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Eggville Cemetery
Eggville Community, Lee County, Mississippi

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 17.

Contributor's Index:

Erwin, George Washington, b. 2/18/1882, d. 12/3/1967, s/o John Erwin & Lucy Mullinax, m. 3/1/1909 to Mollie C. Roper, [HW]
Erwin, Mollie C. b. 1/25/1885, d. 4/18/1977, d. of W. Hampton Roper & Mattie Johnson, m. 3/1/1909 to George W. Erwin, [HW]
Lamb, John Marvin, b. 4/5/1905, d. 9/4/1983, s of Lee Lamb & Effie (?) m 7/4/1926 to Maudie Lamb, [HW]
Lamb, Maudie, b. 9/24/1905, d. 1/24/1984, d. of Largus Weathers & Mattie Barber w of John Marvin Lamb, [HW]
Powell, Ernest Aaron, b. 27 Sep 1911, d. 02 Dec 2000, m. Mary Anna Sircloumb, son of James Claude and Maude May Brazeal Powell, [**]
Powell, James Edward, b. 23 Oct 1946, d. 08 Jun 1973, m. Barbara Sue Adams, son of Ernest Aaron and Mary Anna Powell, [**]
Powell, Mary Anna Sircloumb, b. 29 Sep 1916, d. 25 Sep 1997, m. Ernest Aaron Powell, dau. of William David and Maria Adeline English Sircloumb, [**]
McDonald, Minnie P., b. 1/4/1899, d. 11/14/1949, d. of Largus Weathers & Mattie Barber w of Leburn McDonald, [HW]
Simmons, Milton Edward, b. 9/25/1917, d. 5/12/1974 m to Claribel Weathers, [HW]
Weathers, Daisy Agnes Powell, b. 9/4/1903, d. 5/26/1987, w of Thomas Delton Weathers, [HW]
Weathers, Gentle Denver, b. 3/29/1902, d. 1/12/1994 s of Largus Weathers & Mattie Barber, h of Louie Hodges, [HW]
Weathers, James Olen, b. 11/30/1930, d. 11/15/1931, s/o Noon Weathers & Ellie Mae Erwin, [HW]
Weathers, Largus, b. 3/19/1873, d. 12/19/1963, s/o Samuel T Weathers & Sarah Jane Bowman, m 1/3/1898 to Mattie Barber, [HW]
Weathers, Louie M., b. 6/7/1986, d. 12/7/1992, d of Allison Hodges & Julia Ann Raper w of Gentle Denver Weathers, [HW]
Weathers, Mattie, b. 3/16/1878, d. 6/18/1971, d/o George W Barber & Rebecca Cook, m. 1/3/1898 to Largus Weathers, [HW]
Weathers, Thomas Delton, b. 8/19/1900, d. 1/25/1985, s of Largus Weathers & Mattie Barber h of Daisy Agnes Powell, [HW]
Williams, Elmer Bob, b.16 Jan 1917, d.1 Sep 1979, husband of Jettie Frances Lansdell, [DP]


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