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Oak Grove Cemetery
Saint Louis County, Missouri

7800 Saint Charles Rock Road
Normandy, MO 63133

Lat: 38° 41' 45"N, Lon: 90° 19' 35"W

This cemetery is pre-1930 and quite large. It is on the south side of Saint Charles Rock Road (Hwy 180), as you are driving northwest, about a mile past the railroad crossing and many other cemeteries.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. Records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jul 11, 2008. Total records = 19.

Submitters' Index

Edington, Annie (Tanksley), b. 30 Dec 1882 TN, d. 15 Oct 1979, m. Samuel H. Edington, [DJ]
Edington, Ethel Emma, b. 25 Dec 1915, d. 27 Jan 2006 Ispwich, MA, m. Hugh Hagen Edington, [DJ]
Edington, Hugh Hagen, b. 16 Aug 1914, d. 19 Jan 1992, m. Ethel Emma Lurkins, [DJ]
Edington, Samuel Niel, b. 11 Feb 1943, d. 22 Jul 1972 Catawissa, MO, Son, s/o Samuel J. & Margaret A. Edington, [DJ]
Edington, Samuel, b. 18 Nov 1908, d. 3 May 1946, Masonic Symbol, m. Margaret A. Rupp, [DJ]
Edington, Samuel, b. 20 Jun 1876 TN, d. 10 Jan 1937, m. Annie Elizabeth Tanksley, [DJ]
Joaquin, E. Linton, b. 1894, d. 1960, Masonic Symbol, m. Mary E. Florie, s/w Mary E. Joaquin, [DJ]
Joaquin, Joseph H., b. 1862 Illinois, d. 6 Mar 1932, Father, m. Sarah Elizabeth Edington, [DJ]
Joaquin, Mary E. (Florie), b. 1898, d. 1991, m. Elmer Linton Joaquin, s/w E. Linton Joaquin, [DJ]
Joaquin, Sarah E. (Edington), b. 1863 TN, d. 1939 Maplewood, MO, Mother, m. Joseph Henry Joaquin, [DJ]
Kiel, Henry W., b. Feb 21, 1871, d. Nov 26, 1942, mayor of St. Louis 1913-1925, [KK]
McLemore, Addie A. (Edington), b. 7 May 1867 Nashville, TN, d. 3 Oct 1951, Beloved Wife, m. Enoch Noah McLemore, [DJ]
McLemore, E. Noah, b. 18 Oct 1869 TN, d. 31 Mar 1941, Beloved Husband, m. Adora Addie Adeline Edington, [DJ]
McLemore, Milton E., b. 31 Jan 1896, d. 15 Oct 1956 Clayton, MO, Husband-Father-Grandfather, m. Marion Jennie Smith, [DJ]
Niel, George W., b. 1 Mar 1890, d. 11 Mar 1951, m. Marquerite I. ??, [DJ]
Niel, Marguerite I., b. 4 Oct 1892, d. 20 Jun 1964, m. George Walter Niel, [DJ]
Radosh, Marion McLemore (Smith), b. 26 Jul 1899 Marion Junction, SD, d. 21 Mar 1968, Wife-Mother-Grandmother, m. Milton Edington McLemore & Ralph John Radosh, [DJ]
Spahn, Harry J., b. 10 Nov 1901, d. 16 Nov 1986, Tec 5 US Army World War II, m. Margaret A. Rupp Edington, [DJ]
Spahn, Margaret A. (Rupp), b. 16 Mar 1910, d. 6 Sep 1986, Wife-Mother-Grandmother, m: Samuel J. Edington & Harry J. Spahn, [DJ]


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