.1854, d.1933, s/w wife Mary, [EW]
GREEN, Mary, b.1861, d.1931, s/w husb. Frank, [EW]
RINGOLD, Charles A., son of John & Susie, died June 10, 1894, Aged 8 Y. 11 M. 25 D., [EW]
RINGOLD, George L., died July 15, 1879, Aged 72Y. 9M. & 1D., [EW]
RINGOLD, Infant, Dau of J.W. & S., died May 7, 1889, Aged 2 D., [EW]
RINGOLD, James A., son of John W. & Susie, died July 22, 1899, Aged 17Y. 2M. 2D., [EW]
RINGOLD, Vilas,, son of John W & Susie, died Feb 11, 1896, Aged 9M. 2D.,' At Rest '., [EW]
VIN ZANT, Richard M., b.1893, d.1970 (space between name on tombstone), [EW]
VINZANT, David M, b.1841, d.1892, Inscription reads: Indiana PVT CO C 57 REGT IND INF CIVIL WAR, [PW]
VINZANT, Doris Bell, b.1903, d.1904, s/w brother, Galond, [EW]
VINZANT, Galond Harold, b.1917, d.1919, s/o Doris Bell his sister, [EW]
VINZANT, Metty M., b.1875, d.1960, s/w husb. William S., [EW]
VINZANT, Rollie Harlen, b.1899, d.1932 'Father', s/w Violet, [EW]
VINZANT, Violet Marie, b.1931, d.1932 'Daughter', s/w Rollie, [EW]
VINZANT, William S., b.1865, d.1926, s/w wife, Metty, [EW]


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